"'Congress shall make no law respecting an institution of religion.' -- The First Amendment to the Constitution

A Nativity scene (or a Menorah for that matter) is not a law, it is a decoration. And on that basis, even though I myself am an atheist, I do not have a problem with Nativity scenes on government property, other than they are a reminder that those are the people we are bombing to steal their oil.

I do draw the line at the Ten Commandments being on display on government buildings with its prohibitions against lying, theft, and killing, as that hostile work environment!" -- Michael Rivero

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Demonstrators protest inside the Rockefeller Center asking for a ceasefire in the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, as U.S. President Joe Biden attends an interview in midtown Manhattan, in New York, U.S. February 26, 2024. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

DEARBORN, Michigan - The depth of Democratic Party anger over President Joe Biden’s handling of the Gaza war has caught his campaign off guard and could depress support in November’s election, according to Reuters interviews with more than a dozen senior party and campaign officials and five dozen voters and activists.

Nine months before the election, the problem is worsening as Biden’s opposition to calling for a permanent cease-fire continues to stir anger in a coalition of voters that propelled his 2020 victory, from Black Americans to Muslim activists in must-win Michigan to young voters, according to the interviews.

Democrats have been broadly divided over Biden's vocal support of Israel since the Oct. 7 Hamas attacks that killed 1,200 Israelis, polls show. Some Jewish Americans, who largely vote for Democrats, have rallied behind Biden, a self-declared Zionist. Many younger Democrats and people of color oppose his approach, disturbed by a rising death toll from Israel’s retaliation in Gaza that tops 29,700, according to Gaza’s health ministry. 

Crucial parts of this coalition appear disillusioned, disappointed and angry. 

In Michigan’s Democratic nominating contest on Tuesday, Arab-American activists who backed him in 2020 have vowed to withhold their support, urging primary voters to check "uncommitted" at the ballot box in an early litmus test for how Biden's handling of Gaza could hurt him in the swing state.

Hoping to address their frustrations, Biden administration officials met on Feb. 8 with Arab-American community leaders in Michigan, and held an additional, previously unreported meeting in the state, said two sources with direct knowledge of the meeting.

In private conversations, officials have said Biden and some of his closest advisers remained opposed to calling for a permanent ceasefire, despite internal pressure to change course, one of the sources and three others said. 

In response to questions from Reuters, Biden campaign spokesman Seth Schuster said: "The President is working to earn every vote and our campaign will continue engaging directly with voters on a range of issues,” including on “lasting peace in the Middle East.”

Claire's Observations:  Spokesman Schuster, does By-di-Bye's "vision" of a "lasting peace in the Middle East" include the death of ALL Palestinians, which is Israel's current stance?!?  Just asking, sir.

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The Biden administration came under fire from lawmakers on Tuesday over the lack of congressional approval to conduct military strikes against Yemen’s Houthis and defend foreign ships in the Red Sea.

“There is no existing law that would permit military action against the Houthis,” Democratic Senator Chris Murphy said at Tuesday’s Senate hearing in Washington DC. 

“For the military campaign to continue, I believe that a tailored, time-bound congressional authorisation isn’t just nice to have. It is required,” he said.

Since 11 January, the US and UK have hit over 230 Houthi targets in Yemen - including attack boats, helicopters, air defence systems, and missile storage facilities. The US is also leading Operation Prosperity Guardian, a naval task force designed to step up policing in the Red Sea.

President Biden himself has said the strikes have failed to deter the Houthis and that he expects them to continue targeting vessels in the Red Sea. He has vowed to press ahead with the military campaign without providing an end date.

Claire's Observations:  Were these US/UK attacks succeeding brilliantly, that would be one thing; however, this series of attacks has been an abject failure, on the part of the US/UK military, yet By-di-Bye wants to continue them, even through they are utterly not working,

I would like to politely remind the Bidenistas, and the US military, that the classic definition of insanity, is doing the same thing, precisely the same way, over and over, yet expecting a different outcome.

