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Republican National Committee (RNC) Chair Michael Whatley has pledged to ensure that the 2024 presidential election is not tainted by the widespread voter fraud that occurred back in 2020.

In an interview with radio talk show host John Catsimatidis on WABC 770 AM’s “Cats Roundtable,” Whatley promised to have “thousands” of attorneys ready to respond when Democrats try their usual shenanigans.

“We want to make sure that every state has good rules of the road, right,” Whatley said. “So we’re working with the legislatures, we’re working with the boards of elections, the secretaries of states to make sure that the laws, the rules, the regulations that cover elections are where we need them to be.”

Whatley, who recently took over from the ousted Ronna Romney McDaniel, added that the RNC will make sure their lawyers and observers are physically “in the room”

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Of course, what Krassenstein likely forgot is that Ashley Biden has confirmed the authenticity of the diary, and so far has made no claims that anything was manipulated. But, then he covers himself by saying, essentially, that, even if Joe Biden did shower with his young daughter, this was completely normal.

This was a point that didn't sit right with a lot of people for obvious reasons. But, rather than concede the point, he made the following whopper of a claim:

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President Joe Biden has “clamped” down on illegal border crossings, according to USA Today— the millions of immigrants still crossing the southern border must have not gotten the memo yet. 

USA Today is taking heat after publishing an article on Friday claiming that Biden has done tremendous work on securing the U.S.-Mexico border. 

The report was published following Biden’s speech at the site of the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse where he sympathized with the six illegal immigrant workers who died after a cargo ship hit the bridge. 

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The woke city of New York is being overrun by rampant crime, illegal immigrants, and now squatters thanks to a law that turns them into tenants after 30 days. 

New York City homeowners are being pushed to financial limits that allow squatters to live rent-free. At the same time, the owners are forced to keep paying electricity and maintenance bills for the apartments. 

Under New York City law, anyone who lives in a home or apartment for at least 30 days can claim squatter’s rights, even if they broke into the property without permission from the owner. 

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Former President Donald Trump officially announced his position on abortion on Monday, ending months-long speculation about how he would handle the issue should he be elected in November.

In a video posted to Truth Social, Trump said the issue of abortion is about “the will of the people” and should be left up to states to decide. The 45th president touted his role in nominating the Supreme Court justices who ultimately overturned Roe v. Wade in their Dobbs decision — ending 50 years of an invented constitutional right to abortion and sending the issue back to individual states and their elected representatives.

“My view is now that we have abortion where everybody wanted it from a legal standpoint, the states will determine by vote or legislation, or perhaps both, and whatever they decide, must be the law of the land,” Trump said.

“This is all about the will of the people. You must follow your heart or in many cases, your religion or your faith. Do what’s right for your family, and do what’s right for yourself,” he continued. “Do what’s right for your children. Do what’s right for our country, and vote–so important to vote. At the end of the day, it’s all about the will of the people.”

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Controversies about artificial intelligence (AI) keep making headlines, but fewer than one-in-five Americans think their job could be done by a robot.

That’s according to a recent Rasmussen Reports.

The survey found that 18% of American adults say their job could be done by a robot, while 65% think a robot couldn’t do their job and another 16% are not sure.

The number who believe their job could be done by a robot has declined from 21% last June. 

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On June 8, 1967, an Israeli torpedo tore through the side of the unarmed American naval vessel USS Liberty, approximately a dozen miles off the Sinai coast. The ship, whose crew was under command of the National Security Agency, was intercepting communications at the height of the Six-Day War when it came under direct Israeli aerial and naval assault.

Reverberations from the torpedo blast sent crewman Ernie Gallo flying across the radio research room where he was stationed. Gallo, a communications technician aboard the Liberty, found himself and his fellow shipmates in the midst of an attack that would leave 34 Americans dead and 171 wounded.

This week marks the 50th anniversary of the assault on the USS Liberty, and though it was among the worst attacks in history against a noncombatant U.S. naval vessel, the tragedy remains shrouded in secrecy. The question of if and when Israeli forces became aware they were killing Americans has proved a point of particular contention in the on-again, off-again public debate that has simmered over the last half a century. The Navy Court of Inquiry’s investigation proceedings following the incident were held in closed sessions, and the survivors who had been on board received gag orders forbidding them to ever talk about what they endured that day.

