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According to a source within Customs and Border Protection, Border Patrol agents in the Tucson Sector have been exclusively relegated to processing and caring for the wave of migrants crossing into the sector in recent days. Facing overcrowding at migrant processing facilities in the sector, the source says most non-essential details have been eliminated to re-direct all Border Patrol agents to the task of accommodating the overwhelming number of migrants in custody.

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I didn’t realize MAGA was a Canadian thing to. But then again This is the same guy who called Truckers Nazi. 

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Is it sundown for the US commercial real estate market?

According to Trepp, the volume of CMBS delinquency increased 49.4% during 10 months through October.

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Pennsylvania voters are doubting the integrity of local elections in the swing county of Northampton after issues with touchscreen voting devices arose on the most recent Election Day. The glitches were similar to those seen in the county’s 2019 judges race.

Election officials are scrambling to ensure trust in the voting system as voters and local leaders alike are sounding the alarm, a Saturday Politico report revealed.

Northampton used Election Systems & Software touchscreen machines for the first time in 2019 and saw a “programming glitch” that caused a significant “undercount” of votes in the local judge’s race, the publication reported. Then, on November 7, 2023, suspicion grew when voters discovered that their printouts meant to confirm their votes on the devices did not match their choices for two down-ballot judges races.

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At least 99 infections and two deaths have been linked to a salmonella outbreak stemming from recalled cantaloupes, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced Friday.

As of Sunday, there have been ​​45 hospitalizations across 32 states as the CDC actively investigates the spread.

The health agency reported that the recall spans across whole cantaloupes that “might” display stickers saying “Malichita” or “Rudy,” with the number “4050,” and “Product of Mexico/produit du Mexique.”

The recalls also include pre-cut cantaloupes in packages or other fruit mixes from the Freshness Guaranteed, RaceTrac, and Vinyard brands, as well as from the grocery store Aldi.

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The Russian authorities are in talks to establish military bases in Libya, Bloomberg reports.

According to the report, the deal has been negotiated following a meeting between Russian President, Vladimir Putin, and Khalifa Haftar, Libya’s eastern military commander, in Moscow in late September 2023.

The report says Russia may be given docking rights for its warships, most likely at the port city of Tobruk, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

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Females and young adults are at an increased risk of suffering from side effects after COVID-19 vaccinations. People who take three doses as compared to two may present different side effects, a Japanese study finds.

The study published on Scientific Reports in November studied 272 hospital employees who received the Pfizer vaccine as a second dose between January to June 2022.

None of the participants had a prior history of COVID-19 infection, and all of their symptoms were examined and diagnosed by doctors at the hospital.

They found "higher frequencies of COVID-19 vaccine-related side effects" and "worse outcomes with longer recovery from side effects" among females and younger adults compared to males and elderly adults, the authors wrote.

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More than 100,000 Chinese nationals have migrated into the United States since 2021, and the federal government is doing little to block them or to send them home, the New York Times reported on November 24.

“When [President Joe] Biden and Mr. Xi met last week during an international summit in San Francisco, for instance, immigration was absent in their discussion,” the newspaper reported:

Instead, they talked about fentanyl, American business investment in China and export controls, among other topics.

In the past, American diplomats have tried to work with the Chinese government to persuade it to repatriate its citizens, and the response has tended to be the same.

“They would just plain refuse to acknowledge the person was Chinese,” said Michele Thoren Bond, a former assistant secretary of state who worked on these issues. “It is not credible that a country that documents and monitors its citizens as closely as China does not have photos of every citizen,” Ms. Bond added.

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If you are wondering why so many Americans are stressed about their finances these days, just look at the numbers.  The Social Security Administration just released national wage statistics for 2022, and the figures that they have given us do not paint a pretty picture at all. 

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More BIG stores are doing the same thing!

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Residents of the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) were shocked early this week when illegal aliens who got in line before they did for free Thanksgiving dinners given away by local food banks left many low-income citizens without a holiday meal this year.

Reports say that residents of the NYCHA were told when to line up for their turkey dinner and fixings delivery, but when they arrived at the appointed time, they found hundreds of illegals already at the head of the line, according to WNYW-TV.