And about their sponsors, the Iranians?!? Please don't get me started on the "trapped in the past" illogic of a theocracy in the 21st century. The Houthis' Iranian sponsors are many things, but stupid.... isn't one of them.  They've had their computers crunch the numbers, and they know precisely what these attacks are costing, both militarily to the US/UK, and the businesses whose ships are getting hit.

Of course, the US government is impotent to get Israel to agree to either a workable cease-fire, or the establishment of a viable Palestinian state, which are the stated goals of the Houthis, so it looks as though these attacks will continue, at least for some time into the future.

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NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said Tuesday that the alliance has no plans to send combat troops to Ukraine after French President Emmanuel Macron stirred an uproar by saying the idea of deploying troops should not be ruled out.

“NATO allies are providing unprecedented support to Ukraine. We have done that since 2014 and stepped up after the full-scale invasion. But there are no plans for NATO combat troops on the ground in Ukraine,” Stoltenberg told The Associated Press.

In response to Macron’s comments, the Kremlin said a deployment of Western troops to Ukraine would make a direct Russia-NATO war inevitable. “In this case, we need to talk not about probability, but about the inevitability (of conflict),” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

Claire's Observations: Well, that's a (momentary) relief!!

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GAZA CITY, Palestine

Two babies died of malnutrition in the northern Gaza Strip amid an Israeli blockade, the Health Ministry in the enclave said Tuesday.

The infants lost their lives at Kamal Adwan Hospital in the city of Beit Lahia, the ministry added in a statement.

“Dehydration and malnutrition threaten the lives of thousands of children and pregnant women in the Gaza Strip,” the ministry warned.

It appealed to international institutions to conduct a thorough medical assessment in shelter centers to identify and treat people affected by drought and malnutrition “to avert a humanitarian catastrophe” in Gaza.

"UN agencies have ethical and functional responsibilities to protect children and women, and to provide all means of survival from the famine striking the Gaza Strip,'' the statement said.

Last week, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) warned that a rise in malnutrition among children and pregnant and breastfeeding women in Gaza poses grave threats to their health.

Israel has launched a deadly offensive on the Gaza Strip following a cross-border attack by the Palestinian resistance group Hamas on Oct. 7.

At least 29,878 Palestinians have since been killed and over 70,000 others injured, while nearly 1,200 Israelis are believed to have been killed in the Hamas attack.

The Israeli war has pushed 85% of Gaza’s population into internal displacement amid acute shortages of food, clean water and medicine, while 60% of the enclave's infrastructure has been damaged or destroyed, according to the UN.

Israel stands accused of genocide at the International Court of Justice, which in an interim ruling this January ordered Tel Aviv to stop genocidal acts and take measures to guarantee that humanitarian assistance is provided to civilians in Gaza

Claire's Observations:  Please be aware; this is precisely the kind of outcome Israel wants for all Palestinians, even the babies.  After all, if children and adults starve to death, the IDF won't have to "waste their bullets" to assassinate them!!!!

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Egypt Accused of Threatening Rights Group That Reported on Construction of Camp in Sinai for Palestinian Refugees

The news of the construction signals that Egypt might be caving to Israeli pressure to allow Palestinian refugees to enter its territory by Dave DeCamp February 27, 2024 at 2:41 pm ET Categories NewsTags Egypt, Gaza, Israel

Egypt has been accused of threatening a human rights group that first reported on the construction of a walled camp for Palestinian refugees in the Sinai Desert on the border with Gaza.

Eighteen civil society groups, including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, said Egyptian officials have been engaged in a smear campaign against the Sinai Foundation for Human Rights (SFHR) and its director, Ahmed Salem.

The SFHR was the first to report on the construction of the walled camp and said it was being built to prepare for an influx of Palestinian refugees as Israel is threatening to invade Rafah, the southern Gaza city that’s on the Egyptian border and is packed with 1.5 million Palestinians.

