“Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” -- Mark Twain

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Cyber experts have urgently warned people to update their passwords after a hacker uploaded billions of login details.

The leak, called RockYou2024, was posted on July 4th containing a staggering 10 billion passwords from a compilation of old and new data breaches.

Researchers who revealed the leak said the information could allow hackers to target any system that isn’t protected by strict security software including online and offline services, online cameras and industrial hardware.

This could prompt a wave of data breaches, financial fraud and identity theft using the passwords, which were collected from more than 4,000 databases over the last two decades.

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Precious, innocent babies continue to be one of the best grifts for big government socialist sickos. Here’s the latest example, from a report by Lea Skene at AP News: New parents in Baltimore could get $1,000 if voters approve ‘baby bonus’ initiative
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Democrats who are insisting that President Biden stay in the race despite his apparent cognitive decline are engaged in “reality distortion” while ignoring “cold, hard facts” and lashing out at the media, data journalist and pollster Nate Silver said.

Silver, founder of the election prognostication site FiveThirtyEight, wrote in his Substack newsletter on Monday that “progressive media scolds” on X are blaming the press for reporting on “things the public can see with its own eyes, like Biden’s obviously deteriorating condition” as well as Biden-era inflation.

“Progressive media scolds are like the dog who caught the car,” Silver wrote in a piece titled “Blaming the media is what got Democrats into this mess.”

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Blue Rose Research data scientist David Shor recently conducted a poll on the best and worst forms of public messaging about climate change. He found that the most effective climate “communicators” are those who point-blank lie to the public about global warming.

Shor did not say it this way, of course, and we are not speaking for him on the subject. What we are saying is that everything in the “best” messaging column is a lie if you actually look into it.

According to the poll, the “best messages ever tested” include the following false claims about the “benefits” of climate tyranny:

1) Lowered energy costs

2) Lowered kitchen sink costs

3) Creation of stable jobs

4) Investments in transit, infrastructure and manufacturing

5) Research and development (R&D) for clean energy

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The Biden administration has settled on a plan to expand the war beyond Ukraine by deploying combat troops and lethal weaponry to 15 military bases in Finland. Whether the deployment will include nuclear-armed ballistic missiles is not yet known, but the threat to Russia’s security is serious all the same. One can imagine what Washington would do if Moscow chose to build 15 fully equipped and operational military bases on the US-Mexico border. The US would swiftly eradicate the threat through force-of-arms. No one doubts this. The question is whether Putin will pursue the same course of action as the US or dillydally until the threat becomes too menacing to ignore. This is from an article at The Defense Post:

The Finnish Parliament on Monday unanimously approved a defense pact with the United States, which will allow enhanced US military presence and storage of defense material in Finland…. Aimed to strengthen Finland’s security and defense capabilities, the agreement comes after the Nordic country joined NATO in April 2023….

Finland’s relations with neighboring Russia, with whom it shares a 1,340-kilometer (830-mile) border, have become increasingly tense after Finland joined the alliance last year.

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The Israeli army ordered the Hannibal Directive – a controversial Israeli military policy aimed at preventing the capture of Israeli soldiers by enemy forces at any cost – on October 7 last year, an investigation by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz has revealed.

In a report on Sunday, the newspaper, based on testimonies of Israeli soldiers and senior army officers, said that during Hamas’s unprecedented attack last October, the Israeli army started making decisions with limited and unverified information, and issued an order that “not a single vehicle can return to Gaza”.

“At this point, the [Israeli army] was not aware of the extent of kidnapping along the Gaza border, but it did know that many people were involved. Thus, it was entirely clear what that message meant, and what the fate of some of the kidnapped people would be,” the report said.

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On Monday’s broadcast of Comedy Central’s “Daily Show,” host Jon Stewart stated that the dismissal of concerns about President Joe Biden’s age “also erodes confidence and faith in the system of government. Get on board or shut the [bleep] up…is not a particularly compelling pro-democracy bumper sticker,” and stated that Biden’s campaign has been massively dishonest with its spin about the debate.
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$43.99. That is the price of “12 delicious pieces of fire-grilled chicken with a choice of 3 large sides, warm tortillas and fresh salsa" at El Pollo Loco, at least according to one online influencer.

(I checked the prices for the same meal at the local franchise in my suburban-Los Angeles neighborhood, and it’s $41.79; so prices do very a little bit.)

As the political class debates whether Joe Biden is going to actually get nominated by the Democrat Party, much of America is dealing with a new reality: fast food is no longer synonymous with cheap food.

We see Bidenflation all around us in new ways every day.

Walmart last month rolled out digital shelf labels – so that they can more easily raise your prices. Their explanation for the new technology needs to be seen to be believed: “It is not only about improving efficiency and customer satisfaction, but also about integrating sustainability into our work, in this case, to help reduce operational waste,” wrote Daniela Boscan, a Walmart “Team Lead Manager.” “We are excited about the positive impact this innovation will have on our operations and the environment.”

