"Evil people always support each other; that is their chief strength." -- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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In his blockbuster Brothers, David Talbot presents convincing evidence that Robert F. Kennedy Sr. was murdered because he was about to become president—and use the power of his office to bring to justice the killers of his brother, President John F. Kennedy. So who were those killers? Michael Collins Piper’s Final Judgment makes a strong case that David Ben Gurion, the Israeli Prime Minister who resigned under pressure from JFK, and Israel’s CIA mole James Jesus Angleton, were the ringleaders. The motive: Prevent JFK from shutting down Israel’s nuclear program, and insert Israel’s asset Lyndon B. Johnson into office to oversee the 1967 land-grab war.

Anyone who doubts that Johnson was an Israeli asset needs to read Peter Hounam’s Operation Cyanide: How the Bombing of the USS Liberty Nearly Caused World War III. Hounem discovered evidence that then-President Johnson scrambled US nuclear bombers on highest-level alert more than one hour before the USS Liberty was attacked by Israel on June 13, 1967. Then when the ship miraculously stayed afloat, radioed for help, and identified its attackers as Israelis, the President of the United States issued a treasonous order: “I want that goddamn ship going to the bottom. No help. Recall the wings.”

Most Americans have no idea that Israel attempted to sink the unarmed US spy ship USS Liberty and murder its crew of 293 sailors so the attack could be falsely blamed on Egypt. Nor do they realize that the Zionists succeeded in killing 34 sailors and wounding 171. Even less do they know that the sitting US president was complicit and yearned for the death of every one of those 293 American servicemen.

Why don’t more Americans know about the USS Liberty massacre? A draconian cover-up, in which surviving sailors were told to keep quiet or bad things would happen to their families, persisted for decades. Simultaneously the mainstream media published a smattering of ludicrous assertions that the Israelis had attacked the ship by accident. Those were rare exceptions to a general blackout on the topic.

Why would the media cover up such a sensational story? That question raises an even more basic one: Who controls the media? The president who followed Johnson, Richard M. Nixon, knew, but was afraid to talk about it in public. Privately, he discussed the matter with friends and advisors like the Rev. Billy Graham, who told Nixon that powerful Jews “are friendly to me because they know that I’m friendly with Israel. But they don’t know how I really feel about what they are doing to this country.” “You must not let them know,” Nixon replied.

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A view of Imran Khan's Adiala Jail room.

Tariq Butt, Correspondent/ Reuters

The federal government on Thursday submitted the details of the facilities being provided to Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) founder and former prime minister Imran Khan in Adiala Jail Rawalpindi.

Imran Khan, who has been incarcerated, had told the Supreme Court during a hearing on the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) law amendments case that he was being kept in solitary confinement.

"The prison authorities do not let me meet my legal team. I am being kept in solitary confinement. I neither have any material nor a library to prepare for the case," Imran Khan had informed the apex court

Claire's Observations;  this is the Pakistani government, attempting to "sell" the current jail conditions in which the former Prime Minister, Imran Khan, finds himself, at this moment in Pakistani history. 

For his followers, who still believe in the PTI's promises and hope for a better future, this is going to go down like the proverbial lead balloon

Someone in the Pakistani government needs to reach out to a "digital fixer" who can make this NOT look like the  utter hell on earth it really is.

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Is a “Three-Theater” war scenario both feasible and desirable for the US? Some think so. American analysts within the Establishment are in fact calling for war “in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.” This is what Thomas G. Mahnken (both a Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies professor and the CEO of  the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments) is urging Washington to do, in his most recent Foreign Affairs piece.

