"In 1960, the USSR accused the U.S. of running an aerial spying program over its territory. Our government denied it to the American people, only admitting it when confronted with the captured U-2 pilot Gary Powers. Americans were genuinely shocked that their government would lie to them. Today the lying has become so routine that people are no longer shocked. There can be no true democracy when government manipulates the people with spin, hype, propaganda, phony 'leaks,' and outright lies." -- Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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On the night of July 23, Russian forces launched a devastating strike on a hideout of NATO military instructors in Ukraine. The successful strikes were first reported by unofficial military sources and they were soon confirmed by the official report by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

A precision strike of the Russian Iskander-M missile was launched in the village of Dergachi in the border Kharkiv region. As a result of the attack, the point of temporary deployment of military instructors and advisers from NATO countries, including the United States, was destroyed.

As a result of the strike, about 50 foreigners were killed.

The reports were supported by the footage:

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The 15 judges of the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the highest judicial organ of the United Nations, have issued what everyone agrees is a landmark finding. Legal Consequences Arising from the Policies and Practices of Israel in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem,” is, in essence, a devastating condemnation of Israel’s policies and crimes in the territories which it conquered more than half a century ago, as a consequence of the Six Day War of 1967, which it still holds today.

The ICJ finding also, inevitably, means (whether the judges intend it or not) that not only Israel’s policy in these specific territories, but the Zionist project as such, is based on the irreparable injustice of violently depriving the Palestinians of their inalienable right to national self-determination. Make no mistake, this is not “merely” a blow to the crimes of Israeli occupation and annexation; it calls into question the foundations of Israel as a state, as it is built around the systematic defiance of justice, law, and elementary ethics.

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Ukraine has reached an agreement in principle with a group of foreign investors to restructure its $20 billion debt, as Kiev tries to retain access to international markets, the government has announced.

Bondholders – including US financial giants BlackRock and Pimco, as well as French asset manager Amundi – granted Ukraine a two-year debt freeze in February 2022 when the conflict with Russia broke out.

The bondholders’ committee, which controls 25% of the bonds, has agreed to accept losses of 37%, or $8.7 billion, on the nominal value of their debt, according to a statement with the terms of the accord published on the London Stock Exchange.

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 by Tyler Durden

Commentator and filmmaker Robby Starbuck's strategy to expose all the insane woke activism within mega-corporations with large conservative customer bases has entered the third chapter. After Tractor Supply nuked its diversity, equity, and inclusion program and John Deere scaled back on DEI policies, Starbuck announced on X on Tuesday, "It's time to expose Harley Davidson."

Starbuck's anti-woke crusade drives a wedge between the corporation and the customer base, forcing high-level executives to immediately respond, as seen by Tractory Supply and John Deere, or risk 'Bud Lighting' itself (i.e., boycotts). It's a genius move by Starbuck and his team as the anti-woke crusade against companies infected with the woke mind virus gains momentum.

Starbuck claims that under Harley Davidson CEO Jochen Zeitz, the iconic motorcycle brand has been infected with woke activism, supports the Equality Act (which would allow men into girl's bathrooms, sports, and locker rooms), funded all-ages pride events, and required 1,800 employees to undergo virtual LGBTQ+ ally training. Starbuck notes that Harley Davidson is a founding member of Wisconsin's LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce, sponsored an LGBTQ+ Entrepreneur Bootcamp, and made February and March "Months of Inclusion."

He adds that the company partnered with the United Way for multiple woke training programs, supported the Pennsylvania Youth Congress in creating gender-neutral licenses, and hosted numerous LGBTQ+ events at their corporate office. 

Starbuck argues that Harley Davidson has alienated its core freedom-loving blue-collar customers by advocating Marxist ideologies pushed by leftists.

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Vice President Kamala Harris has emerged as the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination after Joe Biden dropped out of the race this past weekend and immediately endorsed her.

Harris has been a staunch supporter of Israel for years. In 2017 she addressed the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s (AIPAC) annual conference and reminded attendees that the first resolution she co-sponsored as a senator was aimed at combating “anti-Israel bias” at the United Nations.

