"Palestine was hardly Britain’s to give away." -- President John F Kennedy

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The French election results showed that the “alliance of dishonour” between President Emmanuel Macron and the far left effectively blocked the populist National Rally from gaining a majority despite the Le Pen party having won the most votes.

According to the French Interior Ministry, Marine Le Pen’s National Rally (RN) won the most votes of any party during Sunday’s second round of the snap legislative elections at over 8.7 million, good for 32.05 per cent of the vote.

When combined with their electoral alliance partners from disputed Les Républicains president Eric Ciotti, who earned nearly 1.4 million, good for 5 per cent of the vote, that would take the right wing to over 10 million and 37.05 per cent of the vote.

In comparison, the far-left New Popular Front alliance of communists, socialists, and environmentalists led by radical leftist Jean-Luc Mélenchon only received around seven million votes or around 25.7 per cent and Emmanuel Macron’s neo-liberal centrist coalition received 6.3 million votes or 23.15 per cent of the vote.

However, despite receiving 1.7 million fewer votes than RN, the New Popular Front was awarded the most seats of any party, currently projected by Le Monde at 182. Macron’s coalition won an estimated 168 seats, and despite coming in first in terms of vote share, the RN and its partners were awarded the third most seats at a projected 143.

Webmaster addition: Talk about a rigged system!

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Not a single German national appears to be fully satisfied with their government, the latest ARD-DeutschlandTREND survey has revealed.

The country is currently governed by the so-called traffic light coalition, which consists of Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s center-left Social Democrats (SPD), the Free Democrats (FDP), and the Greens.

According to the survey, conducted on July 1-3, zero percent of Germans said they were “fully satisfied” with the ruling coalition’s work, with just 19% saying they were somewhat “satisfied.”

The overall dissatisfaction rate with the government’s policies rose to 81%, with 38% saying they were “not satisfied at all.”

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British Prime Minister Keir Starmer has stunned both his critics and supporters by appointing a leading Jewish lawyer, Richard Hermer, as the new Attorney General of the country. This also meant that Starmer had dumped Emily Thornberry, who was tipped to be appointed in this role.

Rifat Jawaid explains how Hermer has been a leading Jewish voice against Israel in the past. He also explains why Hermer may be a far better appointment than Thornberry or Suella Braverman, who occupied this role in the Conservative government in the past.

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The United States has long supported Israel: we have sent over $320 billion in financial aid to a country that has a higher per capita income than France and Germany; we have given Israel most of our lethal weapons; we have shared intelligence and supplied Israel with political support at the UN and at the UN Security Council with dozens of vetoes to shield Israel from its crimes and to protect it from increasing global recrimination and isolation; we have issued massive media support including through print, airwaves, internet and the entertainment industry in order to silence anti-Israeli voices.

The public justification for this overwhelming support has been that Israel is the Middle East’s only democracy and is indispensable for our national security. These justifications are so ridiculous that they deserve only a brief debunking. Many global observers classify Israel as an apartheid state with different laws depending on status—Israeli Jews, Israeli Arabs and non-Israeli Arabs with the latter having few rights and being persecuted at will. Inside Israel today, free speech is limited and those who speak out in defense of Palestinian rights are openly punished. Israel can hardly be classified as a stalwart ally—it attacked an American ship (SS Liberty) in 1967 killing 34 U.S. sailors and wounding another 171, refused to support us at the UN Security Council after Russia invaded Ukraine and ignores our pleadings during the Gaza War to change course. Our inseparable bond to Israel, no matter its actions, not only does not enhance our national security but endangers it. Our support is condemned by much of the world, especially by the Global South who see Israel as a rogue colonial settler country. The only credible reason for our support for Israel is the power of the Israeli lobby in the United States.

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The ministry noted that the training, which is in accordance with this year's plan and a mutual agreement between the two countries, will focus on counter-terrorism operations, Xinhua reported.

Through mixed-team training exercises, soldiers from both sides will jointly carry out hostage rescue operations and counter-terrorism missions.

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Keir Starmer's Labour party has swept to a landslide victory in the UK's general election, though it appears to have haemorrhaged votes to pro-Palestinian candidates, several of whom picked up shock wins.

Starmer was formally appointed prime minister by King Charles in a meeting at Buckingham Palace on Friday after his party won 412 out of 650 parliamentary seats in Thursday's general election.

The outgoing Conservatives, led by Rishi Sunak, plummeted to just 121 MPs, while the centrist Liberal Democrats secured 71 MPs.

Though the exit poll predicted Nigel Farage’s anti-immigration party Reform UK to perform better than expected, in the end its four MPs were outnumbered by independents running on platforms explicitly denouncing Israel’s war on Gaza.

