"Nowhere in the Constitution is the government authorized to lie to We The People. And the Tenth Amendment prohibits the government from simply assuming that right.

"The government lied about a Spanish mine in Havana harbor, They lied about the Lusitania not smuggling weapons to Great Britain. They lied about the JFK assassination. They lied about torpedoes in the Gulf of Tonkin. They lied about Saddam’s WMDs. They lied about Assad gassing his own people. They lied about 9-11. They lied about Covid. They lied about honest elections. They lie about everything!

"When the government lies to We The People, it becomes an unconstitutional and hence illegitimate government, and we are not obligates to obey said government’s dictates, pay said government’s bills, or sacrifice our children in said government’s wars!" -- Michael Rivero

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Audrey Elizabeth Hale, the transgender psychopath and killer responsible for the tragic mass shooting at Covenant School in March 2023, reportedly used federal Pell Grant funds to purchase firearms and training.

The Tennessee Star reports that Hale purchased seven guns with the grant money, three of which were recovered from the scene of the crime.

Brian Wilson, an afternoon radio host at 99.7 WTN, revealed on Wednesday that Hale “took money from an education grant she received to purchase her weapons and to pay for training at a local gun range.”

The Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) recovered four additional guns from Hale’s parents’ home in the Belmont-Hillsboro neighborhood. However, MNPD declined to provide further information regarding the make and model of the guns or their cost, citing protection of materials included in the open investigative file.

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Video below from last night, shows work crews installing "anti-scaling" riot fencing around the entire perimeter of the White House.  What does this tell you?

It tells most folks that they are either going to DO something, or announce something, that they EXPECT will cause riots.

Webmaster addition: Another staged riot like Jan 6?

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As banks increasingly shift to digital services, banks have closed 79 U.S. branches in just six weeks across various states, according to the U.K.’s Daily Mail.

More than 400 brick-and-mortar branches have been shuttered this year, the outlet reported Wednesday.

JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, BankUnited, BMO Bank, Citizens Bank and Inwood NB were among those who announced closures.

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Judicial Watch announced today it received 54 pages of records from the Department of Justice in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit which show the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Office of Congressional Affairs (OCA) provided a Democrat staffer with information on FBI whistleblowers who detailed the bureau’s targeting of political opponents and retaliation for their testifying at a May 18, 2023, hearing of the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government.

A May 23, 2023, email from Damon Marx, senior counsel in the office of New York Democrat Rep. Dan Goldman, shows that the FBI provided documents apparently pertaining to the whistleblowers that were “very helpful” to Goldman.

Marx writes to an FBI Office of Congressional Affairs (OCA) official whose name is redacted:

We spoke last week before the Weaponization hearing on Thursday. Thanks again for sending over those documents. They were very helpful to the Congressman.

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Authored by John Seiler via The Epoch Times 

A station for charging electric vehicles in Irvine, Calif., on March 25, 2022. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)


The idea that the panacea of electric vehicles will end “climate change” may have finally crashed into the wall of reality.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was interviewed on May 26 by host Margaret Brennan on “Face the Nation.” The full interview is on YouTube. Ms. Brennan is the most informative and objective of interviewers in the mainstream media.

Although “Mayor Pete,” as he came to be known, was merely the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, population 103,000, in 2020, he won the Iowa caucuses, briefly gaining national attention. He previously worked at McKinsey & Co., which hires really smart people to consult for corporate clients. According to Mr. Buttigieg, his work “consisted of doing mathematical analysis, conducting research, and preparing presentations” on studies for clients. That means he’s one of the smarter people in the Biden administration.

At 9 minutes and 30 seconds, Ms. Brennan said, “Donald Trump repeatedly talks about President Biden’s decision to force the industry toward making 56 percent of car batteries electric by 2032, 13 percent hybrid.” She then played a video of President Trump at a rally in New Jersey.

