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Elie Honig, a legal analyst for CNN, acknowledged that there may be some merit to Former President Donald Trump’s motion asking that Federal District Judge Tanya Chutkan recuse herself from his case.

Speaking on CNN This Morning, Honig acknowledged that Trump’s request is an “extreme longshot” legally but added that, given Judge Chutkan’s prior comments, it’s “not an outrageous motion.”

The motion for recusal was brought about by remarks made by Judge Chutkan during the sentencing of those convicted of being part of the Capitol attack on January 6. Trump’s legal team claims that these comments show a possible bias against the former president.

Judge Chutkan is quoted in the motion as saying, “The people who exhorted you and encouraged you and rallied you to go and take action and to fight have not been charged,” in reference to a defendant in the Capitol riot case.

CNN host Poppy Harlow asked: “Trump’s lawyers argue statements like those and others mean she should not be able to hear this case against Trump. They add ‘only if this trial is administered by a judge who appears entirely impartial could the public ever accept the outcome as justice.’ I know recusals don’t happen often in situations like this. There are other statements that are interesting that she’s made. Things like when she said last year, “It’s a blind loyalty to one person who, by the way, remains free to this day.” They, talking about, you would think Trump. What do you think?”

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 A review by the Food and Drug Administration declared that a common ingredient in over-the-counter cold and flu medication is not effective and could cause big brands to have to reformulate their medicine.

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 CNN anchor Poppy Harlow whipped out the New Mexico Constitution on Tuesday to ask Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) what empowers her to suspend gun rights.

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 A recent tweet depicting Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Ketanji Brown Jackson is, ironically, a perfect template for anyone interested in rebuilding the black family.

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 Meta's new social media platform, Threads, recently confirmed that it is blocking COVID-related search terms in order to combat disinformation, according to the Washington Post.

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 China and Russia are prepared to launch destructive cyber attacks on U.S. critical infrastructure to “sow chaos and hinder military mobilization” in the event of war breaking out, according to a new Pentagon cyber strategy released on Tuesday.

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 A California mayor is facing backlash after he was filmed being spanked by a drag queen with a paddle at a Democratic fundraising event.

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Overnight, a GP reader provided a contract with KNOWiNK in Oregon.  The reader pointed out that the contract includes a clause that mandates that the system “shall allow the County Elections Staff to override results, if necessary”.

The below snapshot is from page 143 of the Oregon contract with KNOWiNK included below:

Below is the entire contract:
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In the annals of history, the vivid and horrifying images of the Twin Towers collapsing on that fateful Sept. 11, 2001, are etched into the collective memory of Americans.

But amid the chaos and devastation of that day, there’s one building that often remains shrouded in obscurity, its significance relegated to the shadows — World Trade Center 7.

On that same day, as the sun dipped below the horizon at 5:20 p.m., Building 7 crumbled to the ground.

Astonishingly, this skyscraper had not been struck by an airplane, and fires raged on only a few of its floors.

The reason behind its collapse has long been a subject of contention, with many questioning the official narrative.

The collapse of Building 7 at the World Trade Center often goes unnoticed, but it’s a topic that continues to ignite debate and intrigue more than two decades on.

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The Biden administration is flexing its muscle at mainstream media outlets covering Republicans’ impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden’s past actions and statements in office, sending a letter from legal counsel demanding that news organizations “ramp up” their scrutiny of the GOP’s “lies.”

Ian Sams, a special assistant to the president and senior advisor to the White House Counsel’s Office, has penned a letter to be sent to the New York Times, Associated Press, CNN, and other outlets one day after House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced the opening of an impeachment inquiry. In his remarks Tuesday, McCarthy (R-CA) cited evidence that Biden as vice president allegedly curried favors for overseas business partners of his son Hunter, who continues to negotiate with federal prosecutors over the terms of a plea deal related to tax fraud from his business activities.

President Biden has angrily denied knowledge or participation despite whistleblowers like Devon Archer, Hunter’s longtime business partner, coming forward to claim that Biden went to great lengths to appease businessmen who lavished his son with millions of dollars in lucrative contracts.

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MSNBC columnist and progressive radio host Dean Obeidallah suggested that Donald Trump “must die in prison” to serve as a public example.

