"One may well ask: How can you advocate breaking some laws and obeying others? The answer lies in the fact that there are two types of laws: just and unjust. I would be the first to advocate obeying just laws. One has not only a legal but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws." -- Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Around 20,000 Muslim worshippers performed the Friday prayers in al-Aqsa Mosque despite Israeli restrictions, the Islamic Awqaf al-Quds Department announced on Friday.

The Department responsible for managing affairs in the mosque and Islamic endowments in occupied al-Quds made the announcement today following weeks of extreme restrictions forced on worshippers heading to one of Islam's holiest sites. Israeli occupation forces barricaded several gates leading to the Mosque from its vicinity and the Old City; a practice that has been heavily employed since October 7.

Israeli occupation forces also physically and verbally assaulted several worshippers heading for the Friday prayers. Others were also physically assaulted while praying near Bab al-Absat. A woman and a young man were also beaten out of consciousness, according to locals. The IOF eventually detained the two.

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Sounds like a bad horror movie. And it is, in real life.

Informed Consent Action Network (Feb 14, 2024) (*):   Newman, Jonathan R Buy New $12.99 (as of 08:44 UTC - Details) 

A new class of “encrypted RNA” vaccines are being developed where the RNA would piggyback onto an existing wild virus and spread from person to person without any person’s knowledge or consent.

This so-called “therapy” uses a technology called TIPs (Therapeutic Interfering Particles), which are described as “engineered molecular parasites” that piggyback on a wild virus. If you get the virus, you also get these parasites. Once inside an infected person, the TIPs are supposed to rapidly multiply, hijacking the resources the wild virus needs to multiply and therefore stopping the virus.

Supporters of this technology claim it will “solve” several problems with traditional vaccine delivery, including “behavior barriers” like noncompliance. Meaning everyone gets vaccinated—whether they like it or not.

Let me try to disentangle this.

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German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s ‘sensational revelations’ about the British and French participating in the target acquisition of Storm Shadow/SCALP missiles employed by Ukraine have stirred the proverbial hornet’s nest.

These revelations were made by Scholz with his back to the wall, under pressure from accusations by Macron – from the height of his 600 million military aid to Ukraine since the start of the conflict, compared to Germany’s 17.7 billion – of not contributing enough to the war effort because of his reluctance to supply Kiev with Taurus cruise missiles.

In his creative outburst – part of a clash between Germany and France[1] to gain pre-eminence in Central and Eastern Europe, during what looks like an American disengagement – Macron even suggested that France ‘could’ send special forces to Ukraine, to create a ‘strategic dilemma’ for Russia.

The former British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace – who accused Scholz of having “abused intelligence information” – should have had it out first and foremost with American soldier Jack Texeira, who already a year ago disclosed documents[2] (confirmed as true) that incontrovertibly prove that in fact French, British, American and other NATO countries’ special forces – as well as hundreds of officials in various capacities – have already been in Ukraine for at least a year. Or with British Lieutenant General Robert Magowan, who in late 2022 candidly told The Times of how the Royal Marines were engaged in “high-risk covert operations” in Ukraine[3]. And even more so with the Polish minister who told journalist Zbigniew Parafianowicz that British and Polish special forces had been operating in Ukraine since immediately after the Maidan of 2014, and had been involved in the fighting north of Kiev already in the first weeks of the war[4].

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That’s an easy mistake to make, right?

To be fair, there really isn’t much difference between the Ukraine and Israel.

It’s just Israel slaughtering innocent people, backed by the United States.

I get them confused myself sometimes.

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On the heels of Sam Esmail’s apocalyptic thriller Leave the World Behind and December news reports that Mark Zuckerberg is constructing a 5,000-square-foot bunker under his ranch on the island of Kauai, the business of fortified shelters is booming.

Adding more fuel to the flames: escalating armed conflict around the globe and, closer to home, the ongoing onslaught of mass shootings and an increasingly fractious political landscape leading up to the presidential election on Nov. 5.

