"A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercises, I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise and independence to the mind. Games played with the ball, and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun therefore be your constant companion of your walks." -- Thomas Jefferson

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If you want to know the long-term side effects of the COVID-19 vaccines, pay close attention to Pfizer’s latest acquisitions.

Since the rollout of their COVID-19 vaccine, Pfizer has acquired specific pharmaceutical companies that treat immune-inflammatory diseases, heart inflammation and various cancers. As their experimental use vaccine was being mandated on the population (including on the military) Pfizer was investing in drugs that target health conditions that were created and/or exacerbated by their experimental vaccines.

Pfizer acquired a drug company that treats immune-inflammatory diseases, including myocarditis

For instance, in 2021, Pfizer acquired Arena Pharmaceuticals. The price tag of the acquisition was disproportionate to the market size of the drug they acquired, but the shrewd Pfizer executive team knew the acquisition would be worth it in the end. By acquiring Arena Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer was able to control the future of therapeutics for various immune-inflammatory diseases, including drugs that address heart inflammation (myocarditis and pericarditis). These health problems skyrocketed after 2021, when Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccines were unlawfully mandated on populations and haphazardly placed on the CDC’s childhood vaccine schedule. Today, Pfizer is profiting from health issues that they caused, keeping people in a state of illness and pharmaceutical dependence.

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New York’s Mayor Eric Adams is giving away massive amounts of money to illegal aliens.

That's a little odd because he has complained previously that the “migrants” are bankrupting the city. You would think it would be logical to stop giving handouts, but he is doing the opposite. Supposedly, earlier he had gone to the White House to complain and was told that when Biden gets re-elected, he (Adams) will get billions in federal money to bailout New York City. You would think he would be more cautious in case say a Republican won the election and didn't bail out his sanctuary city.

There is already widespread fear that illegal aliens will be voting in the upcoming election. Democrats are fighting to keep that door open.

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Hot ‘Lanta! Or perhaps COLD ‘Lanta! And despite what Biden says, thiere isn’t an economic revival. Yes. everyone can see the mental decline in President Biden and he should be in a nursing home. While he vows to run for President against Donald Trump, can you imagine what he will be like in 2 years? Let alone another 4 years?? Speaking of decline, GDP growth estimates are plummeting: The most recent Atlanta Fed estimate for real US GDP quarterly growth in Q2 2024 is down to 1.7%.
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 by Edward Hasbrouck 

A Contrary to earlier reports, the U.S. Senate has joined the House of Representatives in moving toward a foolhardy attempt to ‘automatically’ register all draft-eligible U.S. citizens and residents for a possible military draft, by extracting and aggregating information obtained from other Federal agencies.

The proposal for “automatic” draft registration is among several previously-undisclosed provisions related to Selective Service in the newly-release version of the National Defense [sic] Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2025 approved by the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) and to be considered by the full Senate.

The 1,197-page SASC proposal for this year’s NDAA was approved by the committee in closed session last month, and only a summary was released. At the time, a spokesperson for the SASC told me that if “automatic” Selective Service registration had been included in the bill, it would have been included in the summary. That proves to have been incorrect: The proposal for “automatic” draft registration was included in the SASC version of the bill, but not in the summary.

Claire's Observations: That last bit tells volumes.

Ladies and gentlemen, war is coming; and this government (and the elite monied they now represent) is coming for your sons (and soon, your daughters) to fight this war to save their financial positions.

As a Christian Pacifist Activist, who believes that all wars represent a catastrophic failure of imagination, I have to wonder;  where are those people in the halls of power in DC and beyond, who remember what honest, hard, moral negotiations can do to mightily improve geopolitical relations, and prevent what DC collectively believes is "a necessity for war"?!? Have they all been muzzled by folks in DC and beyond, profiting from these wars?!?

Karl Marx got one hell of a lot of things wrong in his political philosophy, but the one thing he got absolutely correctly, is that "All wars are economic in their origin."

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For some mysterious reason, VDARE.com email is now being rebuffed as spam by Gmail. That includes all domain names that are based on Gmail—like (for goodness' sake)  Amren.com and AnnCoulter.com.

Microsoft tells us we should appeal to Gmail. But they are unable to explain how to do that.

In the interim, one of our innumerable lawyers, who must to be able to get our emails but whose domain name was based on gmail, found a workaround. He writes:

As to email, yes, we're Gmail based.  Here's what we did:

a) Spam settings Add senders to an allowlist based on their email address or domain name. Create an allowlist of approved senders by following the steps in Customize spam filter settings.

b) Approved sender lists: Add email addresses and domains to allowlists with the address list option in these Gmail settings: Blocked sendersContent complianceAttachment compliance, and Objectionable content.

We don't yet know why Gmail has done this to us. We still hope to resolve it. 