“Let me be clear about what I believe. I stand with Israel because of our shared values, which are so fundamental to the founding of both our nations,” she told the crowd.

Webmaster addition: In other words, a Harris administration will go on sending your money to Israel which will use the funds to commit more war crimes!

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An American surgeon who volunteered in Gaza told “CBS Sunday Morning” in an interview that aired Sunday that Israeli snipers were purposely shooting Palestinian children, including toddlers.

“I had children who were shot twice,” said Dr. Mark Perlmutter, who said he was in Gaza at the end of April and the first couple weeks of May. “I have two children that I have photographs of that were shot so perfectly in the chest I couldn’t put my stethoscope over their heart more accurately and directly on the side of the head in the same child.”

Perlmutter added, “No toddler gets shot twice by mistake by ‘the world’s best snipers.’ And they’re dead-center shots.” Other foreign doctors who volunteered in Gaza gave a similar account to The Guardian back in April, saying Israeli snipers were shooting children in the head.

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After many years of accusing truth tellers of being “conspiracy theorists,” presstitutes join the ranks of conspiracy theorists.

Keith Olbermann says Trump is lying about being shot and that there is no confirmation from police or doctors that Trump was hit by a bullet.

Joy Reid (MSNBC) agrees there was no bullet. It might have been a piece of glass she said.

Olbermann was one of those who expressed the hope Trump would be assassinated. When it nearly happened, why does Olbermann deny it?

Some on the idiot left insist the assassination attempt was staged in order to benefit Trump with a sympathy vote. Two dead people and two injured people are part of the staging.

The cover story to keep the public’s awareness away from the fact that the attack on Trump was a deep state assassination attempt is an alleged breakdown in Secret Service professionalism. Republicans will fall for this as it lets them raise DEI issues with the Secret Service director, her own appointment a result of DEI policy. Democrats will say that the Secret Service is not sufficiently inclusive to operate at a professional level and that more DEI appointments are necessary. This transforms the attempted assassination into a DEI dispute. The Secret Service will try to turn it into a funding dispute that produces a larger budget.

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Kamala Harris has refused to answer questions of whether President Joe Biden is fit for office as Republican lawmakers demand the cabinet invoke the 25th Amendment.

The vice president has all but secured the Democratic nomination for president after the 81-year-old dropped out, but is facing mounting questions of whether she covered up Biden's cognitive decline.

Biden returned to the White House today after isolating with COVID at his Delaware beach home and will address the nation at 8pm on Wednesday night.

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New York Attorney General Letitia James says getting Kamala Harris elected president is her 'singular focus', despite plenty of cases on her hands.

James led the prosecution of Donald Trump that won a $454 million judgment against him in February for inflating the value of his properties.

Trump, who was also banned from doing business in New York for three years, is appealing the verdict as the fine accrues interest, and James will try to seize his assets if he fails to pay up.

Vice President Harris is the presumptive Democratic nominee after President Joe Biden dropped out of the race against Trump on Sunday.

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Dramatic new footage shows law enforcement standing over the dead body of Donald Trump's attempted assassin moments after he was killed.

A Secret Service agent and local police are seen in the video discussing how Thomas Matthew Crooks had been identified as a suspicious person before he started shooting.

The graphic clip shows a pool of blood trailing out from the 20-year-old's body, which lies next to the rifle he used during the shooting.

'So this is the guy,' the Secret Service agent says to a Beaver County Emergency Service Unit officer, confirming they were aware of the threat and raising questions over their handling of the incident.

Webmaster addition: The actual video is below.

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We've now gotten to the point where it looks like Kamala Harris might be the Democrat nominee for president, despite not even getting a single vote in the primary for that position. As some are saying, it's a selection rather than an election, and an end run around "democracy" from the party that likes to pretend they are the saviors of democracy. 