Egypt has denied the report, but The Wall Street Journal also published a story on the construction and cited unnamed Egyptian officials who said the camp would be able to house 100,000 Palestinians but that Cairo would like to keep the number between 50,000 and 60,000.

Claire's Observations:  Attempting to "shoot the messengers" yet again, are we, Egypt's President El-Sisi?!?

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A new poll from Data for Progress has found that about two-thirds of American voters support the idea of the US pushing for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, an idea that’s opposed by the Biden administration.

When asked if they support the US calling for a permanent Gaza ceasefire and a general de-escalation of violence, 67% of respondents said they did, including 77% of Democrats, 69% of Independents, and 56% of Republicans.

The support for a permanent ceasefire increased by six points since Data for Progress asked the question in a poll that was conducted at the end of November. Throughout the conflict, polling has consistently shown the majority of Americans favor a ceasefire.

In the latest poll, voters were then asked if they would support the US calling for a ceasefire, de-escalation, and the “release of Israeli hostages from Gaza.” Including the call for the release of hostages increased support to 74%

Claire's Observations:  Of course, most US politicians have been so compromised by Israel, that a serious discussion of this absolutely will not happen until Israel's genocidal attacks on Gaza have given them their "desired outcome" (Read:  as many dead Gazans as is humanly possible for the IDF to wound, or kill outright, particularly women and children).

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by Paul Cudenec

The criminocracy is in danger of losing its carefully-constructed shield of invisibilty as it accelerates its deranged bid for total and permanent global control.

It is therefore obliged to ramp up its attacks on those who dare expose its existence, its crimes and its lies.

While Julian Assange is the most famous victim of its war on real journalism, another important case is that of Richard D. Hall.

Iain Davis writes: “UK independent journalist, researcher and documentary filmmaker Richard D. Hall faces conviction, sizeable damages and an injunction that could potentially end his career and his livelihood.

“The High Court of Justice has denied Hall the opportunity to present any kind of meaningful defence. This travesty of justice has potential implications, not just for Richard D. Hall, but for all journalists who dare to question power”.

The overall situation is that Hall is being sued by two alleged victims of the 2017 Manchester Arena “bombing”, which he convincingly argues was nothing of the sort, but a manufactured psy-ops.

In a recent video, Hall describes in detail the issues involved and wonders whether the case against him is really being instigated by the alleged victims or by other, hidden, forces

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If this gets released, “you’re going to have no choice effectively but to take it.”

Investigative reporter Jefferey Jaxen brought to light an alarming reality on The Highwire Thursday: the ability to “vaccinate” the entire world without injecting large amounts of the population is upon us.

What we’re referring to is self-spreading vaccines, a technology that was almost ready to be deployed for the coronavirus pandemic — but ultimately passed on for mRNA injections instead.

Claire's Observations:  should self-replicating vaccines be used, the entire notion of "informed consent" gets thrown out of the proverbial window. 

 And if any of the manufacturers get anything about these vaccines wrong, it could decimate the entire population of humans, and other species, on this planet.

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US Army Plans To Cut 24,000 Jobs Due To "Over-Structured" Woes

Image removed.

by Tyler Durden

Tuesday, Feb 27, 2024 - 06:20 PM

The US Army faces the most challenging recruiting environment in decades, if not ever, as America's Generation Z doesn't want to fight foreign wars driven by neocon warmongering politicians in Washington, the military-industrial complex, NATO, and mega-corporations.

For several years, the Army has been coming to terms with a recruiting crisis of historic proportions. We have documented these unprecedented challenges as the war cycle, in financial cycle expert Charles Nenner's view, continues to 'break out': 

Given the soaring threat of World War III, the Army is about to undergo a major restructuring, according to a document obtained by Fox News

The service calls for reducing its force by about 24,000, or about 5%. These cuts will only affect posts that have remained empty and not actual soldiers.

"The Army is not asking current soldiers to leave. As the Army builds back end strength over the next few years, most installations will likely see an increase in the number of soldiers actually stationed there," the Army said.

