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 Fifth-graders at a Long Island, New York, middle school got an assignment Monday — the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks — that led to the teacher's removal from the classroom.

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 Susanna Gibson, a candidate for the Virginia statehouse who solicited money from people online for her to perform sex acts on video with her husband, may have violated Virginia’s prostitution law, two attorneys in the state told The Daily Wire.

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Posted on: Sep 16 12:53

 The 2024 Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Homeland Threat Assessment highlighted numerous aspects of the failed policies from President Joe Biden and his administration.

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 Under President Joe Biden, the United States Military is far behind its top adversaries — Russia and communist China — in having hypersonic missiles ready for combat use.

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 President Joe Biden faced backlash online Thursday afternoon after a video of him went viral saying that the “workers without high school diplomas” in the U.S. are “African American and Hispanic workers.”

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 Dove is facing backlash, including from X owner Elon Musk, after it was revealed that the company was partnering in a “fat liberation” campaign with a Black Lives Matter Activist accused of wrecking a white female student’s life with uncorroborated accusations.

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 Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm blamed her “fantastic young staff” for blocking an electric vehicle charging station with a gas-powered vehicle earlier this summer, which reportedly resulted in a young family calling the police.

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Hundreds of illegal immigrants were released on a street in San Diego, California on Thursday. Three unmarked white buses pulled up along 30th Street near the Iris Avenue Trolley Station and let them loose. According to reports, some of the illegals released in San Diego were from China, Pakistan, and even the Republic of Georgia!

One of the illegals asked a border patrol agent, “Is it ok if I go to Chicago, no arrest?” The Border Patrol agent replied, “You are free to go.”

Many of these illegals are military-aged men, which will guarantee a surge in crimes like theft and assault.

“These are Biden’s buses, not Texas,” Fox News reporter Bill Melugin said.

Posted on: Sep 16 12:27

Female long-haul trucker Maybi Izquierdo said she spent her birthday in jail last year after using her gun to defend herself at home against an aggressive male roommate. 

One year later, her case in California has been dismissed, and she’s reflecting on how the Second Amendment helped protect her from violence and the unexpected. 

"I think I cried," Izquierdo told Fox News Digital of her Sept. 25, 2022 arrest. "I wanted to talk to my mom. I wanted to talk to my dad … and let them know what happened."

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Kiev Mayor Vitaly Klitschko on Friday ordered the closure of 74 churches belonging to the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC), citing its alleged “direct ties” to the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Klitschko’s decree is similar to that used to seize the Kiev Pechersk Lavra, or Monastery of the Caves, which Ukrainian police stormed last month. The world-famous holy site, which is nearly 1,000 years old, was handed over to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, a rival organization set up by the government in 2018.

The Lavra is technically state property but the church administered it under a 2013 agreement, which Kiev declared null and void earlier this year, claiming that the UOC violated it by having ties to “enemy nation” Russia. Ukrainian courts rejected the UOC’s appeals.

Posted on: Sep 16 12:19

As the investment world still comes to grips with the Fitch Ratings decision to downgrade the U.S. debt rating, here’s an eye-popping statistic: the U.S. government’s debt will rise by $5.2 billion — every single day for the next decade.

That’s according to the latest missive from Bank of America strategist Michael Hartnett, in which he references Congressional Budget Office projections to come up with the number.

Importantly, debt is set to grow much faster than the broader economy. On the CBO’s numbers, the debt held by the public will reach 118.9% of GDP by 2033, up from 98.2% this year.

Hartnett says central banks are still in the business of bailing out Wall Street, and governments are very much in the business of bailing out Main Street. “Ultimately policy destination is yield curve control across G7 once next recession provokes fiscal policy panic and ever high government default risk,” he says.

Posted on: Sep 16 12:18

People are calling out Democrat lies after more footage of the January 6 protestors surfaced Friday:

“Years in prison for walking through your own house as law enforcement looks on,” said one X user.

Another X user slammed people supporting the official narrative: “Anyone who believes these people were going to overthrow and take control of the government should be ridiculed and banished from public discourse.”

Posted on: Sep 16 12:15

Democratic Colorado Gov. Jared Polis has issued an executive order directing state-run facilities to “phase out” the use of gas-powered lawn care equipment.

When Democrats say they aren’t looking to take something away from you, it is a sure sign that they are indeed looking to take something away from you. Maybe not right now. But it’s coming. And gas-powered anything is high on that list.

Polis signed his executive order on Wednesday, saying that his goal is to “reduce air pollution” and “advance water conservation.”

The order directs state departments to “phase out [the] use of gas-powered push and hand-held lawn and garden equipment with internal combustion engines” by June 1, 2025.

“By phasing out this equipment, the state will improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Electric yard equipment is also much quieter and less expensive to operate,” Polis’ office said in a news release.

Webmaster addition: And how do you generate enough electricity to recharge all these devices? Oil and gas fired power plants!

