"When people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is more tyranny. Apologies to Thomas Jefferson!" -- Michael Rivero

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A senior Joe Biden administration official explained that the Democratic party has no plans to alter its policy of unconditional arms support for Israel. President Biden has provided Israel with billions of dollars in weapons since October 7, including over ten thousand heavy bombs. 

After an internal DNC debate over the party’s plank on arms shipments to Israel, an official explained that President Biden has no plans to change the policy that allows weapons to flow to Tel Aviv with no conditions on how they are used. “The platform will reflect the views of the president of the United States, and cutting aid to Israel is not President Biden’s policy,” the official said.

Over the past nine months, the White House has sent Israel over $6.5 billion in arms, including tens of thousands of bombs. Fourteen thousand of those munitions are massive one-tonne bombs. American-made bombs have contributed to the enormous death toll that has surpassed 38,000.

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After the trial, numerous blogs and armchair detectives suggested she could be innocent in interventions which were largely dismissed as conspiracy theories.

The grieving families of the victims have also spoken of their anguish that anyone would question the verdict or show sympathy to Letby.

However, experts from universities including Edinburgh, Harvard and Bristol, and members of the Royal Statistical Society (RSS) are now questioning the way crucial evidence was presented in court. 

One of the scientists whose paper was cited in the original case has suggested that his work was misinterpreted.

Others have gone as far as to suggest that, rather than being a calculating killer, Letby is a victim of NHS failings. 

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Despite granting him unique access, Whipple told CNN anchor Abby Phillip that control is baked into the DNA of Biden's administration.

"The thing to understand here is that the DNA of this White House is controlling the narrative. And I can tell you, having written a book about it, that this White House is the most battened down, buttoned up, scripted White House in modern history," he alleged.

Not only does the White House control its narrative, but access to Biden is tightly supervised — even for his biographer.

"While I was able to interview in real time almost all of Joe Biden's inner circle, when it came to Biden himself, the deal was: Written answers to written questions," Whipple revealed. "I'd never heard of that before."

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The FBI released a new batch of records about its Capitol Hill uprising investigation on Monday, revealing that investigators identified a “person of interest” in its Jan. 5/6 pipe bombs investigation within days of the incident.

The record about the FBI’s person of interest is a Jan. 10, 2021, report that summarized the bureau’s J6 investigation up to that point. The extremely faded report is difficult to read, but it appears to state: “FBI WF and USCP have identified a person of interest who may be a match to the description of the individual placing the bombs, and continue efforts to identify through surveillance footage.”

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Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) has come under intense pressure from conservative circles to take a stronger stand after he criticized President Joe Biden’s opposition to the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility Act (SAVE Act). This bill aims to amend the National Voter Registration Act by requiring proof of citizenship before registering to vote and purging noncitizens from voter rolls.

The White House issued a statement on Monday, asserting that noncitizens voting in federal elections is already illegal and punishable by prison and fines. The statement argued that states have effective safeguards in place and that the proposed bill would make it harder for eligible Americans to register and increase the risk of eligible voters being purged from the rolls.

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House Oversight Subpoenas Top Biden Handlers To Find Out Who's Running The Country

by Tyler Durden
The House Oversight Committee subpoenaed three top White House aides on Wednesday, and has demanded that they sit for depositions concerning President Joe Biden's health - and who's actually running the country.
Aide Annie Tomasini, who referred to Hunter Biden as a 'brother' in emails, has been subpoenaed.

As Axios reports, Oversight chair James Comer (R-KY) subpoenaed First Lady Jill Biden's top aide Anthony Bernal, deputy chief of staff Annie Tomasini, and senior adviser Ashley Williams, who the outlet described as "low-profile but very influential" inside the White House.

According to Wednesday letters, Comer cites Bernal and Tomasini's access to the first family's residence - which White House residence staff found 'unusual,' as 'political staffers often don't have such access.'According to one former Biden aide, these three employees – Annie Tomasini, Anthony Bernal, and Ashley Williams – have created “a protective bubble around” President Biden and he is “staffed so closely that he’s lost all independence.” -House Oversight Committee

Claire's Observations:  By-di-Bye's decline didn't "just start recently"; signs of these problems actually manifested a number of years ago, but staffers were forbidden to talk about it to anyone, so that the" illusion of his viability", both as President, and now as a candidate for President, remained as untarnished as was humanly possible.

