"Palestine was hardly Britain’s to give away." -- President John F Kennedy

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Corey Comperatore, Trump rally shooting victim, remembered by fire department unewsy
The victim who died in a shooting at former President Trump's campaign rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, Saturday night is being remembered by the fire department he had worked for.
A POLICE officer confronted Trump rally shooter Thomas Crooks on the roof of a building before he fired shots but retreated when the gunman pointed his rifle at him, according to reports. Crooks shot former president Donald Trump in the ear at a rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday and also killed a man and seriously injured two others
ROT & RUIN Inside abandoned Majorca club that once hosted parties of 10,000 people with half-naked dancers before being left to rot unewsy
THIS club in Majorca once attracted THOUSANDS of party-goers with half-naked dancers, fireworks and famous performers - but now it lays completely desolate. The Dhraa nightclub, situated near the popular Cala Millor strip, first opened its doors in 1984 to holidaymakers, celebs and locals alike.
A SPECIALIST search team is being jetted out to Tenerife from the Netherlands by Jay Slater’s desperate family to hunt for the teen. Distraught mum Debbie Duncan has announced part of the £52,000 donated through a GoFundMe page is being used to pay for the private search.
The Reef and Beef restaurant and the Lewinnick Lodge both posted CCTV screenshots of the suspectsA FAMILY are accused of dining and dashing at two restaurants. The four adults and three children had meals, including lobster, then fled without paying.
'FOUND UNRESPONSIVE' Met cop sacked for gross misconduct over sex and drug orgies dies in jail unewsy
A DISGRACED detective sacked over sex and drug orgies has died in jail. Former Met Det Insp Warren Arter, 54, was found unresponsive in his cell by prison officers.
PAD CON Gangster who defrauded taxman to build 2.3m Buckingham Palace-sized castle in Pakistan pays back just 1,700 unewsy
The scam was exposed after cops raided his Birmingham home and found plans for a palace A GANGSTER who defrauded the taxman to build a £2.3million castle in Pakistan “the size of Buckingham Palace” has paid back just £1,700.

One of the longest waiting periods of the Ukraine war has finally ended, as the Western powers announced, during the NATO summit in DC, that the first F-16 jet fighters are arriving and will be operational during the summer—leaving the expectation of an operational start in less than six weeks.

Kiev will finally get the fourth-generation fighter jets to fight Russia — but in far fewer numbers than it had hoped and asked.

The Kremlin on Saturday warned that the deployment of US missiles in Germany could make European capitals targets for Russian missiles in a repeat of Cold War-style confrontation.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov spoke of a "paradox" in which "Europe is a target for our missiles, our country is a target for US missiles in Europe".

"We have enough capacity to contain these missiles but the potential victims are the capitals of these countries," he said, speaking to Russian state television channel Russia 1.

PM'S HORROR Sir Keir Starmer speaks out after Donald Trump rally shooter killed supporter as he tried to assassinate ex-president unewsy
SIR Keir Starmer has spoken out after a shooter tried to assassinate former US President Donald Trump at a rally - killing one.