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 A new video shows Border Patrol releasing hundreds of illegal migrants onto the streets of San Diego.

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Posted on: Sep 16 12:12

 The education center founded at Boston University by leftist academic and Critical Race Theory proponent Ibram X. Kendi will be firing staffers, according to a new report.

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Posted on: Sep 16 12:12

 The federal government spent nearly two billion dollars of taxpayer money on promoting COVID vaccination around the world, according to a new report from the U.S. Agency for International Development. 

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Posted on: Sep 16 12:10

 A Pennsylvania school board voted last week to renew the contract of a male trans-identifying tennis coach after he was accused of changing in the girls’ locker room near students.

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Posted on: Sep 16 12:10

 TikTok was slapped with a $370 million fine by the European Union Friday for mishandling children’s privacy data on the social media app.

Posted on: Sep 16 12:09

From pushing radical gender ideology onto kids, to throwing their weight behind an emerging field known as “fat liberation,” Dove — which is owned by the British-company Unilever — is making waves for all the wrong reasons.

Posted on: Sep 16 12:09

Russell Brand has been accused of rape, sexual assault and abuse, according to a joint investigation by the Sunday Times of London, the Times and Channel 4 Dispatches — and one of his accusers was allegedly 16 years old at the time.

Brand had earlier posted a preemptive video denying the allegations on YouTube and Twitter, previously known as X, without mentioning the outlets by name.

This is a developing story. Please check back for updates.

Webmaster addition: I am calling BULL BISCUITS on this one. I worked with Russell on "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and he came across as a very nice guy. This looks like another smear job against a conservative icon!

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While Russian forces continue to methodically eliminate the Ukrainian infantry formations and armored vehicles that Kiev continues to throw at them as part of the so-called “counteroffensive,” some Ukrainian units end up being destroyed before they even reach the frontline.

A short video released by the Russian Ministry of Defense online depicts the moment when a Russian precision strike takes out a temporary deployment area occupied by Ukrainian troops in the Kherson region.

It was not immediately clear exactly what type of ordnance was used to execute this strike.

Posted on: Sep 16 12:06

The special military operation zone recently witnessed the power of the Krasukha-S4 self-propelled electronic warfare (EW) system, as showcased in footage released by the Russian MoD. How does this system work and how effective is it? Sputnik explains.

What's Krasukha Needed For?

The Krasukha-S4 is created to render spy satellites, ground-based radars, and airborne systems completely ineffective. It achieves this by generating jamming signals that target core radar frequencies and other radio-emitting sources.

The main purpose of the Krasukha system is to protect command posts, troops and air defenses from aerial reconnaissance and high-precision weapons. The EW system closely interacts with air defense systems, which destroy an enemy object after receiving its location from Krasukha-S4.

In addition, the system successfully engages unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) flying at extremely low altitudes. Krasukha's software and hardware systems have the ability to disrupt a drone's on-board equipment, effectively rendering the UAV blind and helpless. This forces the aircraft to climb to higher altitudes, placing it within the reach of the Russian air defenses, which then annihilate the target.

Posted on: Sep 16 12:05

The US overestimated its capabilities when trying to undermine Russia and China's economies, the Columbia University economist told Sputnik's New Rules podcast.

Sanctions have failed to bring Russia to its knees, as the nation's economy has proved to be far more resilient than Western policymakers ever imagined.

Back in March-February 2022 they projected that a bunch of restrictions would be effectively a knockout punch against the Russian economy, that they would bring military production to a halt and that they could even potentially cause mass political unrest. None of that has materialized. Why did Western analysts get Russia so wrong?

"When it comes to Russia, the idea that this would be some kind of a 'knockout blow' for the conflict in Ukraine was utterly naive and predictably a failure," renowned economist and Columbia University Professor Jeffrey Sachs told Sputnik. "But I think the Russian economy also was clearly vastly underestimated. And what the West gets wrong on all aspects of the Ukraine crisis is that the world is not united with the West. The West is just a small part of the world. Most of the world wants to stay clear of this crisis."

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The White House is promoting President Joe Biden’s mass marijuana pardon and scheduling review directive as part of a “Fight for Our Freedom” campaign meant to “mobilize young people” as next year’s election approaches.

A factsheet about the campaign that the administration published on Thursday contains a section dedicated to the president’s cannabis reform actions from late last year titled, “Addressing a Failed Approach to Marijuana.”

“The criminalization of marijuana possession has upended too many lives—for conduct that is now legal in many states,” it says. “While white, Black and brown people use marijuana at similar rates, Black and brown people are more likely to be in jail for it.”

The youth outreach campaign will involve a college tour featuring Vice President Kamala Harris that begins at Hampton College on Thursday. The vice president will visit a total of seven colleges across the country over the next month, though its unclear if she will explicitly tout the administration’s cannabis reform actions on campuses.

Webmaster addition: What a great campaign slogan! "Vote for Biden and we'll let you get stoned!"