That is, until the debate.... when the world could see what was really happening with this guy, live-streamed in real time.

Every Wednesday, I volunteer for my church at an assisted living facility, with a "locked memory care unit", whose clients I also visit. 

The signs of  By-di-Bye's physical and mental deterioration are unmistakable.   Take a good look at the Mayo Clinic's definition of "lewy body dementia" symptoms, and someone please tell me, with the straightest face you can manage, that I'm lying here about our "Resident in Chief" https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/lewy-body-dementia/symptoms-causes/syc-20352025

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Burger King. Wendy’s. Boston Market. Red Lobster. Popeye’s. Arby’s. Corner Bakery. Carl’s Jr. The list goes on.

On top of being some of the most iconic restaurants in the U.S., what do all of these companies have in common?

According to U.S. Court documents, these brands have all faced bankruptcies over the past year as the “Restaurant Apocalypse” continues to wreak havoc across the nation.

New reports reveal that America’s biggest chains are announcing the closure of thousands of locations right now.

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Imagine a medical school that believes being on time, acting professionally, and displaying individualism is a display of white supremacy. Duke Medical School claims it is "White supremacy culture" to expect people of color to be on time in a strategic plan for creating an "Anti-Racist Workforce."

The medical school states its goal is to "catalyze anti-racist practice through education.” In a 2021 plan titled "Dismantling Racism and Advancing Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the School of Medicine," the guide, which was praised by the school's dean, called out what it deemed "White supremacy culture," with its cherry-picking of being on time, dress code, speech, and work style. It also contains a series of negative terminology concerning white culture.

Webmaster addition: This country has gone nuts!!!!!!!

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Scam Details: The scam targets individuals who file Form 1040. Dishonest preparers file returns where individuals improperly claim IRA credits to offset income tax from sources like wages, Social Security, and retirement account withdrawals. These preparers falsely claim that taxpayers can benefit from purchased clean energy credits. However, most taxpayers do not have passive income and a passive income tax liability, which is necessary to benefit from these credits.
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A city attorney in California has threatened to punish a Target store for repeatedly reporting thefts at the store in the crime-ridden state.

Sacramento City Attorney Susana Alcala Wood's office said the retail store located at 2505 Riverside Blvd. in Land Park will be fined and slapped with a public nuisance charge if it continues to call police when there is a theft at the store.

A person familiar with the incident, who asked not to be identified for fear of reprisal, told The Sacramento Bee that city officials warned that an administrative fine would also be charged.

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by VBL
Tuesday, Jul 09, 2024 - 11:07

The BRICS are definitely pursuing a Gold standard. For the West, this means one thing. If a Western Nation wants to trade with BRICS for certain goods, it needs more gold. If the West does not wish to trade with the BRICS for those items, then they must onshore/friendshore/reshore their supply chains sufficiently in natural resources to obviate the need for the BRICS resources. The question will be: Which is less expensive and less dangerous to do?

-Vincent Lanci

  1. The Currency
  2. The Unit and Technology
  3. The BiS Role
  4. The G7 Problem, Solved With Gold and Silver
  5. The Store of Value
  6. The BRICS Challenge to U.S. Dollar Hegemony
  7. The Three Phase Plan
  8. The End of Dollar Dependency
  9. The National Approach to Internationalism
  10. Related

Abstract: It’s all one thing.

Authored by GoldFix ZH Edit

Given the following realities; the BRICS and those that wish to trade with them must go on a gold standard in part or in whole. Why?

It’s all about supply chains and payment chains. The US must rebuild supply chains to remain self-sufficient in certain commodities or it must trade with the BRICS on the BRICS terms. And that means with Gold in hand.

Claire's Observations:  This move by the BRICS countries, is going to change damn near everything economically.   

Rather than try to squelch it militarily, (something it loves to do when it can, like in Libya, where Ghadaffi  was about to issue a gold-backed Dinar before he was assassinated), the US government had damned well better chug a couple of huge glasses of "get over it", and figure out how they are going to deal with this new reality.