The jobs on the cutting block are primarily counterinsurgency positions that ballooned during America's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan over two decades. These jobs are no longer in high demand as World War III risks accelerate in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Also, there is a conflict risk with China in the Pacific and around Taiwan. 

Fox noted cavalry squadrons, Stryker brigade combat teams, infantry brigade combat teams, and security force assistance brigades, amounting to about 10,000 jobs, will also be axed. 

The document described the service as "significantly over-structured" as a push for a much leaner and meaner force.

Claire's Observations: does a "leaner military force always equate to a "meaner" force?!? Why in the name of heaven does the US military actually believe that one equates with the other??

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The Lasting Damage Of Bidenomics

Recently, Democratic Party-cheer-leading economist Paul Krugman declared, “Inflation is over. We won.” This is like a robber shooting you and then declaring, “The coma I put you in is over! We won!”

The truth is that the wild inflation, high interest rates, bank failures, and other economic harms of the last three years were all entirely avoidable and all entirely caused by President Biden and the Democrats’ arrogant and unwise policies.

This is not “Monday morning quarterbacking.” Some of us were saying this well before the fact. My May 7, 2021 column (“Joe Biden, Economy Killer”) accurately forecast the inflation, rising interest rates, and rising government debt service long before the Biden administration even acknowledged the risks were real.

The U.S. economy did not need another giant stimulus plan when Biden and the Democrats took control in 2021. The U.S. gross domestic product, knocked down by the COVID shutdown in the first half of 2020, had jumped up by a record 33% in the third quarter of 2020 and by another 4% in the fourth quarter, all before Biden took office. The S&P stock market had risen 16.3% in 2020. Employers were waiting for workers to come back to work, and another stimulus package had been passed with bipartisan support in the last quarter of 2020. Happily, the inflation rate was only 1.4% as 2020 ended, with a one-year Treasury rate of just 0.10% and a 10-year Treasury rate of just 0.95%

The outlook for 2021 was also favorable. As the Wall Street Journal reported on Jan. 28, 2021, “The International Monetary Fund expects the U.S. economy to grow 5.1% this year, while economists surveyed by the Wall Street Journal projected 4.3% growth … U.S. employers are poised to add more than five million jobs this year, according to economists surveyed by the Journal. That would make 2021 the best year for employment gains in records dating back to 1939.”

As Biden entered the White House in January 2021, a wiser new president would have allowed this recovery to continue without meddling. But what political fun is that? How can you be the “new FDR” unless you present matters as worse than they are, so that you can create giant new programs and be the savior? How can you transfer trillions of taxpayer money to build a Democratic Party political base?

Instead, Biden took office and quickly proceeded to do everything exactly wrong. He used the Reconciliation Act to jam through a $1.9 trillion stimulus bill (the “American Rescue Act”) without one Republican vote. This was an economic mistake, a knife in the heart of the regular political order, and made a lie of the bipartisan respect that he had campaigned upon.

When former Democratic Treasury Secretary Larry Summers warned Biden that his rescue bill was inflationary and six times the amount needed, Biden’s biographer Franklin Foer reports that “Biden called Summers and unloaded on him. His younger aides, many of whom had worked for Summers in the Obama administration, pumped their fists when they learned about the president’s fiery rebuttal. Biden had put their old mentor in his place.”

Even as Biden overstimulated demand, he moved to restrain supply. He temporarily slowed up oil and gas production with a series of jawboning and regulatory attacks against the Keystone Pipeline, fracking, and traditional energy companies. He increased incentives for workers to stay home, thereby exacerbating labor shortages and supply-chain bottlenecks. He berated governors like Florida’s Ron DeSantis, who sought speedy re-openings of their states. He praised teacher union leaders as they kept schools closed. His fecklessness with the U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan may well have emboldened Vladimir Putin to launch a ground invasion of Ukraine, leading to a host of other energy and supply chain shocks.

Claire's Observations:  President By-die-Bye has lost the respect any moderately intelligent person, who initially believed that he was going to be "our country's Savior", might have once have had in him, and the party which ran him for President.  

