"Why of course the people don't want war. Why should some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally, the common people don't want war: neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But after all it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship ... Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger." -- Leading Nazi leader, Hermann Goering, at the Nuremberg Trials before he was sentenced to death

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It has been widely reported that blue states are suffering decline. Numerous residents, and businesses, have fled these Democrat-run states. Often the reasons include rising costs of living, high taxes, and unchecked crime.

Joe opportunities are seemingly becoming few and far between, for those who live in these states. Far-left policies have put a strain on businesses large and small.

One blue state governor just signed a bill that Democrats claim is a big win for workers. But will it instead lead to major problems?

From Just the News:
California Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed into law a measure that will require most fast-food workers to be paid  a minimum $20 an hour…

This new minimum wage for fast food workers will apply to restaurants with at least 60 locations, but has an exception for restaurants that make and sell their own bread, such as Panera Bread.

Gov. Newsom of California signed a bill that will raise the minimum wage for fast-food workers to $20 an hour. The governor praised the bill as a “tectonic plate that had to be moved” claiming it will “stabilize an industry.”

Webmaster addition: McDonalds has just opened a mostly automated location!

Posted on: Oct 02 11:48

European-origin Americans deserve respect even after they become a minority in the United States, President Joe Biden told a friendly interviewer in an October 1 interview.

“We’re going to be — very shortly — a minority-white European country, and sometimes my [Democrat] colleagues don’t speak enough to make it clear that that is not going to change how we operate,” he told the progressive billionaire-funded ProPublica website.

Democrats must treat white Americans with respect, as they and their children quickly become a racial minority in their own nation, Biden insisted, saying:

It’s not so much the economic benefits; it is treating them with respect, treating them with respect. … The Democratic Party in the past has — on occasion — spoken less to their needs and fears or concerns. And so, I think a lot of the guys that I grew up with in Delaware and in Scranton, Pennsylvania, they feel like they’re not being respected. Not so much by policy — just by the failure to talk about their needs.

Current polls show mainstream, plurality, or majority opposition to the federal policy of mass migration that has helped suppress incomes for most Americans since 1990. That opposition is rising quickly because Biden has deliberately accelerated the wealth-shifting and population-replacing inflow into Americans’ workplaces, schools, housing, and politics.

Posted on: Oct 02 11:47

President Trump now leads Ron DeSantis by over 50% in a nationwide poll of Republican Primary voters and holds a whopping 62% of support among all candidates.

1,183 potential Republican primary voters were surveyed by Morning Consult on September 28. This was one day after the September 27 Republican Primary Debate in California, which President Trump did not attend.

Despite skipping the debate, Trump gained five points from a poll released before the debate.

Posted on: Oct 02 11:47

The U.S. Supreme Court will not hear a case that seeks to remove former President Donald Trump from the ballot in 2024.

The high court, which started a new term Monday, shot down a case brought by John Anthony Castro. The longshot Republican presidential candidate argues that Trump is not eligible to be on the ballot due to his involvement with the violent attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Trump is considered the frontrunner for the Republican nomination.

Posted on: Oct 02 11:41

ero-bail policy — a process eliminating set cash bail amounts for suspect criminals accused of misdemeanors and specific non-violent felonies — took effect in Los Angeles County on Sunday even as a dozen cities challenge the controversial system in court.

“This change just applies to a tiny segment of the pretrial system,” Jeff Stein from the Civil Rights Corps told ABC7. “It’s just about that window between when a person is arrested and when they see a judge in LA. That can last up to five days.”

According to reports, the Los Angeles County Superior Court instituted the policy known as Pre-Arraignment Release Protocols in July, arguing that cash bail processes discriminate against minorities and poor communities. The decision came after a Superior Court judge issued an order in late May when several plaintiffs filed a class action lawsuit claiming that they suffered “negative consequences because they could not afford bail, including missed work, separation from their families and lapsed medical care,” according to KTLA.

