"The history of war is the history of powerful individuals willing to sacrifice thousands upon thousands of other people's lives for personal gains. " -- Michael Rivero

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Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has been ordered to pay damages in the sum of €27,000 to a Belgian right-wing lawmaker for unfairly limiting his reach on the social media platform, otherwise known as “shadowbanning.”

The Antwerp Court of Appeal ruled on Monday in favor of Tom Vandendriessche, an MEP standing for reelection as the lead candidate for the Flemish separatist party, Vlaams Belang, in Belgium.

The court held that Facebook had unfairly censored Vandendriessche’s account, which currently boasts 234,000 followers, back in February 2021 and had failed to act “in accordance with the principle of good faith” and did not offer “sufficient procedural guarantees” for users who were subjected to such measures. His account was subsequently blocked in May of the same year.

Meta claimed it had acted in accordance with its community guidelines and accused the Belgian lawmaker of posting inappropriate content on the platform, leading to the shadowban. However, Vandendriessche was informed by the social media giant the ban had been lifted at the end of 2021, a claim he contested, as his organic reach remained artificially low.

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A new wave of enthusiasm is emerging for former President Trump among VCs and business leaders across America. While some (or much) of this may be simply reading tea leaves and staying nimble, it's worth noting that many former Democrat defenders are now on team Trump.

It doesn't take a crystal ball to see how disastrous economic policies (Bidenomics), failed foreign policies (Ukraine), a chaotic southern border, lawless cities, and the weaponization of the judicial system against political opponents are all contributing to sliding support for the left. And of course, Silicon Valley’s political elites just want stability and prosperity - not this uncertainty and inflation delivered under Biden. 

To that end, famed investor David Sacks, who previously gave $33,400 to Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign and, more recently, backed Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Ron DeSantis, joined the growing list of notable money managers who have gone 'all-in' by endorsing President Trump. 

According to Bloomberg, Sacks will host a $300,000-a-head fundraiser for the former president at his home in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights neighborhood. 

“I’ve been very critical of Biden’s performance over the last four years, and I would like for him not to win another term,” Sacks said in an interview, adding, “I’ve been looking at all the alternatives and getting to know the alternatives.”

On Thursday night, Sacks took to X, outlining why he's supporting Trump in the upcoming presidential elections in November.

"I am giving my endorsement to our 45th President, Donald J. Trump, to be our 47th president. My reasons rest on four main issues that I think are vital to American prosperity, security, and stability – issues where the Biden administration has veered badly off course and where I believe President Trump can lead us back," Sacks wrote on X. 

Here's the rest of Sacks' explanation for why he is now backing Trump:

Why I’m Backing President Trump

As many press accounts have reported, I’m hosting a fundraising event for President Donald J. Trump at my home in San Francisco this evening.

Over the last couple of years, I have hosted events for presidential candidates Ron DeSantis, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., as well as several Congressional figures in both major parties. I give to many, but endorse few.

But today I am giving my endorsement to our 45th President, Donald J. Trump, to be our 47th president. My reasons rest on four main issues that I think are vital to American prosperity, security, and stability – issues where the Biden administration has veered badly off course and where I believe President Trump can lead us back"

Claire's observations:  David Sacks' reasoning is clear; rock-solid, and level headed;  This administration's  collective fatal "dunk" into the strange pool of "hopium/changium" has done this country absolutely no good, but have made pressing problems worse, and aggravated the economic situation into an utter "no win" for most working Americans.

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Las Cruces Border Patrol agents thwart a human smuggling scheme with over 30 migrants.

According to a social media post by Anthony "Scott" Good, the chief of the U.S. Border Patrol El Paso sector, Las Cruces Border Patrol agents discovered 32 migrants stowed in a box truck at a border patrol checkpoint.

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For Palestinians, Israel’s violence began long before October 7, 2023. The unfolding genocide in Gaza is the latest chapter in a series of Israel’s settler-colonial practices to remove Palestinians by force from their land. These practices began with the inception of the state of Israel.  

