"Strike against war, for without you no battles can be fought! Strike against manufacturing shrapnel and gas bombs and all other tools of murder! Strike against preparedness that means death and misery to millions of human beings! Be not dumb, obedient slaves in an army of destruction! Be heroes in an army of construction." -- Helen Keller, 1940

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Authored by Jeffrey A. Tucker via the Brownstone Institute,

It’s not been a good week for the Censorship Industrial Complex. 

The machine has been built and put into action over nearly a decade but largely in secret. Its way of doing business has been via surreptitious contacts with media and tech companies, intelligence carve-outs in “fact-checking” organizations, payoffs, and various other clever strategies, all directed toward boosting some sources of information and suppressing others. The goal has always been to advance regime narratives and curate the public mind. 

And yet, based on its operations and insofar as we can tell, it had every intention of remaining secret. This is for a reason. A systematic effort by government to bully private sector companies into a particular narrative while suppressing dissent contradicts American law and tradition. It also violates human rights as understood since the Enlightenment. It was a consensus, until very recently, that free speech was essential to the functioning of the good society. 

Four years ago, many of us suspected censorship was going on, that the throttling and banning was not merely a mistake or the result of zealous employees stepping out of line. Three years ago, the proof started to arrive. Two years ago, it became a flood. With the Twitter files from a year ago, we had all the proof we needed that the censorship was systematic, directed, and highly effective. But even then, we only knew a fraction of it. 

Thanks to discovery from court cases, FOIA requests, whistleblowers, Congressional inquiries thanks to the very narrow Republican control, and some industrial upheavals such as what happened at Twitter, we are overwhelmed with tens of thousands of pages all pointing to the same reality. 

The censors developed a belief at the highest levels of control in government that it was their job to govern what information the American people would and would not see, regardless of the truth. The actions became truly tribal: our side favors banning gatherings, closing schools, says the Hunter Biden laptop is a fake, favors masking, mass vaccination, and mail-in voting, and denies the import of voter fraud and vaccine injury, whereas their side takes the opposite approach. 

It was a war over information, undertaken in total disregard for the First Amendment, as if it doesn’t even exist. Moreover, the operation was not only political. It clearly involved intelligence agencies that were already hip deep in the “all-of-society” pandemic response. 

“All of Society” means all, including the information you receive and are allowed to distribute. 

A vast swath of unelected bureaucrats took it upon themselves to manage all knowledge flows in the age of the Internet, with the ambition to turn the main source of news and sharing into a giant American version of Pravda. All of this occurred right under our noses – and is still going on today. 

Indeed, censorship is a full-on industry now, with hundreds and thousands of cut-outs, universities, media companies, government agencies, and even young people in school studying to be disinformation specialists, and bragging about it on social media. We are just one step away from a New York Times article – as follow-ups to their recent praise of the Deep State and also government surveillance – with a headline like “The Good Society Needs Censors.”

Incredibly, the censorship is so pervasive now that it is not even reported. All these revelations should have been front page news. But so captured is the news media today that there are very few outlets that even bother to report the fullness of the problem. 

Not receiving nearly enough attention is the new report from the Committee on the Judiciary and the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government of the US House of Representatives. 

Running nearly 1,000 pages including documentation (however many pages are purposely blank), we have here an overwhelming amount of evidence of a systematic, aggressive, and deeply entrenched effort on the part of the federal government, including the Biden White House and many agencies including the World Health Organization, to tear out the guts of the Internet and social media culture and replace them with propaganda

Claire's Observations:  This "propaganda" caused many people to sicken and die, in this country.  It was,  ultimately, "all about the Benjamins" and "following the money". until unequivocal, hard evidence came out, about what  horrific negative consequences of the MRNA shot could create, including the now infamous "turbo-cancers" 

And do you think it is just a coincidence, that Pfizer is now focusing on anti-cancer treatments and drugs?!?   It is very simple problem/solution thinking.  Create a problem, like massive upticks in cancer, and "miraculously" come up with treatments and drugs which "buy patients time".  "

"Cures" are generally suppressed  sometimes through drug development buyouts to insure they don't get to the public, because they don't fit a pharmaceutical company's financial needs anywhere near as well as  do "treatments"  

After all, no  less that Celebrity Pharma figure Peter Bourlas, made the observation last week tha "...since the COVID-19 pandemic is over and global demand for its vaccines and coronavirus drugs is falling, Pfizer has its eyes set on the cancer treatment market."

