"Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry." -- President Thomas Jefferson

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The UK government is facing renewed pressure to shut its Counter Disinformation Unit (CDU) after the unit was accused of tracking the activities of vocal critics of COVID-19 policies when flagging so-called disinformation.

The government has denied targeting individuals, saying the unit was banned from flagging journalists and MPs to social media platforms.

The CDU, which was set up on March 5, 2020, monitors online narratives and trends, and has worked “closely with social media platforms to quickly identify and help them respond to potentially harmful content on their platforms,” including “removing harmful content in line with their terms and conditions, and promoting authoritative sources of information,” according to government ministers.

The Telegraph on June 2 accused the unit of secretly monitoring the activities of critics of the government’s COVID-19 policies such as lockdowns, school closures, mask mandate, and the proposed vaccine passport.

According to the report, documents released through Freedom of Information and data protection requests showed the CDU had flagged 24 social media comments by Molly Kingsley, who founded the children’s welfare campaign group UsForThem in response to school closures, and one post on Twitter by Dr. Alexandre De Figueiredo, a research fellow at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, who opposed the mass COVID-19 vaccination of children.

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The U.S. Marine Corps intends to replace some decades-old Hellfire missiles with a family of long-range loitering munitions, giving its attack helicopters greater range and lethality for a fight in the Pacific region.

This move comes as part of the Corps’ ongoing Force Design 2030 modernization effort to prepare the service to deter or win a fight against China and other potential adversaries.

The Marine Corps on Monday released an annual status update on Force Design efforts, which included a nod to the service’s Long-Range Attack Munition effort supported by the undersecretary of defense for research and engineering, “to rapidly develop and field a low-cost, air launched family of loitering, swarming munitions.”

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The first thing to understand about John Durham is that he was a fearless prosecutor who went after organized crime and put in prison retired and active FBI agents who protected the mob for money or other enticements. One of the agents he stopped had enabled James “Whitey” Bulger Jr., once one of America’s most wanted men, the Winter Hill Gang boss who evaded arrest for sixteen years.

In his forty-five years as a state and federal prosecutor in Connecticut and Virginia, Durham worked often and closely with FBI agents, especially on cases that involved violations of federal racketeering statutes.

Durham also handled two inquiries into the CIA’s conduct in the War on Terror, and he did so without angering his superiors in the executive branch. In one case he was asked to investigate the alleged destruction of CIA videotapes of detainee interrogations, the so-called torture tapes. His final report on the matter remains secret, and he recommended that no charges be filed. He was later asked to lead a Justice Department inquiry into the legality of the CIA’s “enhanced interrogation techniques” that resulted in the death of two detainees. In that case, he was told that officers who were given and obeyed what were determined to be illegal orders—there were many of those after 9/11—could not be prosecuted. No charges were filed.

Durham’s 306-page report was made public on May 15, and it pleased no one with its focus on the obvious. The journalist Susan Schmidt, whose byline was a must-read when she was a reporter for the Washington Postpointed out on Racket News that Durham said the FBI would have done less damage to its reputation if it had scrutinized the questionable actions of the Clinton campaign in 2016: the Feds “might at least have cast a critical eye on the phony evidence they were gathering.”

Schmidt was highlighting a moment in Durham’s report where he hints at the real story: Russiagate was a fraud initiated by the Clinton campaign and abetted by political reporters in Washington and senior FBI officials who chose to look the other way. Durham writes: “In late July 2016, US intelligence agencies obtained insight into Russian intelligence analysis alleging that US Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had approved a campaign plan to stir up a scandal against US Presidential candidate Donald Trump by tying him to Putin and the Russians’ hacking of the Democratic National Committee.” 

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The New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs has released a consultation document containing proposed changes to censorship procedures. Read a sobering commentary by the Free Speech Union HERE.

The proposals include the appointment of a chief regulator who will be empowered to decide whether online content  – including social media posts – is “harmful.” To do so, he will be empowered to make up his own “guidelines” without the input of parliament. The proposals will also allow fines exceeding NZ$200,000 to be levied on those who don’t comply with his ideas.

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An isolated incidence of police brutality in Minneapolis gave the left an excuse to scream about systemic racism.  The death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police was a tragedy, but it cannot prove the existence of institutionalized racist activity.

The Floyd incident raises two critical questions: (1) Is America plagued with systemic racism that justifies the dismantling of our social and political institutions?  (2) Do racist police and justice systems deliberately discriminate against black Americans?

Systemic racism no longer exists in the United States.  Individual instances of racism are occurring and always will occur — against both blacks and whites — but to argue that racism is institutionalized ignores the changes that have occurred in the last 60 years.  "America is now the least racist white-majority society in the world," said black Harvard sociologist Orlando Patterson.

