"When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic."  --  Benjamin Franklin

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US politicians have been quick to make glib comparisons between Russia's de-Nazification operation in Ukraine and Hitler's invasion of Europe or terrorist outrages. Scott Ritter, a former US Marine Corps intelligence officer, said Joe Biden couldn't even string such an argument together.

US President Joe Biden lacks the mental ability to draw parallels between Russia and Hamas, says a former US Marine.

The Washington Post ran an op-ed under Biden's byline at the weekend, likening the Palestinian Islamic resistance movement Hamas' breakout from the besieged Gaza Strip on October 7 to Russia's military operation in Ukraine in defence of the Russian-speaking Donbass region — following eight years of Ukrainian shelling of civilians.

Biden "didn't write this" as he "doesn't have the mental capacity," Ritter told Sputnik.

Posted on: Nov 22 07:29

The German Finance Ministry has imposed an emergency spending freeze after the country’s top court banned the use of pandemic aid to finance green initiatives, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday.

The Constitutional Court ruled last week that the shifting of €60 billion ($65.2 billion) of unused debt authorizations earmarked to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic into the government’s Climate and Transformation Fund violates constitutional law.

On Monday, the Finance Ministry “froze virtually all new spending authorizations for this year as it tries to identify the broader and longer-term implications,” government officials told Bloomberg.

Posted on: Nov 22 07:29

A volcano in Papua New Guinea erupted on Monday, and the Japan Meteorological Agency said it was assessing a possible risk of a tsunami for Japanese coasts.

Mount Ulawun on the island of New Britain in Papua New Guinea erupted at around 3:30 p.m. (0630 GMT) Monday, spewing volcanic smoke as high as 15,000 meters (50,000 feet), the agency said, quoting the Volcanic Ash Advisory Center in Darwin, Australia.

The agency said it was assessing a possible impact, including the risk of a tsunami approaching Japan later Monday. First tsunami waves could reach Izu and Ogasawara islands about three hours after the shaking caused by the eruption, JMA said.

Posted on: Nov 22 07:28

The Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG) recorded an eruption in the form of volcanic ash bursts as high as 2 Kilometers out of the crater of Mount Dukono in North Maluku. Mount Dukono Observation Post officer Bambang Sugiono in a report quoted by ANTARA, Sunday 19 November, said the eruption occurred at 07.24 WIT.

“The ash column was observed to be white, gray to black with thick intensity to northeast and east. When this report was made, the eruption was still ongoing,” he said. Bambang appealed to tourists not to be active, climbing, and to approach the Malumpang Warirang Crater within a two-kilometer radius.

Posted on: Nov 22 07:27

For years Hollywood heavyweights have openly transformed the character focus of long-standing comic book heroes when the stories are adapted for the big screen. A variety of cultural changes have been ceremoniously edited into the lives of superheroes that never existed in the original stories.

In the last few years the backlash from fans sent heralded box office feature films to the backwaters of the DVD or streaming world faster than that character who outruns bullets. The result is Hollywood shooting itself in the foot with superhero movies that don’t meet with audience demands.

The feature flop so far this year is Disney’s latest superhero movie “The Marvels.” The box office opening weekend was a financial disaster for the film. The second weekend didn’t get any better.

Posted on: Nov 22 07:20

The Presidential Election is less than a year away. There are still a number of Republicans fighting for the GOP nomination.

But their hopes of becoming the party’s nominee took a major hit this week, after a new poll from Harvard/Harris came out.

From The Post Millennial:
The Harvard/Harris poll found that a staggering 67 percent of voters would vote for Trump in the GOP primary. This is nearly 60 points over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who lies in second place at 9 percent.

Consistent with most GOP primary polls, Donald Trump is leading the GOP field by a large margin. Many claim it is very unlikely any of the candidates will be able to defeat him, with 67% support.

And now, the former president is making a huge demand of the Republican National Committee.

From The Post Millennial:
In a Truth Social post made Monday, 2024 GOP frontrunner Donald Trump called for the Republican National Committee to cease primary debates and spend that money to take down Democrats in the fast-approaching election…

Posted on: Nov 22 07:18

Seldowitz’s identity was confirmed by his former employer Gotham Government Relations, who released a statement denouncing him and saying they’ve ended all affiliation with him. 

Seldowitz is seen hounding the New York City vendor or vendors in multiple different videos wearing multiple different outfits, showing a sustained campaign of harassment and abuse. He told them while fully aware he was being filmed that Israel killing thousands of Palestinian kids “wasn’t enough”, insulted their religion, threatened them, mocked their intelligence and their English, called them terrorists, and asked “Did you rape your daughter like Mohammed did?” From the videos he appears to be harassing them for no reason other than because they are Muslims selling halal food.

