"Free societies punish actions. Dictatorships punish possessions." -- Michael Rivero

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Muslims, Democrats and social media users expressed their displeasure on Wednesday with remarks made by Republican Representative Andy Ogles of Tennessee, who responded to an activist’s question about the deaths of Palestinian children in Gaza by asserting that “we should kill ‘em all”.

“Israel”—an 8,500 square mile insane asylum, populated by the sorriest collection of pathologically-lying uber-racist child-murder-loving lunatics ever to disgrace the human species—continues its ongoing slaughter in Gaza. The World Court provisionally agrees with South Africa that the Zionists are committing genocide.

Israel intensified airstrikes in Rafah on Wednesday as Israeli officials are threatening to invade the city, which is packed with an estimated 1.5 million Palestinians.

Rep. Andy Ogles (R-TN) was confronted by peace activists in Washington on Tuesday about the Israeli slaughter in Gaza and sparked an outcry for saying “kill ’em all” when asked about Palestinian children being killed with US support.

“I’ve seen the footage of shredded children’s bodies. That’s my taxpayer dollars that are going to bomb those kids,” an activist said to Ogles.

“I think we should kill ’em all, if that makes you feel better,” Ogles replied. “Everybody in Hamas.”

It’s only natural that Israel is looking to revamp its military-industrial complex, especially “in moments of war”, Mehran Kamrava, a professor of government at Georgetown University in Qatar, told Sputnik.