"Enemies are necessary for the wheels of the U.S. military machine to turn." -- John Stockwell, former CIA official and author

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Leftists have held onto a grudge against one of their favorite Supreme Court Justices, the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, because she refused to retire while Obama was still in the White House to allow him to appoint her successor. Then Trump had the chance to replace her instead.

The Atlantic's Mark Leibovich is painting President Biden with that same brush.

He doesn't mince words.

But here is a broader thematic reality for the president: Bad vibes have been the persistent feature of his campaign. No matter the obstacles Trump creates for himself, Biden remains a comprehensively weak incumbent, weighed down by the same liabilities that burdened him from the start, beginning with the largest, and completely unfixable, one: At 81, he is much too old to run for president. Durable supermajorities of voters still do not want any part of Biden at this age.

His bullheaded insistence on doing something no one has ever done (Ronald Reagan, then the oldest president in American history, was 77 when he retired), along with the unwillingness or inability of Democrats to stop him, remains an existentially risky, potentially disastrous, proposition. The stakes remain appallingly high. If Biden loses in November, that's all anyone will remember him for.

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Dr Anthony Fauci's former department 'deceived' Congress over its plans to create a Frankenstein monkeypox virus that had pandemic potential, a new report says.

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) submitted plans to create a more transmissible and more lethal strain of Mpox in 2015, when Dr Fauci was still in charge of the agency.

The plans only received widespread attention in late 2022 - amid concerns that Covid may have been borne out of similar experiments using US government grant money in China.

The blueprint to create a mutant Mpox virus raised major concerns among experts and led to an investigation by the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which released the results from its year-and-a-half probe this week.

The report said the HHS, NIAID and NIH repeatedly 'obstructed and misled the committee' about whether the risky experiments had been approved and conducted, describing their cooperation with the probe as 'unacceptable and potentially criminal.'

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They don’t even hide it anymore.

Corrupt Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters (CA) recently said DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) programs are important because black prosecutors and judges like Letitia James, Fani Willis and Tanya Chutkan are going after President Trump.

“If we’re ever to change the criminal justice system and get some justice, we’ve got to be in there,” Maxine Waters said during an interview on BET.

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Newly leaked journal entries from Audrey Elizabeth Hale, the Nashville school shooter, provide a chilling glimpse into the mind of a profoundly disturbed individual. Hale, who identified as a trans male, targeted the Christian Covenant School on March 27, 2023, resulting in the deaths of three children and three staff members before she was fatally shot by police.

Despite the FBI’s reluctance to release Hale’s writings, citing potential interference with ongoing investigations, several pages were leaked last November. These entries revealed a manifesto filled with left-wing and anti-white rhetoric. Recently, additional pages from Hale’s journal have surfaced, offering further insight into her troubled psyche.

A particularly disturbing entry, dated February 13, 2023, begins with the quote “Seize the day” and delves into macabre imagery and violent fantasies. Hale wrote about her hatred toward her father, expressing deep-seated resentment and a desire for revenge. “I hate when my dad loves on the cats; not me,” she penned, highlighting feelings of neglect and emotional abandonment.

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Once again, the so-called misinformation of yesteryear has matured into the cold hard facts of today.


Snopes has updated its fact-check page on the diary, confirming both that the diary belonged to Ashley Biden and that the president's daughter accused him of inappropriate behavior.

The page previously indicated that the claim that "a diary authored by U.S. President Joe Biden's daughter, Ashley, describes inappropriate actions toward her taken by the president when she was a child" was "unproven."

Up until this month, the Snopes entry indicated the claim was unproven because "the authenticity of this document or the images published by National File have not been confirmed."

The fact-check outfit was compelled to change its tune after Ashley Biden, 42, once again confirmed the diary was hers in an April 8 letter to the judge overseeing Harris' case in New York.

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According to the Penn Wharton Budget Model, the program is estimated to cost taxpayers as much as $360 billion over the next decade, nearly as much as the $400 billion price tag for Biden's one-time forgiveness plan. 

In March, a group of 11 states sued to halt the implementation of the SAVE plan, arguing that the SAVE plan is "a second attempt to avoid Congress and pass an illegal student debt forgiveness." However, a federal judge found that just three states, South Carolina, Texas, and Alaska, had standing to bring the lawsuit.

The legal effort against the SAVE program is far from over. Earlier this month, a federal court heard oral arguments in a similar lawsuit, headed by Missouri, attempting to halt implementation of the SAVE plan.

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In December, the Department of Defense revealed that it had missed its collective recruitment goals for the armed forces by 41,000; among the separate military branches, only the Navy and Space Force met their individual goals.

