"Nobody gets up one day and decides to be a terrorist for no reason. They don't hate us for our freedoms. They hate us and commit acts of terror because one day, as they are going about their normal lives, there is a horrendous blast and people they have known all their lives are lying in bloody shreds at their feet, mixed in with shrapnel stamped 'Made in the USA.'" -- Michael Rivero

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Moscow bears responsibility for the conflict between Israel and Hamas militants in Gaza, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni claimed in an interview with il Giornale newspaper published on Saturday. It was Russia’s military campaign against Ukraine that supposedly encouraged Hamas to launch a massive attack against Israel on October 7, 2023, she stated.

The Italian leader maintained that a military operation launched by a permanent UN Security Council member against its neighbor violated international law and shook the entire global security system. She said such a move would have inevitably “have [a] cascading effect on the other regions… of the world, from the Middle East to [the] Balkans, to Africa.”

“If Russia had not invaded Ukraine, in all likelihood, Hamas would not have launched such an attack against Israel,” she claimed.

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Top universities including Imperial College and Glasgow have told staff and students that saying "the most qualified person should get the job" is a "microaggression", among other examples of woke language policing.

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After spending years claiming former President Donald Trump led an “insurrection” after “refusing” to accept the results of the 2020 election and trying to stop its certification for Joe Biden, now some senior House Democrats are suggesting they may not certify the November election if Trump wins.

In recent oral arguments regarding a Colorado ruling that deemed Trump ineligible for the ballot under the 14th Amendment’s “insurrectionist ban,” the Supreme Court seemed unconvinced that a sole state should have the authority to disqualify him. However, it remains uncertain whether the justices will directly tackle the issue of eligibility.

As such, and despite criticism of Republicans who opposed certifying President Joe Biden’s victory in 2020, several senior Democrats who spoke to The Atlantic have suggested the possibility of not certifying a Trump victory in 2024 if the Supreme Court does not decisively address his eligibility.

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The WHO Pandemic Agreement has worried many, and justifiably so, as it further empowers the WHO and the whole pandemic preparedness crowd. But what it proposes is also really stupid, says Eugyppius.

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The leaders of Italy and Canada signed security agreements with Ukraine during their visit to Kiev on Saturday, marking the beginning of the third year of the fighting between Ukraine and Russia.

According to the deal signed by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, Ottawa will provide Can$3.02 billion (US$2.2 billion) “in macroeconomic and military support.”

Canada has provided US$1.78 billion in military assistance to Kiev since the start of Russia’s military operation in February 2022, and recently pledged to deliver more than 800 multipurpose drones.

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Vegan food fans have been left disappointed after a popular plant-based burger chain announced it would be shutting all its stores.

The British fast-food chain, The Vurger Co, which used ingredients such as tempeh, soya and Beyond Meat to make its creations, confirmed it had permanently closed its doors on Thursday.

It joins the likes of Veggie Pret, with Pret A Manger announcing earlier this month that its last three vegetarian-only stores would be converted into standard outlets that sold meat.

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NATO should cease its “saber-rattling” and start promoting global peace, Chinese envoy Zhang Jun has said at a UN Security Council meeting dedicated to the second anniversary of the Ukraine conflict.

The struggle between Moscow and Kiev, which erupted into open military conflict on February 24, 2022, is a “tragedy that could have been avoided,” Zhang stressed in his address on Friday.

”The situation Europe is facing today is closely related to the repeated eastward expansion of NATO since the end of the Cold War,” he said.

Russia singled out preventing Ukraine from joining NATO as one of the main goals of its military operation. Moscow warned on numerous occasions that it viewed Kiev’s possible membership in the US-led military alliance as a major threat to its security.

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Kiev reserves the right to retaliate against Poland if it does not convince protesting farmers to stop blocking the border crossings, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmigal said on Friday.

The Polish farmers accuse both Kiev and Warsaw of threatening their livelihood by allowing imports of cheap Ukrainian grain and other agricultural products. 

“The issue of the blocking of the border must be resolved way before March 28 – the date when the governments of Ukraine and Poland are due to hold a joint session,” Shmigal wrote on Telegram. “If this doesn’t happen, Ukraine will reserve the right to enact reciprocal measures regarding the points of entry.”