The one-percenters who can afford to pull out all the stops for self-preservation are doing so more than ever — often in a fashion that goes way beyond the submerged corrugated metal units seen on reality shows like Nat Geo’s Doomsday Preppers.

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The Global Shapers Community was founded by Schwab and the World Economic Forum (“WEF”) in 2012.  It brings together people under the age of 30 who have been identified by WEF as potential leaders.

Author Ernst Wolff believes it is a proving ground where future political leaders are being selected, vetted and groomed before being positioned in the world’s political apparatus.  It is akin to a WEF indoctrination programme just as is WEF’s Young Global Leaders.

Watch Schwab’s Global Shapers Network Exposed! Amazing Polly, 2 March 2022 (38 mins)

“You have the chance to look forward to a career of 50 years … Maybe more, you will get some injections and so on.  Don’t forget your avatar will continue to live and your brain will be replicated through artificial intelligence and algorithms.  So, we don’t know, but at least 50 years,” Schwab told the Global Shapers at a private WEF session.

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As unelected British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak whined about ‘democracy’, a man in the UK was imprisoned for two years for the crime of distributing stickers that criticized mass migration.

Yes, really.

Sam Melia, who has a young daughter and a wife 8 months pregnant with their second child, is behind bars after a judge ruled he had ‘incited racial hatred’ by distributing the stickers.

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In an article published yesterday (March 1, 2024) US Army General James Mingus stated that the US Military sent four Stryker-mounted 50-kilowatt laser prototypes to the Middle East last month.

Early last month, the US Army sent four Stryker-mounted 50-kilowatt laser prototypes to the Middle East for real-world testing that includes facing down dust particles, the service’s new vice chief, Gen. James Mingus, revealed to Breaking Defense.

“It’s a prototype, but we want to experiment in a live environment,” Mingus said Wednesday in his first interview since being sworn in as the vice-chief in January. “Is it 100 percent ready? Is it going to work perfectly? Probably not, but we’re going to learn from it.”

At a breakfast in February, Army Chief Gen. Randy George said the US Central Command (CENTCOM) region is aligned to receive new counter-unmanned aerial systems (C-UAS) as part of his new “transforming in contact” push where users, developers and testers can converge and provide feedback. Part of that initiative seemingly includes the Directed Energy Maneuver Short-Range Air Defense (DE M-SHORAD) prototype that integrates a 50-kilowatt laser onto Strykers to down class 1 to 3 aerial drones and incoming rockets, artillery and mortars.

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I’m so sick of conservatives lionizing Greg Abbott.

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A rally against sending Western soldiers to Ukraine has taken place in Paris, a TASS correspondent reported from the site.

"We came to say that we do not agree with the escalation of the Ukraine conflict. Lawmakers should demand this issue be debated at the parliament and put to voting as enshrined in the French constitution," Florian Philippot, leader of The Patriots party, who initiated the protest, told TASS during the rally.

The demonstrators tore up EU and NATO flags and waved French tricolors instead.

"Long live free France!" Parisians chanted. "One of our goals is France’s withdrawal from NATO. This alliance is constantly pushing us toward war and looking for enemies," Philippot said, adding that the EU is following suit.

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A powerful blast rocked the Russian city of St. Petersburg early on Saturday when a drone crashed into an apartment block, local media have reported. 

The explosion occurred in the northern part of the city, and the facade of a residential block was “seriously damaged.”

St. Petersburg Mayor Alexandr Beglov declined to say whether it was a drone strike.

Local residents report that before the explosion they heard the sound of an engine and saw a bright flash in the sky.

Debris fell next to one of the houses, probably from an unmanned aerial vehicle.

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US Special forces troops will be permanently stationed in Taiwan, UDN confirms.  China earlier warned they would view such a thing as an "invasion."

Along with Marines stationed on the island, US Special Forces are now reportedly permanently based in Taiwan to deter Chinese aggression on the disputed territory!!

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