"The false charge of systemic racism," said author David Horowitz, "is a convenient cover for the Left's inability to identify actual racists directly responsible for inequalities in American life.  It is unable to do so because America's culture is so egalitarian and anti-racist that the numbers of actual racists are so few, and their impact so inconsequential, that they don't amount to a national problem."

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International politics is the struggle for the dominant normative architecture of world order based on the interplay of power, economic weight and ideas for imagining, designing and constructing the good international society. For several years now many analysts have commented on the looming demise of the liberal international order established at the end of the Second World War under US leadership.

Over the last several decades, wealth and power have been shifting inexorably from the West to the East and has produced a rebalancing of the world order. As the centre of gravity of world affairs shifted to the Asia-Pacific with China’s dramatic climb up the ladder of great power status, many uncomfortable questions were raised about the capacity and willingness of Western powers to adapt to a Sinocentric order.

For the first time in centuries, it seemed, the global hegemon would not be Western, would not be a free market economy, would not be liberal democratic, and would not be part of the Anglosphere.

More recently, the Asia-Pacific conceptual framework has been reformulated into the Indo-Pacific as the Indian elephant finally joined the dance. Since 2014 and then again especially after the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February last year, the question of European security, political and economic architecture has reemerged as a frontline topic of discussion.

The return of the Russia question as a geopolitical priority has also been accompanied by the crumbling of almost all the main pillars of the global arms control complex of treaties, agreements, understandings and practices that had underpinned stability and brought predictability to major power relations in the nuclear age.

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A new world order is evidently well underway with BRICS and Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) nations offering ample alternatives to the hegemonic Collective West.

‘If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – for ever.’

This is one of the most famous quotations from George Orwell’s 1949 novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four. The words are spoken by O’Brien, the grand inquisitor of the totalitarian regime in Orwell’s novel. I don’t think there has been any other author more quoted as of recent than George Orwell and his 1984 and Animal Farm (add to the cauldron the quotes by Aldous Huxley in his Brave, new world).

If we dwell a little more on the issue of the U.S. global dominance ever since the downfall of Berlin Wall, there follows a bewildering thought how the USA has managed to establish global hegemony for so long in such imperceptible shapes and forms? With a hindsight, an overwhelming number of nations and/or countries have retreated to a cosy solution to welcoming the U.S. (hegemony) with arms wide open. The ways how the U.S. has managed to imperceptibly spread its dominance are via all manner of cultural, educational, economic, financial and political influence of the U.S. seeping through the cracks and fault lines of any societal texture. They invariably have the same mechanisms to apply, the same tactics to deploy, the same strategies to reiterate endlessly which are easy to ‘read’ and ‘see through’ if repeated sufficient number of times. When the perpetrators behind the curtains are asked how is it possible that they always use the same tactics in their coloured revolutions and regime changes, they reply with dismissive frivolity: ‘Because it works. Why change it if it works every time?’

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The chief diversity officer of the nation’s oldest state-supported military college, Virginia Military Institute, has turned in her resignation amid a debate among alumni over the school’s diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.

Jamica Love took on the new role in July 2021 — a month after a state-sanctioned report found VMI failed to address institutional racism and sexism and must be held accountable for making changes.

Love’s resignation was announced Thursday by VMI’s first Black superintendent, retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Cedric T. Wins, and was first reported by The Washington Post.

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NBA player Jonathan Isaac announced that he is starting up his own anti-woke sports and apparel brand that will work toward bolstering Christian and conservative values.

Isaac said in a video posted on Twitter, "You have companies that are in that field who have made a conscious decision to either attack or undermine Christian values, conservative values, and things like that. And I think they have the free choice to do so, as much as I disagree, but I feel that we also have the freedom to create what we want to create."

In response to woke apparel companies such as Adidas and Nike, Isaac started the company UNITUS.

"UNITUS is a sports and apparel company, and the basis of it for me is freedom," the Orlando Magic forward said.

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A student barred from his high school graduation ceremony after stating there are only two genders said in a Sunday interview on "Fox & Friends" that a firefighting job offer has now been rescinded.

"Girls are girls, and guys are guys. There is no in-between," 18-year-old Travis Lohr recalled saying, as KHQ reported.

Lohr made the off-script comment at a high school assembly where seniors at Idaho's Kellogg High School offer a piece of advice to younger students.

More than 100 parents, students, and community members gathered Friday to protest the school's decision to ban him from participating in the graduation ceremony over the remark, according to the Idaho Tribune.

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California authorities are investigating after 16 migrants were flown by private chartered jet and dropped off at the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento with no notice, the Los Angeles Times reported.