How convenient.  And of course, courtesy of "Bush Deux" We the people are no longer able to sue Big Pharma for horrific harm any vaccine or other treatment, has caused us, courtesy of the Homeland Security Act.  

However, certain states are starting to challenge that, because of the negative outcomes of the MRNA vaccine. As of 30 November last year, we saw the following  headline:   https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-e&q=texas+attorney+general+sues+pfizer


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by Tyler Durden

Saturday, May 11, 2024 - 07:30 PM

One of Chevy's longest running vehicle models has now fallen at the hands of the company's transition to EVs. The Chevy Malibu will be no longer, according to a new report from Car and Driver

The Chevy Malibu, one of the longest-running and most successful vehicles in history, is being discontinued again. Chevrolet informed Car and Driver that production will end in November 2024 as the automaker invests $390 million in its Fairfax Assembly Plant in Kansas.

Car and Driver reports that GM will also pause production of the Cadillac XT4 in January to retool for the Ultium-based Bolt EV. Production will resume in late 2025, with the XT4 and Bolt EV sharing an assembly line.

Despite Chevy's shift towards crossovers and SUVs, the Malibu remained a steady presence, with over 10 million units sold across nine generations. However, its discontinuation comes as a surprise given GM's recent EV challenges, including missing the goal of selling 400,000 EVs by mid-2024 and reintroducing plug-in hybrids to North America.

"We've been somewhat lukewarm toward the Malibu in recent years, but we'll certainly lament the passing of such a longstanding nameplate. Who knows? Maybe GM will revive it as an EV in another 15 years," Car and Driver wrote

Meanwhile just days ago we published an article highlighting how Ford's $120,000 loss per vehicle makes it fairly clear that California (and the nation's) EVs goals are unreachable. 

On April 24, Ford reported it lost $132,000 for each of its 10,000 electric vehicles sold in the first quarter of 2024, according to CNN. The sales were down 20 percent from the first quarter of 2023 and would “drag down earnings for the company overall.”

The Epoch Times notes that the losses include “hundreds of millions being spent on research and development of the next generation of EVs for Ford. Those investments are years away from paying off.” Ford is the only major carmaker breaking out EV numbers by themselves. But other marques likely suffer similar losses.

Californians bought 1.78 million new vehicles in 2023, reported the California New Car Dealers Association. Multiply that number by $132,000 and you get $235 billion. That would bankrupt every car manufacturer, meaning they just would pull out of selling anything in the state.

The California government would have to set up socialist, government-owned companies to make the cars, like the infamous Yugo. Dubbed “the worst car in history,” it was sold in America in the 1980s and was made by the communist Yugoslav government just before the country itself broke up in 1991.

And compared to that...the not-especially-wonderful-looking Malibu wouldn't look that bad...

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by Tyler Durden

When people gripe about paying taxes and the government being a poor the absolute worst possible capital allocation, this is what they are talking about: $7.5 billion in investments for electric vehicles hasin two years - produced just 7 charging stations across four states. 

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, signed by Biden in November 2021, allocated $7.5 billion for EV charging, the Washington Post writes. Of this amount, $5 billion went to states as "formula funding" for the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure program to establish a network of fast chargers along major highways.

Today, there's seven chargers with a total of just 38 parking spots. And, come on: when the Post is calling it out, you know the results have been horrible. 

The Post added that with the Biden administration's new emissions rules requiring more electric and hybrid vehicles, the slow pace of charging infrastructure development could hinder the transition to electric cars. Twelve additional states have awarded contracts for charging station construction, while 17 states have yet to issue proposals.

Alexander Laska, deputy director for transportation and innovation at the center-left think tank Third Way, told The Post: “I think a lot of people who are watching this are getting concerned about the timeline.”

The slow rollout of new EV chargers is partly due to higher standards compared to previous fast chargers. The U.S. has nearly 10,000 fast charging stations, including over 2,000 reliable Tesla Superchargers, but non-Tesla chargers often suffer from poor performance.

New Biden administration rules require chargers to be 97% operational, offer 150kW power, and be within one mile of highways. These standards are crucial but slow down progress due to complex rules, permitting challenges, and power demands. The NEVI program aims to boost fast charging capacity by 50% to reduce "range anxiety," but states must first build the chargers.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.), Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.) and Morgan Griffith (R-Va.) wrote to the Biden Administration last month: “We have significant concerns that under your efforts American taxpayer dollars are being woefully mismanaged.”

