"We Were Sent Here To Serve The American People" Obama Signs WEAK Congressional Insider Trading


Serve the American people a...


nice heaping pile of ....uhm...as Mike R would say.....BULLBISCUITS.

And that they did - served it up - with the appropriate smiles and handshakes etc...

Eric Cantor - now there's a real patriot for you! He never ever forgets his love for his favorite country - Israel.

Obama - mystery man - but not when it comes to showmanship. That man knows how to articulate his words - and inspire confidence in those about to BOHECA. That's short for "Bend over here it comes again."

Obama goes on about "everybody plays by the same set of rules" is a perfect example. Yes he's saying that out loud - the overt system and everybody stands there an lets it go. But we all know the covert system - that there are two sets of rules - will continue.

Obama uses the phrase "breaking the law" - but I'm Kornfuzed. What/which law?

Isn't murdering people without trial "breaking the law?" Or is murdering people without trial now not breaking the law? If the murder of people by the US government (drones) is committed at the order of Obama - isn't he breaking some law somewhere? And wouldn't that make him a hypocrite? And wouldn't one pause and wonder why in the hell anybody would take a single word out of this hypocrite's mouth to the bank as worth its weight in un-backed bucks?

This is theater.