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Authored by Paul Everingham via RealClearEnergy,

The U.S Government could do far worse than to look to Australia’s natural gas policy as it considers the future of LNG exports.

Gas production from the U.S.  and Australia is essential to global energy markets. Australia was the world’s leading LNG exporter in 2020 and 2021, a mantle the U.S. assumed in 2023.

But the LNG industry in both countries has faced great policy uncertainty in recent times. In the U.S., this arrived with the unexpected January announcement of a halt to pending LNG export approvals, while Australia’s policy environment has been clouded for several years by cumbersome regulatory processes that stifled project development.

The Future Gas Strategy released by the Australian Government in May addresses many of these concerns and establishes a roadmap future gas production investment. It outlines a clear role for gas in Australia’s energy transition, ensuring reliable power generation as major renewable energy projects are rolled out.

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Israel is on the brink of a 'full-scale war with Hezbollah', an ex-IDF intelligence officer has chillingly warned.

Avi Melamed, who used to work for Israeli intelligence, claimed the Iran-backed terror group is running out of Israeli targets to hit without provoking a significant counterstrike by Jerusalem.

He told MailOnline: 'Since October 8, Hezbollah has harassed Israel's northern communities, turning them into ghost towns through its aerial strikes both of missiles and attack drones,' Melamed added.

'It has also managed to ignite forest fires in northern Israel, all in service of its partners in Gaza, part of Iran's network of "resistance". But, its success has also left it with very few viable targets left that won't result in a significant Israeli strike.'

'On Israel's northern border, the ever-growing exchange of fire between the IDF and Hezbollah is bringing the conflict to the brink of crossing over to a full-scale war,' Melamed added.  

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Mount St. Helens has begun rumbling again recently - more than four decades after the worst eruption in US history.

Since February 1, 2024, approximately 350 earthquakes have been recorded at the 8,300-foot Washington state volcano by the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network. 

Most of these - more than 95 percent - have been less than magnitude 1.0 and are too small to be felt at the surface. 

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If Donald Trump wins reelection he should restart nuclear testing after a 30-year-pause, decouple the economy entirely from China and deploy the entire U.S. Marine Corps to the Pacific to counter the threat from Beijing.

That is the advice of his last national security adviser, Robert O'Brien, who lays out a possible blueprint for a second Trump term in a 5000-word essay.

If you want peace, prepare for war, is the theme of his message, particularly when it comes to heading off China, which has doubled the size of its nuclear stockpile since 2020.

'The United States has to maintain technical and numerical superiority to the combined Chinese and Russian nuclear stockpiles,' he writes for Foreign Affairs.

'To do so, Washington must test new nuclear weapons for reliability and safety in the real world for the first time since 1992—not just by using computer models.' 

Webmaster addition: No matter who gets elected, the War Party always wins!

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Authored by Maggie Miller via RealClearPolicy,

“What if it were your child?”

You’ve heard it before. What if it were your kid who got chosen last on the playground or who was bullied? But when asked in the context of human trafficking, this question takes on a far deeper and more harrowing meaning. What if it were your child?

This simple yet poignant question leads to heartbreaking reflection for any parent.

“That’s something I can’t even answer, I can’t imagine,” said Aneudy Vargas.

Aneudy Vargas was one of the Good Greek Moving and Storage team members who participated in an inaugural class aimed at combatting human trafficking. Good Greek, in partnership with the leading anti-trafficking organization Place of Hope, is taking a bold step to address this issue. Good Greek’s over 600 truckers and movers are becoming a force to fight human trafficking by learning how to spot the hidden epidemic that often occurs in plain sight. 

Through their Superhero Movers Academy in West Palm Beach, these movers are learning not just to uphold high standards on the job, but also to become real-life heroes for those in need.

Claire's Observations:  Because the needs in this area are so enormous, it is a tiny fraction of good news right now, that people are being trained to spot the signs, and call for help, if it is needed.  Place of Hope should be absolutely commended for this, and bravo to the teams at Good Greek for taking part!!

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Most people don’t realize this, but all of our lives are about to change. We are moving into a time of global war, and the death and destruction that we will witness will be off the charts. World War I was supposed to be “the war to end all wars”, and it resulted in approximately 20 million deaths. It was a truly nightmarish conflict, and those living at the time thought that we would never see anything like it again. But then World War II erupted, and it resulted in approximately 75 million deaths. Sadly, global leaders seem to have forgotten the lessons of World War II, because now the stage is being set for the biggest war in human history so far. During World War III, billions of people could die. Unfortunately, it appears that there will be no turning back now.
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A government watchdog has slammed energy chiefs for spending $1.4 billion of taxpayers' money studying ill-fated carbon capture schemes that were not likely to help tackle climate change.