The most fateful year in modern Palestinian history was 1948, when David Ben-Gurion unilaterally declared the creation of the state of Israel and armed Zionist militias massacred Palestinians and evicted thousands from their homes at gunpoint. Palestinians know this as the Nakba, or “catastrophe.” This is not ancient history. Israeli politicians, before and after October 7, threatened a second Nakba against Palestinians. Israeli forces in Gaza painted graffiti on destroyed homes in Gaza that read, “Nakba 2023.” 

Israel’s apartheid practices against Palestinians also started in 1948, when Israel caged Palestinian communities in Lod, Nazareth, and Haifa in wired areas and issued discriminatory laws against those Palestinians who stayed and those forcibly displaced. Soon after, Israel captured the Gaza Strip and the West Bank in 1967 and the discriminatory laws and practices were expanded to the occupied Palestinian territory.  

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Western countries are dangerously close to the point of no return in the conflict in Ukraine, right on the doorstep of a direct military clash with Russia, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told Kossuth Radio.

Commenting on the continued escalation of the Ukrainian conflict, the head of government said: "As for any last chance of turning back, we are very close to the point of no return, when it will no longer be possible to turn back." Orban sees the tough talk coming from the leaders of the European Union and NATO countries as only fanning the flames, in particular the threats of the French president to hand over military aircraft to Ukraine. At the same time, the prime minister pointed out that Russia is also making extremely harsh statements against the US and its allies.

According to Orban, the danger of a new world war is growing. "This is a case where the conflict that began [in Ukraine] as a regional conflict was not isolated from the beginning. The supporters of the war made it a European conflict, and now it is going beyond the European continent and spreading to other parts of the world. This is how regional wars become world wars," the prime minister said.

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New report examines child food poverty worldwide, with particular focus on ‘catastrophic impact’ of Israel’s onslaught on Gaza.

A Palestinian girl is checked for malnutrition at a medical tent set up by MedGlobal in cooperation with UNICEF in Rafah [File: Ibraheem Abu Mustafa/Reuters]

About 90 percent of children in Gaza lack nutrition and face “severe” threats to their “survival, growth and development”, according to the United Nations children’s agency, UNICEF.

A report, published by UNICEF on Thursday, laid bare the “catastrophic impact” of Israel’s offensive on the enclave, which has caused the “collapse” of food and health systems, finding that one in 10 children survived on “two or fewer food groups per day” between December last year and April this year.

Describing “an appalling escalation in nutrition deprivation”, the report also highlighted that 65 percent of children were fed diets with “only one or no food groups” in February, a sixfold increase from the first half of December last year.

Interactive_Gaza_Unicef_food_report_June6, 2024

Israel says it places no limit on humanitarian supplies for civilians in Gaza and has blamed the United Nations for slow deliveries, saying its operations are inefficient.

But with pockets of famine emerging in Gaza, with some children dying from malnutrition and dehydration, even Israel’s staunchest allies have increased pressure on it to do more to let in food.

The UNICEF report said that military action, which has destroyed food systems while imposing “severe restrictions on the import of commercial goods and humanitarian supplies”, had “deprived millions of the food, water and fuel they need”

Take a good, hard look at that little girl in the picture;  now, imagine she was your child.  These are the kids American bombs and bullets are slaughtering, or maiming for life, if they are not left by Israel to starve to death; doesn't it make you feel proud??!?

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The United States and United Kingdom have carried out six air strikes against targets in Yemen, a Houthi-run television station reports, as the Yemeni group targets shipping lanes in the Red Sea.

Four attacks targeted on the airport of Hodeidah, a main port city on the Red Sea, and the seaport of Salif north of it, Al Masirah TV said. Two air raids also hit the Al-Thawra region north of the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, according to the news outlet.

