Apr 14 11:04

EU parliament votes to re-approve glyphosate despite ‘concerns about carcinogenicity’

The European Parliament has backed a re-authorization of a pesticide believed to be carcinogenic for another 7 years, despite a widespread protest campaign calling for a full ban instead of a downsized “compromise” deal.
The weedkiller glyphosate is to be given market approval for another seven years, instead of 15 as originally requested, while its use should be limited to professionals only, the European Parliament said in a non-binding resolution approved on Wednesday. The body also advised the chemical shouldn’t be used in public locations, such as parks and playgrounds.

Despite coming up with the approval, the resolution, passed by 374 votes to 225, with 102 abstentions, still noted “concerns about the carcinogenicity and endocrine disruptive properties of the herbicide glyphosate, used in many farm and garden applications.”

The Green Party rioting for a ban said European governments and the European Commission are obliged to take into account the concerns raised by MEPs.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Congratulations, EU Parliament, for the record number of cancer cases we will see in Europe from this approval going forward.

Monsanto must have met their price; knowing that this product has been incontrovertably proven to be carcinogenic, yet allowing its use for another 7 years?!?

This is pure madness, driven by occult money, or blackmail.

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Enter your email address for notifications of new reports and news from ISIS SUBSCRIBE Open access to science eprints The Sparc provides both scientists and the general public free open access to scientific papers that are important for the survival of people and planet 39 ISIS Report 09/09/15 Glyphosate is Carcinogenic The WHO expert panel reclassified glyphosate as ‘probably carcinogenic’ more than 40 years after it was brought to market, but the range of available evidence is sufficient to classify it definitely carcinogenic. Glyphosate’s carcinogenic potential has been known to Monsanto and the US EPA from long term animal experiments since the early 1980s but repeatedly dismissed. This has resulted in two decades of people and planet being poisoned by glyphosate herbicides on a misclassification of ‘noncarcinogenic’ that has allowed the manufacturer to claim it is ‘safe’ and perpetrating many other falsehoods to promote its ubiquitous and liberal use Dr Mae-Wan Ho and Prof Peter T. Saunders A fully referenced version will be available in an updated version of Banishing Glyphosate Sign the Independent Scientists Manifesto on Glyphosate here: Introduction The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), which is part of the World Health Organization (WHO), has released the results of its year-long assessment of five organophosphate insecticides and herbicides. In this, the 112th study into potentially carcinogenic agents, it has reclassified glyphosate in Group 2A ‘probably carcinogenic to humans’ [1, 2]. This category is used [1] “when there is limited evidence of carcinogenicity in humans and sufficient evidence of carcinogenicity in experimental animals.” Previously, the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA), which last reviewed glyphosate in 1993, classified glyphosate in Group E ‘noncarcinogenic’ [3]. Similarly, a 2013 review by the German Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) conducted on behalf of the European Union did not recommend a carcinogen classification of either 2A or 2B (‘possibly carcinogenic’); though that review is mired in controversy, having been largely conducted by a consortium of chemical companies including Monsanto [4] (Scandal of Glyphosate Re-assessment in Europe, SiS 63). Monsanto has called on IARC to retract its assessment [5]. But Aaron Blair, scientist emeritus at the National Cancer Institute who chaired the 17 member Working Group of the IARC that carried out the assessment, robustly defended the decision, saying it is “appropriately based on current science” [6]. The IARC experts in the Working Group were selected for their expertise and most importantly, the absence of real or apparent conflicts of interest. Following the protocol required by the IARC, the Working Group considered only “reports that have been published or accepted for publication in the openly available scientific literature” as well as “data from governmental reports that are publicly available”. Notably, Blair told a journalist there were good grounds to declare that glyphosate definitely causes cancer [7]. But “the epidemiologic data was a little noisy.” While several studies suggested a link, another study in the US of farmers in Iowa and North Carolina did not. There had been a similar inconsistency in epidemiological studies of benzene now universally acknowledged as a carcinogen, Blair added. What Blair did not mention, for example, was that crucial evidence of carcinogenicity in animal experiments had existed at least since 1981 but successively dismissed as documented in EPA’s own archives (see below). In the meantime, US government data show steep rise in dozens of chronic diseases including cancers closely tracking the rapid increase in glyphosate use and the adoption of genetically modified (GM) crops, of which USA is the top producer by far [8]. In Argentina, the third producer of GM crops, where the use of pesticides including glyphosate has increased more than 8.5-fold since the introduction of GM crops 20 years ago, non-government organizations and doctors have been documenting rising incidences of cancers and birth defects among farmers and their families and others exposed to glyphosate spraying (see Chapter 3 of [9] Banishing Glyphosate, ISIS special report). Taking these and other additional findings into proper account would surely have been sufficient to classify glyphosate as a carcinogen. Asked to comment on the IARC’s reclassification, Fernando Manas, a member of the Genetics and Environmental Mutagenesis (GEMA) Group at the National University of Río Cuarto in Cordoba, Argentina, who has investigated the effect of agrochemicals for the past 9 years, confirmed the link between glyphosate and genetic damage, which leads to cancer and a higher risk of spontaneous abortions and birth defects in the new born, and said that the classification by IARC-WHO is a consequence of the growing scientific evidence generated by independent investigators. Furthermore, he pointed out that [10] this evidence, which has been deliberately ignored until now, means that “millions of gallons of herbicide with carcinogenic potential have been used according to regulations designed for a virtually harmless substance.” For two decades, entire populations were “subjected” to chronic pesticide exposures “based on criteria developed by the same companies that produce and market” agrochemicals.