“We’re spending hundreds of billions of dollars subsidizing a car that nobody wants and nobody’s ever going to buy,” President Trump said.

Then she continued, “He’s not wrong—”

“Oh, he’s wrong,” Mr. Buttigieg interrupted.

Ms. Brennan continued, “—on the purchasing. He’s not. Of the 4 million vehicles purchased, you know, what, 269,000 electric vehicles were sold in the U.S. market.”

And the electric portion is just 6.7 percent of the total. She didn’t mention the time period, but Cox Automotive ran the numbers, and it’s the first quarter of 2024.

Mr. Buttigieg responded: “Every single year, more Americans buy EVs than the year prior. There are two things that I think are needed for that to happen even more quickly. One is the price. Which is why the Inflation Reduction Act acted to cut the price of an electric vehicle. The second is making sure we have the charging network we need across America, even though most EV owners will do most of their charging at home. If you live in an apartment building or you’re driving long distances, you need other options in those chargers. So that’s exactly what we’re working on.”

A Gramscian Childhood

He then mentioned he grew up “in the industrial Midwest, literally in the shadow of broken-down factories from car companies that did not survive.” He didn’t mention his father was not a laid-off auto worker. Instead, young Pete grew up the privileged son of a left-wing, Marxist professor at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend.

The late Joseph Buttigieg is described by Wikipedia as the “translator and editor of the three-volume English edition of Marxist philosopher Antonio Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks, published from 1992 to 2007 with support from the National Endowment for the Humanities.” Your tax dollars at work.

“He was a founding member and president of the International Gramsci Society, founded to facilitate communication between those who study Italian philosopher and politician Antonio Gramsci, one-time leader of the Communist Party of Italy,” the Wikipedia entry reads

Claire's Observations:  THIS .... explains much!!!!

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by Tyler Durden

Friday, Jun 07, 2024 - 06:20 PM

In the mid-1980s Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was an unknown but up-and-coming KGB officer in his early 30s, and a then 42-year old Joe Biden was a US Senator from Delaware. 

It was still the Cold War, and there was very little contact between Western officials and representatives of the Soviet Union, given this was still the era of an 'Iron Curtain' separating Europe. With all of this in mind, watch what now 81-year old President Biden claimed in an ABC interview from France this week:


@davidnorth:  " In a broadcast interview today, Biden stated twice that he has known Putin for 40 years, that is as far back as 1984, when Putin was an unknown KGB agent in the USSR. Life and death decisions are being made by a man with a diminished grasp of reality."

Claire's Observations:   By-di-Bye can no longer be trusted to speak "ex tempore";  and  casually wanders off topic, reaching out to lost figments of imagination.  The first debate with Trump, will be an utter verbal and physical catastrophe, and unfortunately, no amount  of any "drug cocktail" his docs can safely give the guy, can prevent this from happening on National Television.  But cancelling the debate, would demonstrate that the Dementocrats know their candidate is in very failing mental health, and cannot be trusted to cobble two words together articulately.

I have no idea how the Dementocrats are planning to keep  him out of the debate with Trump; however, that being said, I am willing to bet that whatever they "conjure" to get Bi-di-Bye out of the debate, and safely back in his basement, will be something grand and dramatic.   A massive "national distraction", most likely, is coming.  Working magicians would call this "misdirection".









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For a long time now, Democrats have claimed they are trying to stop Trump from “destroying” democracy. Biden ranted and raved during a speech—sounding like a dictator—while he accused Trump and his supporters of trying to destroy democracy.

Democrats claim they need to censor free speech to protect “democracy.” They claimed that someone asking about election irregularities was a threat to “democracy.”

Just what are they really talking about when they say “democracy” these days? It can’t be the same thing the rest of us are meaning, right? Well, one liberal journalist might have spilled the beans for the entire party. Because while she was ranting against Donald Trump, she seemed to imply what Democrats really think “democracy” means.

