"Nowhere in the Constitution is the government authorized to lie to We The People. And the Tenth Amendment prohibits the government from simply assuming that right.

"The government lied about a Spanish mine in Havana harbor, They lied about the Lusitania not smuggling weapons to Great Britain. They lied about the JFK assassination. They lied about torpedoes in the Gulf of Tonkin. They lied about Saddam’s WMDs. They lied about Assad gassing his own people. They lied about 9-11. They lied about Covid. They lied about honest elections. They lie about everything!

"When the government lies to We The People, it becomes an unconstitutional and hence illegitimate government, and we are not obligates to obey said government’s dictates, pay said government’s bills, or sacrifice our children in said government’s wars!" -- Michael Rivero

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We've been told by the anti-Israel activists that the root cause of the Israeli-Arab conflict is the injustice of the "Nakba" - which they say refers to the displacement of Arabs in 1948. The truth is far more sinister and revealing of the true cause of the conflict.

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On Wednesday, Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich and Minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gvir both called for Israel to escalate in Gaza and to invade southern Lebanon, The Times of Israel reported.

The two ministers made the remarks in speeches during the provocative flag march in the Old City of Jerusalem that commemorates Jerusalem Day, a celebration of the Israeli capture of East Jerusalem during the 1967 war.

Thousands of ultra-nationalist Israelis took part in the march, which involved chants of “Death to Arabs” and attacks on Palestinians. The crowd also attacked a journalist for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

During his speech, Ben Gvir led the crowd in a chant of “victory” and said Israel could only win once it “enters all of Gaza and fights until victory.” He also said Israel needs to “go into the north and fight Hezbollah and destroy them.”

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War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Or so the song lyrics go anyway.

But in the case of this country, war, it turns out, has been good for plenty of high-class Americans, especially our weapons makers. As TomDispatch regular David Vine and Theresa Arriola report today, the military-industrial-congressional complex (MIC) has proven to be a cash cow of the first order (though I hate to insult cows that way). In this century, the money has simply poured into it and yet, somehow, it never seems to be enough. Only recently, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell typically “ripped” President Biden’s request for $850 billion for the 2025 Pentagon budget as “inadequate” and demanded even more money for it. So, it goes — so, in fact, it has long gone.

And in a country in which the Pentagon budget and the far vaster national security budget only continue to rise, the oddest thing of all, it seems to me, is this: since the U.S. emerged victorious from World War II, no matter how much money it’s poured into the MIC or how many bases its military has established globally, in no significant war — from Korea in the early 1950s to Vietnam in the 1960s to the Afghan and Iraq wars of this century and the Global War on Terror that went with them — has this country ever (that’s right ever) emerged genuinely victorious.

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Starting in 2016, United States government intelligence agencies, news media, and establishment leaders in both political parties warned of a vast Russian conspiracy to interfere in elections. After the election of Donald Trump in 2016, the Intelligence Community reported that Vladimir Putin had favored Trump and aided his election through Facebook ads, Twitter bots, and other means. The following year, Trump’s Deputy Attorney General appointed a special counsel to investigate allegations of Russian interference, a connection to the Trump campaign, and obstruction of justice.

Every major allegation proved to be wrong or profoundly misleading. According to every serious political scientist, Russia had no measurable influence in the 2016 elections. There was no flow of money from Moscow to Trump through a secret bank account. Russia favored Hillary Clinton for stability and continuity, not Trump, whom it viewed as chaotic. In 2019, the special counsel said he lacked evidence to charge Trump with either colluding with Russia or obstructing justice.

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In his foreword to Tom Clancy’s book Fighter Wing: A Guided Tour of an Air Force Combat Wing, updated in 2004, a retired USAF general named John M. Loh writes: “This book chronicles the creation of a command with a unique culture – the U.S. Air Force Air Combat Command. It possesses the leadership, the combat power, and the highly trained, competent people to provide the world’s best combat air forces anywhere in the world, at any time, to win quickly, decisively, with overwhelming advantage and few casualties. Tom Clancy does a masterful job of telling us all about it. I am proud to have served as the first commander of Air Combat Command, and proud to commend this book to your reading pleasure.” (Location 226)

Not only does the general validate Clancy’s outrageous claims about USAF pilots being the finest in the world, as one would expect from those who have both been thoroughly indoctrinated in the myth of American aerial supremacy, it just shows that the USAF liked Clancy because he published propaganda books that served their interests.

For those who have followed my writing career as a military reformer, you know that Tom Clancy sticks in my craw, and I am always keen to rebut his arguments, which never contain footnotes, or any documentation other than the words of defense contractors.