“State transportation agencies are the recipients of the money. Nearly all of them had no experience deploying electric vehicle charging stations before this law was enacted,” Nick Nigro, founder of Atlas Public Policy added.

The Federal Highway Administration responded: “We are building a national EV charging network from scratch, and we want to get it right. After developing program guidance and partnering with states to guide implementation plans, we are hitting our stride as states move quickly to bring NEVI stations online.”

“More Americans are buying EVs every day — with EV sales rising faster than traditional gas-powered cars — as the President’s Investing in America agenda makes EVs more affordable, helps Americans save money when driving, and makes EV charging accessible and convenient," a White House spokesperson added

Claire's Observations: On that last statement, the White House Spokesperson, is deliberately, insanely wrong, and EV manufacturers in the US are taking a bath in  "not driver ready" scenarios with these vehicles.  Batteries explode, and are hellishly expensive to replace; the self-driving mechanisms are causing accident after accident; and the range of travel on EVs is still severely limited, compared to that of gas powered vehicles. 

So US  EV manufacturers, get the technology on board to fix the bugs; offer these vehicles at a reasonable price (as the Chinese are doing on price-point, (which has caused them to be sanctioned by the US government) and get a product out there which is affordable, de-bugged; and which Americans are going to WANT to drive.  

And states, get those EV charging stations of excellent quality established.  

There are numerous private companies already designing, and building EV charging stations  well; let them assist and guide you in this process. And the monies spent on these stations should be a transparent portion of your budgets.

A quick Google search reminds us of the following:

"Why did people buy the Ford Model T?

The Model T changed the way Americans lived, worked and traveled. Henry Ford's revolutionary advancements in assembly-line automobile manufacturing made the Model T the first car to be affordable for a majority of Americans. In 1908, the Model T sold for $850 while competing cars often cost $2000-$3000."

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By Ted Dabrowski and John Klingner of Wirepoints

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson recently traveled to Springfield with a big wish list of stuff he wants from state lawmakers. Among them, $1 billion in extra funding for Chicago Public Schools.

We have a host of reasons why his demand should be categorically rejected. Among them, CPS already spends $29,000 per student, Chicago teachers are already among the nation’s highest paid in big cities and the Chicago Teachers Union refuses to close the many empty, failing schools across the district. Not to mention that both CPS and CTU refuse to hold themselves accountable to students. Just 20% of minority CPS children can read at grade level and in math it’s even worse.

Now add to that the growing rate of teachers simply not showing up to school. The U.S. Department of Education’s definition of chronic teacher absenteeism is 10 or more absences in a school year.

In CPS, the share of teachers who are chronically absent has jumped to 43% from 28% just seven years ago. The jump can’t be blamed on the pandemic, as the rate of absenteeism was rising (from 28% to 36%) even before covid hit.

Teacher attendance has a heavy impact on student outcomes. From the Illinois State Board of Education’s Report Card:

“Teacher attendance is a “leading indicator” of student achievement, according to the U.S. Department of Education. Teachers with regular attendance provide continuity of instruction and attention to individual students. The National Bureau of Economic Research has shown that when teachers are absent for 10 days or more, student outcomes decrease significantly.”

Instead of asking for more money, Mayor Johnson should make sure his CTU brethren are actually in the classroom. He should then set dramatically higher reading and math proficiency targets that both he and teachers are held accountable for

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By Andrew Korybko of the Korybko substack

The five objectives that are enumerated in this piece encapsulate what Russia nowadays aims to achieve after over two years of intense proxy warfare with NATO.

Zelensky claimed on Friday that Russia’s long-awaited offensive had finally begun following its fresh push into Kharkov Region from which it tactically pulled back in September 2022. This precedes him likely clinging to power on legally dubious pretexts once his term expires on 21 May and aligns with the Ukrainian Intelligence Committee’s prediction of political-military troubles heading into his summer.

Here are the five objectives that Russia arguably aims to achieve in view of the conflict’s larger context:

1. Create The Conditions For Russia To Control The Entirety Of Its New Regions

Russia’s increasingly frequent gains in Donbass over the past month speak to how serious Ukraine’s conscription and logistical crises have become, thus enabling Moscow to push them to the breaking point by opening up a new front at this precise moment in time. This is meant to facilitate a military breakthrough for expelling Ukrainian forces from the entirety of Russia’s new regions, with any collapse of the front lines consequently paving the way for achieving additional military-political goals.

