"Nobody gets up one day and decides to be a terrorist for no reason. They don't hate us for our freedoms. They hate us and commit acts of terror because one day, as they are going about their normal lives, there is a horrendous blast and people they have known all their lives are lying in bloody shreds at their feet, mixed in with shrapnel stamped 'Made in the USA.'" -- Michael Rivero

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Watch: Warehouse With 900 Tonnes of Recycled Lithium Car Batteries Bursts Into Flames MikeRivero

A massive fire broke out at a French industrial site used for recycling hybrid and electric car batteries on Saturday, sending thick clouds of smoke into the air.

It’s hard to tell if she’s blaming him or crediting him, but European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen told a meeting of the Paris-based Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) on February 13th that “[Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s attempt to blackmail our union has utterly failed. On the contrary, he really pushed the green transition.” 

2016’s UK’s Brexit and Trump’s election have been viewed as growing resentment and public backlash among voters against rising income inequality that set the stage to anticipate a groundswell of a burgeoning populist movement, delayed initially by the Covid-19 hoax, then expedited by worldwide authoritarian overreach.

The United States has become so utterly dependent upon an uninterrupted supply of affordable electricity that, as our grid becomes ever more fragile, American society has become fragile along with it.

Former CIA director James Woolsey testified before the U.S. Senate in 2015 that, if America’s electric grid were to go down for an extended period, such as one year, “there are essentially two estimates on how many people would die from hunger, from starvation, from lack of water, and from social disruption.

JPMorgan Chase, BlackRock, and State Street Global Advisors have announced their withdrawal or reduction of involvement in the United Nations climate alliance known as Climate Action 100+.

JPMorgan Chase cited the expansion of its in-house sustainability team and the establishment of its climate risk framework as reasons for its exit. BlackRock and State Street expressed concerns over potential legal issues and claimed that the alliance’s climate initiatives had gone too far.

A leading member of a Canadian centre-Left party supporting Justin Trudeau’s minority Government has tabled a bill seeking to jail people who speak out in favour of hydrocarbon fuels. Charlie Angus is a leading member of the NDP party which has 25 seats in the Canadian Parliament, and his bill seeks to ban the commercial promotion of hydrocarbons by any means “that is likely to influence and shape attitudes, beliefs and behaviours about the product or service”.

Assistant Secretary of Health Rachel Levine has claimed that climate change 'disproportionately effects' the mental and physical wellbeing of black Americans.

Levine, 66, made the contentious statement while speaking in a video aiming to enhance health awareness for black communities during Black History Month.

JPMorgan Chase and institutional investors BlackRock and State Street Global Advisors announced Thursday that they are quitting or, in the case of BlackRock, substantially scaling back involvement in a massive United Nations climate alliance formed to combat global warming through corporate sustainability agreements.