This country has been having a nationwide nervous breakdown since 9/11. A nation of people suddenly broke, the market economy goes to shit, and they’re threatened on every side by an unknown, sinister enemy. But I don't think fear is a very effective way of dealing with things—of responding to reality. Fear is just another word for ignorance.”

- Hunter S. Thompson, gonzo journalist

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Mainstream media faces a dire decline, losing 40% of online audience since 2020, triggering attacks and revealing an existential struggle.

Posted on: Dec 04 07:09

Americans now owe $1.08 trillion on their credit cards, according to a new report on household debt from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Posted on: Dec 04 07:09

Nearly 1,000 migrants braved near-freezing temperatures in the Arizona desert near Lukeville after crossing the border wall and waiting to be processed by the Border Patrol. With most border facilities facing overcrowding and limited transportation resources to serve the remote area, many migrants are spending days sleeping in the desert, hoping to gain their freedom into the United States to pursue asylum claims.

Breitbart Texas arrived in Lukeville, Arizona, on Saturday morning as a limited number of Border Patrol agents stood watch over hundreds of migrants from a host of countries as far away as Pakistan, the Middle East, the People’s Republic of China, Ecuador, and several West African nations. The migrants stripped branches from scrub brush in the Organ Pipe National Monument reserve to build fires for warmth as they waited for days to be processed and released by the Border Patrol. On Saturday, temperatures dipped to near freezing by early morning as the migrants braved the cold, hoping to surrender to authorities.

Posted on: Dec 04 07:08
Posted on: Dec 04 07:08

Vice President Kamala Harris spoke of a post-conflict Gaza built around a revitalized Palestinian Authority (PA) with its own security forces “strengthened” as she entered a round of diplomatic talks with Arab leaders on Saturday.

Speaking at the COP28 climate summit in Dubai, she also cautioned Israel to do more to protect Palestinian civilians from the “devastating” bombardment.

AP reports the vice president said she saw a new future for the West Bank and it will be up to the region’s key nations, as well as other nations and organizations, to “dedicate significant resources” to rebuilding hospitals and housing. Electricity and clean water must be available, while bakeries must be able to reopen, she said.

Posted on: Dec 04 07:08

The world’s first tampons for men have been criticised by feminist campaigners as an ‘insult’ to women who suffer period discrimination.

Vuokkoset, a Finnish company released the controversial new sanitary product earlier this month to coincide with Transgender Awareness week and International Men’s day.

The product comes in a dark blue box which bears the words ‘For Men’ on one side, but then extends this phrase around the packaging so it eventually reads ‘For Menstruation’.

On another side of the packet it is stated that ‘periods are not a gender issue’.

Posted on: Dec 04 07:08

The European Union appears undeterred by years of calamitous climate policies, with EU Commission Chief Ursula von der Leyen demanding new taxes and other schemes to take green agenda investment into the “trillions”.

Leaders from around the world descended (many of whom on private jets) upon the oil-rich Arabian nation of Dubai for the 28th instalment of the United Nation’s top annual climate summit, in which politicians demand that ordinary citizens bankroll their lofty visions of a so-called green future.

Despite people suffering across Europe under an energy crisis as a result of the war in Ukraine and the years of dumping money into dubious ‘renewable’ energy sources, EU Chief Ursula von der Leyen’s takeaway was to double down on the very same policies that precipitated Europe’s precarious energy situation.

“More is needed,” the German politician urged, proclaiming: “We have to move from billions to trillions.”

Posted on: Dec 04 07:07

Republican presidential candidate Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) was the subject of yet another report unflattering to his record on China this week, this time for reportedly providing $90,000 in tax relief to the subsidiary of a Chinese-headquartered solar panel manufacturer with a factory in Jacksonville, Florida.

The Washington Examiner reported Thursday that the DeSantis administration provided $90,000 in tax relief to the Chinese company JinkoSolar in 2020, through his urban job tax credit program. The company would be raided by the Department of Homeland Security in 2022 after allegations it violated the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act.

A DeSantis gubernatorial spokesman referred the Washington Examiner to the Florida Department of Commerce, where spokeswoman Rose Hebert reportedly did not deny the kickback, but argued that it was a continuation from the previous governor, now-Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL).

Posted on: Dec 04 07:06

Irish journalists should censor news and debate about immigrants’ crimes against Irish people because anti-migration opinions and statements “incite hatred,” an Irish journalist told the BBC television service on November 30.