For Mahnken, Washington is “currently involved in two wars—Ukraine’s in Europe and Israel’s in the Middle East”, while also “facing the prospect of a third over Taiwan or South Korea in East Asia.” Moreover, “all three theaters are vital to US interests, and they are all intertwined.” Deprioritizing Europe and disengaging from the Middle East can only weaken American security, he argues: “The U.S. military drawdown in the Middle East, for instance, has created a vacuum that Tehran has filled eagerly.” Of course, such reasoning can only make sense if American “security” is equated with Washington’s unipolarity.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, during his recent speech at Shangri-la Dialogue (in Singapore), made it a point to stress that “despite historic clashes in Europe and the Middle East… the Indo-Pacific has remained our priority theater of operations.” According to Austin, the US is a Pacific nation (with a capital P, and with no pun intended, presumably), and added that “the US can be secure only if Asia is secure. That’s why… [we have] long maintained our presence in this region. And that’s why we continue to make the investments necessary to meet our commitments to our allies and partners.” As for the relationship with China, the Secretary was more ambiguous, claiming that “a fight with China is neither imminent nor unavoidable.”

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When opposing a genocide means you’re a Nazi. 

When opposing nuclear brinkmanship means you love Vladimir Putin.

When opposing the looming global conflict with China means you’re a sinister propagandist for “the CCP”.

When opposing the latest imperial escalations against the latest Official Bad Guy always means you’re an appeaser of the Bad Guy and would have opposed fighting Hitler.

When your skepticism toward government and media institutions who have an extensive record of lying and propagandizing means you’re a crazy conspiracy theorist.

When wanting to live in a society where everyone has enough means you’re an evil authoritarian with a despised ideology.

When believing it’s possible to have systems where humans aren’t killing the biosphere and waging insane wars while brandishing armageddon weapons at each other means you’re a silly little child who doesn’t understand how the real world works.

When these things are happening in your society, it means your society has gone stark raving insane. It means you are surrounded by lunatics, and ruled by madmen. 

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he suffering in Gaza: displacement, famine, and fear. [TNA]

Wounded Palestinians from Gaza, now receiving critical treatment in Iraq, recount harrowing experiences of what they described as "war crimes" committed by Israeli forces against civilians in the besieged coastal enclave.

In a display of solidarity, the Iraqi government transferred dozens of severely wounded Palestinians from the Gaza Strip to Iraq for emergency medical treatment. This move is part of the "Help Gaza" campaign and underscores Iraq's unwavering support for the Palestinian cause as Israel continues to massacre civilians in throughout the strip. 

Initially receiving treatment in Egypt, wounded Palestinians were relocated to Iraq due to overwhelmed medical facilities and limited resources. Last month, Baghdad welcomed the first group of Gaza's wounded, with the Iraqi Ministry of Health initiating treatment for 27 injured Palestinians and 42 companions at the Dar Al-Tamriz Private Hospital in the Medical City.

"As per directives from Iraq's Prime Minister and under the supervision of the Ministry of Health, we received many Palestinians who were wounded as a result of Israel's terrorist aggressions on Gaza," Dr Muhammed Kamil, head of physicians at the Dar Al-Tamriz Private Hospital, said to The New Arab.

"Some other Palestinians being treated here suffer from chronic illnesses or cancer; their treatments are disrupted in Gaza. If the Iraqi government decides to receive more wounded Palestinians, we are fully prepared to do so; this is a fraternal duty to our Palestinian brothers," Dr Kamil added. 


TNA spoke with some of the wounded about their experiences and what they thought of the ongoing war on Gaza.

Reem Mohammed Abu Taha, a Palestinian child from Khan Younis, is currently receiving treatment for injuries on his legs due to an Israeli attack. [TNA]

Reem Mohammed Abu Taha, a Palestinian child from Khan Younis, is currently receiving treatment for injuries on his legs due to an Israeli attack. 

Reem's mother, who is escorting him, recounted to TNA, "Our house in Khan Yunis was hit by Israeli fighter jets. Three of my children were wounded, and my older son was martyred; 24 members of our household were martyred in the same building. Thank God, we survived the massacre. We went to Egypt for treatment, and then we were airlifted to Iraq. I thank the Iraqis for treating us and taking care of us."

The mother described the horrific brutality of the Israeli occupation forces in Gaza, including soldiers slaughtering civilians, beating people and executing them in front of their families. She also witnessed the bombing of civilian residences filled with women and children without any prior warning. She emphasised the famine in Gaza and the insufficiency of international aid, leading to infants dying of starvation.

