"Borrowing more money to solve the debt crisis is like drinking a bottle of scotch to solve inebriation." --
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Sure looks like it. AFP is reporting that:

Poland will no longer arm Ukraine to focus on its own defence, Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki said Wednesday, a few hours after Warsaw summoned Kyiv’s ambassador amid a row over grain exports.

To quote Andrei Martyanov, WOWSER! Remember the collapse of the Kakhovka Dam in Ukraine in the early hours of 6 June 2023, which caused extensive flooding along the lower Dnieper river? This is worse. This may explain the “Grumpy Gus” visage adorning Zelensky, his crew, as well as John Kerry and Antony Blinken yesterday at the UN General Assembly during Biden’s awful speech.

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Following a long investigation into Covid mRNA shots, a Canadian watchdog has warned that the injections are “neither safe nor effective.”

The Big Pharma vaccines are unsafe because they bypassed all the normal safety checks, Canadian accountability watchdog group National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) has warned.

NCI published a scathing report on September 14 detailing the corrupt process by which Big Pharma received approval for the experimental mRNA shots in Canada.

“It is important to understand that the COVID-19 vaccines were never approved under the traditional approval process for drugs in Canada,” the report warns, further explaining how Health Canada, the federal agency responsible for Canadian health policy, used a shady authorization process called an interim order instead.

“Under the alternative authorization process, the necessity to establish the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines through an objective manner appears to have been set aside.”

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We are seeing the classic signs of the growing discontent within some key sectors of the military and intelligence bureaucracy over the Biden policy towards Ukraine (I will touch on those in a minute), but the Biden national security team continues to stridently insist insist it will back Ukraine to the bitter end. However, despite the tough talk, Biden continues to balk on sending some weapon systems that could transform the Special Military Operation into a full blown war with Russia.

I am posting the video of Jake Sullivan’s press conference today on Biden’s meeting with Zelensky to illustrate this point. It lasts about 30 minutes and is worth listening to both for what is said and what is not.

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This is everything you need to know.  


The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, lied, blaming Russia for the tragedy of Hiroshima, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in Telegram channel.Zakharova wrote that on September 21, Von der Leyen "made a rather remarkable speech" at the award ceremony Atlantic Council. "I praised the head of the Japanese government for supporting the Kyiv regime and fighting Russia. I remembered that his family was from Hiroshima, and during the nuclear bombing in 1945, his relatives died there. About United States and the Washington executioners who dropped bombs on Japanese cities and civilians — not a word," said the representative of the Foreign Ministry.

According to her, "the defendant of the largest in history European Union corruption scandals went further - laid the tragedy of Hiroshima ... to Russia." Zakharova also quoted Von der Leyen as saying: "Many of your relatives died when the atomic bomb razed Hiroshima to the ground. You grew up with the stories of survivors and wanted us to heed the same stories, look into the past and learn something about the future... Russia threatens to use nuclear weapons again. It's disgusting, it's dangerous, and it's unforgivable under the shadow of Hiroshima." "It is disgusting and dangerous how Ursula von der Leyen lies," the representative of the Foreign Ministry said. In August 1945, the United States dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. About 220,200 people died directly from the explosions of the two bombs, and more than <>,<> died due to lethal doses of radiation. The vast majority of casualties were civilians.

Yes, it is disgusting but it is also the main reason why Russia has nobody to talk to in modern West. Ursula Von Der Lugen is a typical Euro (German) politico with no morals, honor or decency. This is also how history is taught across universities in the West. But then again, Mearsheimer quotes Fukuyama, that liberalism defeated Nazism. They do have issues, don't they?

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Polish Anti-War Debates are a kind of phenomenon. Even though Poland is not formally a belligerent, there is strict war censorship there.

Secret Service has the right to limit access to independent media without giving a reason. The recent amendment to the Penal Code introduced the categories of “unconscious espionage” and “disinformation”, i.e. “dissemination of false or misleading information with the aim of causing serious disruptions in the system or economy of the Republic of Poland , an allied state or an international organisation of which the Republic of Poland is a member”. 

Simply: any criticism of pro-Kiev policy or NATO activities is punishable in Poland with a prison sentence of up to 8 years.

