"There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights." --  Major General Smedley Darlington Butler

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Authored by Savannah Fortis via CoinTelegraph.com,

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Butertin has shared his take on “superintelligent” artificial intelligence, calling it “risky” in response to ongoing leadership changes at OpenAI. 

On May 19, Cointelegraph reported that OpenAI’s former head of alignment, Jan Leike, resigned after saying he had reached a “breaking point” with management on the company’s core priorities.

Leike alleged that “safety culture and processes have taken a backseat to shiny products” at OpenAI, with many pointing toward developments around artificial general intelligence (AGI).

AGI is anticipated to be a type of AI equal to or surpassing human cognitive capabilities — the thought of which has already begun to worry industry experts, who say the world isn’t properly equipped to manage such superintelligent AI systems.

This sentiment seems to align with Buterin’s views. In a post on X, he shared his thoughts on the topic, emphasizing that people should not rush into action or push back against those who try.

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A decision made by International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor Karim Khan to seek an arrest warrant for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the country's Defense Minister Yoav Gallant was an attempt 'to demonize Israel,' Netanyahu told ABC television channel.

"He's saying we're starving people?" the Israeli prime minister said in an interview with the US-based television channel. "We have supplied half million tons of food and medicine with 20,000 trucks. This guy is out to demonize Israel."

On May 20, ICC prosecutor Karim Khan requested that Pre-Trial Chamber I of the International Criminal Court issue arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, saying that the ICC has "reasonable grounds to believe" that they "bear criminal responsibility for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed on the territory of the State of Palestine (in the Gaza strip) from at least October 8, 2023.

Webmaster addition: Israel is demonizing Israel.

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The U.S.-led NATO axis whose neocon foreign policy was drawn up by Victoria Nuland finds itself embroiled itself in conflict after conflict, and as Ukraine has fallen apart it has invested everything into Israel's quagmire in Gaza. Journalist Pepe Escobar joined to provide initial comments on how Russia and China are changing everything on the world stage, and Danny Haiphong concludes in an analysis you don't want to miss.

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Authored by Julie Kelly via The Florida Capital Star 

FBI agents last week arrested a man from Maine for his involvement in the events of January 6. According to a Department of Justice press release, Lincoln Deming spent about 30 minutes inside the building after entering through an open door with Capitol Police standing by. Deming faces numerous charges including civil disorder and the dreaded “parading” in the Capitol misdemeanor.

The DOJ bragged in the press release about the government’s scalp count for its unprecedented prosecution of Jan 6 protesters. “More than 1,424 individuals have been charged in nearly all 50 states for crimes related to the breach of the U.S. Capitol,” Matthew Graves, the Joe Biden-appointed U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, boasted. The investigation into the four-hour disturbance, Graves warned, is “ongoing.”

Indeed. The DOJ, astonishingly, is on pace to arrest one J6 protester a day this year; Graves has stated his intention to bring the total caseload to at least 2,000 defendants before the statute of limitations expires.

If DOJ Didn’t Have Double Standards, It Would Have No Standards at All…Oh Wait

At the same time, the DOJ refuses to bring federal charges against pro-Palestinian demonstrators who in many instances engaged in similar if not worse conduct inside Congressional buildings over the past six months.

Graves’ spokeswoman recently confirmed to me via email that all cases stemming from arrests of pro-Palestinian protesters are being handled by the local D.C. prosecutor.

In other words, no federal obstruction of an official proceeding indictments against those who repeatedly interrupted Senate and House hearings to protest against the Israel-Gaza war. No federal “parading” charges for demonstrators who unlawfully occupied government buildings in Washington on multiple occasions. Even demonstrators who assaulted Capitol police outside the DNC headquarters last November do not face federal charges — a shocking double-standard since hundreds of J6ers have been federally charged with assault on police, even for minor confrontations, often resulting in lengthy prison sentences and pretrial detention in several cases.

Which makes recent comments by Attorney General Merrick Garland all the more outrageous — and demonstrably false. Before two House committees voted Thursday to advance contempt of Congress against Garland for defying a congressional subpoena demanding the audio recording of Biden’s interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur last year, Garland mustered his most sanctimonious self to explain how House Republicans, not him, threaten the legitimacy of the DOJ — a “fundamental institution of our democracy,” Garland claimed. (Garland advised Biden to invoke executive privilege to prevent producing the tapes to Congress; Biden only too happily accepted his counsel.)

