"Corporations have taken over the government and turned it against its own people." -- Ralph Nader, The Progressive magazine, April 2000, p39

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NASA and Boeing aren’t letting a little thing like a helium leak or a design flaw rain on their parade. They’re pushing full steam ahead with the June 1 launch of the Starliner capsule, ready to send astronauts to space for the first time in this shiny new spacecraft.

Sure, they had to postpone the original launch date due to the leak and an issue with the Atlas V rocket, but Boeing’s VP Mark Nappi isn’t sweating it. “We know we can manage this [leak], so this is really not a safety of flight issue,” he said with a confident grin.

And yeah, they found a design vulnerability that could maybe possibly prevent the deorbit burn needed to bring the crew home safely, but the chances of that happening are like 0.77%. NASA’s Steve Stich pointed out that they’ve flown with small helium leaks before, so it’s no biggie.

Webmaster addition: Given Boeing's recent track record, I would not take the chance.

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The Democratic National Committee (DNC) finds itself in hot water after Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein revealed a job listing for an “Independent & Third Party Project Manager,” seemingly aimed at undermining third-party candidates in the 2024 election. The revelation has sparked accusations of the DNC attempting to infiltrate and sabotage their competition, highlighting the growing concern among Democrats about the impact of third-party candidates on President Joe Biden’s re-election prospects.

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Former FBI agent Steve Friend alleges in the new documentary film “Capitol Punishment 2: The War on Truth” that the agency’s use of SWAT raids against January 6 defendants is unnecessary and intended to inflict pain.

“The punishment is the process. My job, from my perspective, is to protect the innocent from the bully,” he told filmmakers. “The FBI’s become the bully, and I need to stand up against that. Why are we using a tactical team, even if it’s felony?”

“The person has told us that he will cooperate with us. And we’re going to reward that two years later by sending a BearCat into his front yard at 6 o’clock in the morning,” Friend stated.

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Infowars founder Alex Jones has just released a firsthand account of a gas station telling users there is now a “fueling limit” on what can be withdrawn for their car, all for the sake of “carbon rules.”

“I read about this two years ago in a BlackRock ESG,” said Jones Monday at a gas pump in Austin, Texas. “I just pulled in here to get gas.”

Jones then pointed the camera at the pump monitor that said “Fueling Limit = $74.00”.

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 by Dave DeCamp 

The White House on Monday appeared to justify the Israeli strike on displaced Palestinians in Rafah that hit a tent camp and killed at least 45 people, including many women and children.

In a statement on the massacre, a White House National Security spokesperson called it “heartbreaking” but also said Israel had the “right” to go after Hamas and backed Israeli claims that the strike also killed two Hamas fighters.

“The devastating images following the IDF strike in Rafah last night that killed dozens of innocent Palestinians are heartbreaking,” the spokesperson said, according to CNN. “Israel has a right to go after Hamas, and we understand this strike killed two senior Hamas terrorists who are responsible for attacks against Israeli civilians.”

According to Doctors Without Borders, the Israeli strike hit a camp in western Rafah that was designated a so-called “safe zone” by the Israeli military. Gaza’s Health Ministry said the dead included at least 12 women, eight children, and three elderly people.

Another three bodies were burned beyond recognition. Footage that surfaced online showed large fires in the camp and severely burned corpses being pulled out. One video showed a man holding the body of a headless child.

Axios reported that the US is assessing whether or not the massacre crossed President Biden’s “red line,” although it’s not clear if he really set one. After Biden warned he would withhold heavy bombs from Israel if it launched a major attack on “population centers” in Rafah, the US ended up supporting the Israeli attack on the city.

After Israel initially claimed the Rafah massacre was a targeted attack, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called it a “tragic mistake” and said Israel would investigate the strike. Israeli officials have previously claimed they would investigate civilian casualties, but there’s usually no follow-up, and the US appears to be happy to stay ignorant of Israeli war crimes.

Claire's Observations:  A message to the White House;  there is NO JUSTIFICATION for genocide, period, end of discussion!!!

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The Grayzone's Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate discuss the latest example of hypocrisy in the Biden admin's approach to Ukraine and Gaza.

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Webmaster addition: Translated from the Greek source.

The West and the US are preparing to move all microchip production out of Taiwan before China begins its invasion of the island.

ASML and Taiwan Semiconductor (TSMC) have ways to disable the world's most sophisticated microchip manufacturing machines in case China invades Taiwan, according to sources cited by Bloomberg on condition of anonymity.