Posted on: Nov 22 07:17

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has vowed to 'expose everything' following last week's massive ruling by an Obama-appointed judge in Georgia, Amy Totenberg, who agreed with Lindell's legal team that electronic voting machines used by the state of Georgia have substantial flaws.

According to Totenberg, there is sufficient cause to believe that there may be "cybersecurity deficiencies that unconstitutionally burden Plaintiffs’ First and Fourteenth Amendment rights and capacity to case effective votes that are accurately counted."

What's more, in a footnote within her 135-page ruling, Totenberg said the evidence in the case "does not suggest that the Plaintiffs are conspiracy theorists of any variety."

"Indeed, some of the nation's leading cybersecurity experts and computer scientists have provided testimony and affidavits on behalf of Plaintiffs' case in the long course of this litigation," she wrote.

Posted on: Nov 22 07:16

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko said on Monday that his country will respond in accordance with its national interests if Finland closes the entirety of their joint border like the Finnish Interior Minister threatened to do last week. In the intervening days, the EU said that it’s ready to send forces to that frontier, Finland gassed a group of border crossers, and it also deployed soldiers there too. Taken together, Finland is clearly hellbent on positioning itself as a frontline NATO state against Russia.

It was assessed in summer 2022 that “NATO’s Northern Expansion Isn’t A Major Defeat For Russia” like the Mainstream Media misportrayed it as being and then earlier this spring that “Finland’s Membership In NATO Is More Symbolically Important Than Militarily”. Those conclusions reflected the state of military-strategic affairs at the time, but seeing as how the latter are changing as a result of Finland hyping up an alleged migrant crisis with Russia, so too should those assessments change accordingly.

Posted on: Nov 22 07:16

A shock new poll saw Wilders’ Party for Freedom (PVV) enjoy a dramatic rise in support to put it on equal footing with the governing VVD...

Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom (PVV) has experienced a dramatic rise in popularity among Dutch voters in a matter of days, rising from fourth place to now polling joint top with the governing VVD after an impressive performance in the latest television debate.

In the most recent survey conducted by pollster MDH, the right-wing populist party strengthened its electoral position by five percentage points to reach 26 percent, on par with the party of outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte, now led by Turkish-born Justice Minister Dilan Yeşilgöz-Zegerius.

The increase in support appears to be at the expense of Pieter Omtzigt’s New Social Contract, the centrist party fighting its first national election, whose party’s popularity dropped by the same margin.

Posted on: Nov 22 07:15

The price of yellowcake - uranium concentrate used in nuclear generation - has hit the highest level in more than 15 years, driven by soaring demand as a crucial energy source for a "green future." Additionally, global supply disruptions are further pressuring prices higher.

Nymex futures tracking physical-market contracts of uranium ore topped $80.25 per pound on Monday, the highest level since February 2008. Since we first recommended uranium stocks in December 2020, in a note titled "Buy Uranium: Is This The Beginning Of The Next ESG Craze," uranium ore prices have soared 173%.

Prices have also exceeded the level last seen since the disaster at Japan's Fukushima reactor put nuclear energy on worldwide probation -- and in Germany, delivered it a death sentence -- various factors, including decarbonization of power grids, have revived the nuclear industry. 

Posted on: Nov 22 07:15

We are approaching critical mass, the point at which all hell breaks loose.

The government is pushing us ever closer to a constitutional crisis.

What makes the outlook so much bleaker is the utter ignorance of the American people - and those who represent them - about their freedoms, history, and how the government is supposed to operate.

As Morris Berman points out in his book Dark Ages America, “70 percent of American adults cannot name their senators or congressmen; more than half don't know the actual number of senators, and nearly a quarter cannot name a single right guaranteed by the First Amendment. Sixty-three percent cannot name the three branches of government. Other studies reveal that uninformed or undecided voters often vote for the candidate whose name and packaging (e.g., logo) are the most powerful; color is apparently a major factor in their decision.”

More than government corruption and ineptitude, police brutality, terrorism, gun violence, drugs, illegal immigration or any other so-called “danger” that threatens our nation, civic illiteracy may be what finally pushes us over the edge.

As Thomas Jefferson warned, no nation can be both ignorant and free.

Posted on: Nov 22 07:14

One of the euthanasia capitals of the world, Canada, is back in the news for the high number of citizens that die throughout the country via assisted suicide every single day.

