"A government that neither trusts nor respects its own people cannot trust or respect other nations. What is the domestic policy of enslavement today must be the foreign policy of conquest tomorrow." -- Michael Rivero

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Forecasts estimate that the population living in the provinces west to east will experience the second cold wave of the winter season from Tuesday to Friday, with drops in temperatures of up to 16C reaching minimums of -30C in some areas of Inner Mon

"Global boiling"


The county's emergency services are engaged in a multi-agency response as heavy snow wreaks havoc on their road service - with vehicles stuck in the south of the Lake District.

Julie Coldwell, who lives in the lakes, says more than 100 cars have been ditched near Windermere as she posted on social media that 'It's awful here'.

It comes as temperatures could drop to minus 12C overnight, as forecasters warned that 10-15cm of snow is possible in some areas on Saturday.

"Global boiling"

Train and flight cancellations caused disruption to travellers in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic after heavy snow hit parts of Europe.

The German weather service has estimated that 30-40cm of snow could fall by Saturday evening and there are reports of numerous transport accidents and traffic jams on icy roads in the region.

"Global boiling"

Germany's appeal as an investment haven keeps plummeting, haunted by an impending €24 billion budgetary deficit — stirring apprehension among business executives and companies that rely on it.

Germany's electric vehicle sector is battling tough challenges from infrastructure and economic difficulties, limited budgets, and general automotive industry challenges.

A key issue is the lack of adequate charging facilities and diminishing government incentives, hindering the expansion of EV sales in the country.

EV owners report far more problems with their cars and trucks than owners of gas-powered vehicles, according to a new survey.

Vehicles in the burgeoning electric vehicle segment, from model year 2021 through 2023, encountered 79 percent more problems than those with combustion engines, according to a Consumer Reports survey of more than 330,000 car owners.

Thousands of car dealerships are begging President Biden to “tap the breaks” on electric vehicle mandates. In a letter to the president, close to 4,000 dealers have asked the administration to repeal regulations that push electric vehicle adoption. Why? Because consumers aren’t buying them.

The peaks of Hawaii's highest mountains were dusted with snow on Friday, as a Kona weather system which drenched the lower lands coated the top with snow.

Snow was recorded on the top of Big Island's highest mountains, Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, which both tower almost 14,000 ft above sea level.

Around five inches of snow was recorded on Friday.

Webmaster addition: I remember just a few years ago when Mauna Kea got hit with a blizzard ... in July!

At least 400,000 people are expected to travel to Dubai for the two-week event, organisers claimed, the biggest attendance on record.

This includes 97,000 official delegates, more than double Cop26 in Glasgow, the previous biggest of the summits.

The Glasgow summit led to emissions that were equivalent to the annual carbon footprint of around 8,000 British residents, mostly stemming from transport to the conference itself.

Britain will be down to its last coal-fired energy plant this winter after Drax scrapped a proposal to bring two coal-fired units at its vast power plant in North Yorkshire out of retirement to help guard against power cuts.