"Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right." -- George Orwell, 1984"

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A senior judge who “liked” a post on social media that described Israel as a “terrorist” state and called for a free Palestine has been given a formal warning for misconduct.

Tan Ikram, 58, a deputy senior district judge, was disciplined for allowing a “perception of bias” by liking the post on LinkedIn which had been put up by a barrister who had previously promoted conspiracy theories claiming that Israel allowed the Oct 7 terror attack by Hamas.

The post stated: “Free Free Palestine. To the Israeli terrorist both in the United Kingdom, the United States and of course Israel, you can run, you can bomb but you cannot hide – justice will be coming for you.”

Three weeks previously, Judge Ikram had decided not to punish three women displaying parachute images at a pro-Palestine protest seven days after the Oct 7 attack. He gave them 12-month conditional discharges after they were found guilty of an offence under the Terrorism Act.

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In a 6-1 decision on Thursday, the Florida Supreme Court sided with Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) over his controversial removal of State Attorney Monique Worrel from her position in August 2023. DeSantis had accused Worrel of “dereliction of duty” due to her lenient approach to crime, a move that sparked a legal battle when Worrel sued the DeSantis Administration, demanding reinstatement and claiming her firing was an “arbitrary, unsubstantiated exercise of the suspension power.”

The majority opinion of the court firmly rejected Worrel’s arguments, stating, “We cannot agree with Worrel that the allegations in the Executive Order are impermissibly vague, nor that they address conduct that falls within the lawful exercise of prosecutorial discretion.” The court further clarified that a suspension order does not infringe on a state attorney’s lawful exercise of prosecutorial discretion when it alleges that such discretion is not being exercised in individual cases and that generalized policies have resulted in categorical enforcement practices.

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An American attack submarine has docked at the US base of Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, a day after a four-ship Russian task force sailed into Havana on a long-range expedition.

USS Helena, a Los Angeles-class boat, arrived on Thursday for a “routine port visit,” the US Southern Command said in a statement. 

“The vessel’s location and transit were previously planned,” SOUTHCOM added, noting that the Helena is “conducting its global maritime security and national defense mission.”

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The Western world (18 percent of the whole world) believe HAMAS is the terrorist of Gaza. That’s a result of mainstream media conflating HAMAS terrorism with legitimate aspirations for self-determination. It disregards the observation that one man’s terrorist may be another man’s freedom fighter in the Gaza strip.

Most Westerners would also likely reject the idea that, by definition, Zionists and the Israeli military force (IMF) are bigger Gaza terrorists. Paradoxically, however, Israel’s PM, Benjamin Netanyahu, may be said to have in effect admitted his government are Gaza terrorists. This is at a 1986 PBS interview where he said terrorism is about engaging in the “systematic and deliberate attack, the murder, maiming and menacing of innocents, of civilians, for political goals”. This aptly describes what Israel is presently doing in the Gaza strip. And there’s no way he can say he does not know it. Co-incidentally, his definition of “terrorism” is similar to the description approved by the UN’s Sixth Committee (Legal) in 1994, viz they are “criminal acts intended or calculated to provoke a state of terror … for political purposes”.

There is no difficulty identifying Zionist terrorism in Gaza. The Israeli Defence Force’s systematic and extensive bombing of Gaza (eg, 11,000+ strikes over three weeks) causing utter terror, extensive civilian casualties and massive destruction of infrastructure are “terrorist” attacks politically motivated to induce fear and terror amongst Palestinians.

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As the world watched on social media and responded in outrage, US corporate media, once again, provided cover for the perpetrators of Israel’s genocide. 

Over the Memorial Day weekend, Israel bombed starving Gazan refugees crowded in tents in Rafah, where Israel had told them to go. As Jeffrey St. Clair (CounterPunch, 5/31/24) wrote, leaflets dropped in Rafah a few days before told them to go to “Tel al-Sultan through Beach Road,” an area set up by the UNRWA refugee agency and designated a UN humanitarian safe zone. The leaflet added, “Don’t blame us after we warned you.”