Likewise, she called on Arab countries and the international community to act to stop Israel's genocide in Gaza. "Enough with killing innocent people; this is not a war; this is genocide of an entire nation," she said. 

Asmahan Jumaa al-Misri, a mother of six and wife of a Palestinian man from Beit Hanoun, is now receiving treatment in Baghdad for burns and injuries.

Similar to Reem's mother, Misri tearfully recounted, "I saw with my eyes how Israeli soldiers killed a little child and treated civilians very badly. I saw dogs and cats eating from the corpses of the martyrs on the streets. I saw a six-year-old girl holding her severed hand after being bombarded by Israeli tanks. A father found only one hand of his dead daughter and still praised God for that. I cannot forget those scenes."

Misri described the suffering in Gaza: displacement, famine and fear. "I saw people dying from starvation. Although the occupation can destroy our homes and raze entire cities in Gaza to the ground, they can never take our land."

Claire's Observations:  The moment Israel conflated "self defense" with "genocide", they absolutely lost me as a supporter. Somehow, Netanyahu and his regime, believe that they have an historical, Biblically-inspired "divine right" to assassinate Palestinian women and children, and some Rabbis and a former MIT professor, have been advocating complete annihilation  of the Palestinian people.

I would very politely suggest the following for the Netanyahuites and their minions;  please, be careful what you wish for, as the final moments of your "Final Solution" for the Palestinian people begins to unfold; karma... can be a real bear.


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After sending Wyatt a series of aggressively worded emails implicitly threatening to have him criminally prosecuted, and demanding to speak with his lawyer, the Washington Post employee relied on a series of hacked documents to “expose” what Wyatt never attempted to conceal: while beginning his journalistic career, he appeared on the Iranian news outlet Press TV several dozen times.

Incidentally, during this time, Wyatt received payment from such nefarious foreign outlets as CBS Weekend News and CBS This Morning, which correctly credited him as a journalist when airing the footage he gathered reporting from the frontlines of BLM protests. 

Since joining The Grayzone in June 2023, Wyatt has not accepted a penny from any government-backed outlet. In fact, The Grayzone imposes far stricter rules on its employees than The Washington Post, which appears to have no such prohibitions on its employees moonlighting for government backed think tanks.

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The indictment of four-star Navy Admiral Robert Burke on bribery charges late last month raised eyebrows about the extent of corruption in the Navy and beyond. The scheme was simple. Burke allegedly steered a $355,000 Pentagon contract to a small workforce training firm – described unhelpfully in the Justice Department’s description as “Company A”. Less than a year later he took a job at Company A in exchange for a $500,000 annual salary and 100,000 stock options.

The Burke indictment comes on the heels of Washington Post writer Craig Whitlock’s illuminating book on the Fat Leonard Scandal, the biggest, most embarrassing corruption scheme in the history of the U.S. Navy. In the words of his publisher, Simon Schuster, Whitlock’s book reveals “how a charismatic Malaysian defense contractor bribed scores of high-ranking military officers, defrauded the US Navy of tens of millions of dollars, and jeopardized our nation’s security.”

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U.S. regulators are moving ahead with antitrust investigations into the roles that Microsoft, OpenAI, and Nvidia play in the artificial intelligence industry, per a source familiar with the matter.

Why it matters: The broad probe shows the intensifying scrutiny of AI and regulators' concern of the technology's concentration within some of the largest companies in the world.

  • The divvying up of the cases was first reported by the New York Times.

Zoom in: The Justice Department will investigate whether AI chipmaker Nvidia's conduct has violated antitrust laws, the source said.