Given that, according to FiveThirtyEight, President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are running nearly dead even in their respective bids for a second term, either man is as likely as the other to be called upon to address that shortfall.

One former Trump Cabinet secretary is pushing national mandatory military service. If elected, Trump would do well to reject the idea.

Christopher Miller served as Trump's acting Secretary of Defense for roughly two months, between the 2020 election and Biden's inauguration. In a December 2023 interview with Hugh Hewitt about Cabinet appointments in his potential second term, Trump said that Miller "did a very good job" and could potentially be reappointed.

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Earlier this year, it was announced that the United States and Somalia National Army (SNA) were strengthening ties with a plan to build five military bases. The bases will be used by the Somali Army’s Danab Brigade, established in 2017, during the ongoing fight against the terrorist group al-Shabab. The project is expected to be completed at a cost of over $100 million.

The agreement marks the latest development in an ongoing partnership between the United States and the Somalian government. Diplomatic relationships were first established in 1960, following Somalia’s independence from British and Italian administrations. Somalia experienced a military coup in 1969; however, that led to the replacement of elected officials with a military regime. In 2017, Somalia adopted a provisional constitution and Federal Government of Somalia.

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The Moscow Exchange will not trade the dollar and the euro starting on June 13, 2024, due to imposition of restrictive measures by the US. In particular, the Moscow Exchange will trade currency and precious metals via all available instruments, with the exception of currency pairs that include the US dollar and the euro.

These changes will cover the stock market, the currency market, and the standardized derivatives market; the futures market will operate as usual.

The Moscow Exchange also announced that it will continue to provide its clients with an access to all exchange segments amid the new conditions.

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After tarrying for almost two weeks, Hamas finally delivered its response to the latest Israeli-American offer for a hostage deal. Not surprisingly, Hamas continues to demand a total cessation of hostilities in the Gaza Strip, as well as international guarantees that Israel will abide by its commitments, two things it will apparently not receive.

The response from Gaza will make it even more difficult to reach an agreement. Meanwhile, things are heating up in Lebanon following Israel's assassination of a senior Hezbollah commander. In response, the Shi'ite organization launched heavy barrages at the Galilee and the Lake Kinneret area on Wednesday.

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"This war was necessary for the region, because it thwarted attempts at normalization with the Zionist entity and its control over the region," Iran's supreme leader Ali Khamenei said earlier this month, explaining the strategic importance he attributes to the war in the Gaza Strip.

His comment sparked harsh criticism from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who informed the Iranian leader that he's sick and tired of others fomenting war at the expense of Palestinian lives.

But Khamenei's words weren't aimed solely at Palestinian ears in general, or those of Hamas – some of whose spokesmen said months ago that one of the goals of its October 7 attack on southern Israel was to thwart normalization between Israel and Saudi Arabia – in particular.

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Democrats know they have a major Joe Biden issue.

There is only one person who can solve it.

And Barack Obama is facing this difficult choice about Joe Biden.

The panic on the left over the 2024 election hit its peak.

A combination of special counsel Robert Hur’s report that Joe Biden is too mentally diminished to stand trial and polls showing Donald Trump leading in critical swing states pushed liberal elites over the edge.

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Joe Biden has a problem with his left-wing base.

But this isn’t the solution.

And Kamala Harris went way over the line with this awful threat.

Vice President Kamala Harris pushed the false claim that gun violence is the number one killer of children the day after the Kansas City Chiefs’ parade shooting.

“Gun violence is the number one cause of death for children of America—not some form of illness or car accidents,” Harris said on X.

President Biden also claimed in 2022 that more kids are killed via firearms than motor vehicles.

“Guns are the number one killer of children,” Biden said in June of 2022.

But the data shows Biden and Harris’s claims are simply not true.

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There is major dissent taking place at CNN.

One of their key pundits went rogue and defended Trump.

And their liberal viewers will not be happy with what he had to say.

Ever since the beginning of the first Trump administration, CNN has existed for virtually no purpose other than to feed talking points to liberal viewers and tell them what they want to hear.

Their executives know their audience very well and have no interest in providing a balanced set of viewpoints from both sides.

That’s why, when one of their pundits, Scott Jennings, went off the reservation and bashed the court for convicting Trump, it created such a stir.

Jennings was adamant that the conviction of Trump was going to backfire – an assertion backed up by many polls that have been taken.

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It turns out Adam Schiff has been engaging in some ugly activity.

This is the kind of thing no elected official should take part in.

He received significant sums of money from Trump’s conviction.

There is perhaps no elected official in Washington, D.C., who is more ambitious than Congressman Adam Schiff of California, who is currently running for U.S. Senate.