And yet there are still brave people who take this risk, trying to present the Polish public with true information about the war in Ukraine, as well as to raise awareness that even Western public opinion is by no means uniform in supporting the Zelensky regime. Thanks to independent media such as “Myśl Polska”, the oldest Polish political weekly, founded in 1941 in exile in London, and the online channel “Wbrew Cenzurze / Without Censorship”, Polish viewers and readers get know the opinions of leading Western analysts and activists of anti-war movements from the UK, USA, Ireland and Germany.

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has called on UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres to prevent drawing representatives of the UN structures into politicized initiatives on Ukraine, according to a statement released by the Russian Foreign Ministry following the talks between the parties on the sidelines of the 78th session of the UN General Assembly.

"The most relevant international issues were traditionally in the highlight, as well as various aspects of cooperation between Russia and the UN," the ministry said. "An urge to prevent drawing representatives of the UN structures into politicized initiatives in the context of the Ukrainian crisis was addressed to Guterres," the statement reads. "UN Secretary General’s pledges to refrain from participating in initiatives that do not imply the participation of all parties, were focused on," the ministry added.

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The Russian Pacific Fleet has practiced hunting down enemy submarines in the Bering Sea as part of Exercise Finval-2023, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Thursday.

"The Pacific Fleet continues Exercise Finval-2023 in the waters of the Chukchi and Bering seas, as well as on the Chukotka Peninsula, to safeguard the communications of the Northern Sea Route, held under the command of Admiral Nikolay Yevmenov, the commander-in-chief of the Russian Navy. As part of the exercise, two hunter-killer groups of ships, consisting of corvettes the Sovershenny and the Gremyashchy and small anti-submarine ships the Ust-Ilimsk and the MPK-107, were deployed in the Bering Sea to rehearse, in cooperation with IL-38 anti-submarine aircraft of the Pacific Fleet’s naval air force, searching and attacking submarines of the hypothetical enemy," the ministry said in a statement.

According to the ministry, one of the Pacific Fleet submarines played the part of the hypothetical enemy. The ships practiced joint maneuvering, evasion of a submarine attack and its hypothetical destruction with anti-submarine weapon systems.

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Tens of millions of people — more than live in the entire state of Florida — are now exposed to toxic water runoff from metal mining, a new study has found.

The report lays bare the devastating impacts that can follow a reckless transition to 'green' energy, compounding the ecological damage wrought by over 150 years of drilling and mining for fossil fuels.

The researchers found that 23 million people worldwide, as well as 5.72 million in livestock, over 16 million acres of irrigated farmland and over 297,800 miles worth of rivers have been contaminated by mining's toxic byproducts seeping into the water.

This metal mining includes many so-called 'rare earth elements' essential to the manufacture of high-tech electronics, solar cells, wind turbines and all the batteries needed to store sustainable 'green' energy (and power electric cars and iPhones).

While the new study focuses on environmental impacts, global metals mining has recently faced shocking lawsuits against major tech firms, including Apple, Google, Microsoft and Tesla, over child slavery in the Congo, where 70 percent of the industry's cobalt is sourced.

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A letter sent by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) to FBI Director Christopher Wray appears to provide more proof that the bureau did indeed use confidential human sources (CHS) to infiltrate crowds ahead of the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol Building.

What’s more, the letter indicates that the bureau was using CHSs managed by field offices outside of Washington, D.C., and that the FBI may not have been able to adequately track them or their activities, Just the News reported.

On Tuesday, Jordan pressed Attorney General Merrick Garland during testimony for a briefing regarding the FBI’s use of CHSs at the capitol on the day of the riot, as well as any and all documents pertaining to their use.

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A little-known part of the Biden administration's CBP One parole program permits inadmissible aliens to make an appointment to fly directly to airports in the interior of the United States, bypassing the border altogether. Partial data on the program, just obtained by the Center for immigration Studies pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act request, reveals that more than 200,000 people from four countries have used this direct-flight and parole program over the past year.

In January, President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security began implementing the cornerstone of its current Southwest Border management strategy: a series of new “lawful pathways” measures designed to decrease the historically high monthly “encounter” statistics of illegally crossing immigrants and to thin their mass congregations before they become a political problem.

