"History has shown that the honest man loses to the teller of white lies, who loses to the teller of black lies, who loses to the cheat, who loses to the thief, who loses to the extortionist, who loses to the murderer, who loses to the drug lord, who loses to the genocidal tyrant. The question in these dark times is not what is the government capable of, but what is it NOT capable of!" -- Michael Rivero

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Eighteen people, including former Trump White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and his lawyers Rudy Giuliani and John Eastman, have been charged for an alleged attempt to change the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Arizona prosecutors unsealed the charges this week, naming former Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward, Sen. Jake Hoffman (R-AZ), Sen. Anthony Kern (R-AZ), Chief Operating Officer of Turning Point Action Tyler Bowyer, Michael Ward, Lorraine Pellegrino, Nancy Cottle, Samuel Moorhead, James Lamon, Gregory Safsten and Robert Montgomery as part of the alleged co-conspirators.

The remaining seven indicted co-conspirators were not named as their names are redacted until they are served.

However, the Washington Post said that the seven include former Trump White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, Trump campaign adviser Boris Epshteyn, Trump former campaign aide Mike Roman, as well as his lawyers Rudy Giuliani, John Eastman, Jenna Ellis and Christina Bobb.

The 18 defendants were charged with Conspiracy, Fraudulent Schemes and Artifices, Fraudulent Schemes and Practices, and Forgery. Trump was not charged alongside the 18 but was referred to as an unindicted co-conspirator in the indictment released on Wednesday.

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The president, however, lost it when he seemingly read instructions alongside the remarks.

“Four more years. Pause,” he said before his supporters jumped to chant, “Four more years! Four more years!”

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President Joe Biden suffered a gaffe in his speech on Thursday as he welcomed the back-to-back reigning WNBA champions, the Las Vegas Aces, to the White House.

During the speech, Biden was trying to single out recently retired Candace Parker, a former member of the squad who played in 18 games during the season.

Despite not joining the playoffs, Parker managed to earn her third championship ring, a feat that spurred Biden to praise her. However, he addressed her wrongly as “one of the greatest all-time coaches” in the history of WNBA even though Parker has never coached a game.

“And while she couldn’t be here, I want to acknowledge someone who will be considered one of the greatest all-time coaches, Candace Parker. She played 16 seasons in the league, two Olympic Gold Medals, two regular season MVPs, and a Final MVP. And look — and going out on top of the world with her third ring, she announced her retirement from the game,” Biden said further.

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Democrat lawmakers are calling for the resignation of two of their congressional colleagues following their recent encounter with the law.

As per a report on Conservative Archives, Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) and his wife, Imelda, are facing serious charges. The Department of Justice has indicted them over money laundering and an alleged $600,000 bribery scheme.

The DOJ accused the lawmaker and his wife of taking bribes from two foreign entities from December 2014 to November 2021. An oil and gas company owned and controlled by the Government of Azerbaijan and a bank headquartered in Mexico City allegedly paid $600,000 to shell companies owned by Imelda. In return, the lawmaker agreed to influence policies in the U.S. in favor of the two on foreign entities.

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IBM (International Business Machines) owned company “Red Hat” has been sued for allegedly discriminating against a white male employee identified as Allan Kingsley Wood.

The lawsuit was filed by America First Legal (AFL), which is headed by former president Donald Trump’s ex-official Stephen Miller.

“Today, we are taking action on behalf of a courageous plaintiff against his former employer, filing a lawsuit in federal court to get justice for our client and to stop this flagrantly lawless and bigoted conduct,” Miller said. “We are suing IBM to right egregious wrongs, fight corporate racism and deliver accountability in the face of momentous injustice.”

The lawsuit, filed with the U.S. District Court in Idaho, alleges that IBM fired Wood because he is a white man. According to the lawsuit, Wood was a loyal, dedicated and skilled employee of eight years from 2015-2023 who performed the role of Senior Director for Red Hat.

According to the lawsuit, the diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiative within Red Hat prioritizes skin color and race as primary hiring factors.

The lawsuit linked Wood’s termination to an announcement Red Hat made concerning its Bold DEI Goals. The goals included a target by 2008 to have a workforce of 30 percent female worldwide and 30 percent associates of color in the U.S.

The lawsuit claims that Wood never received a negative review before his termination. The plaintiff was highly lauded, had a stellar record and was on a leadership path.

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North Dakota Republican Governor Doug Burgum spoke against the hush money case against former President Donald Trump. During an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday, he said the case should have been treated like a business crime not a criminal case.

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Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) warned this week that right-wing organizations connected to former President Donald Trump are planning an attack in case President Joe Biden wins the election in November.

Webmaster addition: Correction. People and organizations connected to former President Donald Trump are planning an attack in case President Joe Biden STEALS the election in November.

