"The very least that scammers, politicians and governments could do it seems to me is not insult the public’s intelligence with lies which wouldn’t pass muster in a primary school detention." -- Frank Haviland

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Pro-Palestine activists filmed themselves breaking into the Israeli firm Elbit's "highly secured" weapons factory in the UK and smashing up their property in protest of their support for the Gaza genocide.

"Actionists cut through 3 security fences to get inside Elbit's 'highly secure' compound and break into Kent's Israeli weapons factory," Palestine Action said Monday on Twitter. "Once inside, they begun dismantling machinery, technology and parts used to arm the Gaza genocide."

Charles Garrett, an apparent British intel agent, teamed up with a local prosecutor to wrongfully indict Macedonian public figures and topple the country’s government. Everywhere Garrett goes in the region, coups seem to follow.

In appointing David Cameron to one of the top four offices of state, Rishi Sunak has chosen to disregard his close association with one of the UK's biggest financial scandals of recent years.

Two years ago, BBC Panorama revealed internal documents suggesting Mr Cameron made about $10m (£8.2m) jetting around the world to promote a highly controversial finance business, Greensill Capital.

British Foreign Minister Says “We must go after everything Russian.”

“We will show Putin that we are completely behind Ukraine: we will chase the money and the oil, we will stop the gas, we will stop the ships,” declared British Foreign Minister Cameron.

The UK is “hunting” companies that do business with Russia “all over the world,” Cameron said. “We will sanction companies in China, in Turkey, in Kyrgyzstan, even in Israel, that we believe are supplying dual-use material” to Russia, he added.

British meddling in Macedonia backfires, exposing coup machinations MikeRivero

Western media demonstrated little interest when the anti-Western VMRO-DPMNE party achieved a landslide victory in Macedonia’s presidential and parliamentary elections this May 8. However, the seismic development could reverse a foreign-orchestrated color revolution sparked almost a decade ago, which put the government in Skopje on a path guided by the EU and NATO. Getting there required rampant corruption and criminality, and a locally despised change of the country’s name.

The MHRA Yellow Card scheme has 1,500 reports of myocarditis. However, drug side effects are hugely underreported. “There’s data suggesting that 95% of cases are not reported and when you correct this level of underreporting, there could be 25,000-40,000 people with myocarditis from the covid vaccines in the UK,” cardiologist Dr. Dean Patterson testified to the People’s Vaccine Inquiry. “If you correct using my data, it could be 50,000,” he said.
History lecturers at the University of Liverpool have been advised to “problematise” whiteness and heterosexuality in their seminars.