For one of the more publicized measures, DHS cajoles tens of thousands of intending illegal border-crossers per month to instead go on the CBP One smartphone application, and make an appointment with U.S. officials at land ports of entry instead of crossing illegally. After making an appointment, DHS invites these inadmissible aliens to walk over to the American side at the land ports, where U.S. Customs officials quickly “parole” them in, allowing them to travel to a city of their choice in the nation’s interior.

But one of the least noticed, mysterious, and potentially the most controversial of the new rechanneling programs that use the CBP One app allows migrants to take commercial passenger flights from foreign countries straight to their American cities of choice, flying right over the border — and even over Mexico. For this measure, Cubans, Venezuelans, Nicaraguans, Haitians, and Colombians — while they are still in countries south of Mexico — request “advance travel authorizations” through the same CBP One mobile app and take commercial flights (“at their own expense”) directly into U.S. airports, where U.S. Customs officers parole them into the nation, sight unseen, and in numbers publicly unknown.

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The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has confirmed a dramatic 143,233% rise in cases of turbo-cancers in America since the mRNA jab rollout in 2020.

The CDC hosts a Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) which contains historical data on adverse reactions reported against every vaccine that has been administered in America.

According to a search of the CDC VAERS database on the number of cancer cases reported as adverse reactions to the mRNA jabs, since December 2020 up to 5th August 2022, a total of 2,579 adverse events related to cancer were made in just 1 year and 8 months.

Expose-news.com reports: But performing a similar search of the VAERS database on the number of cancer cases reported as adverse events to all other available vaccines between 2008 and 2020, a period of 13 years, reveals there were just 791 adverse events related to cancer

Many would simply argue without backing their claim up with any evidence, that this is just because of the volume of Covid-19 injections administered compared to all other vaccines. But unfortunately, anyone who argues this is wrong.

We can see this by looking at the number of doses administered.

Webmaster addition: Given the recent revelation that SV40 genes were in those Covid "vaccines" it appears this is intentional.

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott has declared an “invasion” at the southern border, attributing it to the Mexican drug cartels. This declaration comes as Governor Abbott takes a firm stance against the escalating security crisis and the influx of criminal activities from across the border.

“I officially declared an invasion at our border because of Biden’s policies. We deployed the Texas National Guard, DPS & local law enforcement. We are building a border wall, razor wire & marine barriers. We are also repelling migrants,” Governor Abbott announced in a post on Thursday.

Posted on: Sep 22 06:19

As thousands of migrants arrive each day in the border town of Eagle Pass, Texas, its mayor has taken measures to ensure discipline and order.

“There have to be consequences for crossing illegally,” Mayor Rolando Salinas told The Post, adding the city is bracing for “anywhere between 4,000 to 9,000 migrants” over the next few days. 

The tiny city has been besieged by a huge influx of around 11,500 migrants in the last 10 days, a record setting surge.

For comparison, the entire Southern Border set a record when 10,000 people attempted to cross from Mexico in a single day in May.

Salinas signed a new law Wednesday night in anticipation of the influx, making it illegal to trespass in a local park and golf course often used by migrants to enter the city.

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After a parent notified us of sexually explicit books in Cherry Creek Schools in Greenwood Village, CO, we did our usual due diligence.  We searched, we found, we asked for comments, and the reply we received was classic move out of the woke groomers playbook. They blocked our emails.  Not a single email went through.  This district is so scared of us that they blocked any incoming email from the Libsoftiktok.com domain district wide. They want to provide pornographic books and groom children of all ages, while blocking staff and board members from communicating with us.  Let’s look into how all of this unfolded.

First we reached out as we usually do to inform the school about pornographic book they were offering to children.


Screenshot of our email

“Gender Queer” shows images of blowjobs, masturbation, and discusses sex toys and chest binders.


Pages from “Gender Queer” which shows available in the district

“Fun Home” depicts oral sex from a self proclaimed lesbian terrorist who protested Christians.