During the first Trump administration, he habitually went on national TV and said things that weren’t true, claiming that he had inside info due to his position on the Intelligence Committee.


In doing so, he made himself a hero among the anti-Trump left, which was surely his primary intention in doing those TV appearances.

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BRICS nations and other countries from the Global South have voiced their disappointment with the United Nations for several reasons, mainly due to the dominance of Western nations in key international institutions and decision-making processes. These countries believe that the current structure of the UN does not adequately represent their interests and influences. In response, there have been numerous suggestions for extensive reforms or even a complete replacement of the UN, aiming to create a more balanced and representative global governance system. This video will explore these proposed reforms and the reasons behind them.

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The Department of Defense's All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office defines "Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena" (UAP) as:

(A) airborne objects that are not immediately identifiable; (B) transmedium objects or devices; (C) and submerged objects or devices that are not immediately identifiable and that display behavior or performance characteristics suggesting that the objects or devices may be related to the objects or devices described in subparagraph (A) or (B).

The Pentagon regards UAP as "sources of anomalous detections in one or more domain ... that are not yet attributable to known actors and that demonstrate behaviors that are not readily understood by sensors or observers."

The dominant hypotheses for these phenomena are either that they are the work of extraterrestrials from distant worlds and civilizations, or that they were simply fashioned by human beings.

A paper set to be published in the academic journal Philosophy and Cosmology recommends that scientists keep an open mind about a possible third option: that UAP could be the product of nonhuman intelligent beings (NHI) "concealed in stealth here on Earth (e.g., underground), and/or its near environs (e.g., the moon), and/or even 'walking among us' (e.g., passing as humans)."

Webmaster addition: Two theories...

1. Harvard has really gone downhill.

2. The government is going to fake an alien invasion.

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Every first Friday of this year (here, here and here) we have spent hours deconstructing the glaring propaganda peddled by Biden's Labor Department, meant to show just one thing - how "strong" the economy is under the current administration - and exposing just how ugly the underlying labor data truly is. Last Friday's nonfarm payrolls was the most recent case in point: for those who didn't read our extended analysis titled "Inside The Most Ridiculous Jobs Report In Years", which dissected the laughable claim that the US added 272K payrolls (more than the highest estimate), here is what we found.

While the Establishment Survey did indeed report that 272K "jobs" were added, this number also included multiple job holders; stripping those out, we get that the actual number of "employed" workers plunged by 408K...

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Annette Bosworth aka Dr. Boz, who ‘had all the people she loved vaccinated,’ uploaded a video to YouTube discussing a study detailing Covid vaccine harms, which she described as ‘the biggest crime in the history of medicine’.

“How long is it going to take before the world would trust, that I will trust what they’re telling me,” she said during her live-streamed video. “Then what was my part in it, how could I have been a little more…again I had all of my kids vaccinated, I had all the people I love vaccinated and when you look back and say dang, look at what it did, especially the kids…anyway…I say that to you to say, this information is out there, I don’t know how long this report will be there.”

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The pharma firms behind blockbuster weight loss drugs could face up to 10,000 lawsuits from patients who claim the drugs caused debilitating side effects like stomach paralysis and 'tearing holes' in the food pipe.

Ozempic and sister shots like Wegovy and Mounjaro have recently come under fire over claims that the injections cause a roster of complications patients were allegedly not warned about. 

One woman told DailyMail.com that she suffered life-threatening stomach paralysis after taking Mounjaro, and has now joined a massive lawsuit against its maker Eli Lilly and Ozempic manufacturer Novo Nordisk. She claims she may never eat a solid meal again. 

Another said Ozempic caused so much internal damage she had to have her gallbladder removed, while another said the drug induced such violent vomiting it tore a hole in her esophagus. 

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National Rally leader Marine Le Pen has vowed to shut down radical mosques and deport Islamists with dual nationality in her first major speech after winning the EU elections in France.

“Give me one reason, only one, to keep on our territory foreigners who collaborate with a totalitarian ideology that wants the death of the French?” Le Pen told a raucous crowd.

Laying out her manifesto on the subject of mass migration, Le Pen asserted, “Dual nationals connected to the Islamist ideology must be stripped of the nationality & expelled.”

“The French who adopt the ideology of the enemy must be brought before justice & punished,” she added, demanding, “The laws exist, they just need to be applied. These laws will be applied without weakening.”

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The US-based chip giant Intel Corp is halting a $25 billion chip manufacturing project in Israel, the local publication Calcalist reported this week.

The Israeli news agency writes that Intel’s decision to stop the building of the multibillion-dollar factory after "Intel's suppliers received in recent days notice of the cancellation of contracts for the supply of equipment and materials required for the establishment of the company's new factory."