The ironic karma of it all, as I wrote about on Monday is that after all that, Kamala's poll numbers are still behind former President Donald Trump, at least so far. And she's just as unpopular, if not more so, than Joe Biden. She's also directly tied not only to all the bad policies that were put in place but to her own failure to actually do things, like help deal with the border, one of her few charges from Biden. 

She of course has all her own issues of being seen as a lightweight cackler who speaks in word salads. Then on top of that, she can also be tagged with the cover-up of Joe Biden's condition. 

Webmaster addition: There were just 3000 people at that rally.

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By Adam Andrzejewski of OpenTheBooks

“People really, really do not want to work for Kamala Harris,” wrote former staffer Dan McLaughlin, January 2022.

Under Kamala Harris, the Office of the Vice President has been called a “revolving door,” a “staff exodus” of key aides “heading for the exits.” That’s not hyperbole from the national media. Our auditors at OpenTheBooks quantified an extraordinarily high 91.5-percent staff turnover rate. We used U.S. Senate disclosures to conduct our investigation and those databases can be downloaded below.

Elected in November 2020, Harris took the oath of office in January 2021. As of March 31, 2024, only four of the initial 47 staffers from the first year are still employed – consistently and without interruption – by the Vice President.

Furthermore, the turnover chaos isn’t getting better. In the trailing 12-month period, 24 staffers left — that’s almost half the employees

In the last year alone, (April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024) 24 people left their jobs with Harris.

Key background—Kamala Harris Tried To Hide Everything

The Kamala Harris, Office of Vice President, is committed to the opacity of its payrolls and all other office information.

In our 2021 reporting at Forbes, “VP Kamala Harris Is The Least Transparent Elected Official In The Nation,” we outlined the OVP’s refusal to provide any information to the public and taxpayers. Her office denied our FOIA request and claimed that they were immune.

We had filed a FOIA request with the OVP for its staff payroll in September 2021. A spokesman replied:

“Thank you for your inquiry. The Office of the Vice President is not subject to Freedom of Information Act requests. See 5 U.S.C. 552; 44 U.S.C. 2207.”

We even tried to coax the information out of the OVP:

“I understand the OVP isn't subject to FOIA — is there any information you can provide me at all about the office staff? Whether it's total staff employees (without names or any other employee-specific info) or total payroll for 2020 or current numbers for 2021?”

However, the spokesman replied:

“Thank you for the inquiry. OVP does not have any information to share at this time.”

Therefore, we had to rely on the U.S. Senate’s semi-annual report for Oct. 1, 2020, to March 31, 2021, which gives a list of the 28 staff members who had been hired by the new administration between Jan. 20 and March 31, 2021. Over the next few months, the OVP added another approximately 20 staff members.

We calculated that for VP Harris’s 28 staff listed in the Senate report, the 2021 salaries added up to $2,334, 223.

But President Joseph Biden’s congressional budget submission shows the OVP got $5 million for 23 full time staff in 2021 and requested over $6 million for 27 full time staff in 2022.

The OVP wouldn’t answer for the discrepancy in budget and staffing, citing the earlier provision that states only federal agencies are subject to FOIA, and the OVP, it argues, isn’t a federal agency.

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We've now gotten to the point where it looks like Kamala Harris might be the Democrat nominee for president, despite not even getting a single vote in the primary for that position. As some are saying, it's a selection rather than an election, and an end run around "democracy" from the party that likes to pretend they are the saviors of democracy. 

The ironic karma of it all, as I wrote about on Monday is that after all that, Kamala's poll numbers are still behind former President Donald Trump, at least so far. And she's just as unpopular, if not more so, than Joe Biden. She's also directly tied not only to all the bad policies that were put in place but to her own failure to actually do things, like help deal with the border, one of her few charges from Biden. 

She of course has all her own issues of being seen as a lightweight cackler who speaks in word salads. Then on top of that, she can also be tagged with the cover-up of Joe Biden's condition. 

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The left-wing organization Black Lives Matter is resisting the installation of Vice President Kamala Harris as the presumptive Democratic nominee and are calling on the Democratic National Convention "to create a process that allows for public participation in the nomination process, not just a nomination by party delegates." 