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Saudi Arabia's king and crown prince congratulated Masoud Pezeshkian on his election as Iran's president, state news agency SPA reported on Saturday.

"I affirm my keenness on developing and deepening the relations between our countries and people and serve our mutual interests," SPA quoted Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as saying.

Webmaster addition: Looks like the US/Israel plan to isolate Iran has failed!

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Saudi Arabia’s crude oil exports have plummeted to years-long lows, potentially denting the upside the kingdom will see from a recent rally in energy prices.

According to data from Bloomberg, Saudi Arabia exported about 5.6 million barrels a day in June, a level that brings it to just 250,000 barrels more than it was exporting during the start of the Covid-19 pandemic when global travel and oil demand crashed.

Saudi Arabia has been the main force behind a push within an alliance of the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec) and Russia, called Opec+, to cut oil production to support prices.

The kingdom has backed up its lobbying with actions by taking the lead in slashing production, analysts previously told Middle East Eye. Russia and the UAE have benefited from Saudi Arabia's heavy lifting. 

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A pair of well-connected Democrats have issued a bombshell memo detailing their wild plan to replace President Joe Biden on their 2024 ticket.

It would require Biden to step down as the head of the ticket by mid-July to pave the way for other Democrats to throw their hats in the ring for a 'blitz primary' that would feature celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Oprah, according to Semafor.

The six candidates with the most votes from delegates would also have to vow to run a positive-only campaign.

The plan is the brainchild of Rosa Brooks, a Georgetown law professor who served in both the Obama and Clinton administrations and as a volunteer policy adviser to the 2020 Biden campaign, as well as Ted Dintersmith, a venture capitalist and education philanthropist who has donated to a number of Democratic campaigns.

They have already circulated the plan to Democrat donors, as well as officials within the Biden campaign and administration - and say they have widespread support.

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Finnish President Alexander Stubb said China holds the key to ending the war in Ukraine, urging Beijing to use its sway over Moscow while also calling on the U.S. to lower growing tensions with China.

Stubb’s appeal, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, came as European governments brace for a second Donald Trump administration and are increasingly concerned that Washington may abandon commitments to European security to focus on deterring China.

Many European states, alarmed about the potential spillover of the war in Ukraine to other nations on Russia’s borders, are eager for China to play a bigger role in finding a diplomatic solution. Finland, which joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organization last year, shares the alliance’s longest frontier with Russia.

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As tit-for-tat tensions continue to heat up on the Korean peninsula, Beijing is facing a complex dilemma in its dealings with both Pyongyang and Seoul amid risks of a looming nuclear crisis.

Observers warn there is “a significant possibility” of further provocations by Pyongyang ahead of the US election in November and called on China to step up efforts to help rein in North Korea before any escalation.

Compounding matters, Beijing is also wary of Pyongyang’s deepening military pact with Moscow – which analysts say may be detrimental to China’s interests – following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s high-profile visit to North Korea last month.

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Traffic Fatality Rate: Worst in the U.S.: According to an NBC 5 Investigates analysis of federal highway traffic safety data, Dallas had the worst traffic fatality rate among the ten largest U.S. cities from 2017 to 2021. On average, there were about 15 traffic deaths per 100,000 people during this period. Compared to Other Cities: Dallas’ traffic death rate is 27% higher than Houston’s, 22% higher than Fort Worth’s, and a whopping 51% higher than Los Angeles’ rate. Reasons: Speeding remains a significant factor, and efforts are ongoing to address this issue.
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Anyone who watched that George Stephanopolous interview with Joe Biden and thought Biden seemed okay is fooling themselves.
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Chinese President Xi Jinping promised on Friday to defend the "territorial integrity" of Tajikistan as he announced a boost to diplomatic relations with the neighbouring country on a rare visit.

Xi arrived in the Tajik capital Dushanbe, Thursday night from Kazakhstan following a gathering of leaders of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), during which he held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin and urged the bloc to "resist external interference".

Central Asia is a vital link in China's flagship Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a massive infrastructure project that Beijing has used to expand its clout overseas, but which critics say has left developing countries saddled with onerous loans.

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A family in Concord NH have violent, armed vagabonds camping out on their property. These libtard parents refuse to protect their family and home, even after receiving death threats from these armed trespassers.
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A trip by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Russia next week is aimed at reinforcing the relationship with Moscow as New Delhi strengthens ties with the U.S. to counter China.

Modi will arrive in Moscow on Monday, marking his first visit to the country in five years. For Russian President Vladimir Putin, Modi’s presence will be an opportunity to show that Russia still has influential friends after more than two years of Western efforts to isolate the country.

Modi will get to Moscow just as Washington prepares to host a North Atlantic Treaty Organization meeting that will focus on supporting Ukraine as the war drags on. The trip will be Modi’s first bilateral visit of his third term. Days after taking office in June, Modi met with President Biden as well as Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky on the sidelines of the Group of Seven summit in Italy.

