“Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” -- Mark Twain

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On March 27, Axios ran a story with the headline: “Biden, Democrats (mostly) ditch ‘Bidenomics.'”

Axios reported that President Joe “Biden gradually had been ditching the term. Last June and July, he referred to ‘Bidenomics’ about 50 times. In December and January, he used it just six times.”

USA Today ran basically the same story on the same day — headlined: “President Biden scraps ‘Bidenomics’ after slogan falls flat” — crediting Axios.

Biden said ‘Bidenomics’ 15 times in his June 28 speech in Chicago that debuted his new slogan to the nation. He mentioned ‘Bidenomics’ another 77 times in speeches through October, including as many as six or seven times in single speeches.

Yet Biden touted ‘Bidenomics’ only four more times in both November and December, and he has said it only three times total this year.

The Daily Mail followed up with a story citing Axios and ran its own chart. Then, just this Thursday, a USA Today columnist hit Biden over the head for abandoning the term, citing the paper’s previous coverage.

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In a court order Tuesday, a U.S. District judge rejected the Biden State Department’s attempts to dismiss a censorship lawsuit brought by The Daily Wire, The Federalist, and the State of Texas.

The Daily Wire lawsuit, filed jointly by the New Civil Liberties Alliance with The Federalist and Texas in December of 2023 to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, alleges that the U.S. State Department is engaging with and promoting censorship technology designed to bankrupt domestic media outlets with disfavored political opinions.

The lawsuit, which also names Secretary of State Antony Blinken and five other officials as defendants, asks the court to declare the State Department’s attempt to interfere with domestic speech illegal and to permanently bar it from developing, promoting, or encouraging others to use technology to de-amplify, shadow ban, or restrict “the lawful speech of the American press and Americans.”

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If you thought the Stormy Daniels case New York is prosecuting against Trump was ridiculous, “you ain’t seen nothing yet.” Stormy Daniels took the stand today and, well, she ignited a firestorm and almost burned down the case.

Many accusations have been made over the years between Donald and Stormy. Trump has maintained his innocence, while Stormy Daniels has profited off the accusations with book deals, podcasts, and much more.

She has claimed she felt physically threatened by Trump, but all of these details of their alleged tryst are immaterial to proving the falsification of business records. That didn’t stop Stormy from turning the courthouse into a circus.

From CNN:
Stormy Daniels said she was working at a celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe. She was still working for an adult film picture company.

Daniels testified that she met Trump at that tournament. “It was a very brief encounter,” she said.

She cracked a joke about the adult film company’s sponsorship of one of the holes of the golf course. The jurors did not laugh.

Obviously Stormy was hoping to “work the crowd.” Unfortunately, they weren’t having it. While Trump’s team requested the judge limit her testimony to relevant details, Judge Merchan smacked down the request and allowed Daniels to lay out every salacious detail that she claims happened.

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