Nevertheless, without warning, Israel hit the camp with at least eight  missiles  spreading fire though the encampment of plastic tents (Quds News, 5/26/24). Some refugees burned to death, mostly women and children, leaving them dismembered and charred.

Image removed.

Image: CounterPunch (5/31/24): “When the Israeli bombs strafed the safe zone, the plastic tents caught fire, sending flames leaping two meters high, before the melting, blazing structures collapsed on the people inside, many of them children who’d just been tucked in for the evening.”

The world saw the terror of the massacre on international and social media. Images showed the area of the strike engulfed in flames as Palestinians screamed, cried, ran for safety and sought to help the injured. “They told people to move there then killed them,” Richard Medhurst (5/28/24) posted.

A boy cries in horror and fear as he watches his father’s tent burn with him inside. A man holds up the body of his charred, now-headless baby, wandering around, not knowing what to do or where to go. An injured, starving child convulses in pain as a medic struggles to find a vein for an IV in her emaciated arm (Al Jazeera, 5/27/24).

Al Jazeera (cited by Quds News, 5/26/24) quoted a Civil Defense source: “We believe that the occupation army used internationally prohibited weapons to target the displaced in Rafah, judging by the size of the fires that erupted at the targeted site.”

US news media reported the tent massacre, some more truthfully than others. But most establishment media repeated Israel’s false claims that it was an accident, weaving disinformation messaging into toned-down descriptions of the scene. With confused syntax, they omitted words like “genocide,” “massacre” and “starvation.” Most left out the language of international law that is best able to explain the unprecedented crimes against humanity that Israel is committing. Corporate reporting left the tent massacre devoid of context and empathy, ignored actions that need to be taken, and ultimately facilitated the ongoing Israeli genocide of Palestinians.

Embedded with an Illegal Invasion

When NBC News (5/28/24) reported from Gaza that “Israeli tanks reached the city center for the first time, according to NBC News‘ crew on the ground,” it failed to say that the NBC crew was embedded with Israel’s invading force.

Image: By being embedded with Israeli forces, NBC (5/28/24) presented news literally from the IDF point of view.

Image removed.

The same sentence continued that Israel was “defying international pressure to halt an offensive that has sent nearly 1 million people fleeing Rafah.” But Israel was not just “defying…pressure”; it was in violation of a direct order from the International Court of Justice ICJ to halt its attack on Rafah. Yet NBC reporters rode into Rafah with an army that was ignoring international law to commit further genocide in Gaza.

Compare NBC’s words to those used by Ramy Abdu (5/26/24), chair of Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor, who posted: “In the deadliest response to the International Court of Justice’s decision, the Israeli army targeted a group of displaced persons’ tents in Rafah, killing approximately 60 innocent civilians so far.”

In a post, Francesca Albanese (5/26/24), UN special rapporteur for human rights in Palestine, included International actions that needed to be implemented:

The #GazaGenocide‌ will not easily end without external pressure: Israel must face sanctions, justice, suspension of agreements, trade, partnership and investments, as well as participation in int’l forums.

CNN’s Israel Bias Has Been Laid Bare. But CNN Is the Norm, Not the Exception. Jonathan Cook

Such sanctions are rarely discussed in establishment media, but are becoming more urgent, given the New York Times report (5/29/24) that Israel intends to extend the genocide through the remainder of 2024. Though the Times reported on the global outrage and demonstrations against the Rafah massacre, the words “genocide” and “massacre” were not used, nor was there any mention of the possibility of sanctions against Israel.

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) recently appeared on MSNBC’s “All In” to express her insane concerns about the lack of accountability and consequences for ethical breaches within the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). She argued that the court’s current stance, particularly that of Justice Alito, is “laughable” and “completely unacceptable.”

Ocasio-Cortez emphasized the dangers of allowing any of the coequal branches of government to operate without accountability to the others. “It is paving the path to authoritarianism, tyranny, the abuse of power in the United States,” she warned.

The congresswoman criticized the notion that the Supreme Court should only be accountable to itself, likening it to a “scout’s promise” approach to ethics standards for one of the most consequential courts in the country. She stressed that such a system is “structurally, completely unsustainable.”