Garland audaciously claimed politics plays no role in determining what investigations his department pursues.

Claire's Observations:  "...... politics plays no role in determining what investigations his department pursues" , MY ASTROLABE!!!!!  We know when this guy is lying through his teeth;  he opens his mouth.... and words come out of it!!!

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Webmaster addition: Which is why schools don't teach critical thinking!

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The European Union intends to start formal negotiations on admitting Moldova and Ukraine to the association as early as June 25, the European edition of the Politico newspaper reported citing five diplomats.

According to Politico, the association's member states were ready to do this back in December, but the decision was postponed amid Hungary's disagreement and fears that the issue of EU enlargement could muddy the waters in the European Parliament elections to be held on June 6-9.

According to the newspaper, an EU-Ukraine intergovernmental conference is scheduled for June 25. The desire to make some progress on the issue of EU expansion stems from the fact that on July 1, the presidency of the EU Council will pass from Belgium to Hungary. According to the newspaper's sources, it is still unclear how Budapest would react to Ukraine being brought into the organization. "As always, it is impossible to predict what Hungary will do until we hear from [Prime Minister Viktor] Orban himself," a diplomat quoted by the newspaper said.

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Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) countries have taken note of the US-led collective West’s attempts to take Eurasia under control, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

"Attempts <...> by the US-led collective West to take the entire Eurasian continent under control are obvious, and we talked about it today," he said following a meeting of the SCO Council of Foreign Ministers.

According to Lavrov, NATO and EU officials are seeking to introduce their institutions in Eurasia and make the countries of the region obey their rules. He noted that Western institutions were "luring" Eurasian nations into anti-Russian activities in the fields of economy and security.

The top Russian diplomat emphasized that all member states realized the need to step up the activities of the SCO and its partners, including the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), among others. "The goal of developing common approaches to ensuring Eurasian security and Eurasian cooperation through the efforts of the continent’s countries is highly relevant," the Russian foreign minister stressed.

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Switzerland’s conference on Ukraine is aimed only at discussing Zelensky's so-called peace formula as an ultimatum, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

"The Swiss conference is convened only to discuss Zelensky's 'peace formula' as an ultimatum," the top diplomat told the media after a meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Foreign Ministers' Council.

Speaking about China’s peace initiative, the minister pointed out that "it provides for the need to understand the root causes of the situation, when the West decided to use Ukraine to sabotage Russia’s legitimate interests." "The Chinese initiative envisages looking at the root causes and reaching an agreement to eliminate these causes by ensuring in practice the principle of equal and indivisible security, where the security of all participating states is equally guaranteed. It is impossible to disagree with this," Lavrov added.

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Webmaster addition: While American veterans are homeless in the streets!

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Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) sailed to victory in the primary election in Kentucky on Tuesday despite the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) spending over $300,000 on attack ads against him. 

Massie, who represents Kentucky's 4th Congressional District, was winning with over 75% of the vote as of Tuesday night at 7:30PM EST.

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Ukraine has a right to strike military targets on Russian Federation soil, and the US and its allies should support the country in doing so, said Victoria Nuland, former US Deputy Secretary of State, in an interview with ABC News after Russia’s offensive in Kharkiv Oblast.

Source: ABC News, as reported by European Pravda

Details: Commenting on Russian forces’ recent advances in the north of Kharkiv Oblast, Nuland emphasised that Ukraine should be equipped to counter Russian operations launched from Russian bases.

Quote: “I think if the attacks are coming directly from over the line in Russia, that those bases ought to be fair game, whether they are where missiles are being launched from or where the troops are being supplied from,” she added.

The former US Secretary of State feels that the moment for this has come after Russia’s latest escalation of the war, which now threatens and attempts to destroy Kharkiv “without ever having to put a boot on the ground”.