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Russian and Belarusian military forces, Vladimir Putin reported, have started joint preparations for the tactical nuclear exercises announced in recent days by the Ministry of Defense in Moscow.

This was reported by the Interfax agency.

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Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah has sounded the alarm about the massive interest on the nation’s debt, warning that “we’re so screwed” due to “decades of reckless, hegemonic rule by The Uniparty™️.” Lee’s comments come in response to a tweet by E.J.

Antoni, a research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, who noted that interest on the debt is projected to cost over $1.1 trillion during the current fiscal year.

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Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) has unveiled his proposed $288 billion state budget for the 2024-2025 fiscal year, which includes cutting thousands of vacant state jobs and reducing funding to more than 200 state programs. The measures aim to close the state’s $27.6 billion deficit.

The announcement comes a month after state officials agreed to reduce California’s deficit by $17.3 billion following Newsom’s January announcement that the state’s deficit was $37.9 billion. The actual state deficit ended up being closer to $45 billion, $7 billion more than initially estimated by Newsom and state officials.

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The concept of mass starvation has not been in the forefront of American society for a very long time. Even during the Great Depression the US was majority agrarian and most people knew how to live off the land. In fact, the US has never suffered a true national famine. There have been smaller regional instances of famine (such as during the Dust Bowl in the 1930s), but nothing coming remotely close to the kinds of famines we have seen in Asia, the Eastern Bloc, Africa or the Middle East in the past 100 years.

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Netflix was heavily criticised last night after British viewers were confronted with a fully erect penis in its new drama.

Viewers, MPs and schools campaigners were shocked at the closing episode of the streaming giant's six-part series A Man In Full.

Actor Tom Pelphrey drops his bedsheet after taking Viagra to reveal himself to co-star Jeff Daniels in the adaptation of Tom Wolfe's best-selling 1998 novel.

It is believed to be the first time a mainstream drama on British TV has broken the 'erect penis' taboo – and there was no prior warning about graphic nudity.

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Biden administration officials are said to be offering Israel exact locations of Hamas leaders in a bid to stop the IDF invading the Gazan city of Rafah. 

The president has reportedly offered highly-classified information that also includes the locations of Hamas' secret tunnels to try and stave-off what he fears could be a humanitarian catastrophe.  

The detailed and sensitive talks serve to illustrate the stakes facing Israel and the U.S. Rafah is the last city in Gaza that has not been bombed by Israel. 

Webmaster addition: This feels like nothing more than virtue signaling by Biden, who understands the war in Gaza is working against his re-election.

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The Venezuelan government called the military drills of two U.S. planes in Guyana a "provocation" and said the country has "become a new colony" of the North American country.

"The Bolivarian Navy strongly rejects the reiterated provocations by the U.S. Southern Command and approved by the government of Guyana, which has become a new American Colony," said Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López. He added that the country's defense systems are "activated against any attempt to breach the Venezuelan geographical space."

U.S. forces, on their end, had reported that "two F/A-18F Super Hornet jets, aboard the USS George Washington Aircraft Carrier" would conduct the drills "with the collaboration and approval of local authorities."

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Starting Friday night into Saturday a series of surreal images and videos have circulated widely showing that whole swathes of northern Israel are literally on fire.

The fires were largely in open field areas, but were very extensive given they were the result of about 35 rockets being fired from Hezbollah positions in southern Lebanon, targeting the northern city of Kiryat Shmona, which suffered damage.

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For several months running there have been a seeming myriad of sometimes contradictory headlines saying a Hamas-Israel truce is "close," or "nearing the finish line" or else "stalled" or also "progressing"... Friday saw truce talks come full circle with the following Hamas statement cited in Reuters:

The Palestinian militant group Hamas said on Friday efforts to agree to a ceasefire for the Gaza Strip were back at square one after Israel effectively rejected a proposal by international mediators.

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A high-ranking UK military source has told London's daily Evening Standard newspaper that F-16 fighters will be delivered by the Western allies to Ukraine "within weeks"

The official indicated that the aircraft are due to arrive by June, or at least July at the latest. The US previously authorized NATO countries to supply the US-made fighters to Kiev, at a moment Russia still controls the skies and has been degrading the country's energy infrastructure via frequent attacks. Zelensky previously called the decision by the Biden administration "a breakthrough". 

Even small NATO states like Denmark are reportedly involved in handing over a few of its F-16s. Others in the program include the Netherlands, Norway and Belgium. Some of the planes are currently reported to be at a training facility in Romania, as efforts to prepare Ukrainian pilots for aerial combat in the Western fighters appear in their final phases.

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A British toddler born with a genetic condition resulting in deafness can now hear in one ear thanks to a pioneering new gene therapy treatment. 