Obeidallah was talking about how the media was portraying the two top presidential candidates during a conversation with his guest, Mediaite reporter Tommy Christopher, on Friday’s episode of “The Dean Obeidallah Show.”

Christopher felt that the media hadn’t expressed sufficient “outrage” towards Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley, who had predicted that President Biden, at 80 years old, might not complete another full term in office.

The reporter suggested that if Biden had warned voters that 77-year-old Trump might “die in prison,” conservative media would have reacted strongly.

Obeidallah chimed in, asserting that the former president should meet his end behind bars due to the criminal charges he’s facing.

“I think Donald Trump must die in prison because I don’t care if he was 45 years old. You should get life in prison if you attempt a coup, and there should be no chance of parole. I don’t care who it is,” the radio host stated.

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 Candace Owens appeared on Adam Carolla’s podcast to talk about how she made “Convicting a Murderer” to seek out the truth rather than pursuing a single narrative by hiding facts like “Making a Murderer” did.

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 Flash flooding in Libya has killed thousands of people and left at least 10,000 unaccounted for. As of Tuesday, emergency services on the ground say that at least 2,300 people have died, and that number is expected to rise.

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Nearly 60% of California voters said they oppose cash reparations payments, compared with 28% who said they would support it, according to a University of California Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll.

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 House Republicans announced on Tuesday an inquiry into the treatment of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) whistleblowers who raised concerns about the criminal investigation of Hunter Biden, the son of the president, being slow-walked by top officials in a way that could have precluded serious charges.

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 The Department of Energy wanted to showcase the benefits of electric vehicles with a little road trip recently, and as reported, it didn’t go so well. In fact, it turned into a comedy of errors that resulted in the police being called on Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm’s posse.

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 Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY), Chairman of the Senate Republican Conference, backed House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) decision to launch an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, saying that the corruption surrounding the Biden family needed to be “untangle[d].”

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Rep. Lauren Boebert, frustrated by President Joe Biden’s lack of action to staunch the flow of illegal immigration and drug smuggling into the U.S., is taking a different tactic in her quest to get the administration to act.

The Colorado Republican is proposing trimming the salary of an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) appointee who was previously employed by a group that advocates against deporting migrant children to $1 per year as a provision of this year’s Department of Homeland Security Appropriations bill, the Daily Caller reported.

Boebert introduced an amendment to the bill aimed at reducing the salary of Claire Trickler-McNulty, the ICE Assistant Director for the Office of Immigration Program Evaluation.

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There is mounting evidence that Joe Biden was involved in his family’s influence peddling schemes, including while he served as Vice President. However, Democrats and their corporate media allies continue to ignore this overwhelming evidence as they seek to distract the American people from the Biden family’s corruption. Below are over 20 examples of Joe Biden’s involvement.

Webmaster addition: Notice the flood of social media posts abut fossil space aliens, giants, etc.? The White House is getting desperate!

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US funds for Ukraine stand at $110.97 billion, Fox News reported on Tuesday, citing a document by the Office of Management and Budget of the White House. The UN Disarmament head called on the world to  “make every effort for peace.” US Chief of Staff Mark Milley believes Ukraine may only have “30 days of fighting weather left” this year.

In the week of Sept. 2-9, Ukraine lost 5,955 casualties in its slow-moving counter-offensive, the Russian Ministry of Defense claimed. On Sept. 5, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu claimed that Ukraine had lost 66,000 men since the start of its counter-offensive June 4, which was supposed to break through to Crimea and the Black Sea before the end of fighting season, when fall rains set in. Ukraine has only made minor gains despite heavy losses of men and materiel.

The Russian estimates would put total Ukrainian casualties in the counter-offensive at 72,000. Observers including Col. Douglas MacGregor and presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  had claimed Ukraine had lost approx. 350,000 men before the start of the offensive. That would put total Ukrainian casualties at 422,000 since the Russian invasion.

The Ukraine Ministry of Defense claims that Russia has lost 270,350 men since the start of the invasion Feb. 24. Other sources put the number of Russian casualties at 50,000. Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed an 8 to 1 casualty rate in Russia’s favor.