And God only knows what "electoral shenanigans" helped put him in place after the last national elections.

But I do know this; the Dementocrats will do anything, anything to cling on to power, now that they have it. 

I am praying we do not see a "false flag" in this country, which might enable the Bidenistas to suspend the Constitution and Bill of Rights; resurrect the draft; and censor any real news available to Americans.

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OPEC+’s voluntary production cuts that were set to expire at the end of the first quarter could be extended through the end of the year, three OPEC+ sources told Reuters on Tuesday.

Crude oil prices jumped with the news from three anonymous OPEC+ sources who spoke to Reuters, indicating that OPEC+ was considering an extension of its voluntary production cuts into the second quarter to lend further support to the market. What’s more, the sources suggested that the group could keep the voluntary cuts in place through the end of this year.

In fact, one of the OPEC+ sources said that the cut extension into the second quarter was “likely”.

Neither OPEC nor Saudi Arabia’s Energy Ministry responded to Reuters’ request for comments.

Oil prices were trading up more than 1% on the news in afternoon trading. But the oil industry was largely already betting on OPEC+ extending its oil production cuts beyond the first quarter and into the next, a Bloomberg survey showed last Friday. The anonymous survey predicted. According to industry watchers, OPEC+ would be forced to keep the oil off the market, with supply continuing to exceed demand. “OPEC+ have no choice but to extend the current cuts in order to avoid a meltdown,” Tamas Varga, analyst at PVM Oil Associates Ltd, said last week

Claire's Observations:  If true, this is going to be an industrial-strength pain for both US businesses and consumers in this, an election year.

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Come April 9, owners of the NERA series in Husqvarna's Automower range will be able to use a companion app to upload the seminal first-person shooter to their grass-scything machines. The NERA boasts a small screen and a "jog wheel" that's actually meant to do things like set the height at which you want the machine to manicure your lawn.

When running Doom, however, turning the wheel left or right navigates your space marine. The mower's START button makes the marine run and pressing the knob in the middle of the jog wheel fires a weapon.

Husqvarna hasn't explained how to perform other important in-game actions such as switching weapons or sprinting.

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 Google has just processed the eight billionth DMCA takedown request for its search engine. With a recent increase in notices, the 10 billion milestone is just a year away. A recent uptick in activity is mainly pushed by publishers, including Korean media giant Kakao Entertainment, which is one of the most active senders over the past six months. 

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 Internet anti-piracy system 'Piracy Shield' has been fully operational for less than a month and has already managed to block large numbers of legitimate platforms. Last Saturday saw the most significant blunder, yet official explanations are notable only by their absence. In a letter to AGCOM dated Monday, ISP association ASSOProvider calls on the telecoms regulator to release specific documents to show what has been blocked since February 1, and effectively, who issued the order to block Cloudflare - and why.. 

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Conservative activists in California hope the seventh time is a charm when it comes to recalling Gavin Newsom. The governor, they say, is focused on serving as a top surrogate for President Biden and raising a national profile for his own presidential run while neglecting the state’s deep budget deficit, rising crime rate, persistent homelessness, and sky-high cost-of-living – factors driving an exodus of people and businesses to other states.

But their latest effort to oust Newsom after so many failed attempts isn’t stoking the same fears among Democrats as in the past, and even some Republicans are worried the partisan effort will blow up in their faces. It has the potential, some GOP operatives caution, to overshadow waning support for progressive policies in San Francisco and elsewhere while galvanizing Democrats and big donors behind the term-limited but politically ambitious governor.

Democrats argue that the latest recall effort is an obvious attempt to blunt presumed Newsom’s White House aspirations by showing that there’s a backlash against him resurfacing at home. But far from a big cloud hanging over his head, top California Democratic strategists are casting it as little more than an annoyance.