Page from “Fun Home”


Screenshot from “Fun Home” which shows available in the district

“Gender Queer” is even available for elementary age students to digitally download.  “All Boys Aren’t Blue”, which includes sexual abuse, depictions of sexual encounters, and more, is available as an audio book in this elementary school.  

Posted on: Sep 22 06:17

A third IRS official has come forward to House Republicans to confirm Biden’s Justice Department blocked US Attorney from Delaware Dave Weiss from charging Hunter Biden.

According to the Washington Examiner, IRS Director of Field Operations Michael Batdorf told lawmakers on the House Ways and Means Committee last week that the DOJ refused to approve tax charges against Hunter Biden.

“DOJ Tax would have to authorize charges prior to David Weiss recommending an indictment or prosecution,” Batdorf said during his interview according to the transcript obtained by the Examiner.

“So, I mean, my understanding is that, I mean, he can’t make that decision without DOJ Tax authorization,” Batdorf said.

Posted on: Sep 22 06:16

Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) declined a request from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to address Congress Thursday, saying there was not enough time.

“Zelensky asked us for a joint session; we just didn’t have time,” McCarthy told reporters on Capitol Hill, according to videos of the exchange.

The comments come as the House is struggling to advance funding bills with a deadline looming at the end of the month and with continued financial support for Ukraine one of the sticking points among conservatives.

Zelensky, who addressed a joint session of Congress during his last visit in December, traveled to Washington Thursday to meet with lawmakers on Capitol Hill as he seeks to shore up support for more U.S. aid in the fight against Russia.

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A Fairfield father says that a federally funded health clinic operating within Lawrence High School provided his minor daughter with a baggy of prescription anti-depressants without his knowledge or consent.

When the girl’s father, Eric Sack, discovered the baggy of pills over the weekend, his daughter told him that it was provided to her by the Bulldog Health Center, a School Based Health Center (SBHC) at Lawrence High School.

Sack saw the the pills as an infringement on his parental rights, but he was also concerned that the school’s clinic sent unlabeled drugs with no child-resistant container into his home, where his two other younger children also live.

He called Lawrence High School Principal Dan Bowers to complain about the undisclosed drug treatments the school clinic gave his daughter, but Bowers insisted the SBHC was a separate entity from the school and not under his control.

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Residents of Chicago are begging Mayor Brandon Johnson to stop accepting more illegal immigrants but he clearly isn’t listening.

Instead, the mayor has just signed a $29 million dollar contract to build camps for illegal immigrants in the city.

This is like a disaster in slow motion. Everyone can see the crash coming but no one seems able to convince leaders to stop it.

The Daily Mail reported:

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson quietly signs $29 MILLION contract with security firm to build migrant camps

Chicago mayor Brandon Johnson has quietly signed a $29million contract with a security firm to build migrant base camps, as residents plead with the city’s democratic leaders to stop letting asylum seekers in the state.

Webmaster addition: While American veterans sleep in the streets..

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There was a feeling that the German Chancellor was going to get a Nobel Prize for peace, probably just like former US President Obama. It was 2015 then, the year where Germany accepted millions of refugees, who’d fled their parched, destroyed, burned out homelands in the Middle East.

A part of the world was in some form of stability. Another was in ruins.

Someone had to extend a hand. Someone had to take a leap of faith.

This is when Europe suddenly plunged into a mega debate. Not since the Second World War had the world witnessed such mass exodus of people. It could be said, this was the key political-meets-social- discourse of the 21st century. The question of refugees mattered. What to do with them, whether to accept them or not and if yes, then in what capacity or number?

While most countries waited for answers, often staring each other blankly German chancellor Angela Merkel came up with a pathfinder of sorts. Since 2013, the first where one heard about the massive displacement of those in the Middle East, there have been more than 1.8 million requests for asylum seekers.

Posted on: Sep 22 05:48

Germany can take in no more migrants, the country’s president Frank-Walter Steinmeier has said. He expressed sympathy for Italy, which has been overwhelmed by a new influx of arrivals, adding that an effective EU-wide redistribution mechanism must be created to address the problem.

On Wednesday, Italy’s Corriere della Sera newspaper interviewed Steinmeier shortly after he arrived in the country for an official visit. Among the topics discussed was the latest uptick in immigration and its impact on relations between Berlin and Rome.

