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QUESTION: I think WRH is being blocked or interfered with. I can't get to the site, or it says it is too busy.
We just increased bandwidth again on the server to deal with the increasing readership. However, if you are still having problems, please email us with the following info.

1. Geographical Location

2. Your local ISP

3. Browser + Version

4. OS + Version

5. If you can, do a traceroute from your machine (tracert in Windows) to whatreallyhappened.com and supply the output. If you are behind a firewall, the result may not get back to you, so you can go to www.traceroute.org and run the traceroute from a machine near you.

6. It would also help if you can Ping whatreallyhappened.com and supply the output.


QUESTION: Today I clicked on my WRH icon and I got a file download dialog box asking me if I wanted to download whatreallyhappened.com. It happened three times in a row. I didn't click on 'save' because I wasn't sure what I would be saving.
It is a harmless artifact that happens when trying to view the page at the exact same moment the server is rebuilding it from the template. Were you to download, the resulting file is not only harmless, it is useless, usually consisting of some binary junk followed by the HTML. If you clear your browser cache and reload, you should see the page. We are trying to solve this problem now.

QUESTION: Why aren't you using the Alexa ratings any more.
Alexa bases its ratings solely on those people using its toolbar. While it is a popular toolbar, it is not universal and is therefore unreliable as a real measure of readership. We've also learned through experience that Alexa's numbers can be spoofed quite easily. For the purposes of our advertisers, we rely on the statistics generated by our server, which show a readership well in excess of the Alexa numbers.

QUESTION: I am getting spam emails from wrh@whatreallyhappened.com with some very strange contents that seem out of character for the web site itself. What's up with that?
What Really Happened does not use mailing lists and does not send out spam emails. However critics of this site, wishing to cause problems, often engage in fraud by sending out spam using the email adress of this web site. Their goal is to first of all cause problems with ISPs routing email to and from the site, and second, to be able to post to forums that I am the author of the offending emails, which are usually racist in nature.

QUESTION: Someone named "Mike Rivero" is posting to my favorite forum. Is that you?
No. This web site takes all my time and I have not posted to any other forums since I was banned from Free Republic. Certain individuals out to cause trouble will often join forums using the names of people they wish to smear.

QUESTION: How do I turn in a virus or worm writer for the reward?
Those who want to turn in a virus or worm writer for the reward contact Interpol at www.interpol.int or the Internet Fraud Complaint Center at www.ifccfbi.gov.
QUESTION: I cannot see your banner ads. What's wrong?
Certain firewalls can block the banner ads. WRH does not force its way past users' security, so you may see less of the ads here than at other sites. If you are curious about our advertisers, you might try temporarily lowering the settings for privacy. Some of the banners are animated Gifs, which are a distinct setting on systems like ZoneAlarm.
QUESTION: Email to WhatReallyHappened.com is bouncing!

The email server that handles email for WhatReallyHappened.com has added new filters which block email not recognized as coming from a legitimate ISP. This is a general industry trend to block spammers who have their own servers and SMTP engines, or worms that hijack private PCs to use as spam mail gateways. If you send email to WRH using your own server and SMTP engine it will probably not get through.

Open-relay sites are completely blocked. Private servers on DSL especially will have problems trying to connect to the mail system.

Most mailer applications now block sending URLs directly because the attachment type can contain malicious code. The most reliable way to send me web pages to look at is to copy the URL into the text body of the message. Do NOT use "send link by email" from the browser as it will likely be blocked by filters installed in ISP mail systems. "Send page by email" will usually get through.


QUESTION: Why am I getting pop-up ads at your site for porno?
What Really Happened does not have any pop-up ads. If you see a pop-up for anything while reading my site, you may have some "hijack-ware" running on your system. "Hijack-ware", as the name implies, hijacks your browser to place advertising in front of you that was not intended by the web site you are visiting. Needless to say, the web site you are visiting when these hijack-ware pop-ups show up are not paid for the advertising thrown in front of you. Some hijack-ware can be very difficult to get rid of, but probably the best general tool to get rid of hijack-ware (and spy-ware) is "Ad-Aware", which comes in a free version.

As a side note, WRH does not accept advertising for adult products or services, and we avoid linking to sites that include adult material. If we goof up, please let us know.


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