Ocasio-Cortez called for Congress to exercise its power and jurisdiction over the Supreme Court to address what she sees as a “fundamentally unaccountable and rogue court.” She questioned not whether Congress has the authority to do so, but rather what specific actions should be taken to rein in the court’s power.

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In a significant development, four Bridgeport, Connecticut residents have been charged with illegal possession of absentee ballots and other election-related crimes stemming from the 2019 mayoral primary. The charges, announced by Chief State’s Attorney Patrick J. Griffin, follow an extensive investigation into election misconduct.

The individuals charged are Alfredo Castillo, Wanda Geter-Pataky, Josephine Edmonds, and Nilsa Heredia, all associated with Democratic campaigns. Geter-Pataky is a prominent member of the city’s Democratic Town Committee, Castillo is a city councilman allied with Mayor Joe Ganim, and both Heredia and Edmonds worked on mayoral campaigns.

The Connecticut Division of Criminal Justice reported that the State Elections Enforcement Commission (SEEC) investigation uncovered serious violations. These include mishandling absentee ballots, failing to maintain proper records, and tampering with witnesses. The charges were filed after a nearly year-long criminal investigation.

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A U.S. Navy nuclear-powered fast attack submarine has arrived in Guantanamo Bay, near the American base in Cuba as part of what U.S. Southern Command says is a "routine visit", but coincides with a visit by four Russian naval vessels, including one of its nuclear-powered submarines, which Moscow says is intended to send a message to Washington, along with its recent joint nuclear exercises with Belarus. 

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By Drago Bosnic

For decades, the political West was resting on its laurels after “winning” the (First) Cold War. It also expanded the tentacles of its malignant power projection to every corner of the world, including Russia itself, where liberal exponents of US/EU/NATO implanted themselves in the Kremlin, ensuring that Moscow’s economic might is ruined, so that the Eurasian giant can never recover, let alone return to superpower status. Keeping Russia down was one of the crucial aspects of the infamous Wolfowitz Doctrine and one of the first documents published by the abominable Clinton administration. This unequivocally imperialist strategy that even many Americans thought was too much ended up killing millions of people across the globe and perpetuated an unprecedented aggression against the world that lasts to this very day.

Keeping Moscow in a subservient state was imperative, a problem that the current Russian leadership had to contend with even after Vladimir Putin became president. It took him and his team at least 10-12 years to cure the Eurasian giant of the (neo)liberal disease in the Kremlin, while the remnants of its power were purged only in 2020, when invaluable constitutional reforms brought back Russia’s sovereignty in full.

Claire's Observations:  Can ANYONE out there, please tell me with a straight face why, with the full force of US and EU sanctions against it, Russia now has a flourishing economy during wartime?!?!?

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Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito understands the legacy media's game.

For more than a year, media outlets — specifically, ProPublica — have worked to delegitimize the Supreme Court by suggesting that Alito and Justice Clarence Thomas are guilty of unethical behavior. The biased investigations have uncovered no actual evidence to prove the broadside attacks.

In a newly released audio recording, Alito revealed the reason why he believes media outlets are targeting him and his colleagues.

The recording was captured at a Supreme Court Historical Society event on June 3 at which progressive "advocacy journalist" Lauren Windsor secretly recorded Alito and his wife at the event by lying to them.

The newest recording was secretly captured by Windsor's colleague, Ally Sammarco.

In the recording, Sammarco tried to flatter Alito by calling him an "American hero," a compliment that he rebuffed. She then asked a leading question about why the Supreme Court "is being so attacked and being so targeted by the media these days."

"Well, I think it’s a simple reason: They don’t like our decisions," Alito responded.

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These are the words of Serbia’s President Aleksander Vucic. He ought to know. He is in the middle of it. He thinks Europe will be at war with Russia in “not more than three or four months,” if that long.

President Vucic says “no one is attempting to stop the war. Nobody is speaking about peace. Peace is almost a forbidden word.” Scroll down for text and 5 minute video

  The Ever Widening War

Hungarian leader Viktor Orban has a similar view as does Slovakian president Robert Fico, who survived a recent assassination attempt.