“I don’t think it even merits a cloud – maybe a little bit of fog or haze,” Steve Maviglio told RealClearPolitics Monday. Maviglio served as the press secretary for former California Gov. Gray Davis, a Democrat who, in 2003, became the state’s second top executive to be recalled.

Republicans are so outnumbered by Democrats in California that one of their only political weapons is a recall petition. “They can either howl at the moon, or they can file a recall petition – those are their two choices,” said Garry South, a longtime Democratic strategist who managed Davis’ successful campaigns in 1998 and 2002.

Some Republican political players across the state are also disheartened by the tired feel of the repeated long-shot effort. “I would much rather focus on the legislative and [federal and local] races where we could win, but they seem to want flashy politicking, not the hard work of retail politics,” one conservative activist told RCP.

The California Republican Party provided $125,000 for the 2021 recall effort but sidestepped questions on Monday about whether it would support it this year.

Claire's Observations:  Newsom is playing a "long game", in advance of the 2028 primaries, which is why he is appearing  to slavishly support President Senile's  bid for another term.

So, Republicans, both at the State and National level, need to "up their game" as well, in advance of Newsom's potential bid for the presidency.  

It is not terribly difficult to find where and how this man's policies have ruined the state, for both it's businesses and its citizens. 

 All you need to do, at the end caption to a 30 second spot, is have the statement reading, "Governor Newsom; he'll do for this country.... what he's done to California." with an end credit by whatever entity produced it.   It needs to go viral, and nationally, between now and 2028., with as much airtime as possible.

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The study revealed more than 40 per cent of 18-24s receive news from the Chinese-owned social media giant once or more times a day, compared with 19 per cent for the BBC.

Instagram (44 per cent), Facebook (33 per cent) and Elon Musk's X (24 per cent), formerly known as Twitter, were also more used than the national broadcaster by those in Gen Z, the research revealed.

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The race was called at exactly 9 p.m. - when all Michigan's polls were closed - with Trump leading Haley 65 percent to 30.9 percent, with 12 percent reporting. 

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Slovakia Prime Minister Robert Fico warned on Monday that some NATO and EU countries are considering sending troops to Ukraine, a step that would risk direct war between NATO and Russia.

"Several NATO and EU member states are considering sending their soldiers to Ukraine on a bilateral basis," said Fico, who was elected last year on a platform of opposing the proxy war in Ukraine.

Some NATO members have signed bilateral security deals with Ukraine, including Germany and the UK, but there’s no indication they’re considering sending troops at this time.

"We see huge security risks in the bilateral agreements that are likely to be conducted soon with NATO and EU member states that want to send their troops to Ukraine," Fico said.

He made the comments ahead of a meeting of European leaders in Paris about the proxy war in Ukraine. After the summit, French President Emmanuel Macron said the idea of Western troops in Ukraine hasn’t been ruled out.

"There’s no consensus today to send in an official, endorsed manner troops on the ground. But in terms of dynamics, nothing can be ruled out," Macron said.

The French Foreign Ministry subsequently on Tuesday issued this curiously-worded statement:

Western countries could deploy troops to Ukraine without breaching any "belligerence threshold", French Foreign Minister Stephane Sejourne said on Tuesday.

Western nations could engage in demining, arms production and operations in the cyber field "on Ukrainian soil... without breaching any belligerence threshold," Sejourne said, after President Emmanuel Macron refused to rule out the dispatch of Western ground troops to Ukraine

Claire's Observations: " Western countries could deploy troops to Ukraine without breaching any "belligerence threshold" ?!?!?

Seriously, Minister Sejourne?!?  Are you certifiably mad, or do you hold a great deal of stocks in the military/industrial complex, or both?!? 

Russia's Putin has talked endlessly about "red lines" for his country, and this could definitely mean a NATO war against Russia.  

That you could even make this suggestion, at this point, indicates a deaf/dumb/blind approach to everything Russia's Putin has said, about potential NATO forces'  involvement in the current Russian/Ukraine war.  

Such an act, would be desperation on the cusp of madness on NATO's part.  