Webmaster addition: Why not build it here?

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Amid complex hiring processes, a shadow is spreading in the American business world. Companies are using fake online job openings to project an image of growth, keep existing employees motivated, and cultivate a pool of possible future candidates with no intention of hiring, according to research.

The practice is commonly known as “ghost posting” and it accounts for 43 percent of online job openings across multiple industries.

A Clarify Capital survey of more than 1,000 hiring managers showed that, beyond fake growth metrics and productivity drivers, one third of professionals claimed they used ghost posts to placate overworked employees.

The phenomenon has caused universal frustration on both the applicant and hiring side. On average, it can take up to eight weeks for a job seeker to receive an offer after submitting an application online, according to job listing site Indeed. The process often includes resume tailoring, lengthy applications, and multiple rounds of interviews. That means applicants are wasting hours trying to get hired by companies that aren’t actually looking.

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Hillary Clinton has made a rare move by backing the primary opponent of a sitting House Democrat in New York, sparking considerable backlash from some in her party.

The one-time Senator from New York endorsed Westchester County Executive George Latimer for the congressional seat that is currently held by Representative Jamaal Bowman.

'With Trump on the ballot, we need strong, principled Democrats in Congress more than ever,' wrote Clinton on X on Wednesday.

The former first lady's endorsement of Latimer upset a number of progressives who were quick to condemn the move, with some suggesting it was more of a reason to cast their ballot for Bowman. 

'Imagine taking Hillary Clinton’s advice in a year with Trump on the ballot,' wrote Bhaskar Sunkara, a democratic socialist journalist, taking a swing at Clinton's historic 2016 loss.

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Authored by Peter Reagan via Birch Gold Group,

It probably comes as no surprise to you that, these days, the middle class, the backbone of the nation, are struggling. “Gasping for air,” as Newsweek puts it.

Here’s the original press release from the National True Cost of Living Coalition.

The “middle class” is a rather vague concept – one definition is those whose incomes are 3x the federal poverty line (currently $15,000), which encompasses nearly 2 in every 3 Americans. They span the spectrum, from high school graduates to post-graduate degrees, and may work in blue- or white-collar jobs. They live in cities, the suburbs and in rural areas.

In fact, just about the only thing they have in common, other than their incomes, is their difficulty making ends meet:

…the economic hardships of millions of middle-class Americans are going unseen by their government. They feel left behind, unable to relate to testaments of a better economic forecast, and many doubt they will ever find a way out of their financial struggles.

Here are a few highlights from the poll results:

  • 40% of ALL Americans are unable to plan beyond their next paycheck
  • 46% don’t have $500 saved for a rainy day
  • A quarter of those making $75,000 per year spend over 50% of their budget on housing
  • The majority of those making under $60,000 per year find their debt “difficult to manage”

Being a middle-class American these days simply doesn’t offer economic security.

Maybe this is why so many people are fed up with hearing about how the economy is booming?

See, in a prosperous country, the success of the middle and upper classes should parallel each other. If upper class wealth grows 10%, then middle class wealth should grow approximately the same amount – distributed across a much wider portion of the population, it’s a smaller increase per capita, but represents a similar amount of wealth.

Unfortunately, this isn’t happening. And it hasn’t been for quite some time.

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Republicans are sounding the alarm on how 'easy' President Joe Biden's policies have made it for terrorists to enter the U.S. - and potentially plan devastating attacks.

Eight Tajikistan nationals with potential ties to ISIS were arrested in New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles last week in a coordinated sting by law enforcement, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials. 

These terrorist-affiliated individuals all entered the country through the U.S.-Mexico border, and ICE officials told the New York Post that a wiretap revealed one of the suspects had been talking about bombs, prompting concern that a horrific attack like 9/11 or the Boston Marathon bombing could occur again.

This raised alarm bells on Capitol Hill among GOP members who have for years been calling for border security reforms to keep terrorists and their friends out.

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Republicans are seeking punishment for the 51 intelligence officials who falsely claimed in 2020 that Hunter Biden's laptop was Russian disinformation.

The infamous memo signed by the pro-Biden officials in the lead up to the 2020 election claimed that damning pictures and messages found on Hunter Biden's laptop bore the earmarks of a Russian disinformation campaign. 

That allowed Joe to discredit the laptop and its damning evidence during presidential debates, town halls and other media appearances prior to his election. 

Now, Republicans are demanding retribution on these 51 ex-intel individuals, saying they should be fired, criminally prosecuted or even thrown in jail. 

'I think one their clearances need to be revoked,' Rep. Kat Cammack, R-Fla., told DailyMail.com in an exclusive interview Wednesday during congressional baseball practice.

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