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I dared to get my hopes up about the French election on Sunday and shouldn’t have. I won’t make that mistake again. People ask me why I’m so pessimistic and Sunday’s outcome in France explains why I am generally a glass-half empty kinda guy when it comes to all things politics. Only the intervention of Jesus returning to earth will circumvent Satan’s minions, who are in full war-waging mode to the point where no human movement on the right will be able to stop them.

My friend M. Dowling over at the Independent Sentinel captured the mood of many of us. She writes:

First, the UK elected a far-left WOKE leader, and now France has turned the government over to the miscreants in their society. US elections are next, and the result might be the same.

The left-green alliance made up of communists, Antifa, and radical Islamists has taken first place, and LePen’s right-wing party is last. Macron joined with the hardcore Left and miscreants to defeat LePen’s party.

Over 200 French election candidates quit to stop LePen. LePen had the most votes and won everywhere but Paris. The people don’t matter. The establishment wins in France.

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People who were “vaccinated” for Covid with mRNA injections have had decades wiped from their life expectancy, a new peer-reviewed study has revealed.

The bombshell study, published in the renowned Swiss medical journal MDPI, has sent shockwaves through the scientific community.

However, the study has further confirmed warnings from leading experts about the long-term impact of the Covid mRNA shots.

The researchers found that the Covid-vaxxed suffered a “statistically significant” loss of life expectancy after two or more doses.

Following a detailed analysis of the study, the McCullough Foundation confirms that those who received two doses of the shots have lost 37% of their life expectancy.

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The House Democratic leadership is urging its members to vote against the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility Act on the House floor, according to Axios. Billionaire Elon Musk savaged those opposing the bill in a Friday post on his X social media platform. “Those who oppose this are traitors. All Caps: TRAITORS What is the penalty for traitors again?” he said.
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A fundraiser and organizer of wealthy Democrats is dishing on why Joe Biden won't drop out of the 2024 election. 

Dmitri Mehlhorn, who organizes wealthy Biden boosters like LinkedIn CEO Reid Hoffman, made noise last week when he said that either a 'dead' or 'comatose' Biden would be better than replacing him on the ticket with Kamala Harris.

Mehlhorn said in an interview Monday that Biden is still determined to run and win in 2024, that the polls saying the president is losing are wrong and what motivates him to stay in the race.

Biden, according to Mehlhorn, believes that his biggest mistake was being convinced not to run for president in 2016 so that Hillary Clinton could be the Democrat Party nominee. Many reports suggest Barack Obama was one of them.

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The White House is now doing damage control following reports Joe Biden's personal physician met with a top neurologist and Parkinson's specialist at the White House. 

Biden's personal doctor, Kevin O'Connor, broke protocol Monday, releasing a letter explaining why Dr. Kevin Cannard visited the White House eight times in eight months. 

The letter came after a frenzied day of speculation over Biden's ailing health, which has been in question since his disastrous first debate with Donald Trump, with Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre adding fuel Monday by saying the president has seen a neurologist three times. 

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The heads of state and government of all 32 NATO allies will meet at a summit in Washington, July 9-11, to celebrate the Alliance’s 75th birthday. It was scheduled more than a year ago, but, as the date has approached, it increasingly seems like a bad idea.

Of course, nobody could have foreseen current concerns in the American media and political class of President Joe Biden’s travails stemming from his poor debate performance with Donald Trump on June 27. Unfortunately, that story risks squeezing the summit’s achievements off page one.

In public, the 31 non-U.S. NATO leaders will demonstrate their confidence in Mr. Biden’s leadership, vision, and personal staying power for a second term. But in private, some allied leaders will quietly whisper misgivings into the prying ears of the hordes of media hovering at the fringes of the official meetings. This is to be expected, although, faced with a choice, there is overwhelming preference among allied leaders for Mr. Biden as president next year rather than Trump, who has at times been viewed as less than committed to a strong NATO.

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Democratic Congressman Adam Smith is calling for President Joe Biden to step aside from the presidential race so Democrats can defeat Donald Trump in November and said he believes Vice President Kamala Harris would be a better choice. 

Smith is the highest ranking member in the House to go public to date amid questions over the president's fitness to serve a second term after his disastrous debate performance last month.

'President Biden should end his candidacy for a second term as President and release his delegates to the Democratic National Convention to enable the party to nominate a new candidate for President,' Smith said in a statement on Monday afternoon. 

'This must happen as soon as possible to give the new ticket the maximum amount of time to make its case to the American people,' he continued.

Webmaster addition: 

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Donald Trump thinks President Joe Biden won't step aside in November because he has too much of an ego to end his reelection bid and that First Lady Jill Biden is having too much of a 'good time' in the White House to want to leave.

Amid rising calls from lawmakers, donors, strategists and members within the Democratic Party for Biden to withdraw from the race, the president has doubled-down that he won't drop out.

Now the former president is weighing-in on the future of his competitor's campaign and claiming he won't cave to the pressure to withdraw.