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“We DEFEND the existence and the Power of Nations...” “You’re kidding me right?” “I think this use of the term ‘Far Right’ carries a stigma which is very pejorative…”
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As the UK’s new, MI6-aligned prime minister takes power, questions are resurfacing about how key files on infamous British pedophile Jimmy Savile disappeared under his watch.

In October 2012, a documentary exposed how veteran British media personality Jimmy Savile sexually abused vulnerable, underage girls throughout his lifetime. This led to an eruption of reports of abuse, spanning decades, and official inquiries into multiple institutions to which Savile was linked. Today, the full extent of his crimes, and the total number of his victims, is unknown. It has nonetheless been confirmed that the BBC, NHS, British police, and many journalists had full knowledge of his pedophilic and necrophilic perversions well before his death.

Along the way, there were multiple “missed opportunities” to stop Savile’s industrial scale sex crimes. Most substantively, in 2007, police made contact with a number of women who had come forward to testify they were assaulted and raped by Savile, leading to the star being grilled by police about the allegations. That investigation was however shut down, and never publicly acknowledged. Details of how the probe was torpedoed didn’t emerge until much later, implicating both investigating officers and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

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JPMorgan Chase recently issued a major warning to its 86 million customers. The banking giant states that a list of new regulations from Washington, D.C. will require the company to begin charging customers for checking accounts. As a result, customers can expect historic changes to roll out in the months ahead. While the specifics may vary, it’s essential for account holders to stay informed about any potential fees associated with their banking services.
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NATO likes to present itself as “the most successful alliance in history,” not because it was successful in war, but because it prevented war, and also simply because it has lasted far longer than most alliances.

What this propaganda narrative, however, obscures is that NATO during the Cold War avoided actual war not just by deterring the Soviet Union, but by eschewing actions of its own that would have led to war.

The only ground war in which NATO has ever been involved, in Afghanistan, ended in disastrous failure. The U.S. military’s view of its European allies in Afghanistan, and indeed, a central feature of NATO itself, was pithily summed up for me by a U.S. officer in Kabul: “They pretend to fight, and we pretend to listen to them.”

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It is not a recent development that the Biden Regime is paroling in illegal aliens who were previously deported as is happening now with failed Cameroonian asylum claimants.

The policy of hands-off illegal aliens who were previously deported goes back to the Obama Regime who allowed illegal aliens to get an unofficial amnesty.

One of the first acts of the Biden Regime was to begin a policy of paroling in those illegal aliens previously deported.

The latest iteration of that amnesty is that those with failed asylum claims are being paroled in, though it is not clear to do what. The Cameroonians are claiming they were abused in custody and that their claims for asylum were not addressed. (H/T W.R. Flynn)

There is no legal process to reopen a deportation. A few rogue Federal judges have previously ordered deportees returned, but those were rare and had no legal basis.

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Rudy Giuliani has been disbarred from practicing law in New York on account of his repeatedly asserting that the 2020 presidential balloting was rigged against Donald Trump.

The disbarring was ordered, it says here in the July 2nd Daily Mail, by the ”Appellate Division Courthouse of New York State located in Manhattan.”

I thought I’d go to Google Images and get a look at these justices who have deprived Rudy of his livelihood. The system’s more complicated than I supposed, though.

Is that court the one in this picture from February at nycourts.gov headed ”Historic Sitting—First All African-American Bench”?

That heading only tells the half of it: all five justices in the picture are women.

Or is it this court in a picture from CBS News last October, this one headed ”First ever all-Latino bench takes helm in New York State Appellate Division”?

At least there’s some sexual diversity here: one of the four justices shown is male!

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From a narrowly electoral point of view, the Patriotic cause in both major English-speaking countries is in dreadful condition.

Despite polling just 33.9% of the vote, only 1.7 points above 2019’s 32.2%, which handed it a devastating defeat, the U.K.’s perennially nation-hating Labour party has gained untrammeled power for the next 5 years. Unprecedented immivasion by Third Worlders seems inevitable.

(I commend UK elections: Historic result for Labour, but no voteshare gains, by Arjun Sengupta, Indian Express, July 5, 2024 to grasp this superficially odd situation.)

Labour succeeds Sunak’s “Conservative” Party, which as James Kirkpatrick pointed out for us in New UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak A Triumph For Globalists, Immigration Enthusiasts. Of Course, UK May Not Survive—But, Like US, Ruling Class Hates It Anyway was not much better.

As for America, the overarching fact is that nothing has been done to halt the fraud which drove the 2020 and 2022 elections. Read Will The 2024 Election Be Stolen? Yes. Follow Joe Fried CPA Election Central Substack To Learn How.

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