In Western Europe, UK, and Washington everyone is talking about wider war with long range missiles used for attacks deep into Russia. Such attacks cannot revive the defeated Ukrainian military. Their purpose seems to be to provoke Russia into a retaliation that Washington can use to widen the war.

President Vucic is correct. The West is making no effort–indeed, is avoiding all effort–to defuse the dangerous situation. Instead, the West is throwing oil on fire with long range missile attacks and French troops sent into Ukraine.

It has been completely clear from day one that Putin’s limited drawn-out war enabled the West to get more and more involved into the conflict to the point that the conflict now is really between the West and Russia. As President Vucic says, the West’s prestige is now involved and the West cannot permit Russia to prevail.

It seems that Putin might have finally realized that the war is no longer limited to Donbas and has become a wider threat that is not subject to negotiation on terms that Russia can accept.

Now that Putin is backed into a corner with the prospect of NATO missiles striking deep into Russia, President Vucic’s expectation that war is close at hand is understandable. The way matters are shaping up, the avoidance of war depends on how many provocations the Kremlin will accept and for how long. Putin needs to quickly knock Ukraine out of the war before Ukraine fills up with NATO military personnel.

Zelensky’s term has expired, making him illegitimate. Russian forces should quickly take Kiev, install a new government agreeable to Ukraine as a neutral country and to the reunification of Donbas with Russia.

I don’t know if Putin still has time to avoid a larger war by quickly winning the current conflict or whether Putin has been fighting on the cheap and lacks the force size to take Kiev and control the country.

If Putin has been too limited in his goal and too parsimonious with his means, he has bought himself a wider war.

Claire's Observations:  I am praying (literally) that this guy is dead wrong, but looking at all the signs and signals, it appears that nations are choosing up sides for the next World War.  You see a ratcheting up of tensions to a huge degree; more armaments getting made and deployed; limits being "relaxed" as to what Ukraine can do with US-made weaponry; and a flight from the US dollar, courtesy of the BRICS nations, which are conducting their business in local national currencies.

I know I sound like a chipped CD on this, but PLEASE:  additional medications for yourself and those you love (including household pets); potable water; storable food, both canned and freeze-dried; batteries; and if possible, a generator.

I know that there are those among us who are in absolute denial, that such a war would ever hit Homeland America; I beg you to please think again.  As we are not in a major metropolitan area, I think we are a little more safe than those who are.

But to those who are in a major metropolitan area, please think about having a "bugout kit" that can go from home to car in a heartbeat, and have a plan about how you are going to get to where you need to go safely.


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An Indiana cop has resigned after it was revealed that he frequently used Clearview AI facial recognition technology to track down social media users not linked to any crimes.

According to a press release from the Evansville Police Department, this was a clear "misuse" of Clearview AI's controversial face scan tech, which some US cities have banned over concerns that it gives law enforcement unlimited power to track people in their daily lives.

To help identify suspects, police can scan what Clearview AI describes on its website as "the world's largest facial recognition network." The database pools more than 40 billion images collected from news media, mugshot websites, public social media, and other open sources.

But these scans must always be linked to an investigation, and Evansville police chief Philip Smith said that instead, the disgraced cop repeatedly disguised his personal searches by deceptively "utilizing an actual case number associated with an actual incident" to evade detection.

Smith's department discovered the officer's unauthorized use after performing an audit before renewing their Clearview AI subscription in March. That audit showed "an anomaly of very high usage of the software by an officer whose work output was not indicative of the number of inquiry searches that they had."

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Russian warships are conducting missile drills in the waters off the Coast of Florida near Cuba. New hypersonic missiles on board and ready for launch!!

.The nuclear-powered Kazan submarine and Admiral Gorshkov frigate, which carries hypersonic Zircon missiles, staged the computer drills with high-precision weapons against “naval groups of a mock enemy” over a distance of 600 kilometers (373 miles), the Defense Ministry in Moscow said in a surprise statement Tuesday.