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The Israeli government paid for a "large-scale influence campaign" targeting black US lawmakers with pro-Israel propaganda to get them to back Israel's war on Gaza, according to a bombshell new report. 

From Haaretz, "Israel Secretly Targeted American Lawmakers With Gaza War Influence Campaign":

The Israeli government is behind a large-scale influence campaign primarily aimed at Black lawmakers and young progressives in the United States and Canada. The operation, whose existence was first reported by Haaretz in March, was launched after the start of the war in Gaza and was intended to sway certain segments of public opinion on Israel's conduct.

The influence campaign made extensive use of fake websites and social media to promote content that is pro-Israel, anti-Palestinian and anti-Muslim content, as well as disinformation about antisemitism on American campuses, according to an investigation by the Fake Reporter organization, published today.

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Authored by Jesse Smith via Global Research,

A centuries-old plan to control humanity on a micro-level is being enforced through the construction of a new bio-digital prison system. Relegated to mere conspiracy theory by legacy media and vehemently denied by accused conspirators, the plan continues unabated with only pockets of resistance — nowhere near enough to bring the house of cards down.

The plan has been identified by many throughout the decades. It is both simple and complex; subtle yet overt; ancient yet contemporary; and alluring yet appalling. Under the guise of safety, convenience, and inclusion, humanity is being primed to accept complete and total surveillance as a condition of simple existence in a “brave new world.”

That’s the plan in a nutshell. What follows are the gory details.

To accelerate the paradigm shift toward total surveillance, cognitive warfare (CW) – a significant upgrade over mere psyops of the past – has been declared on the global population. The purpose of this war is to modify human thought, belief, behavior, and identity. According to a 2021 NATO report, cognitive warfare is defined as (emphasis added throughout):

“a combined arms approach that integrates the non-kinetic warfare capabilities of cyber, information, psychological and social engineering in order to win without physical fighting. It is a new type of warfare defined as the weaponization of public opinion by external entities. This is carried out for the purpose of influencing and/or destabilizing a nation.”

A separate NATO report from 2022 adds that cognitive warfare is:

“…the most advanced form of human mental manipulation, to date, permitting influence over individual or collective behavior, with the goal of obtaining a tactical or strategic advantage. …the human brain becomes the battlefield. The pursued objective is to influence not only what the targets think, but also the way they think and, ultimately, the way they act.”

The U.S. Naval Institute has also recognized the need for a cognitive warfare strategy, stating:

“…An individual’s cognition is now a target. Advances in cognitive psychology and information communication technology (ICT) enable actors to target individuals’ situational comprehension and will with precision. In light of these changes, cognitive warfare (CW) has emerged as a new war-fighting concept…

Cognitive warfare operations will take on many forms and unfold along varying timelines. Some may focus on reinforcing groups’ or individuals’ existing ideals, while others may seek to disrupt cohesion or accepted beliefs. The U.S. approach to CW, however, must uphold U.S. values.”

Adding that technologies like machine learning and brain-computer interfaces (BCI) boost the efficiency of cognitive warfare, the Geneva Center for Security Policy (GCSP), a frequent NATO collaborator, further opined that:

“Current and future developments in artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive sciences, neurotechnologies, and other related fields will further increase the risks of mass manipulation and lead to the possibility of the militarization of the mind as the battlefield of the future… The resulting environment is one of “permanent latent struggles” rather than a clearly delineated state of peace and war. This state has been referred to as “new generational warfare”, “unpeace” or conflict in the “noosphere”.

To summarize what cognitive warfare entails, I offer the following definition:

the weaponization of public opinion, manipulation and militarization of the human mind, and engineering of individual and collective behavior resulting in permanent new generation warfare, “unpeace,” and conflict in the “noosphere.”

Wait, what on earth is the noosphere? Unfamiliar to most, the noosphere is a concept advanced largely by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a 20th century Jesuit priest who fused together elements of biblical doctrine, evolution, and mysticism. Teilhard conceived the noosphere as a realm where human minds interacted through increasingly complex social networks. He theorized that the evolving noosphere would eventually reach an “Omega Point,” where the total convergence of collective human consciousness would unify with the “Cosmic Christ.” These teachings were deemed heretical by the Catholic church and Teilhard was publicly denounced. However, his posthumous writings have influenced scores of scientists, futurists, environmentalists, globalists, occultists, new agers, and ironically many Catholics.

