"'Congress shall make no law respecting an institution of religion.' -- The First Amendment to the Constitution

A Nativity scene (or a Menorah for that matter) is not a law, it is a decoration. And on that basis, even though I myself am an atheist, I do not have a problem with Nativity scenes on government property, other than they are a reminder that those are the people we are bombing to steal their oil.

I do draw the line at the Ten Commandments being on display on government buildings with its prohibitions against lying, theft, and killing, as that hostile work environment!" -- Michael Rivero

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When we read about ancient societies that worshipped their gods by conducting child sacrifices, many of us recoil in horror. But the truth is that far more children are being murdered in our time, and the vast majority of the population is perfectly okay with that. In ancient times, in most cases it wasn’t children that were wanted that were brought to the child sacrifices. Instead, in most cases such ceremonies were a perfect opportunity to get rid of children that were not wanted. Today, unwanted children are discarded behind closed doors at an abortion clinic. This is being done on an industrial scale, but since we never have to see it happening most of us are able to ignore the slaughter most of the time. Of course that doesn’t make our society any less guilty than the ancient societies that performed child sacrifices publicly.
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Donald Trump was on Capitol Hill Wednesday, meeting with congressional Republicans en route to the real reason for his trip: the Business Roundtable.

It was the former president’s first trip to D.C. since leaving office, and it was less a chance for substantive discussions than an opportunity to get the band back together. Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) attended. The Senate Republican leader notably delivered one of the most fiery addresses of his career against Trump after the January 6 Capitol riot, and the two reportedly haven’t spoken since. Nothing like a family reunion.

The Republican Party’s friendship with Big Business hasn’t been reciprocated for decades now, but for Trump it never existed.

That wasn’t the only unspoken tension, of course. Republican leaders are eager for Trump’s sign-off on their plan to pass an omnibus spending bill this fall, covering into 2025. They’re selling it as “clearing the deck” for a potential Trump presidency, so he won’t have to deal with all the nasty bits of negotiations and can get right down to the business of governing.

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Republicans have prioritized election integrity this year with new laws, lawsuits, and congressional investigative subpoenas ahead of the November general election. And they have already scored some wins against Democratic-led jurisdictions.

The multifaceted approach in 2024 contrasts with the GOP strategy four years ago that mostly focused on litigation only.

In 2020, there were as many as 400 lawsuits brought by both Republicans and Democrats regarding election procedures and laws as election administration was quickly changed during the COVID-19 lockdowns leading up to the presidential election.

In September 2022, The Amistad Project reviewed the 400 cases and found that a greater percentage of lawsuits brought by Republicans were won on the merits than those brought by Democrats. Overall, Republicans brought fewer cases to court (132) than Democrats (180) regarding the 2020 election as Democrats sued to change election laws before the November election.

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Lara Trump, daughter-in-law to former President Donald Trump, provided a big update on his personal well-being during an exclusive interview with Breitbart News during a Turning Point USA event earlier this week in Texas.

The Republican National Committee co-chair spoke with the news outlet on the sidelines of the event, which was held in San Antonio, saying that Donald Trump is “thriving” despite his historic felony conviction in New York last month and the ongoing legal and political assaults against him.

“I can’t even tell you how impressed I am with this man on a daily basis. He’s my father-in-law. And obviously … he holds a very dear place in my heart, but as just a human being, I don’t know anyone who could not just survive the things that he’s gone through but be thriving and really still be fighting and still be willing to take more,” she told the outlet, explaining that the former president knows there will be more “coming his way.”

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Police have released an update following a vehicular accident involving Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pa.) and his wife, Gisele, and another as-yet-unidentified 62-year-old woman.

According to a police report, Sen. Fetterman was driving “well over” the posted 70 mile-per-hour speed limit when the accident occurred and has been determined to be “at fault,” Newsweek noted.

All three were taken to a local hospital, examined, and released, according to USA Today.

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Hunter Biden is dropping his lawsuit accusing Rudy Giuliani and the former New York City mayor’s ex-lawyer of manipulating data found on his infamous laptop

Biden’s lawyer Abbe Lowell filed the stipulation for dismissal Thursday in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York. 

The attorney asked the court to dismiss the lawsuit against Giuliani and Robert Costello “without prejudice, with each party bearing its own attorneys’ fees, costs, and expenses.”

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A Southwest Airlines Boeing plane experienced a rare Dutch roll at 32,000 feet in the air that resulted in significant damage to the aircraft that left it out of service, officials said.