The microchips manufactured are used in the field of artificial intelligence and for military purposes.

US government officials have expressed concerns to both their Dutch and Taiwanese partners - top chipmakers - about what would happen if China invaded the island. Taiwan produces the vast majority of the world's advanced semiconductors.

The Dutch ASML reassured officials by pointing to its ability to remotely disable the machines. It has also conducted simulation exercises against a possible invasion in order to better assess the risks.

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A new Google Ads malvertising campaign, coinciding with the launch of the Arc web browser for Windows, was tricking people into downloading trojanized installers that infect them with malware payloads.

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The TP-Link Archer C5400X gaming router is vulnerable to security flaws that could enable an unauthenticated, remote attacker to execute commands on the device.

The TP-Link Archer C5400X is a high-end tri-band gaming router designed to provide robust performance and advanced features for gaming and other demanding applications, and based on the number of user reviews the product has on online stores, it appears to be a popular choice among gamers.

Arbitrary command execution on routers can lead to hijacking routers, data interception, changing DNS settings, and potentially breaching internal networks.

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As many of you have wondered, did no one at Redmond take a look at the Windows Recall feature – which was unveiled during the Arm PC launch with Qualcomm – and say: "Er, this might just backfire?"

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The recession in America just hit Home Depot and Lowe’s, home improvement stores whose success is fundamentally linked to the US housing and real estate market.

Home Depot reported a big revenue miss on the quarter. While Lowe’s reported revenues down 17% YoY in Q1 2024. These poor performances are a signal the the US consumer is now cutting back on discretionary purchases – namely expensive home renovation projects.


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Syrskyi said he signed the paperwork to allow the first French instructors to visit Ukrainian training centers by Dave DeCamp May 27, 2024 at 2:56 pm ET Categories NewsTags France, Ukraine

On Monday, Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief Oleksandr Syrskyi said France was planning to send instructors to Ukraine to train Ukrainian troops, a step that would mark a significant escalation of NATO involvement in the proxy war.

“I am pleased to welcome France’s initiative to send instructors to Ukraine to train Ukrainian servicemen,” Syrskyi wrote on Telegram after speaking with French Defense Minister Sebastien Lecornu, according to Reuters.

“I have already signed the documents that will enable the first French instructors to visit our training centers shortly and familiarize themselves with their infrastructure and personnel,” he added.

When asked about Syrskyi’s comments, the French Defense Ministry acknowledged that the issue of sending troops to Ukraine for training was being discussed but gave no indication on whether a deployment was imminent.

“As already mentioned several times, training on Ukrainian soil is one of the projects discussed since the conference on support for Ukraine convened by the President of the Republic on February 26,” the French Defense Ministry said. “Like all the projects discussed at that time, this track continues to be the subject of work with the Ukrainians, in particular to understand their exact needs.”

For months, French President Emmanuel Macron has entertained the possibility of deploying troops to Ukraine, and other NATO members have expressed support for the idea of a training mission, including Estonia and Lithuania, despite the risk of provoking a direct NATO-Russia war.

The New York Times recently reported that Ukraine had asked NATO to deploy troops to its territory to train 150,000 fresh recruits that it’s hoping to mobilize. The report said NATO countries were “inching closer” to obliging the request

Claire's Observations:  This will be the final straw for Russia, which has exercised considerable restraint until this moment; but if the reports are true, we have entered into not just a Proxy War with Russia, Via Ukraine;  we have deliberately stumbled into World War III, courtesy of this deal between France and Ukraine., and potentially between  other NATO countries and Ukraine.

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Imagine a brand new and nearly completely untested technology, capable of crashing at any moment under the slightest provocation without explanation – or even the ability to diagnose the problem. No self-respecting IT department would have anything to do with it, keeping it isolated from any core systems.

They might be convinced into setting up a "sandbox" for a few staffers who wanted to have a play, poised to throw the kill switch the moment things took a turn.

What if, instead, the whole world embraced that untested and unstable tech, wiring it into billions of desktops, smartphones and other connected devices? You'd hope that as problems arose – a condition as natural as breathing – there'd be some way to deal with them, so that those poor IT departments would have someone to call when the skies began falling.

I've learned differently.

