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Police arrested 21 worshippers on the suspicion of planning to sacrifice a Passover offering in the Jerusalem area, the police reported on Monday.

The legal center of the Honenu organization was notified of eight arrests since Monday morning on suspicion of planning to sacrifice a Passover offering.

Two brothers, minors aged 17 and 15, were arrested on Monday in the Givat Mordechai area by Jerusalem Central Unit on suspicion of planning to offer a Passover sacrifice. The two were arrested with goats and taken to the Central Unit offices for questioning.

Tonight is the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Passover. As signs of an imminent Israeli invasion of Rafah grow in southern Gaza, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a Passover speech over the weekend in which he suggested that Hamas is playing the role of the Pharaoh in the biblical Exodus story; the existential threat to the Jewish people who stands at the heart of the holiday. 

Lines of thousands of Palestinians with pale faces covered with sweat and smoke. Lean and hungry bodies, standing in a long line for hours, almost the entire day, from morning until night, standing in place.

They are all residents and families of the northern Gaza Strip are happy today despite their exhaustion and hunger, which has continued for six months.

Israeli authorities have not provided "any supporting evidence" to back up allegations that United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees employees are members of groups that attacked Israel on 7 October, a review led by the former French foreign minister Catherine Colonna has said.

The 21st Century Peace through Strength Act passed the US House of Representatives on Saturday, as part of a package of bills that also included military aid to Ukraine, Israel and the Indo-Pacific.

US Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), who sponsored the 21st Century Peace through Strength Act that passed the US House of Representatives, saw contributions to his campaign from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) increase an incredible 1,413% during the 2024 election cycle when compared to the 2022 cycle.

War on Gaza: Harvard suspends Palestine Solidarity Committee after months of 'harassment' MikeRivero

Harvard University has suspended the Harvard Undergraduate Palestine Solidarity Committee after months of administrative repression, harassment and intimidation from right-wing politicians and donors, the group said in a statement sent to Middle East Eye.

Columbia University officials have ordered classes to be held virtually as they seek to de-escalate tensions on the New York City campus during pro-Palestinian demonstrations.

“To deescalate the rancor and give us all a chance to consider next steps, I am announcing that all classes will be held virtually on Monday,” Columbia President Nemat “Minouche” Shafik said in a note addressed to the school community.

She said faculty and staff should work remotely when possible and students who do not live on campus should stay away.

Anti-Israel protestors armed with flares and Palestinian flags marched towards the headquarters of the NYPD on Monday night only hours after officers wearing riot gear stormed an NYU protest 'Gaza Solidarity' encampment protest in Greenwich Village.

More than 150 students, staff and faculty members were reportedly arrested by police after ignoring warnings to vacate the campus plaza where the protest was being held.