Swimming Without a Suit - And Masterbating in the Pool - Little Tommy Friedman

The New York Times [Tom Friedman gets this week's boner award. He pathetically draws on popular clichés handed down to his likelier recipients -the Long Island dead and dying Mall culture -from none other than the likes of the Market Shill from Omaha -to wit - "only when the tide goes out do you find out who is not wearing a bathing suit." So true, -says Tom Friedman.

Spare me the underwater farts -you asshole-Friedman.

Tom gives us this too: There are millions of kids who are in modern suburban schools “who don’t realize how far behind they are,” said Matt Miller, one of the authors. “They are being prepared for $12-an-hour jobs — not $40 to $50 an hour.”

Uh, Tom... The only one making that sort of money outside of the bailout corridor of New York City and Wall Street today are dope dealers and whores. In 90% of the country -more than 2/3s of the population would show up to apply for a $12 and hour job, Tom.

Eat shit and die, Tom Friedman. Eat shit and die.]