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Oregon has taken an unprecedented step in offering psilocybin, also known as magic mushrooms, to the public. Epic Healing Eugene - America's first licensed psilocybin service center - opened in June, marking Oregon's unprecedented step in offering the mind-bending drug to the public. The center now has a waitlist of more than 3,000 names, including people with depression, PTSD or end-of-life dread.

No prescription or referral is needed, but proponents hope Oregon's legalization will spark a revolution in mental health care. Clients do not need to live in Oregon to access psilocybin services but must be 21 years of age or older, said the state's Oregon Psilocybin Services. A preparation session must be completed with a licensed facilitator, the agency said.

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Following the 2008 global financial crisis, the Federal Reserve created trillions of dollars to ease financial conditions and keep banks afloat. Many economists predicted record inflation would result. But Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke pulled an ace out of his sleeve. He paid banks to park much of that money at the Fed and limit its inflationary effects.

That victory was evanescent, and now the bill is coming due for the Fed’s quarantining almost $6 trillion to keep a lid on inflation.

The multitrillion-dollar corner that the Fed painted itself into is a now costing $275 billion annually, more than the Treasury spent on all veterans’ benefits and services last fiscal year. And it’s going to get worse.

Paying interest on reserves "sterilized" the money because any cash kept at the Fed was not being lent out by banks, and therefore wasn’t multiplying as it normally would through fractional reserve banking. But the inflationary pressure from Congress’ deficit spending has put the Bernanke model of sterilizing money on steroids.

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Earlier this week, after we exposed the Pentagon’s woke gender-pronoun policy for the top joint military awards and the ensuing political firestorm it caused, the Pentagon issued a “clarification.”

But here’s the problem: The clarification only confirms our worst fears and raises other related questions.

This issue isn’t going away anytime soon.

On Sept. 1, we exposed the little-noticed update to the Defense Department’s “Manual of Military Decorations and Awards: DOD Joint Decorations and Awards.” The change, effective Aug. 7, required the six top joint awards to use the nonsensical and grammatically incorrect word “themself” instead of the pronouns “himself” or “herself” for each award. 

Our post went viral, for obvious reasons, and members of Congress took note.

On the day of our post, Rep. Mike Gallagher, R-Wis., posted a scathing response on X, formerly known as Twitter, stating that “the Pentagon has once again chosen to waste time and resources on wokeness instead of warfighting.” He accurately called the new policy “insane” and called on Congress to ensure that the Pentagon is focused on “lethality, not pronouns.”

On Sept. 8, Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., wrote a public letter to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, which both poked fun at the Pentagon’s misguided priorities and demanded answers to some very legitimate questions.

Posted on: Sep 16 11:48

Susanna Gibson, a candidate for the Virginia statehouse who solicited money from people online for her to perform sex acts on video with her husband, may have violated Virginia’s prostitution law, two attorneys in the state told The Daily Wire.

Virginia law states that “any person who, for money or its equivalent … engages in sexual intercourse” or other sexual acts with another person “is guilty of prostitution, which is punishable as a Class 1 misdemeanor.”

Shawn M. Cline, a former prosecutor and defense attorney in Virginia Beach who represents people charged with sex crimes, said in his view it’s a “chargeable offense.”

“The statute is very clear, you cannot for money or its equivalent perform sex acts,” Cline told The Daily Wire. “It doesn’t matter who’s paying for the act, if it’s an observer or the recipient. You can’t receive money.”

“It would definitely be a chargeable offense,” Cline said.

In the videos that were initially streamed on Chaturbate, Gibson states that she’s raising money for a “good cause,” and asks viewers to send her “tokens” to perform certain sex acts or even to urinate on camera. “Y’all can watch me pee if you tip me and some tokens,” Gibson can be heard saying in the graphic videos. “Again, I’m raising money for a good cause.”

The website of the law firm ScrofanoLaw, which defends Virginians charged with sex crimes, says “Virginia is among the most stringent states when it comes to prosecuting prostitution crimes” and that “the definition of prostitution, according to § 18.2-346 of the Virginia Law Code applies to any person who, for money or its equivalent, agrees to participate in sexual acts.”

Posted on: Sep 16 11:46

A Pennsylvania school board voted last week to renew the contract of a male trans-identifying tennis coach after he was accused of changing in the girls’ locker room near students.

The Gettysburg Area School District school board voted 6-2 on Tuesday last week to renew tennis coach David Yates’ contract for the fall season after weeks of controversy, Penn Live reported. One school board member was absent from the vote.

Yates has been the district’s tennis coach, coaching both the girls’ and boys’ tennis teams since 2018. He said he began transitioning from living as male to female in 2021.

A year ago in September, Gettysburg High School principal Jeremy Lusk gave Yates a letter outlining several “concerns” and emphasizing that it is “imperative to maintain professional boundaries,” according to Penn Live.

Webmaster addition:

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