Webmaster addition: Poland is also a member of NATO, which means if Ukraine attacks, Article 5 comes into effect, triggering war with all of NATO!

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US Representative Matt Gaetz has called for withdrawing from the UN and cutting off funding to the global body to free up money to support Israel’s war effort against Hamas.

Speaking at a Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) event on Friday in suburban Washington, the Florida Republican demanded that Washington account for all new spending on foreign aid by making equivalent cuts to the federal budget. Gaetz made his comments as US President Joe Biden’s administration continued to scold Republican lawmakers for failing to approve an emergency spending bill that includes about $60 billion for Ukraine and $14 billion for Israel.

“We shouldn’t have any foreign aid to any other country without corresponding cuts to our own bloated federal budget,” the congressman told a cheering CPAC crowd. “If you want to send aid to Israel, fine, pay for it by defunding the United Nations.”

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At least 15,000 Ukrainian refugees have sought homelessness support after relationships with their British sponsors broke down or ended, according to a report published by the UK government on Friday.

As of January, Around 141,000 Ukrainians have come to the UK under the ‘Homes for Ukraine’ scheme, which pays British homeowners £350 ($444) per month to take in a Ukrainian citizen or family on a six-month contract.

By the end of last August, however, 4,890 Ukrainian 'households' (one parent and at least one child) taken in under the scheme had been left homeless or come close to homelessness, the Public Accounts Committee stated in the report. With an additional 3,000 single Ukrainians seeking homelessness support from councils as of late January, at least 15,000 have been left without accommodation over the last two years.

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This is a shocking data point. The Israeli Democracy Institute released a survey this week showing that over 2/3 of Jewish Israelis – 68% that is – opposed “the transfer of humanitarian aid to Gaza residents at this time.” 

It gets even worse – the survey lowered the bar to exclude any possible opposition to either UNRWA (which Israel has been inciting against) or the Hamas authorities (which Israel considers terrorists). To no avail. Over two-thirds still oppose humanitarian help “via international bodies that are not linked to Hamas or to UNRWA… A majority of Jewish respondents (68%) oppose the transfer of humanitarian aid even under these conditions,” the survey notes.

The numbers are worse when it comes to right-wing Jewish Israelis, where the opposition is at 80% – four out of five. And consider that about 2/3 of Israeli voters are considered right-wing. 

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US entrepreneur Elon Musk said outgoing Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte does not have the legal authority to sign a security treaty with Ukraine for ten years.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO made the statement in response to a post by political commentator Eva Vlaardingerbroek on social network X regarding the Netherlands’ ten-year military assistance agreement with Ukraine. Vlaardingerbroek said “the opinion of the Dutch People” had not been asked.

"Doesn’t seem like he [Rutte] has the legal authority to do this," Musk wrote in response.

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French farmers stormed into a Paris agricultural fair before a planned visit by President Emmanuel Macron, protesting over costs and regulations. Shouting demands for Macron's resignation, they clashed with police, leading to at least one arrest. The protests come amidst wider discontent across Europe's farming community.

French President Emmanuel Macron urged farmers to remain calm after a small group disrupted France's annual agricultural fair on Saturday.

Tractors drove into Paris, leading to clashes between a dozen farmers and police at the fairground.

"I urge everyone to stay calm," Macron said after meeting with farmers' unions, stressing that violence only hinders progress.

Addressing the agricultural crisis, he insisted that resolving tensions would take time and could not be achieved overnight.

"The agricultural crisis cannot be solved in a few hours. It won't be resolved during this fair," the French president said as quoted by Politico.

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The decision by the UK to blacklist Chinese companies as part of a new round of sanctions against Russia won’t be left without a response, the Chinese embassy in London has said.

On Thursday, Britain announced more curbs designed to hurt Moscow, saying that these mark the second anniversary of the start of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The latest sanctions target 50 entities and individuals, most of them from Russia but with three Chinese firms also on the list.

The restrictions on the Chinese companies by the UK are “unilateral acts that have no basis in international law, and we firmly oppose them,” Beijing’s diplomatic mission said in a statement later on the day.