But meanwhile, if you are a Gmailer who wants a reply from us, please try Whitelisting VDARE.com, even though it's a pain.

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Harvard University’s summer reading list includes various books covering topics like transgenderism, feminism, and racism, including one book that states that educators should teach their students ideas related to Critical Race Theory.

We’ve got recommendations from the Harvard community, titles from Harvard authors, and a glimpse inside some new releases,” the school’s website reads.

A page titled “Need a good book?” under Harvard’s “Summer Reads” section advertises “We Want to Do More Than Survive,” a book that argues that “the US educational system is maintained by and profits from the suffering of children of color.”

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For Halloween last year, the United States’ highest ranked diplomat, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, dressed his son and daughter up as Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky and the Ukrainian flag, respectively. At a White House event on that day, Blinken’s children were photographed soliciting candy from President Joe Biden. Meanwhile, Zelensky himself had been doing his usual media circuit, appearing progressively more desperate to extract a fresh supply of “candy” from U.S. taxpayers by way of their nonrepresentative elected officials, most of whom, it would seem, have little if any interest in what their voting constituents have to say. In one poignant performance, the embattled Ukrainian commander-in-chief and former professional dancer lamented that the crisis in Israel was drawing attention away from Ukraine. In another widely disseminated video clip, Zelensky implored the audience that, if they could not give him more money, then they should at least extend him some credit, which he promised Ukraine would pay back.

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Ibrahim Al-Shaer, a six-year-old Palestinian boy, cries in pain continuously because a rash has spread across all over his body.

"From time to time, the child screams for help and begs us to get rid of the rash, but no one can help him because there is no medicine to relieve his pain," Fathia Abed, his mother, said to The New Arab

Like most Palestinians, Fathia was displaced several times, and now has settled in a tent in the Mawasi area of ​​Khan Younis city in the southern Gaza Strip.

The 45-year-old mother of eight children says, "The minimum requirements for human life are not available. We live on sand, which is often polluted due to the many displaced people. In addition, insects, cockroaches, and ants eat my children's bodies."

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In a rambling, half-incoherent interview with MSNBC's "Morning Joe" yesterday morning, President Biden – or some AI-generated, half pre-recorded version of him – phoning from what sounded like a toilet, proclaimed that he was staying in the race and has had enough of Democrat elites.

In as fiery of a declaration to stay in the race as a semi-conscious octogenarian could muster up, Biden appeared to blame the lack of confidence in his ability to serve another term not on the the aging process, but on the “elites” within his party.

A bemused looking Joe Scarborough and his chief executive emasculator Mika Brzezinski nodded along and did their best to make it sound like they hadn’t been given cues from their handlers to push the narrative that Biden doesn’t belong in the race anymore (not even 2 months after Scarborough sang Biden’s praises on air).

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The House Judiciary Committee, led by Chairman Jim Jordan, unveiled a report on Tuesday titled “Lawfare: How the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and a New York State Judge Violated the Constitutional and Legal Rights of President Donald J. Trump.”

The report scrutinizes DA Alvin Bragg’s 34-count criminal indictment against Trump, which was announced on April 4, 2023.

The House Judiciary Committee also obtained a December 2022 email conversation between Biden’s DOJ hatchet man Matthew Colangelo and NY AG Letitia James’ office.

“Matthew-glad to see you are back in NYC. Sounds like you and Mr. Trump’s paths will continue to intersect,” James Sheehan wrote to Matthew Colangelo on December 7, 2022.

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The report explains the several ways in which New York County District Attorney (DANY) Alvin Bragg’s prosecution of President Trump suffers from severe legal and procedural defects, including:

  • Bragg’s unconstitutional and unprecedented Russian-nesting-doll theory of criminal liability, in which the jury never had to reach unanimity as to each element of the criminal offenses; and
  • Bragg’s usurpation of the federal government’s exclusive authority to prosecute alleged violations of federal campaign finance laws and the Biden-Harris Administration’s refusal to intercede to protect federal interests.

The report also details Judge Merchan’s egregious legal rulings before and during the trial that all cut against President Trump’s rights, including:

  • Judge Merchan’s failure to recuse himself for manifest political bias against President Trump;
  • The unconstitutional gag order he imposed on President Trump during the trial;
  • Judge Merchan’s admission of plainly inadmissible, irrelevant, and unfairly prejudicial testimony against President Trump; and
  • Judge Merchan’s refusal to permit former Federal Election Commission Chairman Bradley Smith to testify as to the meaning and complexities of the Federal Election Campaign Act.
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On Tuesday night President Trump challenged Joe Biden to a $1 million charity golf match. Trump also announced he will give Joe Biden a 20 STROKE lead.

Via Barstool Sports.