From Daily Caller:
The New York Times’ Mara Gay on Wednesday seemed to suggest that Judge Juan Merchan should maintain his gag order on former President Donald Trump to safeguard voters…

“You have to protect jurors, you have to protect voters,” Gay said. “And if we can’t do those two things in this moment, you can’t ask people to participate in democracy or to trust the process. So, this is a moment to throw everything that democracy has at this man.”

A New York Times staffer wants liberal judge Juan Merchan to strengthen Donald Trump’s gag order. Mara Gay claims Trump’s free speech rights could be a threat to jurors and voters… while not explaining how.

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Joe Biden started playing fast and loose with his executive pen once he woke up and realized his political opponent was trouncing him in the polls. Startled from his sleep, Biden signed an executive order about the border crisis.

The president and his handlers failed to consider the backlash his sudden change in position would cause. Biden appears clueless about how his knee-jerk reactions designed to sway voters will actually hurt him in the eyes of the people.

Biden’s order, which is presented as helping the border crisis, was hammered by the Texas governor as a false front that doesn’t help at all. The top Texas Republican said he isn’t backing down from criticizing Biden’s border failures.

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Parents have been forced to defend their children in a place where people expect children to be protected. As leftist control overcomes the culture, parents must stay vigilant in knowing who is controlling the future of their children.

School boards, once vaulted institutions that worked for the betterment of children, are rapidly morphing into reeducation institutions that violate the rights of parents. The ones suffering from this radical leftist transformation are the children who need to be educated and not indoctrinated.

Education officials are readily working against parents by instituting rules that don’t let parents know how their children are being treated in school. The efforts by the leftists to strip parents of their right to know are now a legal fight headed to the highest court in the nation.

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Attorney General Merrick Garland has announced he will defy GOP congressional subpoenas seeking access to recordings from the investigation into President Biden’s handling of classified materials, citing concerns over future law enforcement cooperation.

Webmaster addition: So when does he go to jail?

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The latest Bureau of Labor Statistics report revealed a rise in unemployment to 4.0%, highlighting continued economic struggles under the Biden administration. Significant job losses for native-born workers and gains for foreign-born workers, including illegal immigrants, paint a concerning picture for the American workforce.

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In 2016, Americans put Trump in the White House and he slowed down the destruction of the U.S., and the ideals that the Republic was founded on, but in the three-plus years since the Biden regime took over, we have witnessed the speed with which this once great nation can fall.

So we have a choice, yet again, in November 2024, to either make the election "too big to rig," as we did in 2016, to elect Donald Trump to once again slow down our demise as a nation, or we spend four more years allowing the acceleration of America's destruction. 

Only this time we know what they intend to do with the half of the country that disagrees with allowing an invasion of our country, killing the unborn, rising costs, and the never-ending funding of wars that do not concern us and jailing political opponents.

"Re-education camps."

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Reports that a man in Mexico was the first human to die from bird flu have been exposed as a hoax.

Mexican officials have now refuted the claims and confirmed that the patient died from kidney failure, not bird flu.

During a briefing, Mexican Health Secretary Jorge Alcocer denied the WHO’s claim that the 59-year-old chronically ill man with little contact with poultry died from a new highly transmissible strain of bird flu.

According to Alcocer, the Mexican man died from a combination of underlying conditions and severe illnesses culminating in “mainly kidney and respiratory failure”.

He further urged the Mexican population to remain calm, calling the WHO’s announcement “not accurate”.

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Appearing by telepresence robot, Edward Snowden speaks at TED2014 about surveillance and Internet freedom. The right to data privacy, he suggests, is not a partisan issue, but requires a fundamental rethink of the role of the internet in our lives — and the laws that protect it. "Your rights matter," he say, "because you never know when you're going to need them." Chris Anderson interviews, with special guest Tim Berners-Lee.

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“I want to believe he took a dump right there on the beaches of Normandy,” Cumia tells Stein. “I’m going to go on with the line that he was taking a dump, even though I know I’m just going to be like regular mainstream media, I’m going to see it and just say what I want it to be.”