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By Peter Tchir of Academy Securities

Today we will just highlight a few things:

  • Thanks to all my colleagues and everyone who has served, and I want to spend an extra moment to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice.
  • If you missed this month’s Around the World, it is an important read as it outlines Academy’s take on:
    • Israel commencing operations in Rafah.
    • Russian forces advancing on Kharkiv.
    • Xi meets with Putin in China.
    • U.S. force reduction in the Sahel.
  • While we cover the Xi and Putin meeting in the Around the World, I think there is also a case to be made that we are entering a new “phase” in the war in Ukraine. One where Russia will attempt to use social media to convince everyone that “peace” should be achieved, and where Russia is able to hold on to much of the land it occupies in Eastern Ukraine. It seems to be more than a coincidence that Putin appears to be publicly amenable to this sort of outcome after the meeting with Xi. It would also not be surprising given the information learned by observing how much social media seems to be able to shape political outcomes in the U.S. (the war in Gaza as a prime example). Could we be at the early stages of where we see the sort of deal we have been expecting for some time?
    • Our base case is that both sides will ultimately get forced into settling for some agreement that satisfies both countries, while not being particularly appealing to either country. Basically, Ukraine will cede some land and receive some of Russia’s frozen dollar reserves as payment, enabling them to pay some debts and embark on the reconstruction of their country.
    • Any such deal will be good for Europe as the rebuilding efforts will create demand for labor and equipment, but it will also be inflationary (at least initially). Globally, there would be some excitement as one of the Geopolitical Risks is taken off the table, but ultimately, not much will change as new global orders have already taken shape and will continue to do so, regardless of the outcome with Russia and Ukraine.
  • Overall, Geopolitical Risks remain topical. In our first Geopolitical Risk Perception vs Reality, we discussed the difficulty of incorporating geopolitical risk into “actionable” strategies. We focused on Cyber, Trade War, Commodities, the Middle East, Russia, and “wildcard” risks. We continue to see the markets underestimating the risk on the trade war and commodity front, while other risks seem to be perceived reasonably accurately relative to our view of the actual risk. If anything, Russia may have drifted into the “green” (potential positive surprise) from what we considered a neutral risk.
  • On the markets front, a few things seem to pop up again and again in discussions:
    • How are markets so strong with all of the Geopolitical Risks? We have tried to address that in the Risk vs Perception piece, and also in Hedging the Unhedgeable. There is no easy answer to this one, though I think the market has done a reasonable job and I’d look to own commodities and companies that would benefit from reconstruction in Ukraine or an effort to extract AND process more commodities “domestically” (either in the U.S. or with countries that we are very comfortable with politically and geographically – i.e. better control and access to those countries).
    • Last week we suggested that the market was Too Narrowly Focused on inflation and the minutiae of Fed policy. After a week of conversations, I don’t think that is the case. The market participants I speak with all seem to have coalesced around a reasonable view on the Fed:
      • We will get a cut or two this year, and a few more next year. No one seems to care much about whether it is 0, 1, 2, or 3 this year.
      • No one is really worried about the possibility of a hike, and people are consigned to the view that if we get a hike, it will only be because the economy remains incredibly strong, so it won’t be a big deal.
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A Swiss biocomputing startup has launched an online platform that provides remote access to 16 human brain organoids. FinalSpark claims its Neuroplatform is the world’s first online platform delivering access to biological neurons in vitro. Moreover, bioprocessors like this “consume a million times less power than traditional digital processors,” the company says.

FinalSpark says its Neuroplatform is capable of learning and processing information, and due to its low power consumption, it could reduce the environmental impacts of computing. In a recent research paper about its developments, FinalSpakr claims that training a single LLM like GPT-3 required approximately 10GWh – about 6,000 times greater energy consumption than the average European citizen uses in a whole year. Such energy expenditure could be massively cut following the successful deployment of bioprocessors.

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I have no compassion or tolerance for this madness and this is what Obama and Biden have done and are doing. If Reagan was in power, he would have authorized the use of deadly force when border agents are physically attacked. I would second that.

Trump said he will use the military to deport them, he said he will close the border, and we will hold him to his word. I am not talking about those who commit crime, he said he will deport, mass deport the illegals.

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Long-term Veterans Health Administration (VA) nursing home residents who started new medications to treat high blood pressure were more than twice as likely to experience a fracture than those who did not, according to a cohort study involving more than 29 600 VA participants, almost all male, aged 65 years or older.

Residents initiating antihypertensives also had an 80% increased risk of a fall that required an emergency department or hospital visit and a 69% increased risk of syncope. Moreover, antihypertensives were associated with a greater risk of fractures among people with dementia, as well as among those with higher baseline blood pressure or who hadn’t previously used antihypertensive medications.