Do you not remember, that World War 1 was largely fought on the basis of "political and military alliances"?!?  And sir, those who do not understand history... are doomed to repeat it

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Ukraine's President Zelensky has grown increasingly bold in his criticisms of former US President Donald Trump - a risky move given he's clearly the Republican frontrunner for president going into November. Kiev may soon have to deal with a Trump White House and 'play nicer' in the near future as it tries to survive the Russian onslaught.  "If Trump doesn’t know who he will support, Ukraine or Russia, he will have problems with his society. Supporting Russia means being against the Americans," Zelensky boldly said in a new interview with CNN’s Kaitlan Collins.

Throughout the remarks the Ukrainian leader cast Trump as 'weak' on Russia, explaining that Trump doesn't understand that Putin will "will never stop." The implication is that Putin is waging an expansionist war threatening the rest of Europe and that a potential future Trump presidency might just sit on the sidelines.

"I think Donald Trump doesn’t know Putin," Zelensky said in the Sunday interview, which is now widely circulating. "I know he met him … but he never fought with Putin. [The] American Army never fought with the army of Russia. Never … I have a better understanding."

"I don’t think he understands that Putin will never stop," Zelensky asserted while referencing Trump directly, which comes after fierce criticisms by Trump on the campaign trail which have highlighted the failure of NATO countries in Europe to spend enough on defense.

Claire's Observations:  President Zelinsky, a word, please.  President Trump is being professionally, legally and financially  crucified by his opponents, who are terrified that he may gain another term in office.   He is sacrificing much for the privilege of being this country's President, for the second time in this country's history.

His patriotism should not be questioned here.  

Rather, a very crooked and corrupt Ukrainian government, which has collectively squandered American and European military and financial aid to an almost unprecedented  degree, needs to be brought under the microscope of truth and full disclosure.

As an American citizen whose taxes have paid , in part, for bombs and defense systems your soldiers have used, some of which have very interestingly "vanished" for sale on the "dark web", I want a full accounting of every dime spent, and every bullet expended by the Ukrainian Military and Civilian leadership to date, before another single penny in aid is given to the Ukrainian government.  

This will happen only when pigs become aerodynamic, I know, but I speak for a number of Americans who understand, at this point in the Russian confrontation against Ukraine, that this is a war of attrition, which Russia will inevitably win. 

 The best thing you could possibly do for your people right now, would be sue Russia for peace. Unfortunately, your "delusional reality" prevents you from doing this. 

This will soon translate into your American and European allies finding someone beside you to run the country, who will do just that; it is only a matter of time, President Zelinsky; and attempting to "shift the blame " for your fiscal and military woes to President Trump, is not going to help in the slightest.

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Former President Donald J. Trump has soundly defeated former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley in Michigan’s Feb. 27 Republican presidential primary, notching his sixth-straight primary victory as he marches towards the GOP nomination.

The Associated Press called the race for Trump right after the last polls closed at 9 p.m. ET.

The result is another blow to Ms. Haley, coming days after a double-digit defeat in her home state of South Carolina. Despite this, she has vowed to stay on through Super Tuesday on March 5, when numerous delegate-heavy states will hold their primaries.

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The fact that Google's Gemini AI is a complete woke mess comes as no surprise to anyone who's been paying attention.

Between Google's internal culture, and the fact that large language models (LLMs) are largely a reflection of their creators, Gemini is was the predictable digital poster-child for racist, anti-white, anti-conservative, historical revisionist culture - as opposed to the neutral purveyors of information they claim to be.

Mask-off, as they say.

In fact, we couldn't sum it up better than Mario Juric, director of the DiRAC Institute at the University of Washington, Seattle.

In a lengthy post on X, Juric says that despite known "many good individuals working there," he's "done with @Google".

Claire's Observations:  As someone from a European background, unfortunately, I am someone Google hates with a furious passion; and the programmers who came up with this codswallop, have utterly not a clue as to who I am, or what I stand for, which is unfortunate in the extreme.

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