2. Coerce Ukraine Into Demilitarizing All Of Its Rump Regions East Of The Dnieper

Russia is unlikely to make territorial claims to Ukraine’s rump regions east of the Dnieper due to the high cost of sustainably securing, rebuilding, and integrating them, which is why it’ll probably instead demand their demilitarization as a buffer zone in exchange for letting Kiev retain political control. Any areas that it captures throughout the course of this reportedly launched campaign could be handed back upon that happening in a variation of the alleged compromises contained in spring 2022’s draft treaty.  

3. Deter NATO From Crossing The Dnieper If Member States’ Forces Conventionally Intervene

Russia doesn’t want NATO conventionally intervening in this conflict, but if member states like France and/or Poland unilaterally do so in the event that the front lines collapse, then Moscow hopes that its newly announced tactical nuclear weapons exercises will deter them from crossing the Dnieper. In connection with that, India and/or the Vatican could convey Russia’s red line to NATO, while Russia could restrain itself from chasing fleeing troops to and over the river so as to not worsen the security dilemma.

4. Influence Ukraine’s Possibly Impending US-Backed Regime Change Process

The Kremlin won’t negotiate with Zelensky, Poroshenko, or any of the other Ukrainian figures that were just placed on its Interior Ministry’s wanted list since it regards them as illegitimate so the US couldn’t freeze the conflict without someone else in power. Russia’s foreign intelligence service recently reported that the US is already exploring possible replacements to Zelensky, and Moscow naturally wants to influence this process in order to filter out figures who it knows wouldn’t abide by any peace agreement.

5. End The Conflict In A Way That Ensures Russia’s Core Security Interests In The New Reality

Russia’s maximalist goals of demilitarizing Ukraine, denazifying it, and restoring that country’s constitutional neutrality are unlikely to be achieved in full given the new reality of NATO preparing for a conventional intervention up to the Dnieper in order to avoid a strategic defeat in this proxy war. Considering that, Russia must resort to creative military-diplomatic means for ensuring its core security interests, though that requires an information campaign for tempering its supporters’ expectations.  

Claire's Observations:  IF, as the article states, Russia is planning for this to happen "before the end of the year", if NATO fails in its attempted "conventional intervention up to the Dnieper in order to avoid a strategic defeat", that will be right before the 2024 elections in this country, if in fact elections are held.

And that ..... will chalk up yet  another stunning and humiliating  defeat for By-di_Bye and his minions.  And please understand, they will do anything - and I mean, at this point, ANYTHING to prevent that from happening to keep themselves in power for 4 more years and beyond, if possible.

Folks, between a really horrifically, not-thought through  NATO intervention with Russia in Ukraine, and the Israeli genocide in Gaza, World War III has already started; it's just a case of how long this slow and deadly simmer will continue, until it boils over into a truly world war. 

 I would suggest that we will see some intense escalations on both fronts, and soon, probably right after the start of summer.

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Personal and household debt at all-time highs,far fewer loan transactions, Low interest. All bad signs for banks. Not to mention their exposure to airlines, hotels, tourists, and other industries. I’ll be surprised if any can pass the stress test. They cant play fast and lose with bank members’ cash. Banking shares still down about 30% on the year to date, even as a handful of technology companies have helped major US stock indexes trade near record territory. Bank stocks are just like Airline stocks. They won’t make a profit(if anyone cares) for a couple of years, as loan defaults increase, and Powell put the nail in the coffin with the rate staying as is for a few years.

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By: orraz
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By: orraz
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Amid the lingering shadow of conflict on its eastern borders, Poland has taken concrete steps to reinforce its territorial defenses against potential aggressions from Russia and Belarus. The Polish government’s decision to bolster its frontier with a string of bunkers and trenches marks a significant strategic turn, indicative of the heightened security concerns in the region.

Poland’s Minister of National Defense, Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, stated on May 9 that the country is “comprehensively” strengthening its border. “We are repairing and reinforcing the embankment,” Kosiniak-Kamysz said during a broadcast on Radio ZET. He revealed that there is an increased presence of army and allied forces in several voivodeships—Podlasiu, Lubelskim, Mazowieckim, and Warmińsko-Mazurskim—strategically positioned near the border with Belarus.