There were no immediate reports of casualties, and the US and UK militaries have not confirmed the attacks. Friday’s strikes follow US and UK attacks on Hodeidah province that the Houthis said killed 16 people last week.

The Houthis, who control Sanaa and present themselves as the official Yemeni armed forces, have been attacking shipping lanes in the Red Sea and firing missiles and drones at Israeli targets for months in a show of support for Palestinians in Gaza.

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Researchers have sounded the alarm over their chilling new findings after uncovering evidence showing that Covid mRNA shots have caused the deaths of 35 million people around the world.

As Slay News reported earlier, a bombshell peer-reviewed study was recently published in the prestigious British Medical Journal by a group of world-renowned researchers in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The researchers, led by Dr. Saskia Mostert of the Pediatric Oncology Department at Emma Children’s Hospital in Amsterdam, looked at excess death data in 47 Western countries for the years 2020, 2021, and 2022.

They found that there were over three million excess deaths in total.

The highest number of excess deaths was recorded in 2021 at 1,256,942.

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Retail stores are being shut down at a staggering rate all over the country.  If we stay on the pace that we are on, the total number of stores closed in 2024 will be nearly 40 percent higher than the total number of stores closed in 2023.  That is what you call a crisis!  Meanwhile, banks are shuttering hundreds of branches from coast to coast, and a “restaurant apocalypse” is sweeping across the nation.  Everywhere around us, “space available” signs are going up on buildings that were once considered to be prime commercial real estate.  If someone tries to convince you that the U.S. economy is in good shape, just show them this article and ask them why so many once prosperous businesses are closing.  Needless to say, they will not be able to win the argument after that.

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Actor and comedian Russell Brand said he finds it difficult to understand why any freedom-loving American would choose to vote for President Biden over former President Trump in the upcoming election.

In a new episode of his podcast "Stay Free with Russell Brand," scheduled to premiere on Friday, Brand sat down with model, author and RNC spokeswoman Elizabeth Pipko for a wide-ranging interview in which the pair discussed Trump's trial and subsequent conviction. 

In a preview clip obtained exclusively by Fox News Digital Thursday, Brand, who has been vocal about his discontent with the system, spelled out his personal thoughts on the upcoming election.

"In a straight choice between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, if you care about democracy, if you care about freedom, I don’t know how you could do anything other than vote for Donald Trump for precisely the reasons that they claim that you can’t," he told Pipko.

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One of the byproducts of the 2020 election is that we know that there are a good number of small to extremely sketchy things that go on with elections across our nation.

I’m not going to even get into the last presidential election because I would be here all day and night, but for Democrats to say that there isn’t voter fraud of any kind is absolutely silly.

The reason that they aren’t saying they are finding any is because they simply do not want to look for it.

You ever know someone who wouldn’t know the truth if it came up to them and slapped them in the face?

Well, that’s most if not all Democrats for you. And it’s not just on the issue of election fraud. It’s pretty much anything you can think of.

They’re far more concerned with coming up with solutions to problems that did not exist in the first place.

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Moshe Yatom, a prominent Israeli psychiatrist who successfully cured the most extreme forms of mental illness throughout a distinguished career, was found dead at his home in Tel Aviv yesterday from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. A suicide note at his side explained that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been his patient for the last nine years, had “sucked the life right out of me.”

“I can’t take it anymore,” wrote Yatom.

“Robbery is redemption, apartheid is freedom, peace activists are terrorists, murder is self-defense, piracy is legality, Palestinians are Jordanians, annexation is liberation, there’s no end to his contradictions. Freud promised rationality would reign in the instinctual passions, but he never met Bibi Netanyahu. This guy would say Gandhi invented brass knuckles.”

Psychiatrists are familiar with the human tendency to massage the truth to avoid confronting emotionally troubling material, but Yatom was apparently stunned at what he called the “waterfall of lies” gushing from his most illustrious patient. His personal diary details the steady disintegration of his once invincible personality under the barrage of self-serving rationalizations put forth by Netanyahu.