The Department of Energy (DOE) between 2018 and 2023 poured cash into 654 carbon capture projects without properly checking they were worthwhile, says the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

The audit is especially alarming as many more taxpayer dollars are headed for carbon capture research — President Joe Biden has set aside $12 billion for such studies under his signature Inflation Reduction Act.

Some experts say capturing and storing carbon pollution can limit the heat-trapping gases from burned fossil fuels, but critics say it's hugely expensive and nigh impossible to carry out at scale.

Webmaster addition: There is a very inexpensive carbon capture device available.


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Boeing's Starliner spacecraft will be stuck at the International Space Station with two astronauts onboard for even longer than expected, as the company and NASA scrambles to fix issues with its thrusters and plug helium leaks.

Officials from the aerospace company and NASA announced on Tuesday that the spacecraft is now not expected to return until at least June 26. It had originally been scheduled to return on June 14, and was last week delayed through June 22.

The officials say they are spending the extra time to investigate five helium leaks in the propeller system as well as issues with several thrusters that are used to maneuver the spaceship.

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Authored by Ross Pomeroy via RealClearScience,

A Google search for "Frio Cave" makes the Uvalde County, Texas destination look like a tourists' dream. One quickly learns that the cave is home to tens of millions of Mexican free-tailed bats, and that you can sometimes witness the flapping horde streaming out of their dark, dank home just before sunset, clouding the sky in a "once in a lifetime experience."

But Frio Cave has a darker history that visitors websites don't mention. More than fifty years ago, two humans contracted rabies while spelunking there.

That humans would get infected with rabies while visiting a bat-infested cave isn't altogether surprising. Bats are a reservoir for the terrifying disease – 99% fatal to humans once symptoms – like hyperactivity, hallucinations, seizures, and fear of water – develop. A simple bite from one of the millions of bats could have transmitted a lyssavirus that triggers rabies. However, in this instance, the spelunkers apparently weren't bitten. Rather, it seems they caught the virus from the air itself.

A team of scientists subsequently investigated. They found that rabies virus could be transmitted to animals housed in empty cages within the cave, apparently just via the atmosphere itself. Moreover, the virus was isolated from samples collected via air condensation techniques.

The episode raised a disturbing prospect. Had rabies, the deadliest virus for humankind, gone airborne?

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Israel is on the brink of a 'full-scale war with Hezbollah', an ex-IDF intelligence officer has chillingly warned.

Avi Melamed, who used to work for Israeli intelligence, claimed the Iran-backed terror group is running out of Israeli targets to hit without provoking a significant counterstrike by Jerusalem.

He told MailOnline: 'Since October 8, Hezbollah has harassed Israel's northern communities, turning them into ghost towns through its aerial strikes both of missiles and attack drones,' Melamed added.

'It has also managed to ignite forest fires in northern Israel, all in service of its partners in Gaza, part of Iran's network of "resistance". But, its success has also left it with very few viable targets left that won't result in a significant Israeli strike.'

'On Israel's northern border, the ever-growing exchange of fire between the IDF and Hezbollah is bringing the conflict to the brink of crossing over to a full-scale war,' Melamed added.  

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A community meeting in Brooklyn devolved into a shouting match when concerned residents from several family-friendly neighborhoods expressed their extreme dissatisfaction with their councilmember over a huge migrant shelter in the area.

City councilmember Crystal Hudson was met with ire from her constituents as she attempted to speak at the community meeting on Monday night.

Residents in the family-oriented neighborhood of Clinton Hill remain uneasy about the migrant shelter that opened last summer right next to the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

The shelter currently accommodates more than 3,000 single men who  crossed the southern border illegally before being transported to New York City.

Residents fear the massive shelter puts their children and the area in danger.

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Authored by Pepe Escobar,

The Swiss “peace” kabuki came and went – and the winner was Vladimir Putin. He didn’t even have to show up...

None of the Big Players did. Or in case they sent their emissaries, there was significant refusal to sign the vacuous final declaration – as in BRICS members Brazil, India, Saudi Arabia, UAE and South Africa.

Without BRICS, there’s absolutely nothing the collective West – as in The Hegemon and assorted vassals – can do to alter the proxy war chessboard in Ukraine.

In his carefully calibrated speech to diplomats and the leadership of Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Putin delineated an incredibly restrained and strategic approach to solve the Ukraine problem. In the context of the Hegemon’s escalatory green light – actually in practice for several months now – for Kiev to attack deeper into the Russian Federation, Putin’s offer was extremely generous.

That is a direct offer to the Hegemon and the collective West – as the sweaty T-shirt actor in Kiev, apart from illegitimate, is beyond irrelevant.

Predictably, NATO – via that epileptic slab of Norwegian wood – already proclaimed its refusal to negotiate, even as some relatively awake members of the Verkhovna Rada (Ukraine’s parliament) started discussing the offer, according to Duma Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin.