This comes after Joe Biden challenged Trump to a round of golf at the CNN presidential debate and promised to carry his own clubs.

Joe Biden: “Hey, by the way, I told you before, I’m happy to play you in golf if you carry your own bag.”

Does anyone really think Joe Biden can carry a bag of clubs for 50 yards without falling down?

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Comedian Jon Stewart took to his Daily Show platform on Monday night to slam the Democratic Party for downplaying Biden's abysmal showing in his showdown debate with Donald Trump last month.

The host blasted the party's 'blatant bull***' excuses about jet lag and the president having a cold while calling on Democrats to have a 'conversation' about Biden's future as his health and age comes under increasing scrutiny.

These concerns were exacerbated by the presidential debate on June 27, in which Biden repeatedly stumbled, paused and could not complete sentences.

In response to the rumors surrounding Biden's awful performance, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has blamed jet lag, stemming Biden's appearance at the G7 summit, tiredness from the job and a cold. 

'For a campaign based on honesty and decency, the spin about the debate appears to be blatant bulls**t, and the redemption tour hasn't gone that much better,' Stewart began.

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President Trump on Tuesday called on Republican Attorneys Harmeet Dhillon and David Braden to stop the Democrats from allowing illegal aliens from voting in the 2024 election.

Democrats announced they will block any legislation from the US House that protects American voters and allows illegal voters to cast votes for Democrats.

For some reason, Democrats believe they must cheat to win elections today.

President Trump released a brutal statement calling out Joe Biden, the moron, and Democrats who CHEAT.

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Webmaster addition: Pedophilia and child sex trafficking.

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This has been quite a decade for global pestilences.  The first one to hit was COVID, and that created a wave of panic that literally paralyzed the entire globe.  The next one to hit was the bird flu.  More than 100 million birds are dead, and now mammals all over the planet are getting infected.  There is a lot of concern that humans could be next, and we will be watching future developments very closely.  Two years ago, Mpox exploded on to the scene, and it rapidly circulated around the world.  Now a much deadlier new version has emerged in Africa, and global health authorities are quite alarmed about this.  On top of everything else, this year we are dealing with the worst outbreak of dengue fever that we have ever witnessed.  Millions have already been infected, and there have even been hundreds of cases here in the United States.
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By Tyler Durden.

NATO’s leaders are set to approve a separate command at Wiesbaden, Germany, to coordinate training and equipment donations to Kyiv’s forces, a senior administration official told reporters last week.

The command will have about 700 personnel from NATO countries and partner nations assigned to the center, an alliance news release said. The administration officials, speaking to the press Friday, said the center would increase the interoperability among Ukrainian forces and NATO.

As an example of the drive to make Kyiv’s military more interoperable with NATO’s, the administration official said, “the U.S. for more than a year [have] been training Ukrainians on F-16 platforms,” as have other alliance members.

NATO will also facilitate equipment logistics and provide support through the center to the long-term development of Ukraine’s armed forces, the release added.

Last month, the alliance’s defense ministers approved the motion for consideration at the summit in Washington.

Claire's Observations:  A war is like a hole into which a government funnels taxpayer money to satiate the financial appetite of the Military/Industrial complex.  

Let's see, how much has the American government forked over, so far to Ukraine?!? The Counsel on Foreign Relations tells us, as of May of this year, that this figure is $175 billion (that we know about).

And NATO's contribution?  According to dentons.com: https://www.dentons.com/en/insights/articles/2024/july/8/nato-summit-preview NATO will be contributing $43 billion to Ukraine in its next fiscal package, due to be approved at the NATO summit in DC happening now.  

To date, as found in a Google.com search:  

" Since 2022, NATO and EU members and other allies have made available at least $50 billion in security assistance to Ukraine".

Folks, even in "weaker dollars and Euros", this is NOT "chump change.

Even in the process of war, there is such a thing as "cost/benefit" ratio.  And right now, looking at the utter failure of Ukrainian forces against Russian forces, the ratio is skewed on the "cost side", with not one hell of a lot of "benefit" to the taxpayers of those countries whose treasuries have been hit, again and again, with requests for more money and weapons for Ukraine.  


Dealing with a Ukrainian government so crooked and corrupt, that its members generally have to screw their socks on in the morning, we have had zero accountability as to where the money has gone, and know for certain, that weapons sent to Ukraine have wound up on the "dark web" for sale. https://riskbulletins.globalinitiative.net/ukr-obs-001/01-monitoring-illicit-arms-flows-from-the-conflict-in-ukraine.html

This move, on the part of the US and NATO, is one "vast last gasp" PR attempt at "virtue signaling" that the US/NATO war against Russia, using Ukraine as their proxy, is actually winnable, when it is not, to keep the war going in order to keep the military contractors happy, and buy time for the "hopium/changium" deluded By-di-Bydenistas betting that the US voting public will NOT change presidents in the middle of a war which should have never been enabled or financed  by this country in the first place. 