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•Need to address the $2 trillion a year deficit
•Debt to GDP ratio the highest ever at 122% under Biden
•Interest rates are highest in 20 years
•Rates still low relative to the previous decades interest on the debt remains manageable

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A powerful tornado tore through Greenfield, Iowa, on Tuesday, leaving multiple fatalities, at least a dozen injuries, and widespread destruction in its wake.

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The architects of the New World Order are clever. They want to usher the world into WWIII without us realising it. That’s why they chose Estonia’s Prime Minister Kaja Kallas to do the deed.

She is, after all, an attractive woman and that naturally caught everyone off-guard. Because she is now calling for the break-up of the Russian Federation and she wouldn’t do so without the prior approval of other NATO states.

It’s totally disarming, as intended, but through a very attractive woman, the west has just declared war on Russia. That’s how it works: to wage war,: as the Mossad is said to maintain, you do so through deception. Ed.

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Germany’s parliament has voted to remove the possession of child sexual abuse materials as a criminal offence.

The country’s Criminal Code will no longer include the section pertaining to child pornography, Bundestag (parliament) voted Thursday.

Once the bill goes into effect, minimum sentencing for holding child abuse materials will be reduced and the criminal charge will become a misdemeanor, Reduxxed reported.

“Possession and acquisition should be punishable with a minimum penalty of three months’ imprisonment, and distribution with a minimum penalty of six months’ imprisonment, and distribution with a minimum penalty of six months’ imprisonment,” the bill states.

“The offences regulated in Section 184b of the Criminal Code are therefore classified as misdemeanors and not as crimes.”

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The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) continues to martyr the Palestinians, as it marches them up and down and across the Via Dolorosa that is the Gaza Strip.

By the time you read this—and as I write—the number of Palestinians murdered, maimed and displaced by The Devil’s agents will be, already is, out of date.

Jump a level of abstraction, from the torrid reality engulfing Palestinians, to meditate upon the meaning of what I just said.

On the meta level—the very act of updating the numbers of the dead and displaced in the narrow time-space of a topical essay is significant. It speaks to the industrial-levels and methods of murder adopted by the IDF. It speaks to a genocide, ethnocide and domicide to which we must bear witness as best we can, with the hope that the story of Palestinian travail will end in triumph.

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Petr Bystron is second on the AfD’s list for the EU parliament elections.

The guy in the first spot, Maximilian Krah, is under investigation for having an alleged Chinese spy working for him.

They government happened to discover all this right before the election.

Purely by coincidence, of course.

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During my life what I have observed is that Republicans define patriotism largely in terms of opposition to foreign enemies. This was most pronounced during the long Cold War with the Soviet Union. It is certainly true that we need to be on our guard against foreign enemies, but we must not be so much on guard that we create enemies where they don’t exist or refuse to defuse tensions and replace hostile relationships with cooperative ones as President John F. Kennedy said he intended to do before he was assassinated and as President Trump intended to do before he was prevented by Russiagate allegations.

Republican and conservative focus on foreign enemies risks their blindness to the Constitution’s many enemies at home, including the enemies of freedom in the executive branch, Congress, media, university faculties, and the judiciary who regard the US Constitution as a racist document that serves white supremacy and must be overthrown. This is the explicit position of the New York Times and many law schools, as well as the position of the Democrat Party and many federal judges appointed during Democrat regimes.

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Dear readers, I recommend that you watch the video about how white people are intentionally framed by black agitators and other white people for hate crimes that never happened. If you don’t care to watch the documentary, at least read the short article about how the life of University of Virginia student Morgan Bettinger was ruined by a lie. https://dailycaller.com/2024/05/20/morgan-bettinger-hate-crime-hoax-daily-caller-doc/

My comments on the event go beyond Gage Klipper’s rendition of the story. It is much more than Morgan Bettinger’s story. It is a story of what white people have done to themselves.

Critical race theory, which finds racism in everything white–works of art, literature, language, math, science, history–has its origins in the Jewish Frankfort School of Cultural Marxism. It is now an obligatory part of the American professoriate’s world view. Even if you don’t believe it, you have to profess it, or you are done for. To deny that white people are racist is considered proof that you are a racist.