“It’s almost sadder that he can’t even stand up for a very important ceremonial thing,” Stein adds in, noting that taking a poop might have been better.

“None of it is a good thing,” Cumia says. “It’s not like there’s an excuse, ‘Well, no, he was doing this,' it’s all bad. But the taking a dump part is really funny and sad, and it just kind of shows the dilemma we’re in as Americans here.”


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Legal expert Elie Honig believes the Georgia election interference case may be on life-support.

On Wednesday, the Georgia Court of Appeals halted all proceedings in the case involving former President Donald Trump until the court decides whether or not Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis (D) should be disqualified from prosecuting the case. The appellate court has tentatively scheduled oral arguments to decide that issue on Oct. 4.

'If Trump and the defendants prevail in this appeal, this case is essentially a toast.'

Because the appeals process will take months to play out, that means Trump and his codefendants will not be tried in the case until after the election.

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A public school teacher was fired for secretly taking a student to get an abortion during school hours, according to a government investigation by New Hampshire’s Department of Education.

The situation was first referenced by Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut in an April op-ed, in which he described complaints from parents and educators about misconduct and leftist political agendas being pushed in schools. He cited instances of teachers drinking on the job, counselors encouraging students to transition without involving parents, a student with a Trump flag labeled as a white supremacist, and encouragement of Black Lives Matter and LGBT content for kids.

“How should the Department respond when… allegedly, an educator lies by calling in sick so they can take a student – without parental knowledge – to get an abortion[?] Should we turn a blind eye?” he asked.

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The same day that a trans-identifying shooter opened fire at a Christian school in Nashville, killing three nine-year-old children and three adults, it took just a few hours for the corporate press to inform us that the real victims were not the people who had just been murdered. Instead, we were instructed to reserve our remorse for the so-called “transgender community,” who were supposedly being “attacked.”

Here’s how one NBC affiliate covered the story on the same day as the shooting. Watch:

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President Joe Biden has authorized Ukraine to use U.S.-supplied weapons to strike Russian forces attacking or preparing to attack the Kharkiv region, according to a U.S. official. The decision marks a significant shift in the long-standing U.S. policy that prevented Ukraine from using American firepower to hit targets inside Russian territory.

“The President recently directed his team to ensure that Ukraine is able to use US-supplied weapons for counter-fire purposes in the Kharkiv region so Ukraine can hit back against Russian forces that are attacking them or preparing to attack them,” the U.S. official said Thursday.

However, the official clarified that Ukraine is still not permitted to use long-range U.S. weapons, such as the Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS), to strike military targets deep inside Russia. “Our policy with respect to prohibiting the use of ATACMS or long-range strikes inside of Russia has not changed,” the official added.

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It’s been only a week since President Joe Biden’s secretary of state intimated that Ukraine might be given the green light to use U.S.-made weapons to strike inside Russian territory, and the chickens might already coming home to roost.

According to a Wednesday Miami Herald report, a senior administration official said Moscow was preparing a deployment of combat naval vessels and warplanes for military exercises in the Caribbean in the next few weeks.

The exercises will be the first that Russia has conducted in this hemisphere with both sea and air military assets in over five years. And while the exercises were planned for some time, according to CBS News, they’re still seen as a warning shot across America’s bow for getting stuck deeper in Ukraine.

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Oklahoma will not enforce any mandates from the World Health Organization, the United Nations and the World Economic Forum under a bill signed by Gov. Kevin Stitt on Wednesday. 

Senate Bill 426 takes effect immediately and states that Oklahoma is not bound by any requirements or mandates issued by the organizations. 

Sen. Micheal Bergstrom, R-Adair, said last week that the law does not prevent the state from following recommendations from WHO, the UN or the World Economic Forum. 

“Our health department, our government, our subdivisions can listen to any recommendation from anyone and make a decision,” Bergstrom said. “But we are not going to be bound by their dictates, their mandates.”

