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A potential juror who was dismissed from Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s falsified business documents case against Donald Trump on Wednesday spoke with MSNBC after she left the court, speaking about how she talked with other jurors about the case.

When asked about the jury's ability to be impartial, she said she's "not sure" that they will be able to rule impartially in a case against the former president.

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The secretary of the Army on Jan. 6, 2021, lied about multiple details regarding what unfolded as the U.S. Capitol was breached, National Guard whistleblowers said during a congressional hearing on April 17.

Then-Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy made multiple false claims, including that he spoke to the commanding general of the District of Columbia National Guard on two separate occasions after officials requested that the Guard be deployed to the Capitol, the whistleblowers said.

After Maj. Gen. William Walker conveyed a request from the U.S. Capitol Police for Guard personnel, Mr. McCarthy called Maj. Gen. Walker at 2:14 p.m. and instructed the Guard to stand by, according to a Guard timeline of Jan. 6, 2021. But that call and others that Mr. McCarthy or one of his top advisers were said to have made later authorizing the Guard for mobilization and deployment did not happen, according to the Guard officials.

“At no time did Gen. Walker take any calls, nor did we ever hear from the secretary on any of the ongoing conference calls or the secure video teleconferencing throughout the day,” Capt. Timothy Nick, who served as Maj. Gen. Walker’s personal assistant on Jan. 6, 2021, said during the hearing. “This I know because I was with the command general the entire time recording the events.”

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As it stands, liberal Arizona voting laws have paved the way for non-citizens, whether they are legal or not, to register for and cast a ballot in the 2024 presidential election.

The Gateway Pundit spoke to retired U.S. Air Force master sergeant Nick Kupper, who is one of several state legislature candidates vying for a seat in the Arizona House of Representatives’ District 25. While the voting laws do not affect his run for office, he is gravely concerned about the upcoming presidential race.

“In Arizona,” Kupper said, “even if the state can’t verify whether you’re a citizen, people can still assert that they are citizens.” While these individuals are not allowed to vote in Arizona elections, they can still vote in the federal election. “They can still vote for the president,” he explained.

In an April 16 post on X, Kupper pointed out that “In 2020 Biden got 73% of the federal only votes & Trump lost AZ by 10K votes. There are now over 32K federal only voters in AZ which would give Biden 15K more votes than Trump in 2024.”

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A potential juror in former President Donald Trump’s Stormy Daniels ‘hush money’ trial was excused from service after she admitted to concerns about her impartiality upon being officially sworn in by Judge Juan Merchan.

In a recent development inside the New York courtroom, a young nurse, one of the seven jurors who had been preliminarily selected to serve on the jury as of Tuesday, expressed her inability to remain unbiased, Time Magazine reported.

Her concerns were brought to light following inquiries from her friends and family who suspected her role as a juror based on media reports.

“Yesterday alone, I had friends and family push things to me,” she revealed to the court. Expressing a stark acknowledgment of her compromised position, she stated, “I don’t think at this point that I can be fair and unbiased.”

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“I want my legs back,” the girl cried in Arabic.
“I want my legs back.”

You can’t have your legs back, little girl.
They have been eaten by a hungry machine
who needs them for fuel to power its gears.

The machine needs your legs to keep the sky raining bombs
and to make its death robots fly.
Your legs power the bulldozers digging mass graves
and the tanks blowing holes in the hospitals.

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New York Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan “abruptly” dismissed a previously approved juror on Thursday after she raised concerns about her identity becoming public, according to court reporters.

Court reporters published descriptions of the jurors after the judge sat seven of them upon going through the selection process. The potential jurors are asked 42 questions, and their social media accounts are scrutinized.

“A juror who had been selected for Donald J. Trump’s criminal trial in Manhattan was abruptly excused on Thursday, demonstrating the challenges of picking a jury to decide the fate of the polarizing former president,” the New York Times reported:

   The woman told the judge overseeing the case that she had developed concerns about her identity becoming public. Although the judge has kept prospective jurors’ names private, they have disclosed their employers and other identifying information in court.

   After excusing her, the judge, Juan M. Merchan, instructed reporters to no longer detail where a prospective juror works. “I have the legal authority to do it,” the judge said of blocking the news media from reporting identifying employer information.

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