In a statement Tuesday, the group, which rose to prominence in 2020 for organizing nationwide protests in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, said that "a 24-hour process of talking to party bosses is not democratic, nor is it a process Democrats should be proud of." 

For weeks after his disastrous debate performance last month, internal party pressure mounted against President Joe Biden to drop out of the race — though he resisted those calls and insisted he was "in it to win it." 

But abruptly, over the weekend, Biden dropped out of the race and nominated Harris to lead the top of the ticket. And overnight, the Democratic Party coalesced around her, winning enough delegate support to secure the nomination at the DNC convention in August. 

Webmaster addition: 


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Hillary Clinton couldn't resist highlighting her two failed presidential bids as she endorsed Kamala Harris against Donald Trump.

The former first lady and secretary of state was defeated by Barack Obama in the Democratic primary in 2008, and by Trump at the 2016 election.

But that didn't stop Clinton from boasting that she 'won the national popular vote' in 2016 while giving  Harris her enthusiastic support and predicting she can become the first female US president.

Vice President Harris is the presumptive 2024 Democratic nominee after President Joe Biden dropped out of the race against Trump on Sunday.

Webmaster addition: Hillary is still trying to grab media attention. I think she is still in play somehow. Maybe as Kamala's VP?

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Authored by Nick Giambruno via InternationalMan.com,

The F-22 Raptor is the best air dominance warplane in the world.

It’s the top dog fighter jet.

The F-22’s advanced avionics, stealth capabilities, and maneuverability make it an unmatched platform for hunting and killing other aircraft.

While Russia, China, and several other nations have their own air dominance fighters, it’s doubtful they would fare well against an F-22 in air-to-air combat.

In short, the F-22 is critical to the US Air Force’s ability to control the skies in a potential conflict with a sophisticated enemy.

That’s why the F-22 Raptor is one of the few warplane models the US government does not export to any foreign country—not even to Israel or its NATO allies.

The F-22’s highly advanced stealth capabilities give it a significant edge over other air dominance fighter jets. In air-to-air combat, enemy fighter jets probably wouldn’t even know there was a Raptor nearby until it was too late.

The potential presence of an F-22 in an area would give any hostile air force an excellent reason to think twice before challenging the US Air Force.

That’s why the US stations F-22s in Japan as a deterrent to China’s air force should it make a move on Taiwan, for example.

However, all of this could change soon… and have enormous geopolitical implications.

The South China Morning Post has remained Hong Kong’s newspaper of record since British colonial rule.

They recently published a bombshell article claiming that Chinese researchers had developed a new radar detection technology that neutralizes the F-22’s stealth capabilities.

They claim that China’s radar system can now accurately pinpoint an F-22’s real-time position. This information could then be relayed to interceptor fighter jets or surface-to-air missile batteries to target the F-22.

If the claims are true, the impact on the F-22’s combat effectiveness would be huge. It would mean the US is unlikely to dominate the skies in a conflict with China.

That has tremendous consequences for the island of Taiwan.

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I’m ruminating on Presidential candidates when BOOM, word breaks that Joe isn’t going to run in 2024…

When you’re the inner circle putting up a man for President and you know he’s mentally deficient in a serious way—that’s not a mistake.

Nor is it a mistake when you’re the team supporting a man for the same office who exaggerates from here to the moon on a regular basis and always has, in business and life and politics; a man who thinks that’s just a way of selling. You see, the marriage between Donald Trump and Big Pharma makes perfect sense, because they’re both practiced bullshitters. That’s why he called them great guys way back when he was promoting Warp Speed. They reminded him of himself.

That’s why he felt no need or responsibility to bring in independent experts who would assess the dangers of RNA tech for the vaccines.

Creepy Joe with brain damage took it a step farther. He signed on to vaccine mandates.

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President Joe Biden was seen in public for the first time in six days on Tuesday as he left isolation in Delaware to return to the White House.