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A whistleblower nurse who accused America's largest children's hospital of illegally using Medicaid benefits to offer children free sex change operations claims the FBI showed up at her doorstep and threatened her.

Vanessa Sivadge told journalist Chris Rufo that her employer, the Texas Children's Hospital, was violating state law by using the benefits to provide sex change operations to minors. 

She further alleged that doctors at the hospital were manipulating patients into accepting 'gender-affirming care, and said she believed that some families feared the doctors would call Child Protective Services if they dissented.

But after speaking with Rufo about what she had seen, Sivadge claimed two FBI agents showed up at her door - sharing doorbell camera footage with him showing two plain-clothes agents knocking on the door and asking for her.

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by Tyler Durden

A mere year ago, there was already ample evidence that Ukrainian recruitment officers were using brutal and desperate tactics to ensure a steady supply of young soldiers for the front lines in the fight against Russia. This is a trend which has only grown, as the tragic situation of masses of casualties persists, and also amid the Zelensky government's refusal to even attempt to negotiate a peaceful end to the war.

But earlier in the conflict, any Western outlet or pundit who highlighted and condemned scenes of young men being beaten and harshly seized off Ukraine'a streets by military recruiters would have been dismissed as a 'pro-Russian propagandist'. Yet now this trend has long been impossible to deny, and only very belatedly mainstream media sources are covering it. For example, on Sunday The Washington Post highlighted that Ukraine has resorted to releasing nearly 3,000 hardened criminals and convicts from prisons to serve in the military. The plan has immediately been met with pushback and controversy. "No one has trust in this, but we need it," one military official involved in the policy told WaPo. However, the official admitted while describing the likelihood that this will cause disorder on the frontlines: "They’re all going to run like Forrest Gump."

Claire's Observations:  This vile and violent conscription of criminals is a last act of desperation on the part of government, which just does not have the human resources to continue their wars.

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Another 27 Rite Aid stores will close as part of the retailer's ongoing bid to turn its finances around.

News of the closures by one of the nation's biggest drugstore chains came in a court filing on Monday.

The 15 to shutter in Ohio and a further 12 in Michigan bring the total to 511 since it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in October. Scroll down for the address of the 27. 

Customers took the news badly. 'I was really upset because I come here quite often. It's so convenient for me, and I'm just upset about it,' Carol Deluca told ABC News

She gets her prescriptions from one of the Rite Aid on Navarre Avenue in Oregon in Ohio, which is slated to close.

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A video of President Biden struggling to climb into an SUV has been shared by Donald Trump's campaign in response to the White House mocking similar clips as 'cheap fakes'.

The 'Trump War Room' Twitter account posted a video to X of  Biden having a 'hard time' getting into his ride. 

Trump campaing senior advisor Chris LaCivita wrote in the post: 'Here is another 'cheap fake' video.' 

Another Trump senior advisor, Jason Miller, said: 'Is it ableist to ask why the F Joe Biden can't even get into a car without help?'

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Without fail, every week global tensions keep heating up on two kinetic warfronts Ukraine and Middle East, while the next designated third warfront Taiwan also ratchets up. The globalists’ long planned, now staged, grand fireworks endgame finale, their conjured-up West vs. East WWIII Armageddon showdown, at the not so OK Corral, by the day looms ever more imminent than ever. It’s all being centrally scripted by the same bloodline controllers, you know, the same usual suspects.

Since the Napoleonic Wars, the City of London moneylender central banksters maintain increasing control over our planet by constantly creating every geopolitical conflict and kinetic war they finance and execute. For over 200 years this same nonstop warring pattern, working so well for the Rothschild clan, has allowed a handful of mentally ill psychopaths to rape, pillage and plunder our planet for way too long. Are the global masses finally realizing the singular source of all wars are the controlling bloodline dynasties? People are beginning to wake up after millennia being duped by puppet masters’ divide and conquer tactics of deception, repeating their M.O. ad nauseam, inventing the problem that they create, then execute a worst-case scenario reaction, to then install their plotted, readymade solution from hell that keeps providing increased centralized insular power and control into their fewer hands.

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A senior advisor to Joe Biden looked rattled and scoffed at the notion that Biden's immigration policies are unpopular after being shown a poll in favor of mass deportations. 

On Tuesday, Biden announced a sweeping new policy that would lift the threat of deportation for hundreds of thousands of people married to U.S. citizens.  

However, the CBS News/YouGov poll, conducted between June 5-7, found that 62 percent of registered voters favored a government program to deport all illegal immigrants.

Senior advisor Tom Perez, the former chair of the Democratic National Committee, seemed unfazed by an anchor reading him those numbers as he discussed Biden's border policy Wednesday.

'I'd love to sit down with your polling team and show them how they've gotten this wrong,' he said, citing other polls claiming that the parameters of the new Biden plan.