The vessels are due to arrive in Cuba on Wednesday, Russia’s state-run RIA Novosti news service reported, citing Russian Navy chief Alexander Moiseyev.

None of the Russian vessels is (reportedly" carrying nuclear weapons and they (allegedly) pose no threat to the region, the Cuban Foreign Ministry said on its website.

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This British lawyer wrote a tweet in which he compared Nazism to the Zionist crime in Gaza. A complaint as being (“anti-Semitism”)  was filed against him with the Lawyers’ Union. So he took a leave of absence to research the legal definition of anti-Semitism, only to discover, after asking the most senior specialists in Britain, that the definition was illegal and not only violated British law, but it also violated European Union law, so he submitted his answer in 3,000 pages... and won.


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Families who have turned their backs on the struggle to own their own homes in the overheated property market say they have few regrets – even if it means being priced out forever.

The proportion of single-family homes being built for rent has doubled in two years as corporates eye up those who have had enough of paying a mortgage.

Analysts warn that the trend will only drive prices higher for those determined to buy, but the temptation to halve their housing costs and ditch the worries of ownership is proving hard to resist, with a third of all rentals now single-family homes.

Chelsey and Spencer Marks had just spent thousands of dollars on repairing the air-conditioning at their California home when they realized they would have to buy new windows and a replacement pump for the pool.

'I was like, I can't do this anymore,' Chelsey, 41, told the LA Times. 'One day I came home and I was like, 'We're selling the house'.'

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Former President Trump and Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin met at Trump National Golf Club in Loudon County, Virginia, on Wednesday.

It was the first time the two leaders have met and comes as speculation continues to swirl around who Trump will select as his running mate.

DailyMail.com was told by a source familiar that they did not discuss Trump’s open vice presidential position, but rather about how to win Virginia in 2024.

The leaders specifically talked about strategy to win voters over including about honing in on the economy, inflation and the border crisis.

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Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis said Thursday in an appearance at a church that she has been 'attacked and over-sexualized' - blasting the media amid her election fraud case against former President Donald Trump going off the rails. 

Willis spoke to the congregation at Turner Chapel AME Church in Marietta, Georgia, with her ex-lover, former special prosecutor Nathan Wade, in the audience, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

That relationship has caused Trump's Georgia election interference case to be put on hold, a Georgia appeals court ruled last week, to allow for a challenge based on Willis' affair with Wade. 

'That same media will jump at the morsel of a chance to tear a sister down,' Willis told churchgoers. 

Webmaster addition: Let's all feel sorry for poor Fani Willis! Boo hoo hoo!

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Republicans tore into President Biden's 'insane' and 'politically suicidal' opposition to giving junior enlisted members a nearly 20 percent pay boost amid recruitment issues. 

In a Tuesday statement about opposition to the House's version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the White House Budget Office said a plan to give low-ranking troops a 19.5% boost in basic pay next year would be too expensive. 

'Joe Biden managed to become a multi-millionaire on a public servant salary,' Rep. Derrick Van Orden, R-Wis., told DailyMail.com. 'And he is snatching food out of our junior enlisted people's mouths.'

Van Orden said that while he was an active duty Navy Seal, his wife had to use WIC coupons to keep their children fed. 

'It's disgusting and reprehensible. I can't feel more strongly about it. That is bulls**t.' 

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I was the first journalist to authenticate Hunter Biden's laptop using top cyber forensics experts back in early 2021. I've followed his story ever since then.

Now that he has been convicted of three felonies, the most important thing to know is this: Hunter Biden doesn't matter.

He's not a public servant. He's not running for office. 

But he and his infamous laptop do provide a window into the inner circle of our nation's President. And that is extremely important.

So when I peered through that window, what did I see?

Evidence that Joe Biden was involved in his son's shady foreign dealings, and has been lying about it ever since.

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Russian warships reached Cuba this week ahead of planned military exercises in echos of the cold-war missile crisis.

The fleet, made up of a frigate, a nuclear-powered submarine, an oil tanker and a rescue tug, crossed into Havana Bay after drills in the Atlantic Ocean.

US officials expect the ships to remain in the region through the summer and possibly also stop in Venezuela.