  • The FTC will examine OpenAI and Microsoft's conduct in regard to their AI partnership.
  • First reported by The Wall Street Journal, the FTC is investigating whether Microsoft structured its investment in Inflection AI to avoid a government antitrust review of the transaction, per a source familiar with the matter.
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President Biden celebrated the deaths of Russian soldiers in Ukraine during a speech in Normandy, France, commemorating the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

“They’ve suffered tremendous losses, Russia. The numbers are staggering — 350,000 Russian troops dead or wounded. Nearly 1 million people have left Russia because they can no longer see a future in Russia,” Biden said.

The real number of dead or wounded troops in the Ukraine war is unclear since neither side shares information about casualties. But it’s likely Ukraine has suffered more casualties since the conflict is largely an artillery war, and Ukrainian forces have been significantly outgunned.

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The men sat in rows, handcuffed and blindfolded, unable to see the Israeli soldiers who stood watch over them from the other side of a mesh fence.

They were barred from talking more loudly than a murmur, and forbidden to stand or sleep except when authorized.
A few knelt in prayer. One was being inspected by a paramedic. Another was briefly allowed to remove his handcuffs to wash himself. The hundreds of other Gazan detainees sat in silence. They were all cut off from the outside world, prevented for weeks from contacting lawyers or relatives.

This was the scene one afternoon in late May at a military hangar inside Sde Teiman, an army base in southern Israel that has become synonymous with the detention of Gazan Palestinians. Most Gazans captured since the start of the war on Oct. 7 have been brought to the site for initial interrogation, according to the Israeli military.

The military, which has not previously granted access to the media, allowed The New York Times to briefly see part of the detention facility as well as to interview its commanders and other officials, on condition of preserving their anonymity.

Once an obscure barracks, Sde Teiman is now a makeshift interrogation site and a major focus of accusations that the Israeli military has mistreated detainees, including people later determined to have no ties to Hamas or other armed groups. In interviews, former detainees described beatings and other abuse in the facility.

Claire's Observations:  There are a lot of sick people in the world who enjoy torturing others, even to the point of death; looking at these images, I would suggest that the Israeli prison system, has more than their fair share of  this kind of individual!!!

And I would like to politely remind their governmental overseers, the current regime in Tel Aviv, that torture is a war crime.

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The Department of Justice has indicted Dr. Eithan Haim, a relatively unknown surgeon, on four felony counts related to his alleged violation of a medical-records law. Dr. Haim gained notoriety last year for exposing Texas Children’s Hospital’s clandestine transgender surgeries and treatments on minors.

Dr. Haim anonymously leaked evidence of these procedures to conservative journalist Christopher Rufo. Despite announcing the program’s discontinuation in accordance with Governor Greg Abbott’s 2022 directive equating such interventions with child abuse, Texas Children’s Hospital continued its transgender program. The hospital finally ceased its trans-medical practices after a state law took effect in September 2023, banning drug and surgical “gender-affirming” interventions for minors.

National Review explains that in January, Haim disclosed his identity, aiming to protect himself from retaliation by the DOJ and the Department of Health and Human Services. Federal officials had approached Haim in June, revealing he was a potential target in a criminal investigation regarding his leaking of medical records. The prosecution claims he failed to redact sensitive patient information.

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Bridgette Crowell, a former official within the District of Columbia’s Office of Contracting and Procurement (OCP) and previously at the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), pleaded guilty on Thursday for her involvement in a scheme where she manipulated government contracts for personal gain.

The 39-year-old Laurel, Maryland resident admitted to a one-count criminal Information charging her with conspiracy to commit wire and honest services fraud. Sentencing is scheduled for September 6, 2024, according to DOJ.

Joining Crowell in her corrupt endeavors, Obinna Ogbu, 52, of Silver Spring, Maryland, also entered a guilty plea for his role in the fraudulent activities, both at WMATA and OCP. Meanwhile, Ifediora Oli, another accomplice, has pled not guilty, with his case still pending before the courts.

According to court documents, Crowell began working at OCP in 2019 as a contracting specialist after serving as a contract administrator at WMATA. It was during her time at WMATA that she first met co-conspirators Ogbu and Oli.