When deciding whether to prescribe an antihypertensive medication for an older person living in a nursing home, clinicians should “contextualize a limited life expectancy against the anticipated time horizon over which the cardiovascular benefits are likely to manifest,” the researchers wrote in JAMA Internal Medicine.

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It couldn’t possibly have come at a more auspicious time: The Global Elite have gone into embarrassing Retreat—on Memorial Day.

Braggart, “You-will-have-nothing-and-be- happy” World Economic Forum head honcho Klaus Schwab has already gone into hiding within the deep and dark folds of the WEF organization, claiming that his resignation awaits the official permission of the Swiss Government.

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A biological male who identifies as female crushed the competition in the girls' 400-meter dash event at the Washington state high school track and field state championship over the weekend, the Daily Mail reported.

Veronica Garcia, 16, previously known as Davina Brown and Donovan Brown, earlier this season was ranked No. 1 in the league and No. 4 in the state, OutKick reported, citing the Independent Council on Women's Sports.

While fellow racers applauded other female finishers, they 'stood stoically in protest' when Garcia was given the first-place medal.

Garcia of East Valley High School in Spokane won a heat race at Saturday's state championships in Tacoma with a time of 55.59 seconds, walloping the second-place finisher by over three seconds, OutKick said, citing the meet results. You can check out video of that race here and see for yourself how dramatically Garcia outpaced the rest of the field.

OutKick added that Garcia won in the finals with a time of 55.75 seconds — which was a full second ahead of the second-place runner, whom the Daily Mail identified as Lauren Matthew of the West Valley School District. You can watch video of that race here; check out the booing as Garcia neared the finish line.

The Daily Mail added that boos and jeering also could be heard when Garcia ascended the podium for the medal ceremony — and that while fellow racers applauded other female finishers, they "stood stoically in protest" when Garcia was given the first-place medal. The outlet added that there was "virtual silence in the stadium" at that moment.

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The Internet Archive has come under a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, according to the archive, which says the data has not been affected, but reported that most services were unavailable as of May 27th (Memorial Day in the United States), then later reported that its services were back up and running.

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To hear Donald Trump tell it, America’s cities are in dire shape and in need of a federal intervention.

“We’re going to rebuild our cities into beacons of hope, safety and beauty – better than they have ever been before,” he said during a recent speech to the National Rifle Association in what has become a common refrain on the campaign trail. “We will take over the horribly run capital of our nation, Washington DC.”

Trump has for years railed against cities, particularly those run by Democratic officials, as hotbeds for crime and moral decay. He called Atlanta a “record setting Murder and Violent Crime War Zone” last year, a similar claim he makes frequently about various cities.

His allies have an idea of how to capitalize on that agenda and make cities in Trump’s image, detailed in the conservative Project 2025: unleash new police forces on cities like Washington DC, withhold federal disaster and emergency grants unless they follow immigration policies like detaining undocumented immigrants and share sensitive data with the federal government for immigration enforcement purposes.

Webmaster addition: Needless to say, Liberals are all over Social Media denouncing this plan. I guess they like out-of-control crime and homelessness.

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A bipartisan delegation of U.S. lawmakers met Monday with Taiwan’s new leader, Lai Ching-te, the first such visit since Lai’s inauguration last week, and one that the lawmakers and Taiwanese officials said demonstrates the steadfastness of U.S. support for Taiwan at a time of escalating tensions with China.

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by Tyler Durden

Tuesday, May 28, 2024 - 04:45 AM

In another ominous sign of things to come, leading Western governments appear to be preparing for 'something big' at a moment the proxy war between Russian and NATO centered in Ukraine is escalating at uncontrollable pace.

"Rishi Sunak has vowed to introduce mandatory national service for 18-year-olds if he is re-elected, in his first major policy announcement since the start of the election campaign earlier this week," Financial Times has reported.

Interestingly, the next line to the very same report screams Russia! as the subtext...

The move is part of what he said was an effort to provide security and opportunity in “an increasingly uncertain world”.

The plan would involve 18-year-olds working closely with the professional armed forces on a 12-month rotation or a 'community work' basis. 

Sunak framed it in terms of civic duty and a matter of national patriotism...

"Generations of young people have not had the opportunities or experience they deserve and there are forces trying to divide our society in this increasingly uncertain world," he said. 

It was only in January that the head of the British army, General Sir Patrick Sanders, urged for the populace to get ready to be on a war footing with Russia:

Britain should train a "citizen army" ready to fight a war on land in the future, the head of the Army has said.

