"We are all born ignorant, but one must work very hard to remain stupid!" -- Benjamin Franklin

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For well over a year and a half, we have been listening and reading about all the mythical “victories” of the Kiev regime forces. If we were to believe the mainstream propaganda machine, Russia is about to collapse, its forces are in disarray, President Putin is in perpetual hiding in some bunker, etc. And yet, concurrently, that same mainstream propaganda machine is publishing texts about the massive increase in the number of forcibly conscripted women in the Neo-Nazi junta forces. This begs the obvious question, why? Why would the side that’s supposedly “winning” enforce conscription on anyone, let alone women? Men are far more suitable to be soldiers for evident biological reasons (unless you’re an ultra-liberal, “woke” extremist).

Women can surely play a part in the defense of their own country, but ideally, this shouldn’t be encouraged. Warfare has always been quite an ugly business, even for the toughest of men, as evidenced by the number of veterans with PTSD. In this regard, frontline units are particularly exposed to the horrors of war and female soldiers should certainly be kept as far as possible from direct combat zones. The dread that male POWs (prisoners of war) can go through is more than enough, while women in the same situation are at the risk of experiencing even worse horrors. This alone should disqualify female soldiers from serving in frontline units. Notwithstanding many famous women who served in wars during momentous times in history, this is something that should be an axiom.

However, it seems the Kiev regime didn’t get the memo. Worse yet, not only are they sending women to the trenches, but are now forcibly conscripting pregnant ones. Yes, you read that right – pregnant Ukrainian women are being sent to the frontline.

Posted on: Nov 21 06:55

The White House marked Joe Biden's 81st birthday on Monday by defending him against attacks on his age and insisting that he has used his vast experience to deliver results for the American people.

The nation's oldest president plans to celebrate his birthday with family in Nantucket during the Thanksgiving break.

But the chorus of Democratic voices calling for him to step aside from the 2024 race is only growing as poll after poll shows Americans think he is too old to run again.

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre did nothing to dispel the idea that the White House is in a defensive crouch when quizzed about the data during her daily briefing.

Webmaster addition: It's not about his age. It's about his dementia!

Posted on: Nov 21 06:53

Regulators across the country are proposing bans on PFAS chemicals - sometimes known as 'forever chemicals' - that are found in thousands of products and have been linked to cancer and infertility.

The Department of Defense (DoD) depends on thousands of weapons and products like uniforms, batteries and microelectronics that contain PFAS, it said.

In a report quietly submitted to Congress in August, the DoD said: 'Losing access to PFAS due to overly broad regulations or severe market contractions would greatly impact national security and DoD's ability to fulfill its mission.'

Posted on: Nov 21 06:52

Palestine’s UN representative Nada Abu Tarbush confronts Israel’s actions in Gaza, sharply criticising Israeli officials’ statements, accusing them of viewing all 2.3 million Gazans as legitimate targets. She challenges Israel’s claim of adhering to international law, pointing out the alarming justification of over 11,350 deaths, including children, journalists, and UN staff. She dismantles Israel's lies and disinformation, sets out what Palestine stands for, and why it will succeed.

Posted on: Nov 21 06:47

A US Navy reconnaissance aircraft plunged into the Pacific Ocean following a botched landing attempt at a Marine Corps base in Hawaii on Monday afternoon, military officials have said.

The P-8A Poseidon overshot a runway at the Marine installation at Kaneohe Bay as it touched down for landing, according to Marine Corps spokesperson Gunnery Sgt. Orlando Perez.

The plane’s nine crew members were able to make it back to shore safely, the Honolulu Emergency Medical Services reported.

Local media outlets shared photos and footage of the Poseidon following the failed landing attempt, with the aircraft seen floating in shallow waters in Kaneohe Bay.

Posted on: Nov 21 06:47

The reason given for constructing the wall was to guarantee security against attacks from those living in the West Bank. The barrier even passes through Jerusalem, isolating Palestinian East Jerusalem from the rest of the city. In 2004, the United Nations International Court of Justice considered it illegal. With the passage of time, the barrier has turned it into a tool that, in times of war like the one that began on October 7, allows the ring around the Palestinian territory to be further tightened and therefore control and usurp the land of the encircled Palestinians. EL PAÍS has visited several points along the West Bank barrier, a scar that remains two decades after it was built.

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