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French President Emmanuel Macron used the occasion of D-Day memorial events in France on Thursday to make some big announcements on Ukraine. This after President Biden focused much of his speech on 'defeating Russia' - as opposed to remembrance of WWII and those who perished on the beaches of Normandy.

For the first time Macron said that there's been a specific request from the Zelensky government to send French troops to Ukrainian soil in order to train forces there, amid a growing manpower shortage and severe lag in adequate training.

"There is a challenge in capacity. That is why the Ukrainian president and his minister of defence asked all the allies -- 48 hours ago in an official letter -- saying 'we need you to train us quicker and that you do this on our soil'," Macron said in a live interview on French television, translated by AFP.

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“Tomorrow we will launch a new cooperation and announce the transfer of Mirage 2000-5” fighter jets to Ukraine made by French manufacturer Dassault and train their Ukrainian pilots in France, Macron told French TV.

Macron said he would offer Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky when the two meet for talks at the Elysee Palace in Paris on Friday that the pilots be trained from this summer.

“You need normally between five-six months. So by the end of the year there will be pilots. The pilots will be trained in France,” he said.

He did not specify how many of the fighter jets would be delivered. Contacted by AFP, the defence ministry did not elaborate.

Macron said Ukraine was facing a “huge challenge” training soldiers as it sought to mobilise tens of thousands more troops to go to the front.

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For technical, social, and morale reasons, Israel will not win another war. At every level, it has become far weaker. It can inflict frightful damage on its enemies but it cannot change the fundamental balance of all forces that leads to victory. Gabriel Kolko, 2007

Towering brushfires raged across northern Israel on Tuesday following drone and rocket attacks by Hezbollah on Israeli settlements and military bases. The fires represent the latest escalation in the ongoing cross-border war that has persisted for the last 8 months. According to the Times of Israel, roughly “60,000 residents of towns and villages along Israel’s northern border have been displaced from their homes since October due to the near-daily cross-border rocket and anti-tank missile attacks by Hezbollah…” The recent uptick in violence has prompted an angry response from Israel’s political leaders who are now threatening to invade Lebanon if the attacks don’t stop immediately. This is from an article at CNN:

On Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the northern city of Kiryat Shmona near the Lebanese border, saying that Israel is prepared for “very intense action” in the north.

“Whoever thinks that they can hurt us and that we will sit idly by is making a big mistake,” the prime minister said. “One way or another, we will restore security to the north.”

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The so-called Jerusalem Day flag march commemorates the Israeli army’s capture of the city’s eastern sector in the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, home to the Al-Aqsa mosque compound, Islam’s third holiest site, which Jews call the Temple Mount.

Thousands of Jewish nationalists, including far-right activists, marched through predominantly Arab neighbourhoods of the Old City, waving Israeli flags, dancing and occasionally shouting inflammatory or racist slogans.

“This is my country. I am the owner here. I’m the boss here, there is no Palestine,” screamed one marcher.

From early on Wednesday, police set up barriers near Damascus Gate, deploying more than 3,000 officers.

Most shops in the Old City were closed before the march, as streets emptied of Palestinians and filled with young Israelis, some carrying weapons.

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Hezbollah, a militant group based in Lebanon, has asserted that it successfully destroyed Israel’s renowned ‘Iron Dome’ air defense system. This bold claim comes amid heightened tensions, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warning of potential “very intense” operations near Lebanon.

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Many individuals who actually care about the United States Constitution and its guarantee of basic liberties for the American people have been seriously concerned over how recent Administrations, both Republican and Democratic, have taken steps to control and limit the rights of citizens to exercise free speech as well as freedom to travel and associate freely. This abuse of power, for that is what it is, has unfortunately escalated sharply due to the uncompromising commitment of the Joe Biden White House to both Israel and Ukraine. It manifests itself in many ways, but most often includes steps to make it difficult for concerned Americans to learn for themselves the truth about what is taking place in the various international hot spots that the US State Department appears to be cultivating in such a fashion as to bring the world to the brink of nuclear war.