Now, half a century later, The Intercept is publishing two classified documents provided in the cache of files leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden related to the attack and its aftermath. They reveal previously unknown involvement by Government Communications Headquarters, the U.K. signals intelligence agency; internal NSA communications that seem to bolster a signals intelligence analyst’s account of the incident, which framed it as an accident; as well as a Hebrew transliteration system unique to the NSA that was in use at least as recently as 2006.

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Israeli troops are being withdrawn from the battle-scarred city of Khan Younis to prepare for a new offensive into Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, the country’s defense minister announced Sunday.

Addressing military commanders, Yoav Gallant said forces were being temporarily pulled from Khan Younis, about 10 kilometers from the Egyptian border, and are preparing “for their future missions in the Rafah area.”

Gallant reiterated Israel’s position that hostilities will continue until “we will reach a situation where Hamas does not control the Gaza Strip and where it does not function as a military framework that poses a risk to the citizens of the State of Israel.”

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Hunger levels are reaching unprecedented levels in Rafah, putting children in danger [Getty/file photo]

Up to 600,000 Palestinian children are facing hunger in the city of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, where over 1.5 million displaced Gazans are seeking refuge, UNICEF warned on Friday,

The children and their families are also faced with the daily threat of Israeli attack, with Israeli forces bombing the city many times throughout their indiscriminate military campaign, killing scores of Palestinians.

Rafah, despite being earlier designated as part of a "safe zone" by Israel, has been threatened with a ground invasion by the Israeli army amid international warnings against such a move.

Families and their children are suffering dire conditions there, due to overcrowding. They live in flimsy tents and have little or no access to clean water and showering facilities

In a statement on X, UNICEF spokesperson James Elder said: "Rafah is a city for children. 600,000 boys and girls, but where a military offensive is threatened to take place. They are besieged in Rafah, and they have no safe place to go."

Claire's Observations:  "Hey, starving children is a GREAT WAY to kill them; no bombs, or bullets necessary.  Just let their little systems shut down, and get hit with opportunistic diseases, and VOILA!  Dead kids!

"We Israelis JUST LOVE IT, and Mengele would be proud of the numbers we've slaughtered, and are slaughtering this way!! "- (Official Israeli  Spokes-slug.)



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After America’s embarrassing surrender in Afghanistan, the US Military under Joe Biden has not been able to reach its recruiting goals.

During fiscal year 2023, the US military services collectively missed recruiting goals by about 41,000 recruits.

Meanwhile, the US military brass continues to push a culture of pro-DEI lunacy while targeting gays and minorities for promotion.

Then this video went viral.

The video shows the military’s treatment of USAF Senior Airman Lance Castle, a service member who refused the mandatory CV-19 vaccine.

The video shows Lance Castle being extracted from his cell.

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AFTER four nights at sea on a pitching and rolling ship, the announcement over the Tannoy is the sound of sweet relief. “Land ahoy!”

I get dressed and lurch out onto the foredeck. If it really is ahoy, I can’t see it. The sun is coming up and dazzling the point on the horizon where terra firma should be, due east of our position in the middle of the South Pacific. The ship rolls sickeningly and I retreat to my berth.

A couple of hours later, I re-emerge and am greeted by an awesome sight – a rugged green rock rising out of the ocean like something from the film Jurassic Park.

This is Pitcairn, one of the remotest inhabited islands in the world and part of a British overseas territory. I am here to find out how this isolated community is aiming to put its dark past behind it and reinvent itself as a paradigm of ocean conservation – and also if there are lessons to be learned more generally about how to protect marine biodiversity. But as always on this precarious outpost, there are squalls gathering on the horizon. How can Pitcairn’s stellar conservation efforts continue when its already tiny population is dwindling?

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By Jim Rickards, at The Daily Reckoning

A lot of people seem to have forgotten about the war in Ukraine. That’s a mistake.

Russia is slowly but steadily defeating Ukraine, which is becoming increasingly obvious to everyone except the most anti-Russian diehards.