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's (R-GA) vicious grilling of Dr. Anthony Fauci in today's House Select Committee on the Coronavirus hearing leads to multiple breakdowns over her "personal attack."

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Patrick Bet-David explains the situation currently taking place between Elon Musk, Tesla, and a Delaware judge who recently ruled against Elon receiving a $56 billion payday.

Webmaster addition: More lawfare against enemies of the state?

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Tensions ran high at the United Nations Security Council meeting on the Middle East as the Syrian envoy accused the US of invading the region, prompting a sharp response from the US Ambassador. 

The Syrian government fired back, criticizing US support for Israel and its actions in the Middle East. 

The US envoy then questioned whether the meeting was about Israel, Gaza or Syria, highlighting the complex and contentious nature of the discussions. 

Watch the intense exchange here. 

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Former Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez passionately condemns the actions of the Israeli army, calling them cowards for bombing innocent civilians in Gaza.

He poignantly asks: 'What if our own children and grandchildren were to die like the children in Gaza?' A powerful and emotional statement against violence and oppression.

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Authored by Chase Smith via The Epoch Times 

Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti. (Courtesy of Jonathan Skrmetti)

Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti and attorneys general from 20 other states have called for significant revisions to the American Bar Association’s (ABA)  Standards and Rules of Procedure for the Approval of Law Schools.

The attorneys general claim in a letter that ABA standards direct law school administrators to violate both the Constitution and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which prohibit employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, and national origin.

Their demand comes in response to the Supreme Court’s 2023 decision in Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. v. President & Fellows of Harvard College (SFFA), which ended the use of so-called affirmative action in higher education.

The rule of law cannot long survive if the organization that accredits legal education requires every American law school to ignore the Constitution and civil rights law,” Mr. Skrmetti said in a press release announcing the action.

“The American Bar Association has long pursued the high calling of promoting respect for the law and the integrity of the legal profession, and we call on the organization to recommit to those ideals and ensure that its standards for law schools comport with federal law.

“If the standards continue to insist on treating students and faculty differently based on the color of their skin, they will burden every law school in America with punitive civil rights litigation.”

The coalition of attorneys general emphasized that the ABA’s current Standard 206 on Diversity and Inclusion is incompatible with the Supreme Court’s ruling.

They argue that Standard 206, as it stands, not only encourages but mandates law schools to engage in race-based admissions and hiring practices, which the Court has deemed unconstitutional.

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Israel organized and paid for an influence campaign last year targeting U.S. lawmakers and the American public with pro-Israel messaging, as it aimed to foster support for its actions in the war with Gaza, according to officials involved in the effort and documents related to the operation.

The covert campaign was commissioned by Israel’s Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, a government body that connects Jews around the world with the State of Israel, four Israeli officials said. The ministry allocated about $2 million to the operation and hired Stoic, a political marketing firm in Tel Aviv, to carry it out, according to the officials and the documents.

The campaign began in October and remains active on the platform X. At its peak, it used hundreds of fake accounts that posed as real Americans on X, Facebook and Instagram to post pro-Israel comments. The accounts focused on U.S. lawmakers, particularly ones who are Black and Democrats, such as Representative Hakeem Jeffries, the House minority leader from New York, and Senator Raphael Warnock of Georgia, with posts urging them to continue funding Israel’s military.

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Yesterday it was reported that Britain had informed the Lebanese government that it should prepare for a full-scale Israeli war by mid-month. This report now appears to be confirmed as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu talks up Israel’s readiness for such a war.

Following the war cabinet meeting, Netanyahu declared on Wednesday that Israel is prepared for a “very intense” operation against Lebanon, asserting that he would restore calm to the north of Israel one way or another.

For eight months, Israel and Hezbollah have been trading near daily fire across the border, and Israeli politicians have demanded a resolution as tens of thousands of civilians are being displaced by this military action.

War has been anticipated all year, but the starting point has moved closer, with Israeli Army Chief Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi reiterating that Israel is ready for an offensive, and that a decision point is at hand.

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Authored by Thomas Brooke via ReMix News,

The vast majority of French citizens, including many on the left, believe the growing feeling of insecurity across the country and mass immigration are intrinsically linked, new polling has revealed.

According to a poll conducted by CSA for CNews, Europe 1, and JDD, 68 percent of respondents see a correlation between immigration and the rise in delinquency in France.

The link is widely recognized among right-wing voters, with 94 percent of Republican supporters and 93 percent of those aligned with the National Rally acknowledging such a link. However, a significant minority of those who support pro-immigration left-wing parties also share this concern.