“I’m completely shocked,” said neighbor Yossi Bechor, whose family regularly vacationed with Yatom’s family. “Moshe was the epitome of the fully-integrated personality and had cured dozens of schizophrenics before beginning work on Bibi. There was no outward indication that his case was any different from the others.”

But it was. Yatom grew increasingly depressed at his complete lack of progress in getting the Prime Minister to acknowledge reality, and he eventually suffered a series of strokes when attempting to grasp Netanyahu’s thinking, which he characterized in one diary entry as “a black hole of self-contradiction.”

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Hunter Biden’s gun trial judge, Maryellen Noreika, has recently imposed a one-year sentence on a defendant involved in a comparable firearms case.

This case could provide insight into how Noreika might decide on Hunter’s sentencing if he is found guilty of gun-related offenses by a jury.

Hunter faces charges including making a false statement during the purchase of a firearm, possessing a firearm while being an unlawful user of or addicted to a controlled substance, and providing false information required by a federal firearms licensed dealer.

According to numerous photos from his abandoned laptop, Hunter reportedly used crack cocaine at the time of purchasing the firearm, which was later discovered discarded in a public trash can near a school. Allegedly, the Secret Service intervened in the investigation of this incident.

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The National Center for Public Policy Research, a conservative think tank, is employing shareholder activism to challenge what it sees as the promotion of “wokeness” by major corporations like Target and Walt Disney Corp. The center’s Free Enterprise Project (FEP) aims to defend “true capitalism” and oppose the “woke takeover” of American corporate life.

Scott Shepard, the general counsel for the National Center for Public Policy Research and director of FEP, spoke with Breitbart News Daily about the group’s plans to press Target on its promotion of LGBTQ and other progressive content. FEP files shareholder resolutions, engages corporate leaders, submits public comments, crafts legislation, files lawsuits, and conducts media campaigns to push corporations to focus on their fiduciary obligations rather than social and political issues.

When asked if Target CEO Brian Cornell would change course after conservative backlash against the company’s history of promoting progressive causes, Shepard noted the challenge of influencing corporate leaders, saying, “Having dealt with a lot of CEOs, boards of directors, and chief executives etc., they are such an arrogant and divorced from anything that’s going on in this country.”

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The Tennessee Star has obtained dozens of handwritten pages authored by Audrey Elizabeth Hale, who committed the horrific Covenant School shooting on March 27, 2023.

The Star reviewed nearly four dozen images of notebook pages written by Hale that were recovered from the vehicle she drove to the Covenant School which were obtained from a source familiar with the Covenant investigation.

One of the pages reviewed by The Star is a journal or diary entry, written by Hale, that is dated February 20, 2023, or just 35 days before Hale committed the attack.

In the highly political entry, Hale makes a series of claims about the rights afforded to gun owners, transgender people and non-binary people in the United States.

Biologically a female, Hale identified as a transgender man at the time of her devastating attack on The Covenant School, which claimed the lives of three 9-year-old students and three faculty members.

“So now in America, it makes one a criminal to have a gun or, be transgender, or non-binary,” wrote Hale. She added, “God I hate those s***head politicians.”

After warning about rights for the disabled, Hale wrote, “Disabled have rights, civil races have rights, LGBTQ have rights, gun owners have rights.”

Hale’s rant did not appear to overtly reference a major political party, and at one point warned against the United States curtailing its Second Amendment in an effort to become like the United Kingdom or Europe, but closed with remarks expressing frustration over her gender identity.

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Audrey Elizabeth Hale, the transgender psychopath and killer responsible for the tragic mass shooting at Covenant School in March 2023, reportedly used federal Pell Grant funds to purchase firearms and training.

The Tennessee Star reports that Hale purchased seven guns with the grant money, three of which were recovered from the scene of the crime.

