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The American military has ceased any further shipments of aid into Gaza after bad weather damaged the controversial floating pier that the Biden Administration constructed off the coast for the purpose of transporting aid.

As the Daily Caller reports, the pier – formally known as the Joint Logistics Over-The-Shore (JLOTS) pier – cost $320 million to build, and is located in a maritime corridor in the Mediterranean Sea. Prior to the announcement by U.S. government officials on Tuesday that weather had rendered it unusable, the pier had been in operation for less than two weeks.

Even before the weather issues, the pier had been the site of other logistical problems with delivering aid, including many supplies being stolen immediately by hordes of alleged civilians before they could be properly distributed. Last week, three American troops were injured on the pier; although the specifics of the injuries were not reported, it was alleged that the incident was a “non-combat incident.” One of the troops had to be transported to an Israeli hospital due to critical injuries.

Webmaster addition: The corporate media spin is that HAMAS destroyed the pier.

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After six weeks and 22 witnesses, the panel of 12 Manhattan residents will decide if the 77-year-old will be the first former president guilty of a crime.

The jury returned on Wednesday to hear instructions from the judge before they were sent out to decide their verdicts on 34 counts of falsifying business records. Now, the world waits for the verdict.

Webmaster addition: I expect that when Trump is found guilty, the government will stage violent riots all across the country to be blamed on Trump supporters. Think January 6th on steroids!

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A hung jury in former President Donald Trump's New York criminal trial appears to be a real possibility.

Only one skeptical juror is needed to create a hung jury that would result in a mistrial.

Trump's legal team has focused on one juror who may prevent a guilty verdict, The Bulwark's Marc Caputo reported.

"There are eight people on that jury who definitely hate Trump. If there's one person who doesn't, it's [this] juror," one court attendee told Caputo.

Caputo further described the juror.

"As the trial has progressed since April 15, these sources relate, this juror has appeared to nod along in seeming accordance with the defense at times," Caputo wrote. "On other occasions, the juror has seemingly reacted favorably to and made eye contact with Trump's congressional surrogates who began joining him in court in recent weeks."

The reporter added that the juror "lit up" when Sen. J.D. Vance, R-Ohio, and some of Trump's other high-profile supporters appeared at the courthouse.

The former president's allies are not the only people who have focused on the juror.

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Recently, a vote in the House of Representatives granted police officers nationwide concealed carry privileges. The vote resulted in 221 to 185 for the new government-issued privilege. The bill is called H.R. 354 Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act “LOESA Reform Act of 2024.”

This new government-issued gun privilege rewarded to active and retired law-enforcement officers grants them the freedom to carry a firearm in places like school zones, national parks, and state, local, or private properties open to the public. It also includes certain federal facilities that are accessible to the public. The bill also widely expands the ability for certain law-enforcement officers to cross state lines with concealed carry firearms and reduces the frequency of which retired law enforcement would need to re-qualify in order to meet certain standards.

Aren’t they lucky?

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The Biden campaign is pulling out all the stops in an effort to defeat former President Donald Trump in November’s election.

The campaign announced Tuesday that three former and current police officers who were present during the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol protest will travel to swing states to try to persuade voters not to choose Trump, CBS News reported.

The Republican is currently running ahead of Biden in polling in all seven key battleground states likely to decide this year’s contest, according to the RealClear Polling average of polls.

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The House of Representatives passed a bill prohibiting the government from creating a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

The bill, called the “CBDC Anti-Surveillance State Act,” was introduced in September.

This bill prohibits a Federal Reserve bank from “offering products or services directly to an individual, maintaining an account on behalf of an individual, or issuing a central bank digital currency (i.e., a digital dollar) directly or indirectly to an individual. Further, The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System is prohibited from using a central bank digital currency to implement monetary policy or from issuing a central bank digital currency.”

Majority Whip Tom Emmer (R-MN), who introduced the bill, said in a press release celebrating the House vote, “For more than two years, we have worked to educate, grow support, and pass this important legislation, which prevents unelected bureaucrats from issuing a financial surveillance tool to fundamentally undermine our American values.”

“My legislation ensures that the United States’ digital currency policy remains in the hands of the American people so that any development of digital money reflects our values of privacy, individual sovereignty, and free market competitiveness. This is what the future global digital economy needs. We are proud to have led this effort and thank my colleagues for their support.”

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The mother of the woman at the center of the so-called “flag controversies” surrounding Justice Samuel Alito has admitted that her daughter and son-in-law harassed Alito and his wife, Martha-Ann Alito, but insisted their sustained harassment campaign against the Alitos was done “with good intent.” New details of the alleged campaign against the Supreme Court Justice and wife were revealed in a piece by The New York Times, in which the paper attempts to make excuses for the behavior, which included a male in the household calling Mrs. Alito a “c*nt.”

“Ms. Baden’s mother, Barbara Baden, a 75-year-old former executive at the Public Broadcasting Service and longtime resident, said she hesitated over the sign at her home because she feared it looked ‘tacky.’ But she left it up because she did not want to interfere with what she saw as the couple’s expression of political concern. ‘They made the signs with good intent,’ she said.”