Posted on: Oct 02 11:37

Polish border guards successfully repelled dozens of migrants as they attempted to violently break through from neighbouring Belarus in what may signal a return of the Lukashenko regime using illegals as a “hybrid warfare” vector against the West.

On Sunday a group of around 60 mostly young male migrants, reportedly predominantly comprised of Iranian and Iraqi nationals, clashed with Polish border guards as they tried to push their way into the country from Belarus at the border region of Dubicz Cerkiewne.

Footage posted by Poland’s Ministry of Defence showed migrants throwing stones and sticks at the border guards as they tried to breach through the wire fence separating the two countries with bolt cutters and wooden logs. In response, Poland’s border guards pushed back the migrants from the fence with pepper spray.

The MoD said: “Defending the inviolability of the border is an obligation, but also the right of every state. We reacted to the actions of the Lukashenko regime inspired by Moscow. Soldiers and service officers defending the Polish border faced and still face a real threat. We are grateful to them for this and we will continue to support them.”

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On Sunday morning, Nov. 30, 1941, U.S. Army Private Paul Brown decided to slip out of his bed early at the Schofield Barracks Base Hospital on the island of Oahu, and head to the latrine.

Assigned to the 52nd Field Artillery Battalion, he had been involved in an accident, and, because of the severity of his injuries, he was confined to a wheelchair and wanted to clean up early to avoid being in the way of the other patients.

Brown, who moved to Miami after the war, then to Englewood before settling in Arcadia in the 1970s, heard a “commotion” at the front desk and went to investigate, according to a 1997 newspaper column he had written in the Arcadian. The daily newspaper, The Honolulu Advertiser, had just been delivered — but they were ripping the front page off all of them before they were distributed. When he inquired about it, he was told it was orders “from the top brass.”

But Brown managed to obtain a copy of the paper from a medic with the front page intact. The headline read: “Japanese May Strike Over Weekend.”

He quickly folded it and stuffed it into his pocket before anyone could notice. The next day, he mailed off the newspaper clipping to his parents — before the Army censors had a chance to intercept it. Because few had seen the front page, he felt no one would believe his story.


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CNN’s Jake Tapper confronted Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) over the weekend about whether his “personal animus” against House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) was behind his drive to oust him from his position.
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Posted on: Oct 02 11:02
The explanation provided by Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) for why he pulled a fire alarm in a House office building on Saturday “makes no sense,” according to a longtime Capitol Hill journalist.
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Posted on: Oct 02 11:02
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) said Sunday that she would “absolutely” cast a vote to oust Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) should a motion be brought to the House floor.
By: orraz
Posted on: Oct 02 10:59
Leaders of the House Democrats said they “expect” House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to queue up a Ukraine aid vote following the passage of a short-term spending bill that averted a government shutdown.
By: orraz
Posted on: Oct 02 10:59
Some House Republican members are reportedly preparing to file a motion to expel Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) from Congress pending a forthcoming report from the House Ethics Committee about his alleged behavior.
Posted on: Oct 02 10:57
Former President Donald Trump referred to one of his primary opponents — former Governor Nikki Haley (R-SC) — as a “birdbrain,” and in an apparent effort to drive the point home, his campaign delivered a birdcage and a bag of seeds to her hotel room.
Posted on: Oct 02 10:57

Republicans have drafted a resolution to expel Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) after he allegedly pulled a fire alarm to delay a vote on a bill to avert a government shutdown.

Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) authored the resolution, which is expected to be formally filed Monday when the House is next in session. Expulsion is the most serious form of disciplinary action available to the House for its own members.

Only five members have been expelled from the House in history.

Posted on: Oct 02 10:10

According to documents obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation, the former President of the American Library Association (ALA) stated that the organization played a role in the development of legislation aimed at combating attempts to remove sexually explicit books from school libraries.

The legislation in question is the Right To Read Act, which was reintroduced in April by Democratic Rhode Island Sen. Jack Reed and Democratic Arizona Rep. Raúl Grijalva. The bill ensures that students have access to "culturally diverse and inclusive materials," including sexually explicit books.

