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Iran’s attack on Israel over the weekend was the grimmest proof yet that French President Emmanuel Macron’s diagnosis of the security challenges facing the European Union is correct, Bloomberg reported on April 16 in an article titled “Macron’s Push to Arm Europe Is Getting More Urgent — and More Dangerous.” The French leader’s problem, however, is that he has not yet achieved the support of French voters in the face of his hardline position to escalate a conflict with Russia by sending French troops to Ukraine. On the contrary, he has attracted the antipathy of some allies, both at home and abroad.

Oscillating between peacemaker and provocateur, Macron has shown that he wants to lead the bloc in the Ukraine issue. Only last week, his administration resumed telephone contact with Russia, which, according to Bloomberg, “because the detailed contents of the exchange weren’t made public, turned the overture into an awkward public-relations mess as both sides traded different accounts of the call.”

While Macron claims to want an end to the Ukrainian conflict, after meeting European leaders at the Palace of Versailles earlier this year, he famously refused to rule out the possibility of sending troops to the ground in Ukraine. However, instead of garnering support and dissuading Moscow from conducting any offensives, German and other European allies publicly discarded the idea and thus undermined any ambiguity that had been sown.

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On April 15, US Army Pacific (USARPAC) announced the arrival of one battery (or at least a part of it) to the Philippines where it participated in the Salaknib 24 military exercise. This specific “Typhon” system was sent on April 7 and it belongs to Battery C, 5th Battalion, 3rd Field Artillery Regiment, which is part of the Long Range Fires Battalion assigned to the 1st Multi-Domain Task Force (MDTF) at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington State. Footage shows a single trailer-based containerized launcher towed by a HEMTT (Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck) being loaded on a USAF C-17A Globemaster III transport aircraft from the 62nd Airlift Wing at Joint Base Lewis-McChord and then being unloaded in the Philippines. A “Typhon” battery consists of up to four launchers, a mobile command post and other auxiliary vehicles and equipment. The system also uses the Mk 70 Mod 1 launchers derived from the highly controversial Mk 41 VLS.

Namely, the Mk 41 vertical launch system (VLS) was one of the reasons why the INF Treaty fell apart, which recently led Russia to respond to the US escalation by testing its own previously banned intermediate-range missile. The Mk 41 can fire a plethora of weapons, be it for SAM, ABM or any other system. It’s also part of the “Aegis” air and missile defenses, including its land-based “Aegis Ashore” variant. It can be argued that its most disturbing feature is that it can also fire purely offensive missiles such as the infamous “Tomahawk”. The problem is that there’s no viable way to know what sort of missile is in the VLS and the US has repeatedly refused to allow on-site inspections of its alleged “missile shield” in Eastern Europe. This effectively forced Russia to create countermeasures, particularly in the form of its unrivaled hypersonic missiles. China has a similar problem with such VLS, particularly now that the missiles have been deployed on land.

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King Abdullah of Jordan’s betrayal of the Palestinians is apparent. He’s hated and reviled by his own people. He’s not a Jordanian, he’s a Saudi transplant. Scott Ritter deposes a king.

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Whose decision was it to make an enemy of Iran, an oil and gas-rich state with a population of 80m and most of them young people?

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The Israeli regime’s military has reportedly come up with a new killing tactic, which features its drones playing sounds of crying children and women to lure Palestinians out before opening fire at them.

The Middle East Eye news and analysis website carried the report on Wednesday, citing residents of the Nuseirat refugee camp in the center of the Gaza Strip, which is enduring a genocidal Israeli war.

The locals reported venturing out of their houses to find the source of the sounds before being shot at by the loitering Israeli quadcopters playing them.

"I heard a woman crying and screaming for help, saying, ‘Help me, my son was martyred.’ The sounds were coming from the street and they were bizarre," said Samira Abu al-Leil, a 49-year-old resident of the camp.

“Some men rushed out to the rescue, only to be shot by the quadcopters that kept roaming all night long," she added.