The case was reported at the American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy’s annual meeting which is taking place this week in Baltimore, MD. The girl—18-month-old Opal Sandy from Oxfordshire—received an experimental treatment for auditory neuropathy, a condition that results from a mutation in a gene called Biallelic otoferlin gene (OTOF), as part of an ongoing clinical trial

As the BBC reports, the mutation results in incorrect development of tiny hairs in the cochlea that are crucial for magnifying sound waves and converting the resultant information into signals that can be passed onto the brain. This results in what the case description describes as “severe-to-profound sensorineural hearing loss.”

Until now, this hearing loss has been treated with cochlear implants—Opal’s older sister Nora, who also has the genetic mutation, has these in both ears, and Opal herself has one in the ear that didn’t receive the new treatment. While implants bypass the damaged areas to send sound directly to the auditory nerve, the new treatment aims to repair the damage instead. It does so by repairing the faulty gene, which in turn prompts the growth of functional hairs. To do this, the healthy gene is placed into an otherwise inert virus—“a dual adeno-associated virus (AAV1) vector designed for intracochlear delivery of a full-length copy of the human OTOF gene.” This virus, referred to as DB-OTO, is injected into the cochlea, and facilitates the replacement of the faulty gene with the healthy one.

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Writing in The Atlantic ahead of the publication of her new book, “Autocracy, Inc.: The Dictators Who Want to Run the World,” Anne Applebaum argues that Russia, China, and “MAGA Republicans” are making “common cause” in an affront to freedom and “liberalism” (clearly used here in the European sense of freedom rather than in the American sense of leftism). 

Applebaum cites talk by Russian officials of alleged Western biolabs in Ukraine, subsequently picked up by American social media and the Chinese and Russian state press as evidence of a “joint propaganda effort” between all the above players – as though they deliberately coordinated – that “helped undermine the US-led effort to create solidarity with Ukraine and enforce sanctions against Russia.” According to a YouGov poll, a quarter of Americans believed the theory, she added. Maybe that’s because it seemed like a totally plausible theory given all the lies that the Western establishment has been firehosing onto the average person over the past couple of years about everything from the origin of Covid to the efficacy of authoritarian lockdowns, anti-Covid jabs and mandates? 

“They also heard false descriptions of Ukrainians as Nazis, along with claims that Ukraine is a puppet state run by the CIA, and that NATO started the war.” Canada’s Ottawa Citizen, outed NATO countries’ training of Ukrainian neo-Nazis to fight Russia long before the conflict went red-hot in 2022. NBC News wrote in March 2022 that “Ukraine has a Nazi problem.” Guess they work for Russia and China too now? But alright, if she doesn’t like the sound of “CIA puppet state” then she could always go with “State Department outpost.” The notion that NATO started the war by arming and training neo-Nazis on Russia’s border who shelled Russophones in the region for years is the argument that’s generally cited when accusing NATO being responsible for the current mess in the same way that a kid who constantly threatens to punch you in the face could arguably be blamed for setting off a fistfight. That’s not disinformation or fake news – it’s a point of view. Why does Applebaum have such a problem with others who don’t share her perspectives? Sounds kind of… authoritarian.

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All 27 EU member states have agreed on security commitments for Ukraine, the German weekly Welt am Sonntag is claiming. The alleged arrangements, which include long-term defense and financial aid for Kiev, are expected to be finalized by July.

The leaders of G7 countries – the US, the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan – signed a joint declaration, each vowing to provide Ukraine with “bilateral security commitments and arrangements,” last July in Lithuania on the sidelines of a NATO summit. 

In its article on Saturday, Welt am Sonntag cited a confidential document that has allegedly been approved by representatives of EU member states. Terms are currently being discussed by EU diplomats and the Ukrainian government, the report claims.

Webmaster addition: Start by drafting all those migrants who are wrecking Europe!

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With each passing year, the Ukrainian people increasingly realize that they were deceived, the leader of the Essence of Time movement, philosopher and political scientist Sergey Kurginyan said on April 27 on the program Right to Know on channel TVC.

According to the political scientist, the people of Ukraine will understand that they were deceived based on objective facts rather than Russia’s informational activities. The philosopher believes that the understanding that they were cheated is really painful for such a peculiar people as the Ukrainians.

And they have been totally cheated, because they were told, ‘We will fight for you, the Russians will never dare to make a move, we will load you with money, you will live in peace like in Europe, like in paradise. Everything will be wonderful!’ And now they are saying, ‘You must fight until the last Ukrainian. We are paying for your dead bodies (they already specify the exact amount for a dead body), and your leadership will be exterminating you in a merciless and permanent manner, because they are the ones who sell you,’” Sergey Kurginyan explained.

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