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Germany is considering introducing conscription for all 18-year-olds, as it looks to boost its troop numbers in the face of Russian military aggression.

Military planners in Berlin are in the final stages of discussing three options, two of which involve a form of conscription, according to leaked plans reported in the German media.

Defence Minister Boris Pistorius is set to go public with the official plans by June.

In one of the options being discussed, Germany would bring back a compulsory military year for young men once they turn 18, which was suspended in 2011, and apply it to women as well. This would require a change to the German constitution, but is seen inside the ministry as most likely to receive societal approval.

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Northern Israel plunged into chaos and fear as Hezbollah militants launched a devastating barrage of missiles, igniting flames that engulfed the hillsides and inflicted heavy damage on a key city.

The evacuated city of Kiryat Shmona became the primary target of over 60 missiles fired by Hezbollah forces on Friday.

The relentless assault left the region ablaze, overwhelming civil defence efforts to contain the spreading inferno.

Reports from Yedioth Ahronoth, a Hebrew newspaper, detailed the widespread destruction caused by the missile bombardment.

Dozens of homes and vehicles lay in ruins, with fires raging uncontrollably across the Kiryat Shmona area - causing huge damage to infrastrucuture.

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U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon may have just indefinitely postponed Donald Trump’s espionage and obstruction trial but that doesn’t mean her federal courtroom in Fort Pierce, Florida will lie dormant over the next few months.

In officially vacating the existing May 20 trial date—an impossibility considering the defendant will be in a Manhattan courtroom for the foreseeable future—Cannon declined to set another date, calling it “imprudent” at this stage of the process. She noted a “myriad” of unresolved matters in Special Counsel Jack Smith’s 42-count indictment against the former president and his two co-defendants, Mar-a-Lago employees Waltine Nauta and Carlos De Olivera, for willfully retaining national defense information and attempting to impede the government’s investigation.

Cannon, however, did schedule a number of proceedings that could be considered a way to put the Department of Justice on trial. In a stunning turn of events, Cannon, appointed by Donald Trump in 2020, is poised to make Smith a defendant of sorts.

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A high school track athlete in Bridgeport, West Virginia, has joined an ongoing lawsuit challenging the inclusion of trans-identified males in female sports. The student, Adaleia Cross, identified in the declaration as “A.C.,” alleges that fellow track team member Becky Pepper-Jackson, a boy who claims to identify as a girl, made several sexually abusive and vulgar remarks about her, which caused her “deep distress.”

According to a statement by the 15 year-old girl added as evidence to the lawsuit State of Tennessee, et al v. Cardona, et al (U.S. Secretary of Education) on May 8, Pepper-Jackson, 13 years-old and identified as B.P.J., made “several offensive and inappropriate sexual comments” towards Cross. The harassment escalated, she said, during their final year of middle school, when “the comments became much more aggressive, vile, and disturbing.”

The suit alleges that Pepper-Jackson would say “suck my dick” to both the complainant and other girls on the team.

“During the end of that year, about two to three times per week, B.P.J. would look at me and say ‘suck my dick.’ There were usually other girls around who heard this. I heard B.P.J. say the same thing to my other teammates, too,” Cross said.

“B.P.J. made other more explicit sexual statements that felt threatening to me. At times, B.P.J. told me quietly ‘I’m gonna stick my dick into your pussy.’ And B.P.J. sometimes added ‘and in your ass,’ as well. These comments were disturbing and caused me deep distress.”

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Media fact-checks have asserted that the 2020 presidential election in Georgia didn’t have serious irregularities. But more evidence regarding Fulton County’s handling of ballots and signature verification appear to challenge those claims. 

Numerous issues have been documented regarding the 2020 presidential election in Georgia, specifically in Fulton County. The media repeatedly "fact-checked" these irregularities, despite confirmation of the issues by election officials. This has resulted in former President Donald Trump and other Republicans who raised concerns about election irregularities often being labeled “election deniers” by Democrats and the media.

Georgia election officials have recently confirmed issues that occurred in Fulton County amid the November 2020 election, resulting in more oversight for the 2024 general election.

The Georgia State Election Board said on Tuesday that they found Fulton County had likely scanned more than 3,000 ballots twice during the 2020 presidential election recount, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

State officials said it is not clear whether the votes were actually counted twice in the recount, which was the official election result, or if they were just scanned twice.

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