"My Administration is also working with the California Department of Justice to investigate the circumstances around who paid for the group’s travel and whether the individuals orchestrating this trip misled anyone with false promises or have violated any criminal laws, including kidnapping," California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) said in a statement Saturday.

Newsom added that his administration is working to get the migrants "to their intended destination as they pursue their immigration cases."

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A New York City man accused of fatally shooting a would-be robber was hit with an additional 24 gun charges and had his bail doubled. However, the new charges are not directly linked to the deadly shooting.

As TheBlaze previously reported, Charles Foehner was confronted by a man in the Kew Gardens neighborhood of Queens around 2 a.m. on Wednesday. Surveillance video shows the man, 32-year-old Cody Gonzalez, staggering toward Foehner. Gonzalez allegedly demanded money and cigarettes.

Gonzalez allegedly had a pen in his hand, which Foehner mistook as a knife. After several warnings, Foehner purportedly shot and killed Gonzalez with a handgun after Gonzalez lunged at him.

Gonzalez reportedly had at least 15 arrests dating back to 2004 and a record of mental illness.

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The Washington Post is receiving pushback for publishing an article painting conservatives who support the Target boycott as "extremists" and opponents of democracy.

The Washington Post published an article titled: "Target gets caught in cultural crossfire over Pride month items."

The article about supposed right-wing extremism stemming from a retail boycott begins with the account of a female customer allegedly upset because Target was "carrying Pride month merchandise." The woman reportedly using her own scissors to cut her Target credit card in front of the guest services at a Target location in South Florida, and informed employees, "I am never shopping here again."

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The Cessna was registered to Encore Motors of Melbourne, Florida. John Rumpel told the Washington Post he was the owner of the plane, and that his daughter, grandchild, and a nanny were on board.

U.S. fighter jets were scrambled Sunday afternoon, creating a sonic boom, after a Cessna Citation passenger jet violated airspace around Washington, D.C., Reuters and other outlets reported.


The aircraft, which can carry seven to 12 passengers, crashed into mountainous terrain in southwest Virginia around 3 p.m., WHSV reported. The plane had not yet been found as of 5:20 p.m.

The fighter jets did not cause the crash, a U.S. official told Reuters.

Officials said the Cessna was ignoring radio queries and flying on a "strange flight path," Fox News Channel's Lucas Tomlinson reported.

Webmaster addition: Did the pilot have the Covid vaccine?

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What President Joe Biden is selling as a win for student loan borrowers in the debt ceiling deal is actually a forfeiture of his own authority to help debtors and a ticking time bomb for tens of millions of Americans. Biden could still move to save his student debt cancellation agenda from conservative sabotage — but instead his administration has been downplaying the threat and assuring borrowers that everything is going to be just fine.

Student loan payments have been on pause for the past three years, as part of a COVID-era relief program initiated by former President Donald Trump. In one of a series of concessions to Republicans during the recent debt ceiling standoff, Biden must restart student loan payments by the end of this summer.

That means more than 40 million Americans will be once again crushed by debt, but it also strips Biden of his best tool to defend his broader student debt cancellation program: delay. His order to cancel up to $20,000 in debt for federal borrowers is expected to be struck down by the Supreme Court any day now — making it an inopportune moment for Biden to relinquish his power to extend the payment pause.

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One of the tenets of the early civil rights movement some 65 years ago was ending racial stereotyping.

When Martin Luther King, Jr. called for emphasizing the “content of our character” over “the color of our skin,” the subtext was “stop judging people as a faceless collective on the basis of their superficial appearance and instead look to them as individuals with unique characters.”

It is tragic that King’s plea for an integrated, assimilated society, in which race became incidental, not essential to our personas, has mostly been abandoned by the Left in favor of racial stereotyping, collective guilting, and scapegoating by race and gender.

Indeed, many of the old Confederate pathologies—fixation on racial essence, obsession with genealogy, nullification of federal laws, states’ rights, and segregated spaces and ceremonies—are now rehabilitated by woke activists.

In that larger landscape, the collective adjective and noun “white” now has also been redefined and mainstreamed as a pejorative to the point of banality.

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When I made tenure at my university, conservative non-academics said to me, “Now you have the freedom to say whatever you want in class.” While that is not exactly accurate, it’s certainly fair to say tenure does provide professors with a greater sense of security to speak their minds to their students. As universities are institutions heavily dominated by the Left, the principle of academic freedom benefits conservative faculty considerably. 

It is self-destructive, therefore, for the Republican Party in my state of Ohio to be endangering academic freedom with Senate Bill 83, a reckless piece of legislation called the “Ohio Higher Education Enhancement Act.” The bill has now left the state Senate and has moved to the House, where the Republicans hold a supermajority. If passed there, it is likely to be signed into law by Governor Mike DeWine.