The Chinese authorities are going to take the necessary steps to “resolutely safeguard” the legitimate interests of the country’s businesses, it added.

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Kiev is ready to assist the US in a war against any enemy, be it Iran, North Korea, or China, a senior Ukrainian MP has said, claiming that his country would prove to be a valuable military ally.

In an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on Friday, Aleksey Goncharenko doubled down on calls for the US to send Ukraine more military aid amid gridlock in Congress. “[The] United States of America told [us that] we will be with you ‘as long as it takes.’ Now it’s time to keep the promises.”

Goncharenko rebuked US politicians for focusing too much on the looming 2024 presidential election, saying Ukraine should not be a “victim” of this. He also claimed that supporting Ukraine serves Washington’s interests regardless of who wins the race for the White House.

In the event of a future war, the Americans “will need people who will stand shoulder to shoulder with them,” but not many nations would be willing to go all-in to support the US, the lawmaker said.

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The top boss of the BBC said that being “progressive” and “diverse” is something to be proud of in a leaked recording. The comments from the organisation’s director general Tim Davie have sparked a furious backlash from those who say that BBC should be reflective of a broad range of views - not just those who are liberal.

Mr Davie made the remarks during an online question and answer session with employees - with the Telegraph acquiring the footage.

A BBC employee asks Mr Davie how he would respond to accusations that the organisation “haven’t done enough to tackle impartiality, that we need to ‘de-woke.”

Mr Davie said: “We do a reasonably good job of walking along the joyous tightrope of the culture wars where, being progressive, diverse, doing the things we should be proud of, is not woke. But meanwhile, we’ve got to make sure that we are clearly representing views from across the board.”

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Russia’s Permanent Representative at the United Nations Organization Vasily Nebenzya called some Western leaders’ revelations about the Minsk accords ‘a confession of guilt.’

"About a year ago, we all heard revelations by Pyotr Poroshenko [the former Ukrainian president], Francois Hollande [the former French president], Angela Merkel [the former German chancellor] and even Boris Johnson [the former UK prime minister] that neither France nor Germany nor even Great Britain ever perceived these [Minsk] accords seriously or intended to push the Ukrainian authorities towards their fulfillment and they only used them to stretch out time and enable Kiev to prepare for a war with Russia," the envoy said at a meeting of the UN Security Council on Ukraine.

"This was actually ‘a confession of guilt’ by the leaders of these states," he added.

However, this does not prevent representatives of these countries from "lecturing’ other members in the Council and talking about the importance of observing international law" and accusing other countries of failing to fulfil Security Council resolutions," Nebenzya emphasized.

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In a rousing address at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Maryland, New York Congresswoman Elise Stefanik underscored the significance of the forthcoming 2024 US presidential election, describing it as the most crucial in the nation's history.

Stefanik's speech was a clarion call to conservatives, urging them to rally behind former President Donald J. Trump and to resist the policies of President Biden and the Democrats, whom she accused of wreaking havoc on the nation.

Stefanik stated, "We always say that every election is the most important election in our lifetime, but this election truly is. Because in just three short years, Joe Biden and the far-left Democrats have laid waste to our great nation." She painted a grim picture of the current state of the nation, attributing it to the actions of the Biden administration and the Democrats.

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The goals of the Ukrainian army’s offensive in the summer of 2023 and the size of combat groups formed to carry it out are to a certain extent comparable with what the German military fielded for its Operation Citadel in 1943. This gives us the grounds for calling Kiev’s offensive in the summer of 2023 Operation Citadel 2.0.

Considering its military-political consequences, the collapse of Citadel 2.0 meant not simply the Ukrainian army’s military-strategic defeat but also the collapse of the consolidated West’s hybrid blitzkrieg.

We can state boldly that the so-called counteroffensive attempted by the Ukrainian military in the summer of 2023 was an event against whose background all the other developments could hardly attract so much attention. This is not surprising because this counteroffensive was of key significance in the standoff between the West and Russia as its outcome largely shaped not only the situation in the special military operation area, Russia and Ukraine but also trends of the changing global situation.

