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Cranky old-school conservatives were horrified when a stripper turned reality TV-star turned nearly-nude internet model with a face tattoo was announced as a speaker on the first night of the Republican National Convention.

But Amber Rose's address on Monday evening was met with cheers from the MAGA faithful in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and trepidation from President Donald Trump's critics.

On Tuesday, CNN political commentator Van Jones described Rose's speech as 'the most dangerous' of the evening for the Democratic party.

Rose — a 40-year-old, mixed-race, mother-of-two, who is popular on porny website OnlyFans — once accused Trump of being a racist. 

On Monday, however, she assured all Americans that they're welcome in Trump's Republican Party: 'Donald Trump and his supporters don't care if you're Black, white, gay or straight.'

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Billionaire Bill Gates has just unveiled his latest synthetic “food” which he promises will “eliminate” farmers and “save the planet” from “global warming.”

Gates is funding a new startup with produces fake “butter” that doesn’t require dairy cows or the crops needed for margarine.

Instead, Gates says his “butter” is made from “vegan” fat which is produced from chemicals.

Gates-backed startup Savor produces this fat from “emissions” captured from fossil fuel burnings and gas-powered vehicles.

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A foreign policy specialist who once worked for the CIA and on the White House National Security Council (NSC) has been indicted on U.S. charges she worked as an unregistered agent of South Korea's government in exchange for luxury goods and other gifts.

Sue Mi Terry advocated South Korean policy positions, disclosed non-public U.S. government information to South Korean intelligence officers, and facilitated access for South Korean government officials to their U.S. counterparts, according to an indictment made public on Tuesday in Manhattan federal court.

In return, the South Korean intelligence officers allegedly provided Terry with Bottega Veneta and Louis Vuitton handbags, a Dolce & Gabbana coat, dinners at Michelin-starred restaurants, and more than $37,000 in "covert" funding for a public policy program on Korean affairs that she ran.

The indictment contains surveillance camera images of Terry awaiting or carrying a gift bag while the officers pay at Bottega Veneta and Louis Vuitton stores in Washington in 2019 and 2021, respectively.

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Rose fired back in a social media post on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

"Hi @JoyAnnReid I’ve never said I wasn’t black I said I identify as biracial," she wrote.

"I’m not going to invalid my white father to make you feel more comfortable. Stop being a race baiter ur president does enough race baiting for all of us," she added.

Her missive garnered more than 3.2 million views in a few hours.

Other Democrats recognized how dangerous Rose's speech was to their party that is relying on black support for the upcoming elections.

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Apathetic. That is the best way to describe the Republican electorate since COVID. Listless, downtrodden, distracted, dejected, and consigned to a dismal fate. Will the attempted assassination of Donald Trump finally be that catalyzing moment that transforms the American right into a devastatingly effective and efficient political movement?

Saturday’s shooting is one of many political violent acts perpetrated against the right in America over the past decade. From the Family Research Council and Scalise shootings to the attempted assassination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh and Black Lives Matter assaults on motorists, it’s unmistakably clear that leftists want us dead in the most literal sense. Will we finally match their ideological intensity and work toward their political defeat? Will we finally use the power we have to govern in the way the left accuses us of but that never actually materializes?

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Open AI’s new voice synthesizer can copy your voice from just 15 seconds of audio

From 2019: AI Clones Your Voice After Listening for 5 Seconds

From 2016: Adobe Voco:

Via: Techspot:

Microsoft has developed a new iteration of its neural codec language model, Vall-E, that surpasses previous efforts in terms of naturalness, speech robustness, and speaker similarity. It is the first of its kind to reach human parity in a pair of popular benchmarks, and is apparently so lifelike that Microsoft has no plans to grant access to the public.

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BREAKING: To every liberal that called the assassination attempt on Donald Trump fake. I am working on starting a class action lawsuit for no less than $1 billion for the families affected by the shooting. Remember ‘nobody is above the law.’ If Alex Jones wasn’t, you won’t be.
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A 21-year-old man wearing a ski mask and carrying a “large tactical backpack in the street” was arrested on suspicion of carrying a concealed weapon Monday afternoon blocks from Fiserv Forum, where the Republican National Convention was underway, according to Milwaukee police.

The arrest took place about 1 p.m. in the 1200 block of North 11th Street in downtown Milwaukee.

The man was initially noticed by U.S. Capitol Police. Officers from that department stopped him and determined he had a gun in his backpack despite not having a concealed carry permit in Wisconsin or any other state, according to Milwaukee police.

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Authored by Susan C. Olmstead via The Epoch Times 

The antioxidant n-acetylcysteine (NAC) is emerging as a promising treatment for obsessive-compulsive disorder, offering new hope for the approximately 50 percent of adults with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) who do not respond to customary treatments.


Researchers have been accumulating evidence over the last few years that NAC, a derivative of the amino acid cysteine, available as an over-the-counter supplement, could help people with OCD. It’s also showing promise in the treatment of patients with the hair-pulling disorder trichotillomania and is being investigated as a treatment for compulsive gamblers and drinkers.