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The US Treasury Department has sanctioned three Chinese nationals for their involvement in a VPN-powered botnet with more than 19 million residential IP addresses they rented out to cybercriminals to obfuscate their illegal activities, including COVID-19 aid scams and bomb threats.

The criminal enterprise, the Treasury Department said Tuesday, was a residential proxy service known as 911 S5. Such services provide a bank of IP addresses belonging to everyday home users for customers to route Internet connections through. When accessing a website or other Internet service, the connection appears to originate with the home user.

In 2022, researchers at the University of Sherbrooke profiled 911[.]re, a service that appears to be an earlier version of 911 S5. At the time, its infrastructure comprised 120,000 residential IP addresses. This pool was created using one of two free VPNs—MaskVPN and DewVPN—marketed to end users. Besides acting as a legitimate VPN, the software also operated as a botnet that covertly turned users’ devices into a proxy server. The complex structure was designed with the intent of making the botnet hard to reverse engineer.

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Sure the Nasdaq just soared above 17000 for the first time in its history today, even though the Dow fell by 200. However, for a number of reasons, the long delirious US stock market finally looks poised to fall this summer if not sooner. Most of the recent rise, of course, has been due to Nvidia and the AI craze, while the rest of the market is not looking nearly as strong. 350 stocks in the S&P 500 went down today, meaning there wasn’t broad participation in the rise. Hence, the tech-heavy Nasdaq is roaring while the Dow is falling.

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In recent months, women involved with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have worked behind the scenes to achieve one sinister goal: a "global censorship prison."

New NPR (National Public Radio) CEO Katherine Maher, 41, has an odd resume, having worked at a CIA cutout, the National Democratic Institute, the World Bank and the United Nations Children's Fund. Maher also worked at the Council on Foreign Relations, the Center for Technology and Democracy, the Digital Public Library of America and Wikipedia.

Within the same week of the announcement of Maher becoming NPR's new CEO, the government of Tunisia accused her of working for the CIA during the Arab Spring.

Christopher F. Rufo's investigation of her career revealed that Maher was involved in color revolutions.

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Just more evidence COVID-19 was a planned biological weapon deployed to justify the rollout of experimental mRNA vaccine technology.

Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel admitted in an interview that he discussed ginning up an outbreak scenario with former NIAID Director Anthony Fauci leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Activist Matt Baker shared clips of Bancel’s 2021 interview with Atlas Venture claiming he spoke with Fauci just a month before the COVID pandemic emerged in December 2019.

“At the end of the day we talked to Tony [Fauci] about something I’ve always been passionate about, which is outbreak and pandemic readiness because I knew the mRNA technology could go so fast,” Bancel said.

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NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg is facing calls for his resignation after arguing that Ukraine should be given dispensation to use supposedly defensive Western-supplied missiles to attack targets in the Russian mainland.

With Moscow continuing to make territorial advances as the war in Ukraine grinds on, Stoltenberg argued over the weekend that one reason for the disparity in battlefield success is that Kyiv is prohibited from using NATO-supplied missiles and other weapons to attack targets within Russia.

“To deny Ukraine the possibility of using these weapons against legitimate military targets on Russian territory makes it very hard for them to defend themselves,” the NATO chief said.

While European powers have backed Ukraine in defending itself within its own UN-recognised borders — and therefore use Western money and weapons to fight Russian soldiers within Ukraine — there has been little appetite to appear to be directly attacking Russia.

The escalatory suggestion from Stoltenberg sparked outrage from Rome, with Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini saying that the NATO chief should either “retract, apologize, or resign,” public broadcaster RIA reports.  Salvini said that Italian military aid to Ukraine was supplied strictly for defensive purposes, not for “fighting, striking and killing outside its territory”.

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Defense attorney Randy Zelin said Tuesday on CNN’s “News Central” that the prosecution in former President Donald Trump’s business record trial “fell way short” of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Host Kate Bolduan said, “The burden of proof is an important one to remind everyone: It’s on the prosecution, right? They need to prove beyond reasonable doubt that he commit, that Donald Trump broke the law. And you think after listening to all of this, you think they fell short. How?”

Zelin said, “They fell way short, because let’s start with reasonable doubt. What is reasonable doubt? And it’s not simply a doubt based upon reason. Any time a human being needs to make an important decision in life, if you have enough information, for example, doctor says you need open heart surgery. ‘Doc, go ahead and schedule. I don’t have a reasonable doubt.’ Conversely, if I say ‘I appreciate it, but I need a second opinion, I need more information.’ that is having a reasonable doubt. There is reasonable doubt all over this case.”

He continued, “Where is Keith Schiller? Where is Allen Weisselberg? How did Michael Cohen get away with stealing $30,000? Hold a pity party for him — made $4 million on this, thought he’d be chief of staff. He’s a fixer! If the plumber comes to my house to fix my leak, I could be home. That doesn’t mean I know how he’s doing it and what it’s taking to be fixed.”