Brian Wilson, an afternoon radio host at 99.7 WTN, revealed on Wednesday that Hale “took money from an education grant she received to purchase her weapons and to pay for training at a local gun range.”

The Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) recovered four additional guns from Hale’s parents’ home in the Belmont-Hillsboro neighborhood. However, MNPD declined to provide further information regarding the make and model of the guns or their cost, citing protection of materials included in the open investigative file.

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Video below from last night, shows work crews installing "anti-scaling" riot fencing around the entire perimeter of the White House.  What does this tell you?

It tells most folks that they are either going to DO something, or announce something, that they EXPECT will cause riots.

Webmaster addition: Another staged riot like Jan 6?

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As banks increasingly shift to digital services, banks have closed 79 U.S. branches in just six weeks across various states, according to the U.K.’s Daily Mail.

More than 400 brick-and-mortar branches have been shuttered this year, the outlet reported Wednesday.

JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, BankUnited, BMO Bank, Citizens Bank and Inwood NB were among those who announced closures.

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Judicial Watch announced today it received 54 pages of records from the Department of Justice in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit which show the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Office of Congressional Affairs (OCA) provided a Democrat staffer with information on FBI whistleblowers who detailed the bureau’s targeting of political opponents and retaliation for their testifying at a May 18, 2023, hearing of the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government.

A May 23, 2023, email from Damon Marx, senior counsel in the office of New York Democrat Rep. Dan Goldman, shows that the FBI provided documents apparently pertaining to the whistleblowers that were “very helpful” to Goldman.

Marx writes to an FBI Office of Congressional Affairs (OCA) official whose name is redacted:

We spoke last week before the Weaponization hearing on Thursday. Thanks again for sending over those documents. They were very helpful to the Congressman.

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Authored by John Seiler via The Epoch Times 

A station for charging electric vehicles in Irvine, Calif., on March 25, 2022. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)


The idea that the panacea of electric vehicles will end “climate change” may have finally crashed into the wall of reality.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was interviewed on May 26 by host Margaret Brennan on “Face the Nation.” The full interview is on YouTube. Ms. Brennan is the most informative and objective of interviewers in the mainstream media.

Although “Mayor Pete,” as he came to be known, was merely the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, population 103,000, in 2020, he won the Iowa caucuses, briefly gaining national attention. He previously worked at McKinsey & Co., which hires really smart people to consult for corporate clients. According to Mr. Buttigieg, his work “consisted of doing mathematical analysis, conducting research, and preparing presentations” on studies for clients. That means he’s one of the smarter people in the Biden administration.

At 9 minutes and 30 seconds, Ms. Brennan said, “Donald Trump repeatedly talks about President Biden’s decision to force the industry toward making 56 percent of car batteries electric by 2032, 13 percent hybrid.” She then played a video of President Trump at a rally in New Jersey.

“We’re spending hundreds of billions of dollars subsidizing a car that nobody wants and nobody’s ever going to buy,” President Trump said.

Then she continued, “He’s not wrong—”

“Oh, he’s wrong,” Mr. Buttigieg interrupted.

Ms. Brennan continued, “—on the purchasing. He’s not. Of the 4 million vehicles purchased, you know, what, 269,000 electric vehicles were sold in the U.S. market.”

And the electric portion is just 6.7 percent of the total. She didn’t mention the time period, but Cox Automotive ran the numbers, and it’s the first quarter of 2024.

Mr. Buttigieg responded: “Every single year, more Americans buy EVs than the year prior. There are two things that I think are needed for that to happen even more quickly. One is the price. Which is why the Inflation Reduction Act acted to cut the price of an electric vehicle. The second is making sure we have the charging network we need across America, even though most EV owners will do most of their charging at home. If you live in an apartment building or you’re driving long distances, you need other options in those chargers. So that’s exactly what we’re working on.”