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For the first time in decades, the United States now has at least three new nuclear weapons making their way toward service, including a new long-range air-launched nuclear cruise missile, a powerful new nuclear bomb, and the nation's first new ICBM — or intercontinental ballistic missile — since the 1970s.

But these aren't the only new nuclear weapons to emerge in recent years... And the truth is, America's global adversaries have a number of new weapons of their own.

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Tauber said in his deposition: “Generally speaking, we burned four or five corpses at a time in one muffle, but sometimes we charged a greater number of corpses. It was possible to charge up to eight ‘muselmanns’ [Camp slang for emaciated inmates]. Such big charges were incinerated without the knowledge of the head of the crematorium during air-raid warnings in order to attract the attention of airmen by having a bigger fire emerging from the chimney. We imagined that in that way it might be possible to change our fate.”[3]

As is common knowledge and has been pointed out many times, crematorium chimneys do not emit flames. It is also impossible to push eight corpses into a cremation muffle whose door is just two feet wide and two feet high. And apart from that, before Tauber and his co-workers would have been able to push eight corpses into each muffle and get a huge blaze going, any plane of whose approach they claim to have heard would have long since flown away. Such testimonies are, to use Pressac’s words, “nothing but downright lies and pure invention.”[4]

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The US will station long-range missiles in Germany from 2026 onwards, the governments of both countries have announced. These weapons, including the SM-6 and Tomahawk systems, were banned on the continent until Washington tore up a landmark Cold War-era treaty in 2019.

According to a joint statement published by the White House, the US will “begin episodic deployments of the long-range fires capabilities of its Multi-Domain Task Force in Germany in 2026, as part of planning for enduring stationing of these capabilities in the future.”

The statement was released following talks between American and German officials at NATO’s annual summit in Washington on Wednesday.

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George Stephanopoulos was threatened with being taken off air if he didn't clarify his position on Joe Biden's ability to serve another four years.

The ABC host gave his blunt assessment of the president's performance in a brief interview when he was ambushed on Tuesday.

Biden's television interview with the former White House Press Secretary on Friday followed a disastrous debate performance last month

Stephanopoulos, 63, appeared to quickly regret his off-the-cuff remark and offered a statement of regret.'Earlier today I responded to a question from a passerby. I shouldn't have,' he said.  ABC News issued their own statement, saying, 'George expressed his own point of view and not the position of ABC News.

Claire's Observations:  Welcome to your "Truth is the first casualty of war" moment, sir:  but the question now is, given the official position of your "Corporate Masters" on Biden's "viability" as a Presidential Candidate, how will any of your viewers be able to trust anything you say on any topic henceforward?!?

I do hope your attorneys have conjured a beautiful "Golden Parachute" deal for you, when you leave the station; my gut is telling me you may well need it far sooner than you thought it would be necessary.

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At 11 ½ months old (12/07/06) – DtaP and Influenza.  Immediately Josh’s head started shaking again and it looked like he was just “drugged out” all the time.  He was always tired, but he would stay up ALL night.  It was crazy… back to living in Hell… Judge shows, Animal Planet, and Mountain Dew became my best friends.

Josh was also SICK all the time. He was always on antibiotics for ear infections and would always have to take 2 rounds – and sometimes even another after that of a different kind because the first 2 didn’t work.  It was so sad to see him. He stopped talking as much.  It’s like the words he had learned were gone.

At 14 months old (3/14/07) Josh received the MMR and Pneumococcal conj. Red cheeks again…

At 15 months old (4/16/07), Josh received Varicella, Hep A, and hib b.

At 18 months old (6/18/07), Josh received DTaP.  His words COMPLETELY STOPPED.  It’s like my son is locked up in a box.

On 10/17/07, Josh received his Hep A shot. Where is my son? Where are his words?  It was like he was out in a great big world and lost.

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The US is taking advantage of the NATO summit to advance nuclear measures in domestic politics. In a recent statement, the Department of Defense announced that it will continue its project to develop a new Sentinel intercontinental ballistic missile, despite the exponential increase in costs. The Congress approved the proposal despite its highly irresponsible nature. The goal is to improve US nuclear capabilities in the current security crisis.