It also provides liability protections for librarians who curate these materials. The lawmakers' press release explicitly states that the bill is intended to counter efforts by parents and Republican lawmakers to remove sexually explicit content from school libraries.

In an online forum for ALA members called "ALA Connect," Lessa Pelayo-Lozada, the 2022-2023 ALA president, wrote on April 10, 2023, that the ALA helped "develop" the Right to Read Act. Pelayo-Lozada mentioned that there had been discussions about developing legislative approaches to bolster protections for these materials. She stated, "ALA helped developed one such approach, which was introduced in Congress last year as the Right to Read Act."

Posted on: Oct 02 09:59
Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) said over the weekend that he will make a decision about whether he is going to launch a third party run for president within the next three months.
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Posted on: Oct 02 09:54
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis warned in an interview over the weekend that the push from Democratic politicians to make everyone have an electric vehicle presents serious risks to U.S. national security and the economy.
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Posted on: Oct 02 09:53

After a public sartorial kerfuffle, this last week the United States Senate, that august body of elder statesmen, decided to implement a formal dress code. Before the events of the last month, the Senate had relied on an informal standard that men ought to wear a suit and tie and Senator Kyrsten Sinema is allowed to dress like a Hunger Games villain. 

But Senator Jon Fetterman balked at these informal standards that would require him to get dressed in the morning and therefore Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer decided to direct the Senate’s Sergeant at Arms to allow Fetterman to not only wander the Senate floor in his panhandling attire but to even preside over the Senate in such menswear.

Fetterman’s newfound liberation generated public outcry, leading to the aforementioned renewal and official instantiation of the old dress code. 

Unlike other conservatives, however, I disagree with Schumer’s decision to return to the old dress code. The Senate’s suit and tie rules are symbols of a dead age. Trying to bring them back with official sanctions isn’t enough. America needs to go forward, not back. The Senate needs a truly progressive dress code.  

I propose, therefore, the complete elimination of dress altogether for the World’s Greatest Deliberative Body. Members of the Senate should be required to conduct business entirely in the nude.

Webmaster addition: Ewwwww. Nobody will watch C-Span ever again! Alternate suggestion: Everyone in government wears racing suits emblazoned with the logos of the corporations that own them, so we know who they really work for!

Posted on: Oct 02 09:53
After four decades, an Iranian official has admitted that the theocratic Iranian regime aided murderous attacks in which hundreds of Americans were killed.
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Posted on: Oct 02 09:52
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, speaking at the United Nations, warned that the AI revolution could have catastrophic consequences if the world is not careful.
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Posted on: Oct 02 09:52

A new survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) shows that a majority of U.S. adults are more likely to not get the Chinese Coronavirus vaccine.

As reported by Fox News, KFF’s COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor poll revealed that 52% of respondents said they were either “probably” or “definitely” not going to take the vaccine. Meanwhile, just 23% said they would “definitely” take the shot, while another 23% said they would “probably” do so.

The majority of those who said they are likely to take the shot are registered Democrats and/or 65 years old or older. On a partisan basis, 70% of Democrats plan to take the vaccine, while just 24% of Republicans plan to do the same.

Further dividing along partisan lines, 58% of Democrats are likely to take extra precautionary steps in avoiding COVID, such as wearing masks, avoiding public gatherings, and skipping travel. Just 16% of Republicans intend to do so.

Despite the poll’s clear findings against the vaccine, the KFF still tried to spin the results as favorable towards the vaccine and medical authorities.

Posted on: Oct 02 09:49

A new lawsuit before the Supreme Court could set the precedent on whether or not various “speech police” efforts on college campuses are constitutional.

As the Daily Caller reports, numerous so-called “bias response teams” have been created at colleges across the country, serving the purpose of monitoring speech on campus for any “offensive” remarks, and subsequently taking action against those who make such remarks. These efforts overwhelmingly and disproportionately impact conservative students rather than left-wing students, with the latter often being the ones to report the former to campus authorities.