Southwest flight N8825Q, a Boeing 737 carrying 175 passengers,  was traveling from Phoenix to Oakland on May 25 when its tail began to wag left and right, causing the plane’s wings to rock from side to side.

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Jesse Morgan drove a tractor trailer for a contractor working for the U.S. Postal Service. Shortly after the 2020 election, Morgan made these claims at a press conference held by the Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society:

  • On October 21, 2020, Jesse drove his truck and trailer from Bethpage, New York, to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, loaded with as many as 288,000 completed ballots. In addition, there were two large trays of mixed mail, bound for Lancaster. Those were in the front of the trailer.
  • Jesse drove the trailer to Harrisburg, but was not allowed to unload. After a six-hour wait, he was told to drive to Lancaster, without unloading at Harrisburg. In addition, the supervisor in Harrisburg refused to give him any paperwork to document his arrival in Harrisburg or his six-hour wait, which normally would justify extra compensation.
  • Jesse Morgan was perplexed by these instructions because “95 percent” of the load was for Harrisburg, and that mail would have to be unloaded before anyone could get access to the Lancaster mail bins. After that, the Harrisburg mail would have to be returned to the trailer and driven back to Harrisburg. Even for the government, that is slightly inefficient.
  • As instructed, Morgan drove the tractor trailer to Lancaster, and parked it in his usual spot. The next morning, the trailer had disappeared, without explanation. The trailer and the ballots were gone, and no one would explain to Morgan, or anyone else in this world, what had happened.
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Fetal deaths and miscarriages, sudden cardiac arrest, sudden death and suicides — these are some of the causes of death listed in reports submitted to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) on children who received a COVID-19 vaccine.

Yet, these reports do not count toward the total number of child deaths listed in VAERS data because the victims’ ages are officially listed as “unknown,” according to VAERS analyst Albert Benavides.

Benavides reviewed the data for his website, VAERSAware.com, and provided links to many of these “unknown age” child death reports on his site.

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One of the most famous hoaxes was the Piltdown Man. In 1921, a lawyer and amateur archeologist, Charles Dawson, claimed to have the bones of an early hominid. His story was that a workman at the Piltdown gravel pit had handed him a portion of a skull in 1917. Over subsequent years, Dawson claimed to have discovered more bones at the gravel pit until he realized he had the remains of a "missing link", which he presented at the Geological Society of London on 18 December 1912. While there were a few doubters, most of Britain's scientists and the public celebrated the repost, seeing it as a boost to the reputation of the nation. Awards were heaped on Dawson. Hundreds of scientific papers were written studying the Piltdown Man.

But there were some problems with the claim. The skull and jaw didn't quite fit into the understanding of just how humans had evolved from apes.
Finally, forty years later new methods of testing exposed the hoax. The portion of the skull that looked human was only 1400 years old. The jaw was revealed to have come from an orangutan. Charles Dawson  had altered the remains to fit together. The whole hoax finally collapsed in 1953, and further testing showed that almost 40 of the artifacts that Charles Dawson had built his reputation as an archeologist on were also clever hoaxes.

That brings us to Human Caused Global Warming.

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Climate change. Is there anything it can’t do?

According to liberal media outlets CBS and NBC, the reason that home insurance rates are skyrocketing is climate change, not inflation and the Biden economy.

The amazing thing about this story is that it’s a two-fer for the left. It lets Biden off the hook and promotes climate change at the same time.

Webmaster addition: See A (Not Quite) Complete List Of Things Supposedly Caused By Global Warming

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Half of American voters expect President Biden to once again forget where he is during his crucial upcoming presidential debates — with more than a third expecting top him to wander offstage, a shocking new poll shows.

A staggering 70% expect the gaffe-prone 81-year-old to mess up his words during the TV debates — while 40% think the oldest-ever president is so frail he’ll struggle to even get to his feet, according to the JL Partners poll published Thursday.

Biden’s debate rival, former President Donald Trump, will likely easily win the debate, according to the poll — with an overwhelming 90% of Republicans confident of his victory.

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The United States has joined 12 other nations in signing a World Economic Forum (WEF) agreement that seeks to engineer global famine by destroying the agriculture industry.

According to the agreement, which was drawn up by the WEF and the United Nations (UN), food production is causing “global warming” and must be eliminated.

To “save the planet” from “climate change,” globalists insist, farms must be shut down across the world.

The WEF agreement sets targets for how much farmland each nation must eliminate in order to comply.

Webmaster addition: "You vill eat ze bugs!"