“The media has the responsibility to not report views that are an incitement to hatred,” said Kitty Holland, the “Social Affairs Correspondent” of the Irish Times. The newspaper is the leading establishment print media outlet and is supporting the Irish government’s pending law to end free speech in Ireland.

Holland was asked about the Irish media’s censorship of anti-migration comments made by the stricken boyfriend of Ashling Murphy, who was murdered in 2022 by an immigrant — Jozef Puska — from Slovakia, in Central Europe.

Posted on: Dec 04 07:06

The widower of an elderly New Orleans woman who was tragically killed in a vicious carjacking in 2022 is now suing the parents of the teens who committed the crime.

Linda Frickey, 73, died in March 2022 after a group of four teenagers dragged her behind her own vehicle as they stole it, severing her arm.

An 18-year-old man was recently convicted of second-degree murder in connection with the incident, and three girls between the ages of 15 and 17 pleaded guilty to manslaughter. The girls each received a 20-year prison sentence, while the man is scheduled to be sentenced on January 12. His conviction could get him a life sentence.

Rick Frickey, Linda’s husband, is now seeking $50,000 in damages for his wife’s unthinkable death due to loss of income and emotional distress, reported.

Posted on: Dec 04 07:05

Nearly a quarter of Americans believe someone they know died from COVID-19 vaccine side effects, and even more say they might be willing to become plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit against vaccine makers.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 24% of American Adults say they know someone personally who died from side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine. Sixty-nine percent (69%) don’t know anyone who died from being vaccinated against the virus. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Forty-two percent (42%) say that, if there was a major class-action lawsuit against pharmaceutical companies for vaccine side effects, they would be likely to join the lawsuit, including 24% who say it’s Very Likely they’d join such a lawsuit. Forty-seven percent (47%) aren’t likely to join a class-action lawsuit against vaccine makers, including 25% who say it’s Not At All Likely. Another 11% are not sure.

Posted on: Dec 04 07:01

Los Angeles, California – A Los Angeles homeowner was taken into custody early Wednesday after killing a home invasion suspect while a grandmother and toddler were in the house.

KTLA reported that police were alerted to a “hot prowl” at a home in the 11400 block of Swinton Avenue in Granada Hills around 5 a.m. Saturday morning. A “hot prowl” is a law enforcement term for a burglary in progress when the homeowner is present.

The LAPD revealed that “three or four” males broke into the house before the homeowner turned the tables on them and opened fire.

Posted on: Dec 04 06:59

Ex-Capitol Police Officer, as recently promised, has released the first tranche of twelve hours of J6 police scanner audio as Capitol Police discussed mobilizing to address the threat of extremists who have laid siege to the Congress during the 2020 election certification.

“Here we go… Episode 1,” Johnson posted on X on Sunday. “The mainstream media is telling you that J6 was an insurrection.”

“Please tell me if the actions of Assistant Chief Yogananda Pittman were heroic and proper,” he added. “To give so some context Pittman’s call sign is Unit 2 and she is sitting on a dias in the USCP Commander Center where she can hear the radio traffic and she has a 360 degree view of the outside of the Capitol.”

“She can also see the actives inside the Capitol where there is a camera,” he continued. “Chief Steven A Sund was on the phone trying to obtain approval for the National Guard’s assistance and assistance from other law enforcement agencies. I was on the ground trying to de-escalate the situation specially asking Pittman for help. My call sign was 405J-John.”

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Black Chicago residents are furious that Joe Biden’s illegal aliens are taking up the city’s resources.

Black residents issued a stark warning to the Democrat party last week at Chicago City Hall.

Earlier this year the Democrat National Committee announced that Chicago will host the 2024 Democratic National Convention.

Chicago residents have been outraged over the influx of illegal aliens and the strain they are putting on the city’s resources.

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House Majority Whip Tom Emmer (R-MN) told Politico that Republicans should explore the possibility of expelling far-left U.S. Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY), who pleaded guilty to a crime earlier this year after pulling a fire alarm inside Capitol Hill’s Cannon Building.

Emmer was asked for his thoughts on the expulsion of Santos prior to Thursday’s vote, which ultimately passed with 105 Republican members of Congress joining Democrats. “If people think that’s appropriate, then Jamaal Bowman should be expelled,” Emmer told Politico’s Olivia Beavers, noting that Bowman has already been convicted of a crime while Santos has yet to face trial.

Emmer did not vote in favor of Santos’ expulsion.