'It looks to me like he may very well stay in,' Trump told Fox News host Sean Hannity during his first interview since much of the Democratic Party turned against Biden.

Webmaster addition: My worry is that Biden will come down with a sudden case of Covid-CIA!

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France's radical left-wing coalition has vowed to bring in a 90 per cent tax rate on the rich following their shock election triumph on Sunday.

In a result that caught political commentators by surprise, the New Popular Front (NPF) emerged as the biggest party in the second round of the elections which ended in a  deadlock, gaining 182 seats ahead of President Emmanuel Macron's centrist Ensemble party, on 168.

Marine Le Pen's populist right National Rally (RN), which won the first round of elections on June 30, performed poorly in the second round and only obtained 143 seats.

The NPF appears to be heading for a power struggle with President Macron - as he wants to be free to pick the next Prime Minister himself - against the backdrop of tensions and uncertainty in a country with a long history of political violence.

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First lady Jill Biden on Monday suggested she is not behind President Joe Biden's determination to stay in the 2024 presidential race as the couple goes on the offensive to keep the Democratic party in line.

She also lectured the press corps traveling with her on asking her questions about the president's standing with the party.

'Why are you screaming at me? You know me. Don't scream at me. Just talk,' the first lady said with a smile after she made an unscheduled stop at a coffee shop in Tampa, Fla.

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by Tyler Durden

There's a dark side to 'The Next AI Trade'—at least for some landowners.

Powering up America and upgrading power grids for artificial intelligence data centers, onshoring trends, and the electrification of the economy will require thousands of miles of new transmission lines nationwide. Existing lines will be upgraded, but new lines will also be needed, resulting in the seizure of private property via eminent domain.

"If PSEG and a property owner cannot agree on mutually acceptable value, PSEG may seek to use the power of eminent domain using the process set forth by the state of Maryland to acquire the necessary property rights," the developer's website states.

It's becoming clear that the dark side of powering up America for AI data centers will be land grabs by the government through eminent domain. 

In Maryland's case, residents who do not comply with MPRP will see parts of their farms and forests snatched up for the infrastructure project.

However, the only reason the new transmission line plan exists is because of the so-called state managers in Annapolis, lawmakers, who are truly awful at their jobs. 

The genius in Annapolis waged war on fossil fuels and banned any new development of fossil fuel power plants at a time when power demand is rising.


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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has ordered inspections of 2,600 Boeing 737 airplanes due to concerns related to passenger oxygen masks. Specifically, there have been multiple reports of passenger service unit oxygen generators shifting out of position. This issue could potentially result in an inability to provide supplemental oxygen to passengers during a depressurization event. Boeing issued a bulletin to airlines on June 17, calling for visual inspections.
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The far-right party experienced a significant loss in the French election over the weekend, and officials in both the Israeli and French diplomatic corps are criticizing the conduct of Diaspora Affairs Minister Amichai Chikli during the French election campaign. Ever since French President Macron called a Snap Election, minister Chikli was publicly and vocally in support of Marie Le Pen and her far-right National Rally Party, saying that Le Pen as president would be “excellent for Israel” and adding that Netanyahu was of the same opinion.

However, when it became clear on Sunday that an alliance of left-wing parties had been victorious, Chikli posted on X that the leader of the New Popular Front, Jean-Luc Melenchon, was “the French version of Jeremy Corby, an Israel Hater in heart and soul who refused to condemn the events of October 7 and to call Hamas a terrorist organization.”

As one can imagine, this conduct has damaged Franco/Israeli relations, with one Israeli official characterizing the Diaspora Affairs Minister’s behavior as a “diplomatic bomb.” They took this misstep seriously enough to prompt a response from Foreign Minister Israel Katz that “Israel does not intervene in elections in France and respects French democracy – just as we expect other countries to respect Israeli democracy.”

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President Biden is setting up the next hurdle as he proves he is up for campaigning amid calls by lawmakers for him to step back – submitting to what the White House is now calling a 'big boy' press conference.

The commitment came on a day Biden phone into MSNBC and wrote restive congressional lawmakers seeking to provide assurances that he can beat Donald Trump after his shaky debate performance.

'I guess a big boy press conference, we're calling it, and take some questions from you all,' White House national security spokesman John Kirby called it while discussing Biden's schedule.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre also used the term – which came from a reporter who last week wanted to know the nature of the event. Biden will 'hold a press conference - a big boy press conference,' Jean-Pierre said at the White House while battling questions about Biden's health and cognition.

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Republicans are threatening to shut down a taxpayer-funded program they claim is censoring conservative Americans' freedom of speech. 

The State Department's Global Engagement Center (GEC) directs and coordinates efforts to 'counter foreign propaganda and disinformation.' 

But it has been exposed for giving out taxpayer-funded grant money to organizations currently being sued for First Amendment-related violations, posing freedom of speech and censorship risks according to GOP members of Congress.

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Michael McCaul, R-Texas, is now asking why the taxpayer-funded program should continue.

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