Bergstrom said it would not change the way the state responds. He cited the COVID-19 pandemic as an example. 

“During the last pandemic, we made our own decisions,” Bergstrom said. “There were recommendations that came down and we realized that some of those … were not particularly good recommendations, and we decided to do things the Oklahoma way.”

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Is it nuts to assume a scoop of pistachio ice cream should contain actual pistachios? Or how about real butter in a dish of butter pecan?

Such weighty questions about a favorite summertime confection could soon be decided by the courts.

A federal judge in New York has given the go-ahead to a Long Island woman's class action lawsuit that claims consumers are being duped by Cold Stone Creamery when they purchase certain flavors that “do not contain their represented ingredients.”

Lead plaintiff Jenna Marie Duncan purchased her serving of pistachio ice cream from a Cold Stone Creamery store in Levittown, New York, in or around July 2022. According her lawsuit, Duncan "reasonably believed that the Pistachio ice cream she purchased from defendant contained pistachio.”

But Duncan later learned after reading the company's website there were no pistachios — a member of the cashew family — in the frozen dairy product, but rather “pistachio flavoring" that's defined as a mixture of water, Ethanol, Propylene Glycol, natural and artificial flavor, Yellow 5, and Blue 1, according to the lawsuit.

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Russia is embracing a future beyond Western economic hegemony, the Russian President said at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

President Vladimir Putin “continues to hold the door open for a resolution” of conflicts between NATO and Russia, said former US Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter, but the country will embrace a new multipolar world led by institutions like the BRICS economic bloc.

The leader closed out the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) with a presentation where he stressed the country’s preparations for the BRICS summit in the Russian city of Kazan this fall. The bloc doubled in size at last year’s summit, noted Ritter, and appears set to continue to expand as it challenges the Western-oriented G7 group.

A recent report demonstrated that BRICS economies maintain higher average growth than G7 nations. "With continued higher growth rates and the potential to add more members, BRICS looks likely to overtake the G7 in economic size within two decades," concluded the analysis.

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There is a lot of fear about robots replacing human. But maybe it should be the machines worrying about us.

Swedish scientists have created the world's first 'living computer' that is made out of human brain tissue.

It composes of 16 organoids, or clumps of brain cells that were grown in a lab, which send information between each other.

They work much like a traditional computer chip - sending and receiving signals through their neurons that act like circuits.

But what makes them special is that the living machine uses less energy because living neurons can use over a one million times less energy than the current digital processors currently used.

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Authored by David Vine -Therisa (ISA) Arriola via CounterPunch.org,

We need to talk about what bombs do in war. Bombs shred flesh. Bombs shatter bones. Bombs dismember. Bombs cause brains, lungs, and other organs to shake so violently they bleed, rupture, and cease functioning. Bombs injure. Bombs kill. Bombs destroy.

Bombs also make people rich.

When a bomb explodes, someone profits. And when someone profits, bombs claim more unseen victims. Every dollar spent on a bomb is a dollar not spent saving a life from a preventable death, a dollar not spent curing cancer, a dollar not spent educating children. That’s why, so long ago, retired five-star general and President Dwight D. Eisenhower rightly called spending on bombs and all things military a “theft.”

The perpetrator of that theft is perhaps the world’s most overlooked destructive force. It looms unnoticed behind so many major problems in the United States and the world today. Eisenhower famously warned Americans about it in his 1961 farewell address, calling it for the first time “the military-industrial complex,” or the MIC.

Start with the fact that, thanks to the MIC’s ability to hijack the federal budget, total annual military spending is far larger than most people realizearound $1,500,000,000,000 ($1.5 trillion). Contrary to what the MIC scares us into believing, that incomprehensibly large figure is monstrously out of proportion to the few military threats facing the United States. One-and-a-half trillion dollars is about double what Congress spends annually on all non-military purposes combined.