The 81-year-old has not showed his face since his bombshell announcement he was dropping out of the race on Sunday and sparked wild conspiracy theories with his absence.

The last time he made an appearance was last Wednesday - when he slowly exited Air Force One in Dover to go into isolation after being diagnosed with COVID. Only his voice was heard on a call into his old campaign office on Monday.

On Tuesday he emerged from his SUV with a mask, turned to the press and said he is 'well' and then slowly headed to the stairs of Air Force One to make the trip back to Washington D.C. for the first time since ending his 2024 bid.

'Watch and listen. Why don’t you wait and hear what I say,' he said when asked what his message during his Wednesday night speech will be.

But when asked why he dropped out of the presidential race, Biden just laughed and walked away. He slipped on his aviator sunglasses and got into the Beast. 

Webmaster addition: I am not so sure. It's already been revealed that the phone call to Harris HQ was made using AI. And the person seen exiting Air Force One walked briskly, arms moving, and returned military salutes. This "Biden" looks ten years younger!

Politicians use body-doubles. Kamala got caught using one, and Hillary used one to reassure voters following her collapse and being thrown into a van in 2016.

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/">Authored by Thomas Fazi via UnHerd.com,


The latest salvo in the ongoing battle between between Elon Musk and the EU came courtesy of the X owner. He revealed that in the run-up to the European elections, X was offered “an illegal secret deal”: if the platform would agree to secretly censoring online speech, then the European Commission wouldn’t fine it for violations of its new online content moderation law, the Digital Services Act (DSA). X refused to cooperate, but all the other major platforms accepted the deal.

Musk’s revelation came shortly after Thierry Breton, the EU’s censorship czar, announced the Commission’s preliminary findings that X’s new “blue check” verification system was in violation of the DSA. Given that anyone can now subscribe and obtain a “verified status” — unlike before Musk when the platform arbitrarily decided who was worthy of the coveted blue check — this, he stated, undermines users’ ability to make informed decisions about account authenticity.

The Commission also accused X of “fail[ing] to provide access to its public data to researchers”, as mandated by the DSA. It urged the company to address such breaches or face a fine up to 6% of its total worldwide annual turnover, which was approximately $3.4 billion in 2023. Failure to comply could result in X being banned from operating in the EU altogether.

The line trotted out by the Commission is that this all about “transparency” and protecting users from deception and disinformation. But the truth, as Musk suggests, is that this is really about the EU’s desire — and the DSA’s ultimate goal — to secretly control the online narrative. So much for transparency.

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Democrats are staying coy on how long they've known President Biden's cognitive decline left him unsuited to lead the top of their ticket, though they had glowing praise for his decision to step aside. 

Rep. Pete Aguilar, chair of the Democratic Caucus, thanked Biden for his 'patriotism in the most challenging of circumstances.'

'His decision highlights the reality that everything is on the line this election because of the threat of Donald Trump,' the California lawmaker told reporters Tuesday. 

Rep. Ted Lieu, Calif., vice chair of the Democratic Caucus, added: 'His selfless act this weekend reminds me of what George Washington did when he voluntarily gave up reelection and put country first.'

But the Democrats were largely silent when asked about how long they've known of the president's decline. 

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Google has killed plans that would have stopped advertisers from tracking its three billion Chrome users.

The tech giant made the announcement Monday, saying it will no longer cancel and replace third-party cookies - small pieces of online data used by advertisers to serve people targeted ads on the web.

The proposal, known as Privacy Sandbox, had instilled fears in the online advertising industry that any replacement technology would leave even less room for online ad rivals. 

Google has been promising it would deprecate cookies from Chrome since 2020 and the decision has left the public outraged who believe they have been misled.

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A recent study suggests that a majority of U.S. adults believe it is impossible to achieve a comfortable lifestyle.

An exclusive poll from Newsweek, 44 percent of Americans said they think it's getting harder to achieve a middle class socioeconomic status.

Across generations, there were variations in the percentage reaching specific milestones, such as buying a house or achieving a steady and livable income.

