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"It's interesting that if you don't have a uterus, you can't have an opinion on women's issues, but you can compete in women's sports." -- Stefan Molyneux

Time Magazine reports there is an internal struggle among teachers and school systems across America—in an attempt to turn back the clock and teach the basics of reading to first and second grade students.

It seems that phonics was dropped by the side of the road years ago, because many teachers didn’t have the patience for it. They wouldn’t go through the laborious step by step process of imparting the basic sounds of letters and letter combinations to young minds.


Teachers face a harsh lesson as inflation drives up the cost of everything from paper to pencils before the school year begins, leading some to cut back on supplies - or substitute with cheaper items.

Mask On - Mask Off: The Great Mask Debate Continues As The School Year Is Set To Begin

Students and staff in Philadelphia have to wear masks for the first ten days of the school year, while pre-kindergarten students have to mask up all year — even while kids are extremely doubtful to be affected by Covid.

Faculty at the University of California–Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Law have created a database to identify and record efforts to block critical race theory (CRT) being taught in schools across the country.

In fall of 2021, I was just like any other student heading off to college for the first time. I was excited to extend my knowledge, create new friendships, and join clubs. I was also nervous about the financial toll that college would take on me. This was a huge investment into my future. In fact, this was my first financial investment, and I was hoping to get as much out of it as the pamphlets and college staff were promising. I was promised a decent education, opportunities to join an array of clubs, access to a state-of-the art gym, tutoring, and even help creating my own business.

So… uh… about that white privilege. Is this what systemic inequality and implicit bias looks like in 2022 America? Where white people must sacrifice their vocation first to the betterment of non-whites? But wait a second… isn’t this what diversity ultimately means? [REPORT: Minneapolis Will Fire ‘White Teachers’ First: MPS Violates Civil Rights Act, Chalk Board Review, August 15, 2022]:

It appears that Oberlin has another major controversy on its hand. For the last couple years, Oberlin has been embroiled in a fight with a small family-owned grocery that it defamed over a shoplifting case involving black students. Oberlin lost $25 million in a record verdict but Obe

Minnesota and North Dakota have made the list of enacting the craziest rules in public education in the name of our favorite three-letter acronym: DEI. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are making a comeback this school year, so you would be wrong for those hoping it was just a fad or a phase.

My home state of Minnesota has been a hub for bizarre antics over the last two years, spurred by the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. On the other hand, North Dakota generally flew under the radar as the Dakota that wasn’t South Dakota.