Russia is a longtime ally of Venezuela and Cuba, and its warships and aircraft have periodically made forays into the Caribbean.

But this mission comes less than two weeks after President Joe Biden authorised Ukraine to use US-provided weapons to strike inside Russia to protect Kharkiv.

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Group of Seven leaders agreed at a summit in Italy on Thursday to give Ukraine $50 billion using frozen Russian Central Bank assets, a step that marks a significant escalation in the economic war against Russia.

The plan is to provide the $50 billion to Ukraine by the end of the year in the form of a loan, which will be paid back using profits from the approximately $280 billion in frozen Russian assets held by the US and its allies.

The idea is seen as a compromise between the US and Europe, as President Biden wanted to steal all of the frozen Russian funds to give to Ukraine. But the vast majority of the money is held in Europe, and EU leaders were hesitant to do that.

Instead, the EU devised a separate plan to provide Ukraine with about $3 billion per year using the interest made by the Russian assets. Ukraine said that amount wasn’t enough, and the US proposed the $50 billion loan.

Claire's Observations;  Have you noticed whenever US/NATO largesse is given to Ukraine, it's leadership whines that it is "never enough"?!?  And what in the name of heaven, has Zelinsky done with the billions already spent?!?  Is there any "paper trail" here, to make this spending at least somewhat accountable to the American people?!?

There is a phrase among boat enthusiasts;  A boat.... is ".... a hole into which you pour money".  Much the same could be said about the US government's iron clad capability to to keep churning out money, like an infinite ATM to Ukraine.  

How and why is this happening, I cannot tell you, particularly when Ukraine is losing to Russia so badly.  There is only one logical thing I advocate:  that Ukraine sue for peace, and attempt to get the most favorable terms it possibly can after a viable cease-fire.

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US Signs $23 Billion F-16 Deal with Turkey

by | Jun 13, 2024




The US has inked a $23 billion deal with Turkey for 40 F-16 warplanes. Washington promised to sell dozens of the advanced fighter jets to Ankara and upgrade scores of Turkish F-16s in exchange for Turkey approving Sweden’s NATO membership. 

The AFP reported the deal was signed on Thursday. “The contract was signed and delegations from both sides are negotiating the details,” Turkish defense ministry sources told the outlet. The State Department said last week that it had taken significant steps towards finalizing the deal, which was proof of the deep military relationship between Washington and Ankara. 

In January, President Biden sent a letter to Congress pushing Capitol Hill to approve the sale of F-16s to Turkey. Washington had conditioned the deal on Ankara lifting its months-long obstruction of Stockholm joining NATO.

Claire's Observations:  This deal.... must have been the "quid pro quo", for Turkey's "signing off" on Sweden joining NATO.

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Authored by Doug Casey via InternationalMan.com,

International Man: The carbon hysteria extends far beyond oil and gas companies.

One overlooked area is household appliances.

Politicians are implementing increasingly stringent regulations for dishwashers, washing machines, and other appliances. There have even been reports of a desire to phase out gas stoves.

What’s your take on all of this?

Doug Casey: As Der Schwabenklaus of the World Economic Forum boldly said some years ago, “You’ll own nothing and be happy.”

The fact that a prominent figure could actually say that, promote the idea, and not be pilloried gives you an idea of the spirit of the current century. The lack of outrage from the average man is even more sick than the idea itself.

Not owning appliances is a practical application of the meme, but just one tentacle of the global warming octopus. Appliances are constructed from resources that have to be mined and run with electricity; that makes them evil. It’s much more important in these people’s views to “save the planet”—a ridiculous concept—than to continue raising the standard of living.

The fact is that the self-righteous authoritarians who want to limit the use of appliances basically just hate people—especially middle-class people. They’d really like to revert to pre-capitalist times, when only the upper classes, the feudal aristocrats, could benefit from conveniences.

Ecowarriors, the Greens, are cut from the same cloth as socialists, communists, and fascists. Their totem fruit is the watermelon, green on the outside and red on the inside.