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A new investigation out from Sound Investigations reveals that tube site Pornhub has found a loophole around the age verification process for explicit, pornographic videos. When videos are uploaded with faces blurred out, Pornhub does not verify the ages of those in the videos. 

Pornhub CEO Mike Farley spoke with an undercover reporter over dinner, and revealed that execs at the porn site are aware of this, and that human traffickers and rapists use this feature of bypassing age verification to "make a lot of money."

Farley said that everyone knows about this, and that "everybody is just rolling with it."

"Why do they roll with it?" the Sound Investigations reporter asked Farley, "Why don't they say something?"

"Because it costs money," Farley admits. "It would be counterintuitive to the business."

"We’ve brought it up to the CPO [chief product officer]. We’ve brought it up to the CLO [chief legal officer], and they’re both telling us it’s all good. And the CPO is especially telling us like, 'F*ck off. It’s all good. Stop. Like, shut up,'" Farley goes on to say.

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The White House has confirmed that the administration of US President Joe Biden has spent more than $100 billion on the war in Ukraine despite repeated warnings from Russia that such moves would only prolong the conflict in the former Soviet republic.

The confirmation was made in a letter from the White House’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to more than 30 Republican lawmakers at the Senate demanding a "full crosscutting" report in January on US military assistance provided to Ukraine.

The letter, penned by OMB Director Shalanda Young and obtained by Fox News, offers a detailed account of more than $100 billion worth of military assistance the United States has provided to Ukraine since the start of what it calls “Russia’s brutal invasion” on February 24, 2022.

"With bipartisan Congressional support, the United States has provided security, economic, and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine as it continues to fight to defend its sovereignty following Russia’s brutal invasion," Young wrote.

"This support has been critical to Ukraine’s success on the battlefield, as well as the ability of its people to endure under harsh conditions."

Young claimed that Biden "has made clear" that the United States "will not waver in our commitment to the Ukrainian people as they fight for their freedom and independence."

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In the dystopic science fiction movie Minority Report, police arrest criminals before they have committed crimes, and enemies of the State are hunted down by robots. The movie is coming true. We have robotic dogs with facial recognition capabilities, much like the spider robots that menace Tom Cruise. Voyager Labs employs AI to identify criminals prior to their crimes:

The New York City and Los Angeles police departments, two of the U.S.’s largest police agencies, are among a growing list of law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and around the world to contract with Voyager Labs.

In 2018, the New York Police Department agreed to a nearly $9 million deal with Voyager Labs, which claims it can use AI to predict crimes, according to documents obtained by the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project (STOP), The Guardian reported.

The company bills itself as a “world leader” in AI-based analytics investigations that can comb through mounds of information from all corners of the internet – including social media and the dark web – to provide insight, uncover potential risks and predict future crimes.

The Fourth Amendment protects us from unreasonable searches and seizures. Modern technology has found a workaround.

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During Tuesday night’s Hannity, host Sean Hannity unloaded President Joe Biden and the Biden White House for dismissing the Biden impeachment inquiry, calling it “extreme politics at its finest.”

It also claims Biden has done nothing wrong and there’s no evidence.

“What about the Treasury Department sealing 150 suspicious activity reports? Or the FBI’s 1023 form that alleges…that Joe Biden took official actions as Vice President in exchange for a lot of money to enrich his entire family?” Hannity asks.

“What about the 5,000 emails that Joe wrote under a pseudonym while he was Vice President?”

Watch Hannity unload above.

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The following charts show Covid-19 “Vaccine” Uptake Rates of 18 years and over Adults in the population of “England” versus the percentage of “Deaths Involving Covid-19” represented by the different Covid-19 Vaccine Uptake Groups of that same England population.

Covid-19 “Vaccine” Uptake Groups of “England”
1 Dose or more of Covid-19 “Vaccine”
2 Doses or more of Covid-19 “Vaccine”
3 Doses or more of Covid-19 “Vaccine”
The sample size we are dealing with is the 18 years and over Adult population of England which is a sample size in excess of 50 Million People
The Covid-19 “mRNA” based “Vaccines” and their roll out was based on the manufacturer’s sample size which was trivial in comparison with Data on this scale.
The interpretation of the trivial size sample sizes of the manufacturer’s was controlled by the Companies standing to profit Billions from their indemnity free sales.