However, research into NAC has been slow, in part because the drug, now available without a prescription, has limited commercial potential, according to Dr. Massimo Caroll,  a pharmacologist and clinical toxicologist in the Department of Diagnostics and Public Health at the University of Verona in Italy.

Claire's Observations:  I would suggest that Dr. Caroll take a look at another study, listed at the following URL:  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC10157003/
The title of this study is:  "The Impact of N-acetylcysteine on Major Depression: Qualitative Observation and Mixed Methods Analysis of Participant Change during a 12-week Randomised Controlled Trial"
I have said to readers of this site, many times, in memory of the guy called "Deep Throat" during the Watergate debacle, "Follow the money!".  NAC is a supplement, rather than a drug per se, so it cannot be patented in the US. 
 IF pharmaceutical manufacturers can create a derivative  of the supplement, which can be patented, I am sure it will be, and just as soon as it can be created then sold as a prescription drug.

Please remember: the medication Valium comes essentially from the Valerian root, which is an herb sold over the counter in the US.

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New information about the attempt on Donald Trump’s life that has just been revealed within the past 24 hours is causing major shockwaves all over the country.  In this article, I will attempt to make sense of the new details that have emerged.  Please share this information as widely as you can, and if you come across new details that I have not covered yet, please let me know.  There is so much about the attempt on Trump’s life that does not smell right, and the American people deserve the truth.
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Doctors have issued an urgent warning after a bombshell study revealed that rapidly developing “turbo” cases of colon cancer are skyrocketing among those who have been injected with Covid mRNA shots.

The study, published in the renowned Cureus Journal, found that one form of colon cancer surged by 500% in Covid-vaxxed individuals.

The researchers revealed that the sixfold spike in colon cancer was caused by the mRNA injections.

In the “Introduction” section of the study’s paper, the researchers explain:

“Microsatellite instable (deficient mismatch repair, dMMR) colon cancer is associated with hypermutability and immune infiltration-activation.

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Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., was found guilty on all counts Monday after being tried on charges of accepting bribes, including cash and gold bars, to benefit the governments of Egypt and Qatar.

Damian Williams, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York whose office prosecuted the case, hailed the verdict, saying Menendez’s “years of selling his office to the higher bidder have finally come to an end.”

Menendez had his hands crossed and his chin resting on his hands as some of the verdict was read and didn’t display any emotion. He then shook his head in disagreement as the jurors were polled about the verdict. Some of his family members broke down in tears. He’ll be sentenced Oct. 29.

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Ukrainian opposition politician Viktor Medvedchuk has sent a letter to US presidential nominee Donald Trump, where he pointed to a potential Ukrainian link in the recent attempt on his life.

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According to President Biden the FBI has been leading the investigation into the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump at a rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, on Saturday. While law enforcement has identified the shooter as 20-year-old Thomas Matthew Crooks of Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, several key questions remain unanswered regarding the FBI’s response to the crime scene.

The lack of transparency during prior FBI investigations has raised concerns among the public and media about the FBI’s ability to this time conduct a thorough and responsible investigation, especially in light the “lawfare” that has been used against the former President. The shooting is being treated as an “attempted assassination” and act of domestic terrorism and the Director of the Secret Service, Kimberly Cheatle, is scheduled to testify before a House Oversight Committee on July 22nd. The purpose of the hearing is to provide insight into how the twenty-year old was able to commit the assassination attempt, resulting in the former President being wounded, a fellow American dead and two others seriously injured.

This attack was deadly serious, and the information needed to satisfy the American public that this attack was, in fact, a random lone gunman, must be convincing. Afterall, there already are numerous videos on social media that show the public alerting law enforcement of the assassin’s position on the roof of the building prior to any shooting. These videos also show snipers zeroed in on the assassin long before the shooting occurred, yet the snipers waited…hesitated until the assassin’s shots were fired. Why? This is just one question in a long list that needs to be answered.

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All throughout human history, leaders of nations have been guarded by elite warriors. That only makes sense, because there is so much to lose if a king or a president is killed. So considering the fact that we are currently the most powerful country on the entire planet, you would think that the people that are protecting our national leaders would be extraordinarily impressive. But actually the opposite is true. On Saturday, we had a bunch of obvious DEI hires trying to protect Donald Trump, and he almost died.
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On the same day that a would-be assassin attempted to kill former President Donald Trump, Antifa militants attacked a group of people attending an evangelical Christian worship event in downtown Portland, Oregon. Children were among the crowd.

Far-left extremists, including members of Rose City Antifa, were captured on video deploying mace, throwing punches, and violently beating Christians. Some of the attackers wore militant black bloc uniforms, while others hid their identity behind Islamic keffiyeh scarves. The event attacked was the United Revival Jesus March, the same event that Antifa extremists attacked last year.

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