That’s leading to desperation in elite Western circles determined to stop Russia one way or the other. In their minds, they simply can’t let Putin win. They think that if Putin wins in Ukraine, he’ll next move on to the Baltic states, Poland and elsewhere.

You know the West is getting desperate based on recent threats by France’s Emmanuel Macron to send troops to Ukraine.

The vice president of the Russia Duma, Pyotr Tolstoy (descendant of the great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy), warned that French troops would be priority targets for Russian forces if they entered Ukraine.

Even though France would send troops independent of NATO, that puts us on a very dangerous path that ultimately leads to direct conflict between NATO and Russia. And that path ends, ultimately, in nuclear war.

Tolstoy added that it would take “just two minutes to nuke Paris.” It’s not hard to envision how quickly things could escalate if France decided to send troops to Ukraine.

Claire's Observations:  It appears that NATO leadership (IF one can call it, "leadership":) remains blissfully deaf, dumb, and blind to the absolute horror it could inflict upon the world, leading very quickly to a nuclear exchange with Russia.

Intelligent moral negotiations are always preferable to blowing the world up in this manner.  and to paraphrase the Late John Kennedy, "When intelligent negotiations are totally discarded as a way of achieving peace, war is nearly inevitable."   I would very well imagine, that intelligent, thinking Russians don't want a more intense war than do their intelligent, thinking American counterparts.

If, in fact, Zelinsky is a "US Operative", he can be taken out and replaced with a guy waiting in the wings, who will do the right thing by his country, and get the most favorable terms for peace for Ukraine which are possible with Russia right now.  

The fact that Zelinsky still exists, as the "front man" for this debacle, puzzles me greatly, and the question I have to ask, is what kind of "dead man" switch" does he have on Biden, Obama, Etc., which makes him so "bullet proof" in terms of his not being removed from his position?!?


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A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) raises serious questions about the efficacy of Pfizer’s antiviral drug Paxlovid, which was previously authorized for emergency use to treat mild to moderate COVID-19 cases.

Paxlovid received emergency use authorization in December 2021 as the first at-home treatment for COVID-19 in the United States. It was touted as a cost-effective and efficient method to combat early COVID-19 infections.

Pfizer reported that Paxlovid significantly reduced the risk of COVID-19-related hospitalization or death by 88% in their press release.

The Gateway Pundit has been covering the inefficacy and adverse reactions associated with Pfizer’s antiviral drug.

Scientific documentation about post-Paxlovid relapse has been available since the fall of 2022. Pfizer’s application to the FDA for emergency use authorization of Paxlovid stated that in the placebo-controlled clinical trial — which included 2,246 participants — “several subjects appeared to have a rebound in SARS-CoV-2 RNA levels around Day 10 or Day 14” after beginning treatment, NBC reported.

Following this report, Pfizer released a statement admitting that it failed to reduce the risk of confirmed and symptomatic COVID-19 infection in adults living with someone who had been exposed to the virus.

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NASA's Eclipse Explorer is an interactive map designed to enhance your eclipse-viewing experience. Crafted to complement our existing static eclipse maps, this tool enables users to dive into this amazing celestial event like never before. With this map, you can learn what will be visible in different areas, see a prediction of the corona, compare this path to previous eclipses, and more. To see it full screen, visit go.nasa.gov/EclipseExplorer.

NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio

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As Missouri teen Kaylee Gain struggles to recover from a March beating, the high school she and her alleged attacker attend is accused of refusing to release records requested by state Attorney General Andrew Bailey.

Bailey is considering charging the teen as an adult, according to the Daily Mail.

Gain, 16, suffered a skull fracture and a brain bleed that put her in a coma for two weeks after the March 8 incident. Gain, who is white, and her alleged attacker, who is black, are students at Hazelwood East High School in St. Louis; the attack took place about a mile from the school amid a fight between two groups of teens.

Bailey has said the incident was spawned in the school’s DEI-obsessed culture.

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The German government has just made an astonishing admission, revealing that the entire COVID-19 pandemic was a hoax designed to vaccinate the public with mRNA injections and impose unwelcome new laws.

