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"All men recognize the right of revolution; that is, the right to refuse allegiance to, and to resist, the government, when its tyranny or its inefficiency are great and unendurable." -- Henry David Thoreau (1942). "Civil Disobedience"

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Dr. Robin Rose, Chris Cuomo’s personal physician and a double board-certified physician with expertise in treating long COVID at Terrain Health, destroys the prevailing narrative about COVID-19 vaccine safety on live TV.

During the segment, Cuomo introduced the topic by highlighting a groundbreaking study by the Global Vaccine Data Network (GVDN), which analyzed the safety of COVID-19 vaccines in a pool of 99 million vaccinated individuals across several countries, including Denmark, New Zealand, Argentina, Canada, Finland, Australia, and Scotland.

Here’s what the study found about how certain health issues showed up after people got their COVID-19 vaccines...

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They just can’t take a joke. The former president Donald Trump made a sarcastic crack about encouraging Russia to attack NATO members that didn’t invest in their defense, and hysteria enveloped both Washington and Brussels. For some officials, the imbroglio appeared to signal the end of Western civilization. 

Even worse, Europeans realized that they might have to do more for themselves militarily. The continent’s policymakers have begun thinking the unthinkable. Reported the New York Times, “European leaders were quietly discussing how they might prepare for a world in which America removes itself as the centerpiece of the 75-year-old alliance.” What is the world coming to if European governments can no longer cheap-ride the U.S.? The horror!

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has spurred European governments to spend more. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said 18 of 31 members will meet the alliance’s two percent of GDP standard this year, three times the number in 2016. 

Trump’s comment should accelerate this process, probably more than all the complaining, whining, and demanding of prior presidents combined. He claimed that the leader of an unidentified large European country asked if Trump would send in the American cavalry if that nation failed to meet its NATO obligations. Trump responded: “I said: ‘You didn’t pay? You’re delinquent?’... ‘No I would not protect you. In fact I would encourage them to do whatever they want. You gotta pay.’”

Claire's Observations:  from where I sit, this is both logical and reasonable.  Countries which have NATO protection, should pay for the privilege, period, end of discussion.

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Supplying Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets poses a risk of triggering a nuclear conflict, former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev has warned.

NATO member states are currently training Ukrainian pilots to operate F-16s ahead of the expected transfer of the aircraft. Kiev has been asking for the Western fighter jets for months, saying they were needed to combat Russian air superiority.

”An accidental, unintentional outbreak of a nuclear conflict is not something to be discarded, which is why all those machinations around Ukraine are dangerous,” Medvedev said in an extensive interview with Russian journalists, as quoted by TASS on Thursday.

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Russia’s assets that remain frozen in the West should be confiscated in response to the death of opposition activist and anti-corruption campaigner Alexey Navalny, German parliament member Norbert Rottgen has said.

This money should be used to provide more arms to the Ukrainian military for use in the conflict with Russia, Rottgen suggested in his speech to the Bundestag on Wednesday.

Legislation that would allow the confiscation of an estimated $300 billion in assets owned by the Russian central bank, which were blocked by the US and the EU after the outbreak of the conflict between Moscow and Kiev in February 2022, should be named “Navalny Laws,” he added.

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A group of self-styled “experienced public international lawyers and practitioners” have put together a case for confiscating Russian sovereign funds currently frozen by the US and its allies, saying it would be the appropriate response to Moscow’s “unlawful conduct” towards Ukraine.

Approximately €260 billion ($280 billion) in Russian sovereign funds were frozen by the Group of Seven countries in 2022. The UK and the US have recently demanded the outright seizure of these funds in order to fund the government in Kiev. 

The letter in which the “experts” – from the UK, US, Belgium, France, Germany, Japan and the Netherlands – make their case to the G7 has been obtained by Bloomberg.

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A privately built spacecraft has landed safely on the moon, marking the first time that America has reached the moon since the end of the Apollo era 50 years ago. Odysseus, a  $118 million uncrewed lander built by Intuitive machines, made a soft landing near the moon's south pole at 6:24 pm ET last night. 