While there are some good things in SB 83, there are also many aspects of the bill that threaten academic freedom. More importantly, some of what the bill does defies the purpose of liberal education. Universities should be places for open and honest intellectual learning about difficult subject matter, but SB 83 seeks to regulate what can and cannot be taught on a public university campus. 

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Apparently there’s some confusion about what some of us are actually proposing for winning in 2024. The best place to start in clearing up that confusion is by defining terms correctly. 

We argued here and here, that if MAGA wishes to turn out its voters and win, the movement and its candidates must aggressively pursue their vote by securing their consent, and then, protecting them by implementing that agenda. Some have found these arguments less than persuasive because they fear Republicans are joining the Democrats in their less-than-honest methods of securing votes. So, we must explain further for those who appear confused.There is a difference between ballot chasing versus ballot harvesting. Chasing absentee ballots is something Republicans have been doing for many years. It is legal in all 50 states and has been for as long as absentee ballots have existed. Take Florida, for example: the Florida GOP’s budget for their absentee ballot chase program for many cycles has been $10 million over the last six weeks leading up to Election Day.

And what does that process look like? Well, typically just over 1 million absentee ballots (mail-in ballots) are requested by Florida Republicans. As soon as the ballots “drop,” i.e., hit mailboxes, the “chase” begins: live calls, mail pieces, peer-to-peer texts, door knocks, targeting and encouraging those with ballots to fill them out and return them (and yes, the names and addresses are known, so targeting is pretty straightforward). 

The chase is essentially a series of contacts until the ballot is returned. Once someone returns his or her ballot, that name is dropped from the targeted list with the Florida GOP aiming for 80-90 percent return on absentee ballots. 

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Star Parker, founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, says more conservatives can learn how to reach the nation’s black community, which so often views the Right with suspicion.

“They can come around CURE, because that’s specifically the role that we believe we play in the conservative movement,” Parker told The Daily Signal in an interview last week at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention.

“We only and exclusively, and very focused, look [at] and address matters of culture, race, and poverty,” she explained. “We do a national summit where we bring all of our pastors out to Washington, D.C., and they have two and a half days of education.”

“We have an annual tome that goes against what the [National] Urban League has done every year, [called] ‘The State of Black America,’” Parker added. “They call it ‘The State of Black Progress,’ because it’s a lie that blacks are still stuck in the ’60s.”

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Steve Lugo Leon, 24, of Phoenix, Arizona, has been sentenced to almost six years in prison after pleading guilty to intending to distribute an illicit substance containing fentanyl, according to a Thursday release from the Arizona District of the U.S. Attorney’s Office (District).

The incident occurred back in 2021 at the Arizona Mills Mall in Tempe. Leon had arranged to sell fentanyl pills and methamphetamine with a client, but when police showed up, the dealer attempted to flee in his vehicle. He also had an accomplice in the car, Rafael Ivan Valenzuela Chairez, 20, of Phoenix; however, in the ensuing chase, Leon hit another vehicle, causing his truck to flip on its side. Chairez attempted to flee on foot, but both dealers were apprehended by police. Officers then found 946 grams of fentanyl, around 9,000 pills, and 12.83 kilograms of methamphetamine.

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In a new scoop, Just The News founder John Solomon appeared on Human Events with Jack Posobiec to discuss revelations surrounding questionable conduct by US government representatives during the Capitol riots on Jan. 6, 2021, including that the Jan. 6 House committee allegedly doctored tapes that surfaced following that fateful day. 

“Everything about January 6 was scripted,” Solomon declared, before adding that upon browsing the security footage, he noticed a glaring lack of sound in many of the scenes that he had previously both seen and heard.

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 Newly obtained text messages show the heads of both major teachers unions personally texting then-CDC Director Rochelle Walensky as the agency was putting together a scientific analysis of reopening schools during coronavirus — with the CDC making a key change that allowed schools to stay closed and appeased the unions.

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 Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said during a campaign stop in Iowa over the weekend that as President of the United States, he will shut down the southern border.

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 A teen girl and her father, who were punished for “misgendering” a biological boy in the girl’s locker room, recently scored a victory in court.

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 A Sonic employee in New Mexico was arrested after cocaine was found on top of a customer’s hot dog.

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 Florida Governor Ron DeSantis slammed a Left-wing heckler who interrupted a campaign speech he was giving this week in South Carolina.

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 Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel announced on Friday the date of the first Republican presidential primary debate and the criteria that candidates must meet in order to get on stage.

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 President Joe Biden signed a bill into law on Saturday to avoid a default on the federal government’s debt by raising the debt ceiling.

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