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Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2n first appeared in Wuhan, China in 2019. Soon after, it was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. The health crisis imposed by a new virus and its rapid spread worldwide prompted the fast development of vaccines. For the first time in human history, two vaccines based on recombinant genetic material technology were approved for human use. These mRNA vaccines were applied in massive immunization programs around the world, followed by other vaccines based on more traditional approaches. Even though all vaccines were tested in clinical trials prior to their general administration, serious adverse events, usually of very low incidence, were mostly identified after application of millions of doses. Establishing a direct correlation (the cause-effect paradigm) between vaccination and the appearance of adverse effects has proven challenging. This review focuses on the main adverse effects observed after vaccination, including anaphylaxis, myocarditis, vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia, Guillain–Barré syndrome, and transverse myelitis reported in the context of COVID-19 vaccination. We highlight the symptoms, laboratory tests required for an adequate diagnosis, and briefly outline the recommended treatments for these adverse effects. The aim of this work is to increase awareness among healthcare personnel about the serious adverse events that may arise post-vaccination. Regardless of the ongoing discussion about the safety of COVID-19 vaccination, these adverse effects must be identified promptly and treated effectively to reduce the risk of complications.

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Israeli authorities have begun freezing work permits for around 80,000 Palestinians from the occupied West Bank, according to Israeli media.

“The Israeli Civil Administration, which is a unit in the Ministry of Defense, has begun freezing nearly 80,000 work permits for Palestinian workers from the West Bank,” the Israeli public broadcaster is cited as saying on Thursday by the Anadolu news agency.

Since the start of Tel Aviv’s genocidal assault on Gaza on October 7 last year, Israel has prevented workers from the West Bank from accessing the Israeli labor market.

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Republican U.S. Sen. J.D. Vance wants all diversity, equity and inclusion programs stopped in the federal government, saying the agenda breeds hatred and racial division.

Vance, R-Ohio, joined several other GOP lawmakers to introduce the Dismantle DEI Act, which would end federal programs and funding for federal agencies and contractors who receive federal money.

It also targets groups that receive federal grants and educational accreditation agencies.

"The DEI agenda is a destructive ideology that breeds hatred and racial division. It has no place in our federal government or anywhere else in our society," Vance said. "I'm proud to introduce this legislation, which would root out DEI from our federal bureaucracy by eliminating such programs and stripping funding for DEI policies anywhere it exists. Americans' tax dollars should not be co-opted to spread this radical and divisive ideology – this bill would ensure they are not."

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Several U.S. states and cities are trying to sue or legislate fossil fuel companies out of existence while lining their own pockets. Hawaii has litigation against fossil fuel companies pending before its state supreme court as well as the U.S. Supreme Court. Similarly, California’s attorney general and lesser jurisdictions are suing fossil fuel companies. Recently, the Vermont legislature passed a bill requiring fossil fuel companies to pay for storm damage in 2023.

The claims about harm are speculative. The legal and constitutional arguments are even worse. These blatant cash grabs will usher in a brave new world of predation and conflict in which every state legislature will seek to fill its coffers at the expense of its neighbors.

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If the economy is fine, why are so many signs of trouble erupting all around us?  Those that keep insisting that the U.S. economy is heading in the right direction conveniently ignore the very troubling facts and figures that I regularly share with my readers.  When you take an honest look at the cold, hard numbers that the economy keeps producing, there is only one logical conclusion.  Our entire system is crumbling, and it appears that conditions will soon get significantly worse.

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Notably, McQuade’s call to limit free speech is justified as needed to combat disinformation, misinformation, and malinformation. Yet, McQuade just went public with a full-throated defense of what the U.S. government now calls a “conspiracy theory.” She maintains that the Hunter Biden laptop should still be discounted or dismissed as Russian disinformation.

In her comments, Professor McQuade joins the Post’s Philip Bump as one of the last dogs in this fight. Most media figures have long accepted the view of the U.S. government that the Hunter Biden laptop is “real” and authenticated.

I have previously disagreed with Professor McQuade on issues such as her belief that former president Donald Trump could be charged with manslaughter over the January 6th riot. Yet, those disagreements represent materially different understandings of the operative legal standards. Harvard Professor Laurence Tribe went even further in arguing that Trump could be charged with attempted murder. Academics can disagree on such matters and free speech allows us to hash out our differences.

However, I was still surprised by the effort to resurrect the Russian disinformation claim. Professor McQuade noted that the agent at the Biden trial could not say with certainty that nothing was changed to the laptop before it was obtained by agents from the computer shop. However, FBI agent Erika Jensen said that there was no evidence tampering.

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