Queensbridge Housing resident Georgia Butler, for one, was disgusted after losing out to illegals at this year’s food bank give away and noted that illegals were first in line

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Ahead of the highly-anticipated 2024 presidential election, more than 23 million immigrants to the United States who now have naturalized American citizenship are eligible to cast ballots, new analysis reveals.

The left-wing American Immigration Council released the analysis recently, giving a glimpse into the electoral power that the nation’s annual importation of more than a million legal immigrants has given to naturalized citizens.

“As more immigrants naturalize and become eligible to vote, they continue to gain political power,” the analysis states. “The number of immigrant voters is only projected to rise in the next decade, and in some states, foreign-born voters are already capable of deciding elections.”

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Hostilities have raged in the Middle East since Hamas launched a large-scale surprise attack on Israel from the Gaza Strip on October 7. The Jewish state responded with indiscriminate retaliatory strikes and a complete blockade of Gaza.

On Sunday, Hamas militants released a video showing them handing over a third group of hostages to Red Cross officials inside the Gaza Strip, in accordance with a temporary cease-fire agreement between the Palestinian militant group and Israel.

Moreover, Diaa Rashwan, the head of the Egyptian government's press office, stated that at least 120 trucks carrying humanitarian aid had entered Gaza. He added that the trucks carrying fuel and cooking gas were heading to northern Gaza in coordination with the UN and the Palestinian Red Crescent Society.

In a separate development, US President Joe Biden stated that the White House's goal is to extend the humanitarian pause in Gaza to allow for the safe release of hostages and more aid to civilians in the strip.

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Report: Thermonuclear lawsuit launched. Is Elon Musk about destroy Globalist Parasite George Soros?

Elon Musk’s Battle for Free Speech Against Soros-Backed Media Matters

In a bold move to champion freedom of speech, Elon Musk’s X Corp. (formerly Twitter) has launched a lawsuit against Media Matters for America, a liberal watchdog group financially backed by the controversial globalist figure George Soros. This action symbolizes a significant stand against what many see as an orchestrated effort by global elites to control public discourse.

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Kennedy claims that Gates strategically utilizes his donations to organizations like the WHO, gaining control and influencing global health policies, while simultaneously profiting from the vaccines distributed through these initiatives. 

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TD Cowen lowered its U.S. holiday spending estimate due to flat Black Friday traffic, and early discounts diminished the urgency of traditional holiday sales.

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 Hundreds of New York City high school students participated in a chaotic demonstration protesting against a teacher who publicly supported Israel, according to the New York Post.

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 North Virginia doctor Siavash Sobhani stated he was in “shock” after a State Department official allegedly told him his U.S. citizenship was stripped over a bureaucratic reason, according to The Washington Post.

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When we look around the world, we see a world on fire and tensions at an all time high. Thousands of innocent civilians murdered in Israel on Oct. 7th by the savage Hamas terrorists.
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The mother of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, Carolyn Pawlenty, spoke out Saturday after her son was stabbed in federal prison.
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This substantial increase in gun ownership underscores the enduring significance of firearms in American households, signaling a noteworthy shift in the country’s dynamics over the past decade.

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Troubles with electronic voting machines in a key county of an important swing state have many voters and officials worried about the reliability of the coming 2024 elections.

According to reports, voters in Northampton County in Pennsylvania have now experienced at least two elections when voting machines glitched on them, and many are calling for answers ahead of the contentious 2024 elections.

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The Appellate Division of the Fourth Judicial Department has reversed the outcome of a legal challenge that struck down Gov. Kathy Hochul's Rule 2.13 "Isolation and Quarantine Procedures" for violating the individual rights of New Yorkers.

The case of Borrello, Lawler, Tague, Uniting NYS v. Hochul appears to now be dead in the water, meaning the state of New York is now free to force anyone into quarantine for any reason at all, including things that have absolutely nothing to do with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

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Is it time to declare the Disney brand dead?

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An intriguing shift is observed among almost a third of millionaires in the U.S., who now identify themselves as part of the middle class, according to MoneyWise. A Bloomberg study further reveals that 25% of America’s “regular rich,” earning at least $175,000 annually, perceive themselves as “very poor,” “poor,” or “getting by but things are tight.” This surprising self-assessment raises questions about the sustainability of such economic dynamics.

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