Zelin added, “Stormy Daniels, let’s hold a pity party for her. Why do we need to know whether or not the former president wore a condom or not? It’s simply about did the former president know that books, his records, false entries for legal fees, Michael Cohen was his lawyer, getting intent to cover up the election or to protect his family? It’s everywhere. Everywhere.”

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The California senate is considering a bill that essentially bans notifying parents of child gender transitions — a biological impossibility — which coincides with Gov. Gavin Newsom’s (D-CA) apparent belief that parents do not have the right to know if their child is “transitioning.”

Lawmakers consider the legislation — AB-1955 Support Academic Futures and Educators for Today’s Youth Act — something that would protect the “forced outing” of a child to his or her parents. According to a summary of the bill:

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Chinese scientists have developed a virus in the lab that mimics an Ebola infection, wiping out a whole group of hamsters after giving them ulcers in their eyes.

Researchers at the Hebei Medical University in China genetically engineered the less-threatening virus vesicular stomatitis – known to infect cattle – to carry a protein from the Ebola virus, establishing that this then caused “lethal infection in hamsters.”

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The annual Point-in-Time census of San Diego’s homeless population has revealed a significant increase in the number of unhoused residents in North County. Vista, in particular, saw its homeless population nearly double from 88 to 170 over the past year. Mayor John Franklin attributes this rise to addiction and mental illness, stating that 94% of the city’s chronically unhoused residents have declined help.

“Some of them we’ve asked 20 times and developed relationships with,” Franklin told KGTV-TV. “We’ve asked them if they’d come and accept a safe, warm bed here, three hot meals a day, a hot shower, clean clothes. And unfortunately, because of mental illness and addiction, the answer is we don’t want to come.”

Despite the early success of Vista’s new Buena Vista Navigation Center, which aims to guide residents toward permanent housing, the city faces challenges in convincing those living on the streets to accept assistance. Hannah Gailey, executive director of Retread, the organization running the center, expressed shock at the dramatic increase in Vista’s homeless population.

Webmaster addition: We should not send a single penny to Israel, Ukraine, or any other nation while a single American sleeps in the streets and eats out of trash bins!

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The U.S. government’s overhaul of race and ethnicity categories, aimed at further segmenting and separating the American public as part of the state religion of diversity, has left some communities still complaining about improper representation.

Despite the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) extensive outreach efforts, Hmong, Armenian, Black Arab and Brazilian groups find the changes fall short in accurately capturing their identities.

For the Hmong community, whose soldiers fought and died alongside American forces in the Vietnam War’s “secret war,” being classified as East Asian rather than Southeast Asian is a painful slight. The categorization not only disregards their history of oppression in China but also masks the stark economic disparities between Hmong households and the broader Asian population.

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Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall has denied a request from a two-star general accused of sexual assault and other crimes to retire instead of facing a court-martial, according to the general's attorneys.

The secretary's decision means Maj. Gen. Phillip Stewart, only the second Air Force general in history to be charged with a sexual crime, is set to be tried by court-martial in June after being relieved of command of the 19th Air Force at Joint Base San Antonio, Texas, last year.

Stewart is charged with allegedly committing a sex act on a woman without her consent near Altus Air Force Base in Oklahoma in April 2023, according to a military charge sheet. He is also charged with conduct unbecoming an officer for allegedly asking someone to "spend the night alone with him in his private hotel room" near Denver, Colorado, while on official travel in March 2023. The charges include extramarital sexual conduct.

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The Biden regime is taking its racist agenda to the next level with a plan to prioritize minorities for kidney transplants.

According to a report over at The Washington Free Beacon, Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra wants hospitals to prioritize low-income patients in order to address “racial inequities” in the “transplant process.”

The report notes:


The proposal, which Becerra’s agency announced on May 8, would place 90 of the nation’s 257 transplant hospitals into a pilot program that uses an annual point system to grade participants. Under the system, a successful kidney transplant counts as one point. A transplant furnished to a low-income patient, however, counts as 1.2 points thanks to a “health equity performance adjustment,” thus incentivizing the hospitals to prioritize such patients.

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Judge Juan Merchan had explicit instructions for the jury when they reentered his courtroom on Tuesday to hear closing arguments from the prosecution. He told them to disregard the ask from Trump's attorney, Todd Blanche, to not send the former president to jail. Blanche made the request in his closing remarks.  

Per Inner City Press who has been live tweeting from the courtroom, Merchan said, "During the defense summation you heard Mr. Blanche ask you not to send the defendant to prison. That was not permitted, and you must not consider it. If the defendant is found guilty, sentencing will be my decision." 


Yet Merchan has repeatedly threatened the former president with jail time for violation of gag orders. On many occasions, upon finding Trump guilty of those violations, Merchan has imposed fines and said that Trump was risking jail by persisting in sharing articles written by news outlets and commentators that expressed support for Trump's innocence and said that Merchan was a Democrat operative presiding over a witch hunt. 

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