The German president began by arguing that Italy should not have to deal with the crisis alone, and praised the country for “having shown so much humanitarian responsibility towards the refugees who came from the Mediterranean in recent years.

He added that he takes “very seriously the requests for help that come from Italian cities,” but added that German cities are no better off in this respect as both nations have “heavy loads to bear.

Posted on: Sep 22 05:46

Germany does not agree with Ukrainian proposals to reform the UN Security Council, which include stripping Russia of its veto power, Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has said.

Addressing the UN General Assembly in New York on Wednesday, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky called for the creation of a mechanism that would allow Russia’s veto power at the UN Security Council to be circumvented.

Baerbock told Germany’s ARD TV channel later the same day that “we don’t support this, and I have made it clear to my Ukrainian partners time and again.

The diplomat noted that while Berlin sympathizes with the Ukrainian people, “it is not that we support everything that comes out of Ukraine from the government.

Posted on: Sep 22 05:46

Ukraine and Poland’s relationship has apparently reached the throwing toys out of the pram phase. Speaking to the United Nations General Assembly this week, President Vladimir Zelensky said it was “alarming to see how some in Europe... are helping set the stage for a Moscow actor.” Who could he have been talking about?

“I hope these words are not addressed to Poland,” replied a Polish government spokesman. If you have to ask yourself the question, you probably already know the answer. Yep, Zelensky is accusing Poland of cheating – with Russia. This is about as realistic as accusing Johnny Depp of a dalliance with Amber Heard – post-divorce and defamation trial. 

It seems like just yesterday that Poland was bullying its fellow European Union member states to cough up gifts of weapons for Zelensky. Back in May, it managed to get Denmark and Finland on board with sending their German Leopard tanks to Kiev and browbeat Berlin for dragging its feet on giving permission to re-export the vehicles. “Even if, eventually, we do not get this permission, we – within this small coalition – even if Germany is not in this coalition, we will hand over our tanks, together with the others, to Ukraine,” declared Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki at the time.

Posted on: Sep 22 05:45

A man is warning about the risks some solar panel batteries pose after one caused a fire at his mother-in-law's bungalow. The pensioner escaped from the property on Anglesey after the blaze broke out.

The 76-year-old woman breathed in smoke but was not injured. Now her son-in-law is warning people about the risks. Fire crews had been called to the scene near Benllech on Wednesday at about 1pm.

North Wales Fire and Rescue Service said the cause of the blaze at the building, which was in Min-yr-Afon, Tyn-y-gongl, was an electrical fault. The Welsh Ambulance Service said it was called out but were not needed.

Posted on: Sep 22 05:45

In the hallways of Congress, big box retailers are aggressively lobbying for a new bill that will slash consumers’ payment security protections. These retailers are looking to pocket millions by skimping on payment security, knowing that if there is fraud at their stores, it’s banks and credit unions on the hook, not them. So why not pick a cheap and less secure way to process payments?

This proposed legislation would dismantle the current payments system by implementing new credit card routing regulations. The bill gives the government broad power to control how your credit card payments are processed, replacing the current, free-market system. Big-box stores like Walmart and Target are in favor of it because it forces financial institutions to hand over technology for free, upending the current system using the power of government.

Technology advances in the last decade have been astounding. Watches that can pay for groceries, phones that can order and pay for take-out, and quick tap-and-pay checkouts. This all adds up to faster transactions and more sales for businesses big and small. This technology has thousands of men and women behind it who are developing on anti-fraud programs, payments software, hardware, and a host of other facets to making it all work behind the scenes.

Posted on: Sep 22 05:44

Nearly two dozen Republican senators and lawmakers on Thursday came out against more funding for Ukraine, just as the country’s president arrived in Washington, DC, to urge Congress to pass an additional $24 billion in aid that would bring total U.S. support to Ukraine to at least $135 billion since its war with Russia began.