A Gramscian Childhood

He then mentioned he grew up “in the industrial Midwest, literally in the shadow of broken-down factories from car companies that did not survive.” He didn’t mention his father was not a laid-off auto worker. Instead, young Pete grew up the privileged son of a left-wing, Marxist professor at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend.

The late Joseph Buttigieg is described by Wikipedia as the “translator and editor of the three-volume English edition of Marxist philosopher Antonio Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks, published from 1992 to 2007 with support from the National Endowment for the Humanities.” Your tax dollars at work.

“He was a founding member and president of the International Gramsci Society, founded to facilitate communication between those who study Italian philosopher and politician Antonio Gramsci, one-time leader of the Communist Party of Italy,” the Wikipedia entry reads

Claire's Observations:  THIS .... explains much!!!!

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by Tyler Durden

Friday, Jun 07, 2024 - 06:20 PM

In the mid-1980s Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was an unknown but up-and-coming KGB officer in his early 30s, and a then 42-year old Joe Biden was a US Senator from Delaware. 

It was still the Cold War, and there was very little contact between Western officials and representatives of the Soviet Union, given this was still the era of an 'Iron Curtain' separating Europe. With all of this in mind, watch what now 81-year old President Biden claimed in an ABC interview from France this week:


@davidnorth:  " In a broadcast interview today, Biden stated twice that he has known Putin for 40 years, that is as far back as 1984, when Putin was an unknown KGB agent in the USSR. Life and death decisions are being made by a man with a diminished grasp of reality."

Claire's Observations:   By-di-Bye can no longer be trusted to speak "ex tempore";  and  casually wanders off topic, reaching out to lost figments of imagination.  The first debate with Trump, will be an utter verbal and physical catastrophe, and unfortunately, no amount  of any "drug cocktail" his docs can safely give the guy, can prevent this from happening on National Television.  But cancelling the debate, would demonstrate that the Dementocrats know their candidate is in very failing mental health, and cannot be trusted to cobble two words together articulately.

I have no idea how the Dementocrats are planning to keep  him out of the debate with Trump; however, that being said, I am willing to bet that whatever they "conjure" to get Bi-di-Bye out of the debate, and safely back in his basement, will be something grand and dramatic.   A massive "national distraction", most likely, is coming.  Working magicians would call this "misdirection".









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For a long time now, Democrats have claimed they are trying to stop Trump from “destroying” democracy. Biden ranted and raved during a speech—sounding like a dictator—while he accused Trump and his supporters of trying to destroy democracy.

Democrats claim they need to censor free speech to protect “democracy.” They claimed that someone asking about election irregularities was a threat to “democracy.”

Just what are they really talking about when they say “democracy” these days? It can’t be the same thing the rest of us are meaning, right? Well, one liberal journalist might have spilled the beans for the entire party. Because while she was ranting against Donald Trump, she seemed to imply what Democrats really think “democracy” means.

From Daily Caller:
The New York Times’ Mara Gay on Wednesday seemed to suggest that Judge Juan Merchan should maintain his gag order on former President Donald Trump to safeguard voters…

“You have to protect jurors, you have to protect voters,” Gay said. “And if we can’t do those two things in this moment, you can’t ask people to participate in democracy or to trust the process. So, this is a moment to throw everything that democracy has at this man.”

A New York Times staffer wants liberal judge Juan Merchan to strengthen Donald Trump’s gag order. Mara Gay claims Trump’s free speech rights could be a threat to jurors and voters… while not explaining how.

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Joe Biden started playing fast and loose with his executive pen once he woke up and realized his political opponent was trouncing him in the polls. Startled from his sleep, Biden signed an executive order about the border crisis.

The president and his handlers failed to consider the backlash his sudden change in position would cause. Biden appears clueless about how his knee-jerk reactions designed to sway voters will actually hurt him in the eyes of the people.

Biden’s order, which is presented as helping the border crisis, was hammered by the Texas governor as a false front that doesn’t help at all. The top Texas Republican said he isn’t backing down from criticizing Biden’s border failures.

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