Another resident said that, over the previous three days, there had been at least 12 injuries due to quadcopter fire.

“This morning alone, we rescued six people who were wounded in the neighborhood. The injuries were serious: some were shot directly in the head,” the resident said.

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The United States is reported to be secretly pushing members of the UN Security Council into rejecting Palestine’s bid to become a full member of the world body.

The revelation was reported on Wednesday by The Intercept, an online American news organization, which cited “unclassified US State Department cables” for its report.

Opposing the statehood on the part of the Council’s member states would obviate a US veto of the prospect, the cables showed.

“We…urge you not to support any potential Security Council resolution recommending the admission of ‘Palestine’ as a UN member state, should such a resolution be presented to the Security Council for a decision in the coming days and weeks,” one cable read.

Webmaster addition: This is a violation of the UN charter which recognizes the right of people to self-determination.

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From 'conspiracy theory' to 'cover-up'? Agencies hid 2018 pitch to fund chimeric coronavirus


Published: April 15, 2024 | Image removed.



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More than a dozen federal agencies asked to fund the creation of a "novel chimeric SARS-CoV spike protein" with a highly infectious furin cleavage site, two years before COVID-19 emerged, seem likely to follow the "I don't recall" playbook of the federal government's record-setting pensioner under congressional scrutiny.

The onetime lab-leak "conspiracy" has come full circle with the revelation that 15 federal agencies, from the National Institutes of Health to three Cabinet-level departments and multiple components, could have warned the public as early as 2018 of the research planned by China's Wuhan Institute of Virology and EcoHealth Alliance, its nonprofit conduit for federal funding.

The Rocky Mountain Laboratories (RML), part of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases led by Anthony Fauci for four decades, was even listed as a "partner" for the WIV project known as DEFUSE, for which EcoHealth President Peter Daszak sought funding at an interagency pitch day for the Preventing Emerging Pathogenic Threats program.

That's all according to the top Republican on the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Kentucky's Rand Paul, who asked the 15 agency heads in separate letters Tuesday for more information by April 23 on their "knowledge and involvement" with DEFUSE and PREEMPT.

Claire's Observations; Now that the "smoking gun" has been entered into evidence by Senator Rand Paul (himself an MD), my contempt for those elements our government which let this happen, has reached  a nearly unimaginable depths of contempt.

And the alleged "prevention"?  The MRNA shots have caused a world of hurt, in terms of vascular issues; heart issues; and turbo cancer issues.  And what are those manufacturers, Pfizer and Moderna,  doing to resolve those issues for future shots, recommended or mandated?!?

The bottom line here, folks, is that we do not know, and probably will not know,  because any admission of guilt, would be an admission of culpability for these problems in the first place.


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Update (1530ET): 

"I have serious concerns about the safety of the 787 and 777 aircraft, and I'm willing to take on professional risk to talk about them," Boeing whistleblower Sam Salehpour said in his opening statement on Capitol Hill today at the second Senate committee investigating the plane manufacturer's safety problems. He said when he raised concerns about the 787 Dreamliner, he was "ignored" by the company and "told not to create delays. I was told, frankly, to shut up."

Salehpour warned that the 787 Dreamliner fuselage was improperly put together and that the company "rushed to address the bottlenecks in production." The result, he warned, is "premature fatigue failure" on these planes. He noted, "They are putting out defective airplanes." 

Webmaster addition: Are the military aircraft Boeing sells the US just as defective?!?

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By now, most of the world knows that Iran launched a multi-faceted attack against Israel about 48 hours ago.  The "fallout" from that attack is now becoming frighteningly clear, and it has Defense Experts TERRIFIED.

As the attack was in-progress, Iran undertook a very unusual, and apparently foolish, series of steps.  They announced they had launched drones and then cruise missiles against Israel.  They announced this despite the fact the drones and missiles still had 57 more minutes to travel before reaching their targets!   