The Graphs will represent one of three scenarios:

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A message written to a trusted campaigning friend, who is struggling to accept that what is happening is intentional.

It is indeed a big step to move from justifiable criticism of presumed incompetent politicians and industrialists to putting the pieces together in such a way that they can point only to intentionality. See what you think.

Dear X,

I find that attempting to put all the information together in such a way as to allow for the whole even to be benign or at least not wholly malevolent is impossible.

That’s because, as you’ve no doubt heard me say, I believe it is malevolent!

I too struggled early on, arguing “surely they must have known this!?” Etc. Once I allowed for the possibility that all the bad things were intentional, I find all the rest falls into place. Obviously, that alone doesn’t prove that it was intentional.

Some early clues to intentionality are the coordinated responses of scores of governments to the alleged pandemic: lockdowns, masking, mass testing of the well, the misapplication of PCR-based techniques to bulk testing of clinical samples, selective business & school closures, border restrictions, etc.

Not a single country had any of this as a core part of their own pandemic preparedness plan.

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In Part 1, The Gateway Pundit revealed that the Georgia Secretary of State (GASOS) and the GASOS COO Gabriel Sterling, who left the SOS office to take a private contract with the SOS office and then returned to the SOS after the election, neglected to act on several requests to rectify a reported issue in Coffee County regarding their Dominion equipment before the Nov 3, 2020 election.

In Part 2, the mysterious ability of Dominion technicians to repair equipment without ever touching it was revealed through the sworn affidavit of now-indicted 30-year retired school teacher Cathy Latham.

In Part 3, we discussed a State Election Board complaint that resulted in Fulton County entering into a Consent Order that acknowledged “36 inconsistencies” in the Nov. 14th hand-recount/risk-limiting audit outlined in a report by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s office.  This report was based on research by Joe Rossi and David Cross showing numerous double and triple counted batches in the hand-count that helped the results get in line with the original machine count.  The result was an excess 4,057 votes tallied for Joe Biden in the hand-count.

Part 4 –  Where’s the Proof?

During the 2020 Election in Fulton County, a “non-partisan” observer by the name of Carter Jones observed “nearly 270 hours” as part of a consent order with the county and the State Election Board.  As reported by the GPB, Jones wrote of the Fulton County election:

“At no time did I ever observe any conduct by Fulton County election officials that involved dishonesty, fraud, or intentional malfeasance.  During my weeks of monitoring, I witnessed neither ‘ballot stuffing’ nor ‘double-counting’ nor any other fraudulent conduct that would undermine the validity, fairness, and accuracy of the results published and certified by Fulton County.”

But this is not what Carter Jones reported on Election night. Jones reported on election night that “order was starting to break down” and Ralph (Jones) was double counting ballots at the State Farm Center!

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The Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation and prosecution of CEFC China Energy Co. boss and Biden family associate Patrick Ho displayed “irregularities,” including concealing known connections between the Chinese Communist Party-linked entity and the Bidens, and communication between Hunter Biden and the FBI agents involved in Ho’s case, according to a memo by the Heritage Foundation Oversight Project.

Ho, infamously referred to as “the fucking spy chief of China” by Hunter Biden, was arrested in November, 2017, and convicted in December, 2018, in the Southern District of New York and sentenced to 3 years in prison for violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and money laundering. Ho’s first phone call upon his arrest was to Hunter Biden, who was allegedly providing legal services to him at the time.

Now, a memo by the Heritage Foundation obtained exclusively by Breitbart News alleges that since Ho’s conviction, “significant evidence has emerged identifying concerning irregularities with the DOJ investigation and prosecution,” including that “DOJ was aware of connections between the Biden family and CEFC at least as early as 2017 and that they acted to conceal this information from the public,” as well as “contacts between Hunter Biden and FBI agents related to Ho’s arrest,” and “a leak of investigatory information in the Ho case.”

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 Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley says that while the Biden administration started the political battle over abortions for service members, she does not support Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) holding up hundreds of military promotions in protest of the administration’s policy allowing expense-paid travel and up to three weeks leave for an elective abortion.

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