When a Black Female Lives Matter agitator accused Morgan Bettinger of saying something she never said, which witnesses confirmed she never said, no white person came to her defense. Not the white University of Virginia students, the white professors and university president and administrators, and not the white media. All the whites jumped on denouncing the racist Morgan Bettinger. Even when she got cleared, the charge was replaced by another. She was found to be “insensitive” to the hurt that the charge against her represented. In other words, she was supposed to apologize and ask forgiveness for something she did not do. Her failure to grovel was insensitive. So she was sentenced to community service, re-education sessions, and conditionally expelled if she failed to complete her sentence.

It sounds absurd, but this is the position of White People today throughout the Western World.

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Doing anything in your power to defeat an opponent is the very definition of total war. This entails everything from sabotage and terrorist attacks targeting civilians to assassinating your adversary’s top-ranking officials (or even the leaders themselves). Obviously, there’s also the possibility of direct war, including the usage of weapons of mass destruction (thermonuclear, biological, chemical). Conducting any of the aforementioned operations can easily escalate and lead to the latter. This is precisely why there’s the institution of diplomacy, a millennia-old practice that has been respected by all of the world’s civilizations (obviously, this automatically excludes the modern-day political West). Nazi Germany was one of the first modern nations that stopped honoring any diplomatic agreements, effectively reverting (geo)politics to a rather barbaric competition where everything is permitted at all times.

NATO, essentially its descendant, continued this practice. To this day there’s not a single agreement that the belligerent alliance signed that is worth more than the paper it was written on. The United States, as NATO’s leading member, fully embraced this approach and is now conducting its aggression against the world in a way that could be described as a crawling total war. The warmongers in Washington DC and the Pentagon are openly talking about the so-called “decapitation strikes” on countries they don’t like, including military superpowers with the ability to simply wipe the US itself off the map. Former CIA directors and high-ranking officials, as well as sitting senators, are openly talking about “taking out” powerful global leaders such as Russian President Vladimir Putin. This was happening even at times when the latter was offering negotiations and mutually beneficial peaceful settlements.

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Israel’s horrendous genocide continues unabated while our new foreign secretary Lord Cameron, brought back from the dead as it were (he’s no longer an elected Member of Parliament) and hurriedly created a peer of the realm to give some semblance of legitimacy, struts the international stage and criss-crosses the world’s trouble-spots. So I thought I’d offer a reminder that this guy has form. And I mean bad form. Back in December 2012 I wrote a piece titled Why they call him ‘Agent’ Cameron. It went like this.

In a speech to Conservative Friends of Israel at a recent lunch [in 2012] David Cameron said – and not for the first time – things that are deeply disturbing to people who expect him to put British interests first. He compromised himself and our country with ridiculous pledges of support for a foreign military power whose behaviour is beyond the Pale and an affront to human decency. Here are some of his remarks…

“I am a passionate friend of Israel – and that’s the way it’s going to stay.”

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ISRAEL blackmailed President Clinton with phone-tapped tapes of his steamy sex talks with Monica Lewinsky, a blockbuster new book charges.

The price Clinton paid for the silence of the Mossad spy agency was calling off an FBI hunt for a top-level Israeli mole allegedly installed at the White House.

The allegation appears in “Gideon’s Spies – The Secret History of the Mossad,” written by respected author Gordon Thomas and due out next week.

Asked for comment, White House spokesman P.J. Crowley replied, “The only thing I can possibly say is we’ll skip the book and wait for the movie.”

Israel has denied conducting spying operations in the United States.

Webmaster addition: Just prior to 9/11, the US uncovered the largest foreign spy network ever found, operated by Israel!

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Today, in the United States, the word “Fascism” strikes fear in the heart of the average American. This reaction is not rooted in any dispassionate judgement, but rather instinctive reaction created by propaganda and propaganda of the worst sort, defaulting to baser emotions at the expense of any rational thought.

The string-pullers of American society learned a long time ago that by resorting to dramatic memes, the attention and devotion of Americans to any idea could be quickly obtained. Think of the American revolutionary call to arms of “Freedom” and “Liberty” and “All men are created equal.” These are all vague pronouncements not backed up by any facts but nevertheless quickly absorbed by the American mainstream as existential truths that must be defended to the last drop of blood. Too bad it ain’t so.

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