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Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth reported a recent spike in cases of Mycoplasma pneumonia, a bacteria causing “walking pneumonia.” Last week, 80 out of 398 patients tested positive for pneumonia, compared to 0% last year. Children are likely spreading the bacteria in close contact at summer camps or swimming pools. The infection causes cold-like symptoms but can be more severe in about 10% of children, especially those with pre-existing conditions like asthma. While mycoplasma pneumonia is typically seen in children under the age of 6, cases this summer have been identified in every age group, from infants to adolescents.
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The median price of single-family homes in the U.S. is just under $455,000. That peaked a few weeks ago and is inching down each week for the second half of the year.
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Freedom of Information Act documents obtained by Children’s Health Defense reveal that two infants died the same day they received nirsevimab, marketed under the brand name Beyfortus, a monoclonal antibody shot approved last year for infants for the prevention of RSV.

At least two infant deaths reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) as occurring after the babies mistakenly received Pfizer’s adult respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine were likely caused instead by nirsevimab, the monoclonal antibody shot approved for infants and meant to prevent RSV.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents obtained by Children’s Health Defense (CHD) from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that both babies died on the day they received the shots.

According to the reports in VAERS, a 27-day-old boy died immediately upon receiving the shot in the doctor’s office and an infant girl was found not breathing by her father seven hours after receiving the shot. The infant was pronounced dead soon after.

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In a civilized society, authorities are able to maintain at least a basic level of law and order in the streets most of the time.  Unfortunately, at this point it is up for debate whether the United States is still a “civilized society” or not.  The chaos in our streets never seems to end, and those that are in charge of running things don’t seem to be able to regain control.  The theft, violence and mayhem that we are witnessing in our major cities is being fueled by the worst homelessness crisis in our entire history, the worst drug crisis in our entire history, and the worst migration crisis in our entire history If authorities cannot control our streets now, what is going to happen once our societal collapse reaches a much more advanced stage?

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As the nation’s largest southern border crossings finally receive mainstream media coverage years into an unprecedented illegal immigration crisis, untold numbers of “fighting age males” dressed in military uniforms are entering the United States through remote areas with no Border Patrol presence. It is a palpable security lapse unlikely to be reported by most news outlets and local, federal, and state law enforcement sources have provided Judicial Watch with detailed accounts, reports, diagrams, and photos of the situation which is terrorizing residents in a once harmonious Arizona town just a few miles from Mexico. They blame the Biden administration’s catastrophic open border policies for the serious problems that have gripped the area in the last few years.

The Santa Cruz and Pima County regions in southwestern Arizona have been slammed with extraordinary violence and crime fueled by Mexican cartels—smuggling drugs and humans—that are victimizing fourth and fifth-generation cattle farmers who have captured thousands of illegal immigrants on security cameras passing through their property since Joe Biden became president. Sometimes they find dead bodies and drug paraphernalia. “Violent activity has drastically increased over the past three years since the border is now perceived to be wide open,” a veteran law enforcement official told Judicial Watch this week, adding that in the communities of Amado and Arivaca American citizens feel much less safe than they did when Donald Trump was president. Both are cattle ranching towns with small populations that are diminishing because of the increased violence. Amado is nestled in the Santa Cruz River Valley about 29 miles from the Mexican border. Arivaca is situated southwest of Amado about 11 miles from Nogales, Mexico.

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It took just 30 seconds on Sunday for Fox News anchor Shannon Bream to underscore the political headwinds that President Joe Biden faces.

Before interviewing her show guests, Bream explained on "Fox News Sunday" that her team reached out to "dozens" of Biden surrogates for an interview. However, none of them wanted to go on the record to defend Biden.

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With mega-donors withholding Democrat campaign funds until Biden steps aside, the Biden fundraisers are appealing to me for funds! Appeals continuously arrive in my email from movie stars, Jill Biden, and Kamala Harris telling me how necessary it is for me to contribute to Biden’s reelection in order to prevent Trump from becoming a dictator.

These appeals deserve a critical look, especially Kamala’s. The appeals say Trump has to be defeated because otherwise he is going to do to Democrats what Democrats have and are doing to Trump.

Kamala says “he will weaponize the Department of Justice against his political enemies.” This is what the Democrats have done to Trump for the past eight years. Someone should tell Kamala that what goes around comes around. How come it is OK to weaponize law against Trump but not against Democrats?

Of course, it is not OK to weaponize law against anyone under the legal system governed by the US Constitution. Why haven’t we heard anything from law schools, bar associations, presstitutes, Democrats and even Republicans about weaponizing law against Trump, indeed against anyone?

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