Posted on: Nov 22 07:12

“Police in the United Kingdom are planning to identify criminals by taking their photos with mobile phones and running them through a database with facial recognition software.

Posted on: Nov 22 07:12

Now we can see how WEF ideas creep more and more into our daily lives. In Germany we got the “Rundfunk” which is like a subscription to Netflix, with the difference everyone has to pay for it regardless if he uses it or not and the price for this crap is currently 18,36€ which equals 20,12 USD per month! 

Posted on: Nov 22 07:12

The economy is doing great! You mouth-breathing peasants are just too stupid to notice.

Posted on: Nov 22 07:11

The first piece of legislation passed by the new Congress of the United States of America after the ratification of the Constitution included a tariff on the import of foreign sugar. Although this tariff was passed as a means to raise the funds needed to pay the debts accrued during the Revolutionary War, coincidentally it also provided elaborate protections to the nation’s wealthiest farmers of sugarcane and sugar beets.

The indirect subsidies afforded to the sugar producers by the Tariff Act of 1789 have been reapproved and signed, now via the Farm Bill, every five years by every available president up to and including Donald J. Trump. For more than two hundred years, these sugar producers in America have been able to sell their product at prices higher than what the market would normally allow. Later this year, President Joe Biden will get the opportunity to put his signature on the bill as well.

Webmaster addition: It was desire to be free of that tariff that led to the annexation of Hawaii into the United States.

Posted on: Nov 22 07:10

Google has admitted its efforts to discourage the use of ad blockers on YouTube have resulted in a deliberate "suboptimal viewing" experience for some users.

Earlier this year, YouTube began interrupting videos for those using advert blockers with a pop-up encouraging them to either disable the offending extension or filter, or pay for YT's ad-free premium tier.

More recently, netizens have reported experiencing delays in playback when using non-Chrome browsers as well.

Upon launching a video, Firefox users have reported a delay of roughly five seconds before playback would begin. In a statement to The Register, Google admitted it was intentionally making its content less binge-able for users unwilling to turn off offending extensions, though this wasn't linked to any one browser.

Posted on: Nov 22 07:09

On Monday, Elon Musk's X sued Media Matters, claiming that the David Brock-founded leftist 'watchdog' group manipulated the platform to show major ads next to Nazi imagery, causing a flood of advertisers to leave the platform.

"The end result was a feed precision-designed by Media Matters for a single purpose: to produce side-by-side ad/content placements that it could screenshot in an effort to alienate advertisers," causing "all but one of the companies featured in the Media Matters piece withdrawing all ads from X, including Apple, Comcast, NBCUniversal, and IBM—some of X’s largest advertisers."

The move by Media Matters was a successful attempt to brand Elon Musk and his platform as antisemitic, after Musk took fire for agreeing with a post suggesting that liberal Jews - who "have been pushing the exact kind of dialectical hatred against whites that they claim to want people to stop using against them," are now on the receiving end of things.

Posted on: Nov 22 07:04

Commercial air crews are reporting something “unthinkable” in the skies above the Middle East: novel “spoofing” attacks have caused navigation systems to fail in dozens of incidents since September. 

In late September, multiple commercial flights near Iran went astray after navigation systems went blind. The planes first received spoofed GPS signals, meaning signals designed to fool planes’ systems into thinking they are flying miles away from their real location. One of the aircraft almost flew into Iranian airspace without permission. Since then, air crews discussing the problem online have said it’s only gotten worse, and experts are racing to establish who is behind it.

Posted on: Nov 22 07:00

Approximately 1,000 boats will gather in Turkey on Wednesday before heading toward Gaza in an attempt to break the Israeli blockade and disrupt maritime trade coming into Israel during the war with Hamas, in an apparent repeat of similar attempts from over a decade ago.

In an interview with Turkish news website Haber7, Volkan Okçu, one of the organizers of the protest, indicated the boats will carry 4,500 people from 40 countries, “including anti-Zionist Jews.”

Among the 1,000 vessels would be 313 boats filled with Russian activists, and 104 filled with Spanish activists, he said. Only 12 Turkish vessels will join the flotilla, he told Haber7.

Posted on: Nov 22 06:58

Israel and Hamas agreed on Wednesday to a ceasefire in Gaza for at least four days, to let in aid and release at least 50 hostages captured by militants in exchange for at least 150 Palestinians jailed in Israel.