International Man: Many people have noticed that modern appliances are not the same quality as the ones produced decades ago. For one thing, modern appliances tend to require much more time to do the same thing an older model could do faster.

For example, today, it’s common to see a standard dish-washing cycle to take more than two hours.

Modern appliances also don’t perform as well and break down more frequently. Climate regulations are largely to blame for this regression.

What is really going on here?

Doug Casey: I don’t have a lot of personal experience with how appliances work, but I’ve certainly heard that modern appliances are designed to sacrifice convenience and time in order to possibly use less water or electricity.

One thing that I do recall is that several decades ago, the US government decided to regulate the amount of water that could be used to flush toilets. The devices are now less sanitary and often have to be flushed twice. The idea that politicians should mandate plumbing designs is absurd. But they do this with all products—cars, planes, houses, you name it. They destroy capital and slow technological progress, even while annoying and frustrating engineers.

But perhaps the average person doesn’t think about these things or care. The standard of living has gone up for so long that we tend to think it’s automatic and divinely ordained. I’m not so sure about that. Everything tends to wind down unless there is enough outside force to counteract it.

For instance, we live in a throwaway society. If you need something repaired, it’s generally more economic to throw the whole thing away than to hire a skilled craftsman to fix it, even though they barely exist anymore, and they’re very expensive. It’s often cheaper to replace things that break.

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By Irina Slav of OilPrice.com

Maritime traffic diversion from the Red Sea and the Suez Canal has caused congestion at the port of Singapore, one of the busiest in the world. The congestion is expected to spread to final destinations, too, according to a Bloomberg report.

The report details that as the Yemeni Houthis continue to target Western ships in the Red Sea, shipping operators have moved much of their traffic around the Cape of Good Hope. One consequence of this is that these ships can no longer call at a Middle Eastern port along their way between Asia and Europe to unload part of their cargo and refuel. Now, all the unloading at refueling is done in Singapore.

Last month, Bloomberg wrote, that Singapore’s port utilization rate rose to 90% in evidence of the worsening situation—the optimal utilization rate for a port stands at 70%. As the utilization rate rises, so do waiting times for ships at the port. Earlier this month the Maritime Executive reported that these waiting times have growth from about half a day for a container ship to as long as seven days

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Some might see US Attorney General Merrick Garland getting quite involved in campaigning ahead of the November election – albeit indirectly so, as a public servant whose primary concern is supposedly how to keep Department of Justice (DoJ) staff “safe.”

And, in the process, he brings up “conspiracy theorists” branding them as undermining the judicial process in the US – because they dare question the validity of a particular judicial process that aimed at former President Trump.

In an opinion piece published by the Washington Post, Garland used one instance that saw a man convicted for threatening a local FBI office to draw blanket and dramatic conclusions that DoJ staff have never operated in a more dangerous environment, where “threats of violence have become routine.”

It all circles back to the election, and Garland makes little effort to present himself as neutral. Other than “conspiracy theories,” his definition of a threat are calls to defund the department that was responsible for going after the former president.

Ironically, while the tone of his op-ed and the topics and examples he chooses to demonstrate his own bias, Garland goes after those who claim that DoJ is politicized with the goal of influencing the election.

The attorney general goes on to quote “media reports” – he doesn’t say which, but one can assume those following the same political line – which are essentially (not his words) hyping up their audiences to expect more “threats.”

“Media reports indicate there is an ongoing effort to ramp up these attacks against the Justice Department, its work and its employees,” is how Garland put it.

And he pledged that, “we will not be intimidated” by these by-and-large nebulous “threats,” with the rhetoric at that point in the article ramped up to refer to this as, “attacks.”

Garland’s opinion piece is not the only attempt by the DoJ to absolve itself of accusations of acting in a partisan way, instead of serving the interests of the public as a whole.

Thus, Assistant Attorney General Carlos Uriarte wrote to House Republicans, specifically House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan, to accuse him of making “completely baseless” accusations against DoJ for orchestrating the New York trial of Donald Trump.