Expert Observers thought it very strange - and foolish - that an attacker would give out such information while the very weapons they launched had not yet arrived.  It gave Israel and its allies time to go after those weapons, which they did.

Well . . . it turns out this was not strange or foolish - it was planned.  Iran launched the old dregs of their arsenal!  First generation drones. First generation cruise missiles.  What they launched was the junk they had laying around for years!  Slow moving, loud, junk.  Iran WANTED Israeli defenses to focus on that old junk, and not on what they would fire next: Ballistic Missiles.

Many of the drones simply fell out of the sky from malfunctions.  Others were easily intercepted by fighter jets from Israel, the US, and the UK, with some help from French naval assets in the Mediterranean Sea. 

There was a much-heralded "99% interception success rate" broadcast around the world for all to hear.  Turns out, there's a problem.  A MAJOR problem: Iran's Ballistic Missiles.   A few of them got through.

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A Holy of the Holies was shattered in the Holy Land as Iran staged a quite measured, heavily choreographed response to the Israeli terror attack against its consulate/ambassador residence in Damascus, a de facto evisceration of the Vienna Convention on diplomatic immunity.

This game-changer will directly interfere on how the Anglo-American system manages its simultaneous conflagration with Russia, China and Iran – three top BRICS members.

The key problem is escalations are already built in – and will be hard to remove. The Total Cancel War against Russia; the genocide in Gaza – with its explicit policy masterfully decoded by Prof. Michael Hudson; and the decoupling/shaping the terrain against China won’t simply vanish – as all communication bridges with the Global Majority keep being torched.

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On the night of April 17, the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the close-in support of the NATO military launched attack on the Russian military airfield in the town of Dzhankoi in Crimea. As a result of the attack, several powerful explosions thundered and a large fire broke out in the area.

According to the reports by the local residents, explosions sounded for about an hour. Russian military sources soon revealed important details of the attack.

The airport came under the attack of the US-made MGM-140 ATACMS tactical ballistic missiles. The first explosion sounded at about 3:40 a.m. Moscow time and the attack lasted about an hour.

Webmaster addition: So, NATO is now directly engaged against Russia!

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The ongoing tensions between Iran and Israel have reached a new level of concern as Iran threatens to attack Israel with weapons it has never used before.

“We will confront any Israeli aggression and respond to it,” Amouei told Al-Mayadeen, The New York Post reported. “We are ready to use weapons that we have not used before. We have plans for all scenarios, and we call on the Zionists to act rationally.”

This threat comes as Iran receives military support from Russia, raising the stakes in the already volatile region.

The international community has long been worried about Iran's nuclear capabilities, and this recent development only adds to the uncertainty.

Webmaster addition: I would not be surprised if Israel set off a false-flag nuclear explosion and blamed it on Iran. Think USS Liberty and 9/11.

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The EU needs new leadership as the bloc’s current top officials have proven entirely unsuccessful, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has claimed.

Orban made the comments at the European Parliament on Tuesday as part of a public discussion with Former Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and the leader of the French National Rally party, Fabrice Leggeri.

“Now we have a leadership in the EU with some major projects selected by themselves like green transition, RRF (Recovery and Resilience Facility) policy, migration, war [in Ukraine] and sanctions policy, and they all failed,” Orban said.

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The US Air Force has tested a hypersonic cruise missile in the Pacific for the first time, in what analysts say is a signal to China that Washington still competes in a weapons arena where many perceive Beijing to have a distinct advantage.

On March 17, a B-52 bomber flying out of Andersen Air Force Base on the island of Guam fired “a full prototype operational hypersonic missile,” an Air Force spokesperson confirmed in a statement to CNN.

The test of the hypersonic weapon, officially called the All-Up-Round AGM-183A Air-launched Rapid Response Weapon (ARRW), was conducted at the Reagan Test Site on Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands, almost 1,600 miles (2,600 kilometers) to the east of Guam, the statement said.

Previous ARRW tests have been conducted off the US mainland.

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