Now, an amicus brief has been filed before the Supreme Court by the Alumni Free Speech Alliance, a coalition of over a dozen pro-free speech groups focused on higher education. The brief was filed in support of the group Speech First, which has filed a lawsuit against Virginia Tech over its own bias response team.

“In history, it’s always repressive regimes that pick a scapegoat and sometimes not even with aforethought. It just happens they rile up the crowds against them. And that’s what these bias systems are used for,” said Chuck Davis, president of the Alumni Free Speech Alliance.

Posted on: Oct 02 09:49

New York State Police are searching for a 9-year-old girl who they said was abducted Saturday night while she was camping with her family.

Charlotte Sena was last seen at Moreau Lake State Park in Saratoga County, about 50 miles north of Albany, around 6:15 p.m. wearing an orange tie-dye Pokémon shirt, dark blue pants, black Crocs and a gray bike helmet. She is 4 feet, 6 inches tall and weighs 90 pounds, and she has blond hair, according to information provided by police.

Posted on: Oct 02 09:46

X owner Elon Musk took to his own platform on Sunday to blast Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal-controlled government over its efforts to control and censor the free expression of the people.

"Trudeau is trying to crush free speech in Canada," Musk posted on X. "Shameful."

Posted on: Oct 02 09:45

The Portland Police Bureau has published data that shows at least nine children have overdosed on fentanyl since mid-June.

Of the nine children who overdosed, five of them died from fentanyl poisoning, according to police. A tenth child overdosed on THC.

The PPB's Narcotics and Organized Crime (NOC) Unit's data shows that the majority of victims are toddlers. The ages of the five who died are between 1 and 15 years old. The other victims that survived the poisonings are between the ages of 15 months and 17 years, KATU reports.

Posted on: Oct 02 09:37

Bemidji Police have arrested a man after an 11-year-old girl told authorities that she and two other girls were tied up and raped by several men at a Bemidji home.

On Sept. 23rd, the Bemidji Sanford Hospital’s emergency department called police on an assault complaint.

According to court documents, the 11-year-old said she was with a woman who forced her to drink alcohol.

She said a bag was placed over her head, and she was taken to a home, where she was stripped… tied up between two other girls…and raped.

The girl said another girl was in a closet, while the third girl was bloody and unconscious.

Authorities arrested 22-year-old Oscar Luna. He’s charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct in Beltrami County. Luna was also arrested on a warrant from Hennepin County.

Police say several other people were identified at the scene, eleven of whom were transported by U.S. Border Patrol to be processed as illegal immigrants.

Posted on: Oct 02 09:36

In February of this year, The Gateway Pundit’s Cara Castronuovo wrote about a shocking development in the US government’s case against the Proud Boys.

it was discovered that the Government itself was the author of the mysterious “1776 Returns” document.

The 1776 Returns document is the title of a 9-page paper that outlined strategic plans for the takeover of US government buildings on January 6, 2021.

It was confirmed in court that the FBI was behind the document and and FBI operative was the author of the document.

The mysterious document was sent unsolicited to Proud Boy Chairman Enrique Tarrio’s Telegram right before January 6th by a “love interest” named Erika Flores.

Flores reportedly testified to the January 6th Committee that A GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL was the author of the entirety of the “1776 Returns” and that this FBI and CIA member or associate asked her to share it with Tarrio!

Tarrio was charged with Seditious Conspiracy and was later found guilty along with four fellow members of the Proud Boys. Enrique Tarrio was sentenced to 22 years in federal prison for planning the entire “seditious conspiracy.” We now know that it was the FBI who was behind the conspiracy.

Posted on: Oct 02 09:35
U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland denied any wrongdoing in how he runs the Department of Justice after facing widespread accusations of political bias.
Posted on: Oct 02 09:27
Stephen Miller, a former senior advisor to former President Donald Trump, urged Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) to not go forward with his stated plan to file a motion to oust Speaker Kevin McCarthy this week.
Posted on: Oct 02 09:27