While, as it were, protesting too much, (CNBC called it “the fiery reply”) – Uriarte also went for the “conspiracy theory conspiracy theory”:

“The conspiracy theory that the recent jury verdict in New York state court was somehow controlled by the Department is not only false, it is irresponsible,” he wrote

Claire's Observations:  So funny to see Uriarte.... morph into Sherlock Holmes' "Moriarty" on this issue of conspiracy theory; I would very much like to caution him that many times, conspiracy theories in the US become irrefutable conspiracy fact 

 And to both Attorney General Garland, and Assistant Attorney General Uriarte; this was lawfare, pure and simple,  intended to bring Donald Trump to  his political knees, and get him off the ballot.  

However, the verdict seems to have provoked the converse effect among Trump supporters, and his campaign has garnered millions of dollars since the verdict was read.

Right now, I am praying (literally) that Trump stays safe; I do fear for his life right now, because if the Dementocrats cannot destroy him geopolitically with these lawsuits,  or ballot harvesting during the election, what will be their next option?

I am very much reminded of a line, from the former TV show "Elementary", when the Holmes character, speaking about his Father, Morland Holmes, to Watson, makes the statement:  "He has assassins on speed-dial!!"

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According to the commission’s interim president Jessika Padilla Rivera, Puerto Rico’s elections commission began evaluating its Dominion Voting Systems contract after software glitches miscalculated vote totals in the June 2 primaries.

After US Now Dominion Voting Systems Sparks Election Scandal In Puerto Rico 1


Following the contentious primaries on the island, hundreds of anomalies were found, prompting Puerto Rico’s elections commission to announce on Tuesday that it is evaluating its contract with a US electronic voting company.

The Dominion Voting Systems-supplied machines were miscalculating vote totals due to a software glitch, according to the commission’s interim president, Jessika Padilla Rivera.

While the June 2 primary results that accurately identify the winners are uncontested, in several situations, the machine-reported vote totals were less than the paper ones, and in other cases, the machine-reported totals reversed or indicated zero votes for certain candidates.

“The concern is that we obviously have elections in November, and we must provide the (island) not only with the assurance that the machine produces a correct result but also that the result it produces is the same one that is reported,” Padilla said.

In Puerto Rico’s primaries, over 6,000 Dominion voting devices were utilized. According to the business, software problems were caused by the digital files that were used to export the machines’ results.

The elections commission and Dominion have a contract that expires on June 30.

The vice president of the House of Representatives for Puerto Rico, José Varela, requested that Padilla attend a public meeting on Thursday to discuss the problems.

“We cannot allow the public’s confidence in the voting process to continue to be undermined as we approach the general elections,” he said.

The issues brought up memories of the island’s disastrous 2020 primary, where the government was forced to delay voting in a first for the U.S. territory due to a shortage of ballots in some places

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Old habits die hard:

Founded in 1899 in Boston, United Fruit quickly grew to be the dominant force in the region. In addition to the banana plantations and railway, it also ran the post office and the telegram service. By the 1930s, with a dictator in power, United Fruit had amassed hundreds of thousands of acres of Guatemalan land. It was the country’s single largest landowner. Its reach was so ubiquitous that people called the company El Pulpo — the octopus.

The company Chiquita was formed out of a defunct United Fruit in the 1980s. It’s no longer a US company. It’s now based in Switzerland and owned by Brazilian firms. But, it is still a huge banana producer. And the brand is still everywhere in the United States.

Via: BBC:

A court in the United States has found multinational fruit company Chiquita Brands International liable for financing a Colombian paramilitary group.

The group, the United Self-Defence Forces of Colombia (AUC), was designated by the US as a terrorist organisation at the time.

Following a civil case brought by eight Colombian families whose relatives were killed by the AUC, Chiquita has been ordered to pay $38.3m (£30m) in damages to the families.

Chiquita said in a statement that it intended to appeal against the jury’s verdict, arguing that there was “no legal basis for the claims”.

The jury in the case, which was heard in a federal court in South Florida, found Chiquita responsible for the wrongful deaths of eight men killed by the AUC.

The AUC engaged in widespread human rights abuses in Colombia, including murdering people it suspected of links with left-wing rebels.


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