What is significant is that the German Health authorities based on official data have now been obliged under Freedom of Information to reveal the devastating nature and impacts of the Covid lockdowns imposed on 190 countries, starting March 11, 2020.

Most of the independent studies related to the pandemic have been the object of censorship.

Of significance, the official documents of Germany’s Ministry of Health are consistent with the independent reports published over the course of more than 4 years pertaining to the COVID-19 lockdowns, the mandatory wearing of face masks, and the experimental mRNA vaccines.

The admission from the German government was revealed in documents obtained exclusively by Global Research.

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And they had a message for us: more for them and less for us. They were ready to steal the food from our mouths, our children from our homes, to give Ukraine the aid it needs to beat Russia in a war only they seem to want.

They would strangle the political process at home to make this so. They would betray their basic roles as diplomats, speaking with forked tongues, to confound the conditions for dialogue with Russia and end the fighting.

In fact, with all the war mongering going on you would have thought this was a convocation of military commanders, not diplomats. But that’s where we are in this process.

The message of NATO’s foreign policy is simple, “War first. Talk later.” Facts on the ground don’t matter. Budget deficits don’t matter. Plunging public support for Ukraine doesn’t matter. All that matters is what these people want.

And they want war. But at the same time, they won’t admit that that is exactly what they are waging.

The doublespeak has gotten to the point where even Pinocchio is looking at outgoing General-Secretary Jens Stoltenberg going, “DUDE. Your schnoze!”

Then again, Stoltenberg is a year past his ‘use-by’ date. He’s even more a lame duck than French President Emmanuel Macron at this point. The problem for those who actually run NATO, they can’t agree on who to replace him with… a British Neoconservative or a Dutch Neoliberal?

In the same week where the French and Russian Defense Ministers had a frank conversation about Ukraine, the attack in Moscow on civilians, and how quickly Russia will vaporize French troops sent into the fighting, we’re treated to the complete abandonment of all diplomatic pretense.

And even then, that discussion was more of a diplomatic endeavor than anything coming out of Brussels, if Mark Wauck and Alex Mercouris are correct.

Mercouris, of course, has a lot more to say, but that’s the long and the short of it. It was all a pathetic game, transparently so. The Russians were forced into this war, but now that they’re in it they’re in it to win

Claire's Observations:  Mike and I don't have kids; but he have some very precious little ones who we do NOT want to see drafted, to protect the money of the most elite in this country.

There are many things the late Karl Marx had to say that were pure codswallop.  But there is one thing he said which rings true to this very day;  "All wars are economic in their origin". Oh, the wars are painted with patriotic colors and brilliantly engineered sound-bites and visuals about God, Country, Freedom, and Way of Life, blah, blah, blah. 

 But at the end of the day, you're looking at a giant chessboard, as to who controls what and whom.

Look at what George Soros has been doing ahead of the (alleged) next election in this country; he is buying up radio stations.  As reported last February, by  Andrew Shirley:

"A fund controlled by left-wing billionaire George Soros is set to take control of the second-largest chain of radio stations in the country – just in time to disseminate pro-Democrat talking points ahead of the 2024 election.

According to bankruptcy filings cited by the New York Post, Soros Fund Management is set to scoop up media giant Audacy, which owns more than 220 radio stations nationwide and filed for bankruptcy in January. In total, Soros Fund Management is set to take on $400 million of Audacy’s debt, enough to give the firm effective control over all the stations.

Officially, Soros Fund Management has maintained that they will have no influence on the editorial content of the radio networks. However, given the obvious left-wing political bent of Soros Fund Management’s other activities, listeners have reason to doubt that assertion. According to Open Secrets, 100 percent of Soros Fund Management’s political donations went to Democrats in the 2022 cycle – nearly $300,000 in total."

Now, it appears Soros may be pioneering an alternative approach to intimidating conservatives into silence on the airwaves – simply buying the radio stations themselves and dictating their programming".

However you slice it, $ 400 million is one hell of a lot of money to put into outlets which will only tell one side of the story; where are the Conservatives, willing to fund intelligent, well-spoken radio hosts who understand that there are always more than one side to a story, or a political agenda?!?

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