The Sentinel program is expected to replace all of the country’s outdated Minuteman III nuclear missiles. The project’s costs are currently estimated at 140 billion dollars, an 81% increase in cost expectations compared to the program’s first assessment. The Pentagon had previously promised to spend just 77 billion dollars on the production of the new missiles, but evaluators now say the project will cost nearly twice that.

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Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) announced on July 10 that it had foiled a Ukrainian plot to sabotage the country’s only aircraft carrier and another aimed at assassinating senior military officials.

In a statement, the agency said that Kiev’s intelligence service began plotting a “terrorist attack” on the heavy aircraft cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov last March. The large vessel was docked in the port city of Murmansk in northern Russia at the time.

The plot began when a Ukrainian agent using the alias “Oleg” contacted an unnamed Russian naval officer serving on the vessel, according to the FSB. During that conversation, Oleg exerted “psychological pressure” on the officer to convince him to stage a terrorist attack.

This included threats to prosecute him on trumped-up charges of financing the Ukrainian military. The naval officer was promised a large sum of money and was told that he could flee abroad using forged documents after the sabotage, the statement said.

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George Stephanopoulos was threatened with being taken off air if he didn't clarify his position on Joe Biden's ability to serve another four years.

The ABC host gave his blunt assessment of the president's performance in a brief interview when he was ambushed on Tuesday.

The former Bill Clinton aide was asked on the street in Manhattan if Biden should step down and responded: 'I don't think he can serve four more years'.

Biden's interview with the former White House press secretary on Friday followed a disastrous debate performance on June 27.

ABC News' star anchor George Stephanopoulos apologized after giving his blunt assessment of Joe Biden's performance in their blockbuster interview Friday

ABC News' star anchor George Stephanopoulos apologized after giving his blunt assessment of Joe Biden's performance in their blockbuster interview Friday

Biden's television interview with the former White House Press Secretary on Friday followed a disastrous debate performance last month

Stephanopoulos, 63, appeared to quickly regret his off-the-cuff remark and offered a statement of regret.

'Earlier today I responded to a question from a passerby. I shouldn't have,' he said. 

ABC News issued their own statement, saying, 'George expressed his own point of view and not the position of ABC News.'

What the two statements didn't reveal was the crisis Stephanopoulos' nine words kicked off at the highest level of the major network

Claire's Observations:  Well, George, welcome to your "Truth is the first casualty of war" moment; if you EVER think your ratings numbers make you "bullet-proof" in terms of your getting canned, they do not, if you don't strictly adhere to the propaganda lines being consistently spewed by  your corporate masters, courtesy of THEIR "corporate masters".

But now, HOW do you couch By-di-Bye's obvious mental and physical deterioration when you speak of him on-air?!?  Will every statement and breath have to be scripted to support the corporate line?!?  And having seen what they have seen, with his mental self-immolation during  the debate, how can your viewers ever trust you on any topic you discuss ever again?!?

That, sir, is the big question you may want to consider.  I hope your attorneys negotiated one hell of a "golden parachute" upon your leaving the station; at 63, you may well need it far sooner than you anticipated you would.

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Israel's Hannibal Directive, US-Russia Relations, and the Ukraine Conflict: Uncovering the Truth

Did Israel's military really sacrifice its own citizens to prevent Hamas from taking captives? Join us as we uncover the shocking revelations from the Haaretz report on Israel's controversial Hannibal Directive. Aaron Maté shares his intense confrontation with a former IDF spokesperson on Piers Morgan's show, exposing the deep moral contradictions within the Israeli military's actions. We also explore the broader implications for Israeli society and Prime Minister Netanyahu's silence in this critical moment.

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Democratic California senators continue to alter bipartisan legislation that is aimed at punishing people who buy sex from minors.

KCRA reports that California State Sen. Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) authored legislation, Senate Bill 1414, in February that would strengthen the punishment of people who buy sex from minors. She proposed that soliciting prostitution from a minor should be punished as a felony, instead of a misdemeanor, as it currently is.

Democrats, however, have made multiple alterations to the bill to soften the punishments for the offender.

While the original bill specified that anyone who solicited a person 17 years of age or younger should be punished, Sen. Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley), under the Senate Public Safety Committee, changed the bill to apply to anyone who solicited minors 15 or younger.

This change occurred even though the age of consent in California is 18 years.

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