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Polish farmers protesting near the country's border with Ukraine are trying to “humiliate” their neighbor and inflict upon it as much pain as possible, President Vladimir Zelensky’s most senior adviser, Mikhail Podoliak, claimed on Wednesday. 

He made the comment after hundreds of tractors gathered on the Polish-Ukrainian border this week, with farmers calling for the closure of checkpoints and a ban on importing cheap Ukrainian grain. Similar protests have regularly taken place in Poland since October 2023, when Brussels decided to allow Ukrainian haulers to enter the EU without having to obtain permits.  

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British fishermen will be banned from operating in the Barents Sea, one of the world’s largest fisheries for cod and haddock, under new legislation passed by the lower house of Russia’s parliament, the State Duma, on Wednesday.  

The bill, which rescinds an agreement signed between the governments of the USSR, the UK, and Northern Ireland in 1956, was passed in its third reading.   

The so-called Fisheries Agreement had allowed British ships to fish in the Barents Sea off the north coast of the Kola Peninsula. It was initially signed for a period of five years and automatically renewed every five years since neither party ever withdrew from the agreement.  

“The agreement was unfortunately one-sided giving the authority and right to fish only to our partners at the time,” Deputy Agriculture Minister Maksim Uvaidov said, clarifying the details of the treaty. He added that the agreement didn’t provide Soviet fishermen with similar rights.

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said the immediate future is bleak for the European Union due to the way the Ukraine conflict is unfolding.

He made the comments during a Fidesz-KDNP parliamentary faction conference behind closed doors on Wednesday, according to media reports.

Orban, who is a prominent critic of the bloc’s policies and has opposed its funding of Kiev’s conflict against Russia, predicted a major victory for conservative parties in the European Parliament elections in June.

”The war will not end. Europe’s burden will become heavier, because financial support for Ukraine will decrease due to disputes in the US amid the presidential election,” he told the conference, according to the newspaper Magyar Nemzet.

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The Gemini artificial intelligence program will not be allowed to generate images of people pending a patch, Google announced on Thursday, after critics panned it as “absurdly woke” and “blatantly racist.”

Formerly known as Bard, Gemini was launched earlier this month and advertised as Google’s “most capable family of models,” able to generate “captivating images.” When asked for images of US founding fathers, Russian emperors, French kings, popes and even 1930s Nazi German soldiers, the AI returned results celebrating the modern US concept of “diversity” instead.

“White people appeared to be the only racial category that Gemini refused to show,” according to a Fox Business summary of their experiment with the AI.

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British Foreign Secretary David Cameron announced more than 50 new sanctions targeting Russian individuals and businesses on Thursday. The package, announced in press release on the UK government's website, is meant to mark the second anniversary of the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine on February 24. 

The fresh sanctions target entities that supply the Russian military with munitions such as rocket launch systems, missiles and explosives, according to the press release. Also sanctioned are key sources of revenue for the Russian state, such as metals, diamonds, and the energy trade.

According to the report, among those sanctioned is Sverdlov State Owned Enterprise, which the British government claims is the largest group in Russia’s ammunition industry, and several key Russian importers and manufacturers of machine tools.

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 The policy research firm Public First found that a perception of political correctness in BBC News' coverage means a 'significant minority' of working class viewers are tuning into rivals. 

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Two years ago, the Turkic battalion ‘Turan’ in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine gained worldwide fame after several loud claims about their ‘valiant struggle against the Russians’ on all most dangerous frontlines and personal threats to the Head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov.

After two years of war, the truth was revealed. The brave unit turned out to be fake. Ukrainians deceived and robbed their Turkish partners, who donated large amounts of money to the fake battalion.