Calling this massive transfer of wealth a “theft” is no exaggeration, since it’s taken from pressing needs like ending hunger and homelessness, offering free college and pre-K, providing universal health care, and building a green energy infrastructure to save ourselves from climate change. Virtually every major problem touched by federal resources could be ameliorated or solved with fractions of the cash claimed by the MIC. The money is there.

The bulk of our taxpayer dollars are seized by a relatively small group of corporate war profiteers led by the five biggest companies profiting off the war industry: Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon (RTX), Boeing, and General Dynamics. As those companies have profited, the MIC has sowed incomprehensible destruction globally, keeping the United States locked in endless wars that, since 2001, have killed an estimated 4.5 million people, injured tens of millions more, and displaced at least 38 million, according to Brown University’s Costs of War Project.

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A New Jersey judge will decide whether to count about 1,900 mail ballots from Atlantic County in a congressional primary election after the ballots were unsealed prematurely.

On Friday, Superior Court Judge Michael J. Blee will hear arguments over whether the 1,909 mail ballots cast in both the Democratic and Republican primary elections on Tuesday will be counted after the ballot envelopes were unsealed too early, the Associated Press reported.

The outcome of the hearing could affect the 2nd Congressional District's Democratic primary results, where businessman Joe Salerno is currently leading attorney Tim Alexander by about 400 votes in unofficial results.

State law permits election officials to open mail ballots five days before Election Day, but the 1,909 mail ballots were opened about a month before the Tuesday primary. However, Creed Pogue, a Democrat appointed to the Atlantic County Board of Elections, said that the ballots weren't removed at the time the envelopes were unsealed.

Webmaster addition: See HOW TO HAVE HONEST ELECTIONS

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The threat of a terrorist attack within the U.S. has risen 'enormously' in the past months warn top law enforcement officials.

Attorney General Merrick Garland made the astonishing admission while testifying before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday during a hearing dedicated to investigating the department's politicization

'I am worried about the possibility of a terrorist attack in the country after October 7,' Attorney General Garland said. 'The threat level for us has gone up enormously.'

'Every morning, we worry about this question. We try to track anyone who might be trying to hurt the country,' he continued. 'Of course, this is a major priority for the Justice Department.'

FBI Director Christopher Wray, speaking to a different committee on the other side of Capitol Hill in the Senate, agreed, saying 'we have seen the threat from foreign terrorists rise to a whole other level' after the October 7 Hamas terrorist attack.

Webmaster addition: Setting aside that this may be a propaganda run-up to a false-flag attack, if the US is at risk of terror attacks, then Biden's open border must shoulder some of the blame!

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After Covid Shot Introduction, Canadian Military Had 800% Increase in Vaccine Injuries | 6 June 2024 | Documents acquired by media outlet LifeSiteNews show a massive 800 percent increase in vaccine injuries experienced in members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) following the rollout of the Covid vaccination. According to the documents, only 14 Canadian military members experienced a vaccine injury in 2020 while 128 were injured by vaccines in 2021, the first year the Covid vaccine was administered, and 223 were injured by the shots in 2022. Notably, the injury rate in the CAF is higher than the general population of Canada. The bulk of the injuries resulted after vaccination with the Moderna shot.

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Following the IDF’s offensive in Rafah last month, the central region has become home to a growing population of displaced Palestinians.

At least 40 people were killed including 14 children and nine women in a strike on a UN school in the central Gaza Strip on Thursday, said the Gaza Health Ministry. The munitions used by Israeli fighter jets appear to have been US-made, said three weapons experts who examined and verified footage, a report from The Washington Post claims.

The school, which is organized and operated by the UN agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) is located in the Nuseirat refugee camp where some 6,000 civilians were sheltering after being displaced by the war, said UNRWA. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) claimed their aircraft attacked “three classrooms” with precision weapons while targeting a group of militants they say participated in the October 7 attacks.

Webmaster addition: 

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