Those truth-tellers who persist in exposing the criminality in high places have been targeted and labeled in some government circles as “info-terrorists” and there has been what appears to be a sustained effort underway to undermine the credibility of journalists who are daring to report favorably on either Russia or the Palestinians. Interestingly enough, the Ukrainians have established the gold standard in identifying dissident journalists through their Department of Disinformation called “Myrotvorets.” It includes a list of names of those individuals who might be assassinated to silence them. The US has, not surprisingly, been seeking to establish a similar government agency, though hopefully without the kill list.

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A Canadian detective was suspended and vilifiedafter it came out that she was personally investigating cases of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in relation to childhood vaccination.

Helen Grus took it upon herself to look into the matter after nine babies died in Ottawa following their mothers getting “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). Grus wanted to determine whether or not the shots had anything to do with the babies’ deaths.

Some of the families felt as though their privacy was breached by Grus’ probe, prompting the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) to settle with at least one of them. Grus was then suspended and had her life turned upside-down, all for trying to get to the bottom of what killed the babies.

According to reports, Grus allegedly contacted the father of a deceased baby whose family was part of the settlement on Jan. 30, 2022. She asked about the mother’s COVID “vaccination” status, police documents indicate.

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Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kan’ani has deplored the unwavering support of the United States and Europe for Israel, saying a complete end to such an approach is the sole way to stop the ongoing horrific tragedy in the occupied Palestinian territories.

“Reports coming from #Gaza time and again show that violence and suffering are still the only reality for hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. This appalling news must be independently investigated, in line with the last International Court of Justice order,” Kan’ani wrote in a post published on the social platform X on Friday.

He added that the crimes of the apartheid Israeli regime against Palestinian civilians, particularly women and children, are “clear to everyone in the world, and of course, they are harrowing and deadly.”

“Not mere words, but only a complete and practical halt to US and European support to the racist Israeli regime can put an end to the painful tragedy and reckless and brutal violence against the people in #Palestine,” he concluded.

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 by Dave DeCamp 

Israel used US-provided bombs in strikes on a UN-run school in central Gaza that was sheltering thousands of displaced Palestinians, according to an analysis from CNN.

The school in the Nuseirat camp was targeted early Thursday morning, and at least 40 Palestinians were killed, including 14 children and nine women, according to Palestinian officials and hospital workers.

According to The New Arab, some of the children who were killed arrived at the al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital “in pieces.”

Israel took credit for the attack and claimed that it targeted Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad fighters but offered no evidence for the assertion. Palestinians sheltering at the school strongly rejected the Israeli claims.

“They’re saying they were targeting fighters. What fighters? We don’t have any weapons, we came here for safety with nothing but our tents and the clothes on our backs,” Ansam Issa, a Palestinian who lost her father and two brothers in the strikes, told Middle East Eye.

Ansam said her family sought shelter at the school just a day earlier after a heavy Israeli bombing targeted the Bureij refugee camp where they live. Israel has significantly escalated military operations in central Gaza this week.

According to CNN’s analysis, Israel used at least two US-made GBU-39 small-diameter bombs to hit the school. Debris of the US-made bombs was spotted in a video recorded by a journalist working for CNN at the scene.

When asked if Israel used US-provided weapons in the massacre, State Department spokesman Matt Miller said that was a question for the Israeli government.

GBU-39 small-diameter bombs, which weigh 250 pounds, were also used in the May 26 Israeli bombing of a tent camp for displaced Palestinians in western Rafah. That strike killed 45 Palestinians, including many women and children.

The US claims it wants Israel to minimize civilian casualties in Gaza, but neither massacre will impact US military support. According to CNN, Miller said the attack on the UN school doesn’t cross President Biden’s “red line.

Claire's Observations;  By -di-Bye has no "red lines" in Israel, and will let the genocide continue as long as the current regime wants it to continue; that's just the cold, hard reality.  Also, Netanyahu is deaf, dumb, and blind to anything which could possibly look like the start of a viable cease fire.  He wants the war to keep going, to distract from his legal woes, which are mounting daily.

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