General Sir Patrick Sanders warned that an increase in reserve forces alone "would not be enough".

He highlighted the threat from Russia and pointed to steps being taken by other European nations to put their populations on a "war footing".

This is part of the continuing theme of Western leaders asking their populations to 'sacrifice' for Ukraine amid deep trepidation and uncertainty over possible bigger nuclear-armed confrontation

Claire's Observations:  It is not the people of the US or UK who voted to get enmeshed with this debacle; their allegedly representative governments did this, with weapons and technology which are failing with astounding regularity against Russian weaponry, and  the people who dared to  whisper of "this is madness" are being silenced, deplatformed, shunned; or all of the above.

Therefore, I highly suspect that the collective response of young people, to both and American and British call for 'sacrifice" for Ukraine, are going to collectively say, "YOU, our alleged leadership, got us into this mess between Russia and Ukraine; NOW GET US OUT OF IT, by telling Ukraine it must sue for peace, and get the best most generous deal it can from Russia.!"  

Oh, the leadership may try a "forced conscription call", as it is attempting to do here in the States, where  young men soon will be automatically enlisted with Selective Service; whether they wish to or not; but what happens if scads of young people just don't show up?!? 

 Karl Marx absolutely right, when he stated that "All wars are economic in their origin" ; and right now, young people understand this!!! Dying to prop up the already well-monied, is not a way most young people would want to die, and I cannot say I blame them for this.  So then, what!!???? Perhaps all the citizens of the US, UK, and NATO countries could democratically vote to  send all the leadership of the UK, US, and NATO, who thought, and still think, this proxy  war against Russia  is a good idea, to the Ukrainian front lines, and see how well they do?!? 

For me, that would be the ultimate "Pay Per View" TV!!!!



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When the Iraq/al-Qaeda propaganda narrative fell apart, the FBI targeted two… within the US bio-weapons establishment: scientists Steven Hatfill and Bruce Ivins. The FBI began harassing Hatfill and publicly called him a “person of interest” in the anthrax investigation.

Hatfill vehemently denied the charges and was eventually exonerated. He later sued the FBI and other US government agencies, winning a settlement of more than $5 million in damages. Like Hatfill, Ivins was an unlikely suspect for the anthrax attacks as well.

There was no evidence tying Ivins to the anthrax letters and he had no conceivable motive. The FBI launched an intense campaign of innuendo against Ivins in an effort to convict him in the court of public opinion. Ivins allegedly committed suicide while in a Maryland hospital just before he was set to be indicted and stand trial. How convenient.

Ivins worked at a US bio-weapons facility called USAMRIID in Fort Detrick, Maryland. This is where the FBI claims the anthrax used in the attacks originated. Since there is no evidence that Ivins was involved in the anthrax mailings, there is likewise no reason to believe the FBI’s claim that the anthrax spores used in the letters originated from that facility.

Another curious event took place during the anthrax affair that garnered little attention from the mainstream press for obvious reasons. An Arab-American scientist who worked at the same Fort Detrick facility as Ivins was the victim of an attempted frame-up. Shortly before the first known victim of the anthrax attacks was confirmed, an anonymous letter was mailed to the FBI that attempted to implicate Dr. Ayaad Assaad as a “potential biological terrorist.” The author of the letter claimed to have worked with Assaad previously and alleged that Assaad had a vendetta against the US government, urging the FBI to stop him. The letter prompted the FBI to investigate Assaad. The FBI questioned him in early October 2001 and quickly cleared him of any involvement with the anthrax attacks.

Strangely, the FBI seemed uninterested in finding out who sent the anonymous letter implicating Assaad, even though the contents and timing of the letter were amazingly conspicuous, coming just prior to a real bio-terrorist attack. Assaad suspected the letter-writer was involved in the anthrax mailings and opined that his Arab background made him the “perfect scapegoat.”

One possible source of the frame-up letter was a man named Dr. Philip Zack, a microbiologist and Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army. Zack worked at USAMRIID alongside Assaad in the early 1990s. Zack and other employees at the lab formed a clique called the “camel club” to bully Arab co-workers, particularly Assaad. One day in April 1991 Assaad found a poem in his mailbox written by Zack and other members of the “camel club” which mocked his Arabic heritage. Zack and several of his fellow anti-Arab racists voluntarily left the facility when Assaad informed his superiors of the harassment campaign.

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