A total of 43 percent of Socialist Party supporters, 38 percent of La France Insoumise (LFI) voters, and 34 percent of Green supporters share the view that high immigration is destabilizing France’s security.

The link is also widely accepted by voters of French President Emmanuel Macron’s governing Renaissance party, with 68 percent of his supporters agreeing there is a link.

Women are more likely than men to agree that immigration is affecting national security, with 70 percent of females agreeing with the statement compared to 67 percent of males.

Similarly, older people view mass immigration less favorably, with 76 percent of those aged 50 and over acknowledging its negative effect on the country, although a majority in every age bracket concurs with that view.

Immigration is a leading issue in France ahead of the European elections taking place later this week and a topic right-wing politicians like Marine Le Pen, Jordan Bardella, and Éric Zemmour are campaigning hard on.

Le Pen and Bardella’s National Rally is expected to dominate the elections and emerge as France’s largest party in the European Parliament, suggesting its hardline approach to mass immigration is resonating with the electorate.

The party’s successes have led to a tactical shift from previous establishment parties, including the center-right Republicans. When asked recently about the links between mass immigration and national insecurity, former French President Nicolas Sarkozy replied, “Who can seriously say that there aren’t any? This does not naturally mean that a foreigner is a delinquent. But of course, the link is obvious.”

“The number of foreigners in our prisons and the part they take in delinquency in general are clear. To deny it is nothing more than a new denial of reality,” he added.

Last August, President Macron said the country needed to “reduce immigration significantly, starting with illegal immigration,” warning the current arrival rate was “not sustainable.”

This followed remarks by Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin a year prior revealing that half of criminal acts in the largest French cities are committed by foreign nationals.

Claire's Observations:  It looks like the French, like their Swedish brothers and sisters have had quite enough "cultural enrichment", courtesy of unlimited immigration.

And the hell of this is, the people France (and every other country in Europe and beyond )has imported believe that such immigration is their right, and not a privilege

I have a radical idea; all countries should have the right to decide who actually comes into their countries, based on personal capabilities, and lack of a criminal record.  They should be looking for people anxious to get their kids into the best schools, and assimilate into the society which has accepted them, not demand that the society transform itself into a caliphate, as has happened recently in Germany.  https://www.euronews.com/my-europe/2024/04/30/german-chancellor-scholz-says-islamist-rally-will-be-met-with-consequences

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 Israel’s widespread use of white phosphorus in south Lebanon is putting civilians at grave risk and contributing to civilian displacement, Human Rights Watch said today. Human Rights Watch verified the use of white phosphorus munitions by Israeli forces in at least 17 municipalities across south Lebanon since October 2023, including 5 municipalities where airburst munitions were unlawfully used over populated residential areas.

White phosphorus is a chemical substance dispersed in artillery shells, bombs, and rockets that ignites when exposed to oxygen. Its incendiary effects inflict death or cruel injuries that result in lifelong suffering. It can set homes, agricultural areas, and other civilian objects on fire. Under international humanitarian law, the use of airburst white phosphorus is unlawfully indiscriminate in populated areas and otherwise does not meet the legal requirement to take all feasible precautions to avoid civilian harm.

“Israel’s use of airburst white phosphorus munitions in populated areas indiscriminately harms civilians and has led many to leave their homes,” said Ramzi Kaiss, Lebanon researcher at Human Rights Watch. “Israel forces should immediately stop using white phosphorus munitions in populated areas, especially when less-harmful alternatives are readily available.”

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Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop, long dismissed by the liberal media as a product of Russian disinformation, has resurfaced as a key piece of evidence in a high-profile gun charges trial. The laptop, which contains a trove of incriminating emails and images, is now confirmed to be authentic by an FBI agent involved in the case.

The trial centers around Hunter Biden’s acquisition of a $5,000 firearm in October 2018, during which he allegedly falsified federal forms by denying any drug addiction.

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier that prosecutors told the court that Hunter Biden bought the firearm while he was smoking crack every 15 minutes.

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In the last months, the European Farmers organized themselves to a historical degree, promoted an overwhelming season of protests and gained many concessions from both national governments and the European Union.

Now, as the old continent prepares itself for the EU elections, they have promoted another round of demonstrations that, while not as large as some of the previous efforts, are nevertheless a vivid reminder that the Union has to pay attention to the people who produce the food they eat.

To being with, yesterday (3), Spanish and French farmers blocked roads along their mutual border through the Pyrenees mountains.

They protested unfair competition from outside the European Union, places where the failed, crippling ‘green’ EU environmental policies do not apply.

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