Millennials (born 1981-1996) saw the highest rate of people who think the middle class is unachievable at 57 percent, followed by Gen Xers (1965-1980) at 59 percent. Gen Z (1997-2012) came in at 48 percent, and Baby Boomers (1946-1964) reached 51 percent.

Webmaster addition: All dictatorships seek to remove the middle class because it is from the middle class that opposition will arise.

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by Tyler Durden

As of 2024, 60 countries and territories around the world had set targets, signed pledges or announced plans to phase out gasoline and diesel cars by a concrete date - a move that climate scientists call absolutely necessary and that is seen as vital for countries to achieve net zero carbon emissions.

Infographic: Combustion Going Bust: Global Phase-outs of Gasoline Cars | Statista

Claire's Observations:  Mike and I are driving a 10 year old Hyundai which we love, and plan to keep it running as long as is humanly possible.

Rather than buying an EV, at least for the moment, we are planning on "adopting" a Cuban mechanic; those people have learned how to make older cars run nearly FOREVER!!! :-)

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Authored by Nick Corbishley via NakedCapitalism.com,

The mainstream media has, until now, played a key role in advancing the Global War on Cash - a war that began with no official declaration but in which propaganda, as with all wars, is a vital weapon.

Last week’s global IT outage appears to have shaken some British media outlets’ confidence in the idea of a fully cashless society. When a content update by the cyber-security giant CrowdStrike caused millions of Microsoft systems around the world to crash on Friday morning, bringing the operating systems of banks, payment card firms, airlines, hospitals, NHS clinics, retailers and hospitality businesses to a standstill, businesses were faced with a stark choice: go cash-only, or close until the systems came back online. From WIRED magazine:

This quickly caused chaos in Australia, whose government has explicitly encouraged businesses to go cashless. Pictures posted on social media showed card-only self-checkout registers at the grocery chain Coles displaying Blue Screens of Death (BSODs). Queues for human-run registers at Australian groceries stretched to the back of the store, according to local media. Some Australian marts simply locked their doors

Starbucks—whose then-CEO said in 2020 was shifting “toward more cashless experiences”—appeared to have been particularly hard hit. One Kansas-based Starbucks worker posted a TikTok showing that the mobile order system was “completely down.” The machine that the store uses to print labels for cups was also not working. “It just comes out blank every time,” she said, gesturing to the label printer. She tells WIRED that some customers were “upset and very rude” when she tried to explain. A different Starbucks worker said on TikTok that she had to write down every order on sticky notes.

Richard Forno, a cybersecurity lecturer at the University of Maryland, tells WIRED that Friday’s outage demonstrates the vulnerability of our current cloud and internet infrastructure. “Software supply chains have long been a serious cybersecurity concern and potential single point of failure,” Forno says.

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The rival Hamas and Fatah, as well as other 12 Palestinian groups, have signed an agreement on "ending division and strengthening Palestinian unity" in Beijing, Chinese media reported on July 23.

Fourteen Palestinian organizations have signed the Beijing Declaration on forming a unity government in the Gaza Strip and West Bank in the aftermath of the China-brokered talks, which took place on July 21-23.

"The last round of a negotiation between Fatah and Hamas to reconcile their differences and to go for a full internal reconciliation in Beijing is important," Ayman Yousef, a professor in political sciences and international relations at the Arab-American University in Palestine, told Sputnik.

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Turkiye’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has signaled his country’s readiness to build a naval base in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), accusing rival Greece of seeking to create a similar base of its own on the island.

Erdogan told reporters that "if necessary," Ankara "can construct a naval base and naval structures in the north" of Cyprus, in a nod to the territory of the TRNC, a breakaway state proclaimed by Turkish Cypriots in 1983 and only recognized by Turkiye.

Ankara currently maintains its Gecitkale Air Base (Lefkoniko Airport) in northern Cyprus, amid reports about Turkiye’s new strategy, which "involves transforming the Lefkoniko into a significant military base, alongside planned bases in Bogazi and Karpasia, all falling under the Turkish Naval Forces."

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