In the autumn of 2022, a video presentation of the new battalion ‘Turan’ was first shared online. About two dozens of masked militants declare the creation of the Turan battalion, which should fight on the side of Ukraine against Russia. The report gained great hype in the media, especially its Turkish roots and the declared ideology of the “Great Turan”. The nationalist battalion reportedly consisted of about 350 militants, including Azerbaijanis, Kyrgyz, Uighurs and Kazakhs. The commander was 33-year-old Kudaibek uulu Almaz. The great commander turned out to be a simple hairdresser from Bishkek, who worked in a barbershop in the Moscow region, then returned to his homeland, and in 2021 decided to move to Ukraine, where a year later he was involved in the profitable plan of the fake nationalist battalion.

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Russia has deployed forty-eight (48) "Iskander" missiles launchers along the Ukraine Border.  Each launcher truck carries two missiles.

The 9K720 Iskander  is a mobile short-range ballistic missile system produced and deployed by the Russian military.

They travel at a terminal hypersonic speed of 2100–2600 m/s (Mach 6–7) and can reach an altitude of 50 km as they range up to 500 km.

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The left-wing in the United States is so foul, so devious, so wretchedly deceitful, they're offering $15 an hour to "Actors" to pretend to be Anti-Trump Protestors in Phoenix and in West Palm Beach, tomorrow.

All these "anti- (Insert topic here)" are mostly fakes! 

The left wing manufactures "protests" trying to pass them off as "grass roots activism" when in fact, they hire ACTORS to make pretend.

This is what the left-wing is, in real life.  Don't believe much of what you see or hear from them.

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Our voices are about as unique as our fingerprints - so how would you feel if your voice was cloned? A new type of deepfake known as voice cloning has emerged in recent months, in which hackers use artificial intelligence (AI) to simulate your voice. Famous faces including Stephen Fry, Sadiq Khan and Joe Biden have all already been victims of voice cloning. But how does it work, and just how convincing is it? To find out, I let a professional hacker clone my voice - with terrifying results.

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Sadie Creese, professor of cybersecurity at Oxford University, says the popular tech devices can make certain notable figures especially 'targetable' to hackers.

That's because they're fitted with microphones and even cameras that record and save data to the cloud.

These recordings can potentially be accessed by cybercriminals remotely, which could could harm the victim's organisation or their family, she said. 

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Federal agencies are 'urgently investigating' the cellular outage, but a security expert told DailyMail.com that the event appears to be an attack on core Internet infrastructure. Lee McKnight, associate professor at Syracuse University in New York, said the widespread nature appears to be 'a massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS)'. This type of attack attempts to crash a website or online service by bombarding it with a torrent of superfluous requests at exactly the same time. The surge of simple requests overload the servers, causing them to become overwhelmed and shut down.

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Italy will sign a bilateral security agreement with Ukraine, Italian Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Antonio Tajani said.

According to him, a document similar to those signed earlier by France, Germany and the United Kingdom is in the works, it does not envisage any legal and financial obligations, as well as automatic political and military support.

"The text does not provide for any commitments in terms of international law and financial obligations. There are no automatic guarantees of political and military support. Like our partners, this agreement does not require ratification in parliament," Tajani said, speaking at a joint meeting of the foreign affairs and defense commissions of both houses of parliament.

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The politician presented two arguments for the necessity to get to Kiev, saying that, first, this is a Russian city and, second, the international threat to Russia’s existence comes from there. "Though Kiev is a Russian city in its roots, it is managed by an international team of Russia’s opponents headed by the United States of America. All that formally perform functions there are figure-heads with neither conscience, nor fear for the future of their country, nor possibilities. All decisions are taken across the pond and in the NATO headquarters. This is absolutely obvious. This is why yes, it may be Kiev as well," he stressed.

Asked whether Ukraine should remain an independent state following the special military operation in general, Medvedev noted that "if as a result of all that is going on something remains of Ukraine such a state probably has chances to remain, though not very high." "In any case this is not a question of today, of course, but it will be on the agenda some time later," he said. "I don’t know what will remain in this territorial entity, I cannot call it a country now, maybe the Lemberg region, with a center in the city of Lemberg if the Polish or some other regions undertake for it. But this is a complicated process, not only military, but also political. And not only military forces, not only the military, but people inhabiting those lands as well should play or say their word in this process," he concluded.

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