In Rep. Bowman’s case, the New York progressive pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of falsely pulling a fire alarm, a charge that carries a maximum of six years in prison. Bowman’s plea yielded a generous plea offer that will see him avoid jail time altogether, however, provided he writes a letter of apology and completes just three months of probation. Bowman was also required to pay a $1,000 fine and will have the crime expunged from his record so long as he honors the terms of the deal.

Posted on: Dec 04 06:57

Hundreds of illegal Chinese-owned marijuana growing operations have been popping up across Maine over the past three years.

A criminal marijuana growing operation in Henryetta, Oklahoma. Illegal grow operations are a nationwide problem, responsible for billions in revenue. (Picture courtesy Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics)

On Tuesday, Nov. 28, local law enforcement shut down an illegal marijuana grow that was being operated in a building located behind a licensed marijuana cultivation facility in Franklin County.

Officers from the Wilton Police Department were assisting investigators from the Maine Office of Cannabis Policy (OCP) during a routine follow-up inspection of a licensed facility in Wilton when they raided the illegal operation, authorities said in a press release posted on social media.

"It's a place that has been on the radar," State Rep. Mike Sobeleski (R) told The Epoch Times, adding that he had visited the facility previously. The Republican lawmaker said he had learned about the raid just minutes before Tuesday's interview with The Epoch Times to discuss the illegal marijuana operations being run by Chinese nationals throughout the state.

Earlier this month, a man identifying himself as the property manager told the Maine Wire that the building was being used to grow marijuana and that operators paid about $30,000 per month in rent.

Posted on: Dec 04 06:57

The White House budget chief warned the US Congress on Monday that failure to agree fresh funds for Ukraine by the end of the year would “kneecap” Kyiv on the battlefield.

In a letter to the House Speaker, the director of the Office of Management and Budget Shalanda Young said time was rapidly running out to support Ukraine’s fight against the Russian invasion.

“I want to be clear: without congressional action, by the end of the year we will run out of resources to procure more weapons and equipment for Ukraine,” Young wrote.

“Cutting off the flow of US weapons and equipment will kneecap Ukraine on the battlefield,” she added.

President Joe Biden asked Congress in October to approve $106 billion in national security funding, including support for Ukraine and for Israel’s war against Hamas.

Posted on: Dec 04 06:56

Do you believe the politicians in Washington or do you believe your own eyes?  The politicians keep telling us that “inflation is low”, but everyone can see that everything sure does cost a lot more than it once did.  Our standard of living just keeps going down, and even JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon is admitting that “inflation is hurting people”. 

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Tucked away in the vast expanse of New Mexico, just south of the Colorado border, lies Dulce, a quaint town filled with stories that are as mysterious as they are captivating. With a backdrop of mesas and sunlit skies, Dulce isn't just another Southwestern town. It is the center of a conspiracy theory that has astounded and mystified many – an underground base filled with aliens, UFOs and mysteries that stretch the imagination. Dive into the Dulce Diaries, where we uncover stories of unexplained events, local legends, and the city's supernatural embrace. Gear up and get ready for a trip to one of the most mysterious places in America.

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 Get ready to embark on a captivating visual journey into the world of Samurai, the mysterious warriors whose legacy continues to inspire and intrigue today. Through a collection of fascinating images, we will delve into the world of these respected warriors and their iconic swords, the katana and wakizashi. These images allow us to glimpse his distinctive attire, weapons, and embodiment of Bushido, the code that guided his life. From their origins as "mono-no-fu" and "bushi" in the Heian period to their transformation into scholars and public officials during the Tokugawa era, these scenes will take you back to a world of honor, loyalty, and discipline. , Join us to explore the historical significance and lasting impact of the samurai.

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In this article, we'll uncover the fascinating evolution of the old toaster, uncovering the magic behind these beloved culinary companions.


The primary technical problem in the development of the toaster in the late 20th century was the development of a heating element that would be capable of repeatedly heating to red-hot temperatures without breaking or becoming too brittle.


The first standalone electric toaster, the Eclipse, was made in 1893 by Crompton & Company of Chelmsford, Essex. With its bare wires the bread is baked one side at a time.


The heating element problem was solved in 1905 by a young engineer named Albert Marsh, who designed an alloy of nickel and chromium, known as nichrome.


The first US patent application for an electric toaster was filed by George Schneider of the American Electrical Heater Company of Detroit in collaboration with Marsh.


One of the first applications the Hoskins Company considered for its chromel wire was for use in toasters, but the company eventually abandoned such efforts to concentrate solely on wire making.

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