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The European Union narrowly approved the controversial green deal Nature Restoration Law on Monday, sparking condemnation from farmers’ organisations who fear it will further undermine their ability to feed the continent and make a living.

A vote on the Nature Restoration Law at a meeting of the EU’s Council of Ministers in Luxembourg passed by the “slimmest margin” possible as 20 countries, representing 66 per cent of the population of the bloc surpassed the needed qualified majority threshold of 65 per cent and therefore passed the long-delayed green deal legislation into law.

The law aims to see EU countries “restore” at least 30 per cent of natural habitats to good condition by 2030 and 90 per cent by 2050, Euractiv reports.

Farmers, who have staged large-scale tractor protests in opposition to the green agenda favoured by elites in Brussels have warned that this will result in massive swaths of arable farmland blocked off, endangering the livelihoods of farmers and threatening the food security of Europe.

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Corrupt Matthew Colangelo recently made a name for himself after he transferred from a top job at Biden’s DOJ to a low level position at corrupt DA Alvin Bragg’s office in New York. Colangelo’s move was to resurrect and ensure Soros-backed Bragg moved forward with a garbage case against President Trump.

When President President Trump discussed the fact that Colangelo was part of the Biden gang, corrupt Judge Merchan overseeing the case, placed an unconstitutional gag order on the President. Eventually President Trump was indicted and found guilty in a case where no crimes were committed.

Attorney Mike Davis discussed corrupt Colangelo’s connections to Biden and Obama.

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Authored by Connor O'Keefe via The Mises Institute,

Today is Juneteenth. One hundred fifty-nine years ago, on June 19, 1865, Major General Gordon Granger arrived in Texas and declared that all slaves in the state were free.

The following year, in 1866, residents of the town where Granger had issued the order celebrated the anniversary as “Jubilee Day.” Eventually, the name changed to Juneteenth, and in 1979, it became a Texas state holiday. Then, in 2021, President Joe Biden signed a bill designating Juneteenth as a federal holiday.

The West’s abolition of chattel slavery was one of the greatest victories for liberty in our civilization’s history. Using an anniversary like today to celebrate the achievement and reflect on why it was necessary in the first place - or how it could have come about better - should be a rare point of unity in today’s politically fractured America.

But in the years since Biden signed the so-called Juneteenth National Independence Day Act, the holiday has become increasingly co-opted by progressives in media, academia, and politics as a way to push for radical policies like collective reparations or the exclusion of white people from celebrations.

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More companies are declaring bankruptcy and shutting down operations, citing inflation and high costs. Inflation and the economy remains a top issue among all voters, according to a recent The Center Square Voters' Voice Poll.

Retailers are closing nearly 3,200 stores this year, according to a recent analysis from CoreSight Research. The closures are a 24% increase from 2023.

U.S. drug stores and pharmacy closures led to 8 million square feet of shuttered retail space this year, the research company said. It also notes that retailers are losing inventory and customers due to retail theft. “Retail shrink” is closely connected to “organized retail crime,” it notes.

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Biological male swimmer Lia Thomas, who unfairly dominated the women's swimming division in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), has been barred from competing in the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. The prohibition followed his loss in a significant legal battle against World Aquatics (WA), the international governing body for swimming.
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Unless it is stopped – and let's face it: what are the odds of that happening? – the United States government is planning to pass a rule on Nov. 17, 2024, to allow Wall Street to assume total control over America's public lands, waters and other natural resources. Before the end of the year, the plan is to list all of America's protected lands, including parks and wildlife refuges, on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under a new classification called Natural Asset Companies (NACs). As with everything else on Wall Street, NACs will be owned, managed, traded and ultimately controlled by money changer entities like BlackRock and Vanguard – and even communist China.
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Boy, these lunatics sure have gall. A new “study” at 50 Science found that global warming is affecting the language complexity of the lunatic left, which in turn results in populists winning elections. Apparently, global warming is causing the cognitive performance of the lunatic left to decline. Wow. The deranged left is known for their gaslighting and BS but they really outdid themselves here.
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Recent calculations by the distinguished atmospheric scientists Richard Lindzen, William Happer and William van Wijngaarden suggest that if the entire world eliminated net carbon dioxide emissions by 2050 it would avert warming of an almost unmeasurable 0.07°C. Even assuming the climate modelled feedbacks and temperature opinions of the politicised Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the rise would be only 0.28°C. Year Zero would have been achieved along with the destruction of economic and social life for eight billion people on Planet Earth. “It would be hard to find a better example of a policy of all pain and no gain,” note the scientists.
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Just Stop Oil activists have defaced Stonehenge the day before the Summer Solstice in an act of vandalism to raise awareness on climate change. As seen in dramatic images from the Unesco World Heritage site in Wiltshire, the stones have been daubed with orange powder paint in what the protest group calls "megalithic action" to demand the UK to drop fossil fuels in a matter of years.
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