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It's been clear for weeks that Nikki Haley was going to lose her home state.

Facing that grim reality — and questions over how she could continue her quixotic challenge of former President Donald Trump after that happened — Haley set a lower benchmark for herself in South Carolina, the state where she served as governor for 8 years.

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French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday was surrounded by groups of farmers who chastised the neo-liberal leader for his green agenda and for prioritising Ukraine over his own people.

At the 60th Agricultural Show held in the Porte de Versailles exhibition centre in Paris on Saturday, agricultural unions and organisations clashed with security and breached the gates in order to air the grievances of farmers to Emmanuel Macron directly. After initially showing hesitancy, the French president acquiesced and held an impromptu debate with several farmers.

“You gave Ukraine colossal sums, but you gave us crumbs,” one farmer said to Macron according to broadcaster BFMTV.

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During an interview aired on Friday’s “PBS NewsHour,” Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland responded to a question about whether the new set of sanctions on Russia it announced today is an admission that prior sanctions weren’t effective by stating that prior sanctions have worked, but “over the last six months,” Russia has figured out how to evade sanctions and that the newest round of sanctions are in part because “we’ve got to staunch this evasion” of sanctions.

Co-host Geoff Bennett asked, “President Biden today announced more than 500 sanctions on Russia. This is the largest tranche since the conflict started. Is this a tacit admission that the previous sanctions haven’t worked, what with Russia’s military-industrial complex up and running and seemingly drawing on limitless supplies and support from its authoritarian allies?”

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Navalny was a traitor to his nation—recruited by then U.S. Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul I read just today—who is calling for war against Russia because his spy, Navalny, is dead.

Who killed him? “Putin, of course!,” says his mentor McFaul on Andrea Mitchell’s show.

How do they know that? They don’t, but who needs truth when you have a war to start!

To me, Navalny’s  death seems planned to coincide with their European arms bazaar, as his grieving widow was ready in make-up (in Munich) at the convention, with a prepared speech, just hours later. 

In other words, this looks like the CIA’s work, cleaning up loose ends, with their spy’s Missus dressed to the nines to take up where hubby left off as his replacement ‘opposition’ to Putin.  Coincidence?  Not with this crowd of Global Gangsters.

They are in a hurry to kick off their war and needed the theatre.

But let’s slow down for a minute—Color Revolution—who did write the book on that?

Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Under Biden, Michael Mcfaul Wrote the Book

Alexei Navalny’s Death and Curious Well-Timed Coincidences

The guy who literally wrote the 7-step plan to foment a ‘colour revolution’ in a foreign nation, also recruited Alexei Navalny as a spy in Russia when he was ambassador.

Russia caught Navalny trying to raise “10 to 20 million” from an MI6 operative, Agent Ford.  The money was to be used to overthrow the Russian government on behalf of the CIA and MI6. 

But get this—Putin let Navalny go, perhaps because of this. Why keep a known operative trying to overthrow your country inside it?

So Navalny then moves to England, claims he’s poisoned—by the man who let him leave Russia—but voluntarily returns to Russia where he’s tried as a traitor and jailed.  None of this makes any sense, until you understand who he works for–the CIA and MI6.

This week, Europe is on fire—though you won’t hear that on Lamestream Media—but I’m here watching it and very happy to report that fact! 

From Spain to Czech Republic and everywhere in between, farmers and truckers are shutting things down to force the corrupt EU tyrants and their puppets running member nations to drop the Green Graft that is killing Europe.

We joined the strike today here in Warsaw, Poland and all  border crossings from Ukraine are closed down by the farmers to prevent more EU dumping of grain and corn (under EU mandate!)—-which is destroying prices with inferior quality poisoned grain. 

Claire's Observations:  I am hoping (and praying) that this codswallop idea of a war against Russia being a "good thing", will flame out before it has time to ignite in Europe and beyond.  A shooting war against Russia would be stupidity writ large by Europe and the US; we need to NOT go down this road, but to figure out where cooperation and collaboration can cool the geopolitical temperature, rather than spiking it into a global fever. 

Cool heads, not infected by "Hopium/Changium wishful thinking" must be allowed to prevail here.

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