The first truce in a brutal near seven-week-old war, reached after mediation by Qatar, was hailed around the world as a sign of progress that could ease the suffering of Gaza's civilians and bring more Israeli hostages home. Israel said the ceasefire could be extended further, as long as more hostages were freed.

Hamas and allied groups captured around 240 hostages when gunmen rampaged through southern Israeli towns on Oct. 7. Previously, Hamas had released just four.

The official start time for the truce is expected to be announced within 24 hours, with the first hostages to go free on Thursday.

Posted on: Nov 22 06:57

Controversy is brewing at a ​North Dakota Air Force base after its leadership issued a warning to service members cautioning against attending a downtown rally featuring a pro-Trump speaker.

The message, shared with personnel via text, advised individuals to exercise caution downtown and highlighted the potential dangers associated with the “​Dakota Patriot Rally,” which took place on November 17 at the state fairgrounds in Minot.

The warning specifically noted concerns of confrontational behavior toward military members during the event. Additionally, the message mentioned that the rally would feature a guest speaker, Tyler Bowyer from ​Turning Point USA, categorized as an “alt-right” organization.

Posted on: Nov 22 06:56

Vladimir Putin's security deputy has issued a chilling warning that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky 'is unlikely to have a chance of living to old age'.

The sickening new threat from Russian ex-president Dmitry Medvedev follows Zelensky's revelation that he has already survived at least five Kremlin assassination attempts.

Medvedev - now Putin's deputy on the Russian security council - said: 'All this cheap bravado also evokes one very obvious thought.

'With such powerful 'prophecies', this fool is unlikely to have a chance of living to old age. Thoughts are sometimes material.'

Webmaster addition: I would not be surprised if some of those attempts on Zelensky came from inside his own government.

Posted on: Nov 22 06:52

Ukraine has lost more than 13,700 troops and around 1,800 tanks and other heavy weaponry so far this month. This claim was made by the Minister of Defense Russia Sergey Shoigu at a ministerial meeting.

“Russian forces are actively thwarting Kiev’s attempts to penetrate their defense lines and continue to reduce Ukraine’s military capacity,” said the senior Russian defense official as quoted by RT, Tuesday (21/11/2023).

He claimed that Ukrainian soldiers surrendered in droves after realizing the futility of their counteroffensive.

Posted on: Nov 22 06:51

Israel will receive the first set of hostages from Gaza tomorrow during a four-day truce with Hamas, Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen said. 

The nation last night agreed a deal that will see 50 women and children kidnapped by Hamas gunmen on October 7 freed during the truce, leaving their families with an agonising wait to see if their loved ones are coming home. 

Now, it has emerged that the process of recovering those hostages is expected to start tomorrow, according to Cohen. He did not say how many people would be released while a Hamas official said the truce would come into effect from 10am local time. 

But Israeli politician Ben Gvir said the release of the hostages sets a 'dangerous precedent' that could play into the hands of the terrorists. The far-right politician said the deal, which will see 150 Palestinians released in exchange for 50 hostages, gives Hamas terrorists everything they wanted.

Posted on: Nov 22 06:51

A San Francisco business owner has slammed Mayor London Breed for downplaying crime and homelessness during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.

Tom Wong claimed she had temporarily arranged to have the city tidied up for the summit before it was left to return to normal when officials left.

He told FOX&Friends drug dealers and homeless people were back on the streets within a day of the conference coming to a close last Friday.

Wong said: 'It's horrible. I just drove through the Tenderloin, and it is just a lot of drug heads, drug dealers, and they're all out, they're all out in the neighborhood.

'It is crime-ridden… drugs everywhere. There's needles everywhere. There's poop everywhere again.'

Posted on: Nov 22 06:50

Increasingly, Netanyahu’s own cabinet and advisors are urging genocide there against Gazans. (Actually, this viewpoint has long been popular among Netanyahu’s voters — well prior to the October 7th Hamas attack.)

The legal basis for such a solution comes from many decades of apartheid laws there:

As Jonathan Cook, a great independent journalist on Palestinian affairs, observed:

In today’s United States or Europe, any argument that citizenship privileges should be assigned to a group because of its ethnicity or religion would be considered overtly racist. That nonetheless is precisely the position of all the Jewish parties in the Israeli parliament – without exception.

Posted on: Nov 22 06:49

Former U.S. Marine Scott Ritter says Russia will NOT negotiate with Ukraine and will only accept an unconditional surrender of Ukraine's military. Each day that this continues Ukraine will lose more land and more human lives. NATO is now telling Ukraine that this war is over and resources are coming to an end.

Posted on: Nov 22 06:48