Led by Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) and Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX), six senators and 23 House lawmakers wrote in a letter delivered to White House Office of Management and Budget Director Shalanda Young:

The American people deserve to know what their money has gone to. How is the counteroffensive going? Are the Ukrainians any closer to victory than they were 6 months ago? What is our strategy, and what is the president’s exit plan? What does the administration define as victory in Ukraine? What assistance has the United States provided Ukraine under Title 10? It would be an absurd abdication of congressional responsibility to grant this request without knowing the answers to these questions. For these reasons—and certainly until we receive answers to the questions above and others forthcoming — we oppose the additional expenditure for war in Ukraine included in your request.

Posted on: Sep 22 05:43

Wisconsin Republicans introduced 15 articles of impeachment against Meagan Wolfe, the Administrator of the Wisconsin Elections Commission, citing allegations of maladministration in office and potential violations of election laws.

The allegations include Wolfe promoting and encouraging illegal alterations of absentee ballot applications during the administration of the 2020 presidential election in Wisconsin. The law makes clear that absentee voting, in contrast to in-person voting, is regarded as a privilege rather than a right.

Here is a list of the 15 Articles of Impeachment in the 23 page report:

Posted on: Sep 22 05:42

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, fresh off his victory against a historic impeachment effort, is warning that it is impossible for him to prosecute voter fraud in the state due to a court ruling.

In an interview with Blaze Media’s Glenn Beck, Paxton said that the state’s elections are being threatened by district attorneys who will refuse to bring charges against those who commit voter fraud in 2024.

“The Court of Appeals in the State of Texas, apparently now, you cannot prosecute voter fraud in Texas. Is that true?” Beck asked.

“Yes, that is correct,” Paxton replied. “They struck down a law from 1951, and by the way, I have four things that I’m supposed to do under the Constitution. The final thing is such things as are required by law. And in 1951, the legislature directed the Attorney General — it’s the only thing I have original jurisdiction on as it relates to criminal matters, was voter fraud and the Court of Criminal Appeals.”

“All Republican, by the way,” he continued, “And by the way, nobody knows who they are. This is why I think they’ve been put there, and I’m convinced they’re not Republicans because they struck down this law, and it said, ‘I don’t have the authority to go to court as Attorney General, because I’m in the executive branch.’ That was their rationale for striking down, saying it’s ‘unconstitutional’ for the Attorney General to be in court. I’m like, is that the most insane decision ever?”

Posted on: Sep 22 05:41

New Jersey Democrat Senator Bob Menendez has been under investigation for alleged corruption more times than anyone can count.

Now it is happening again. Menendez and his wife are being investigated over claims that they accepted bars of gold in exchange for favors, otherwise known as a bribe.

Will this be the time that the senator’s luck finally runs out?

FOX News reports:

Feds probing if Dem Sen Menendez or wife accepted gold bars worth hundreds of thousands from felon: report

Federal investigators are probing whether Democratic New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez or his wife accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gold bars from a felon in a trade for help, according to a report.

NBC News 4 reported Monday that the FBI and IRS criminal investigators are attempting to determine if Menendez or his wife had taken up to $400,000 worth of gold bars from Fred Daibes, a New Jersey developer and former bank chairman, or his associates in a swap for Menendez reaching out to the Justice Department to aid the “admitted felon” accused of banking crimes.

Posted on: Sep 22 05:40

A third IRS official confirmed that Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss faced roadblocks when attempting to bring charges against Hunter Biden, contradicting denials issued Wednesday by Attorney General Merrick Garland.

IRS Director of Field Operations Michael Batdorf told the House Ways and Means Committee in a closed-door interview on Sept. 12 that he felt “frustrated” by the refusal of the Justice Department to approve tax charges that IRS agents viewed as well-supported by evidence, according to a transcript of the interview obtained by the Washington Examiner.

He also said the IRS removed agent Gary Shapley, a whistleblower, from the Hunter Biden case at the direction of Weiss despite having done nothing wrong.

Batdorf’s testimony was the latest piece of evidence to suggest Weiss did not enjoy the unfettered authority to pursue Hunter Biden that Garland and others claimed he had.

Still, Batdorf, who was above Shapley in the IRS chain of command, stopped short of attributing the DOJ’s actions to bias in favor of President Joe Biden.

Posted on: Sep 22 05:39