Apr 14 09:18


Doused in gasoline, a former chief petty officer stood outside a Veterans Affairs (VA) outpatient clinic when he lit himself on fire and eventually died nine hours later. His wife recently confirmed that her husband was upset with the inadequate care that he had been receiving at the VA facility shortly before his suicide. A seven-year veteran of the U.S. Navy, Charles Ingram III walked nine miles from his home, past an American Legion park and a military veteran memorial, before arriving at the parking lot of the VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic around 1 p.m. on Saturday, March 19. While standing on a grass lawn near the clinic, the 51-year-old poured several gallons of gasoline on himself before committing self-immolation.

Apr 14 09:14

Robert De Niro Challenges Media to Research CDC Vaccine Whistleblower

By Derrick Broze

In an interview on the Today show, Robert De Niro, actor and co-founder of the Tribeca Film Festival, said he regrets pulling the documentary VAXXED from the festival.

Actor Robert De Niro has recently at the center of a storm regarding the decision to remove the documentary film VAXXED: From Controversy to Catastrophe from the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. Following the Tribeca cancellation, the film was also removed by officials with the Houston International Film Festival after being contacted by officials within the Mayor’s Office.

Apr 14 09:06

Earthquake topples houses in southern Japan

An earthquake has struck southern Japan, bringing down several houses, a top government spokesman says.

No tsunami warning was issued after the quake, measured at a preliminary magnitude of 6.4.

Apr 14 09:04

‘Democracy Spring is a Soros-funded, anti-Trump radical movement’

Americans, at least the enlightened ones, know that the system is rigged. And the organic element that’s here is that the people of America have every right to be angry because big money dominates politics, Christopher Greene from alternative GreeneWave TV, told RT.

RT: What's the key driver of this public anger we're seeing in the US capital?
Christopher Greene: George Soros, primarily. It is important to note that ‘Democracy Spring’ is an anti-Donald Trump radical organization.

Apr 14 08:53

Quantum Extremeophiles Discovered Thriving on Radiation

"Life finds a way." Thanks to a research time involving Princeton, Indiana University, and others, that isn't just a sappy Disney quote - it's an incredible fact. They found extremophile bacteria buried over two miles into solid rock, where the life-giving energy of the sun never reaches - the energy every other species on Earth depends on. Instead they found their own power source - radiation!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In the search for extraterrestrial life, scientists are often blinded by a certain species chauvinism. They assume (probably because of science fiction movies and TV shows) that life means life as we know it, water and carbon based. But as the extremophiles on our own world prove, life evolves to fit the environment.

I keep hearing and reading about how "lucky" we are that Earth is in the perfect place for life to evolve, but they have it backwards. We are comfortable on Earth because we evolved here. Searching for Earth-like planets on which to search for life is limiting. Life will be found in conditions we would consider lethal, based on chemistry we would consider toxic. We may not even recognize it as life at first glance. See VIKING, LIFE ON MARS, AND DR. GILBERT LEVIN

Apr 14 07:49

Fluoride Officially Classified as a Neurotoxin in World’s Most Prestigious Medical Journal

The movement to remove industrial sodium fluoride from the world’s water supply has been growing in recent years, with evidence coming out against the additive from several sources.

Now, a report from the world’s oldest and most prestigious medical journal, The Lancet, has officially classified fluoride as a neurotoxin — in the same category as arsenic, lead and mercury.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Remember when the fluoride issue first came up, and the government propagandists handled it the way they always handle public opposition to policy, by trying to make anyone who was concerned look like a kook, as seen in films of the day such as "In like Flint", and "Doctor Strangelove."

And here we are, years later, finding out that the people concerned about what was coming out of their faucets, the people the establishment media made such fun of, were right all along.

Just keep that in mind when you see people being ridiculed for doubting human-caused global warming, or the official story about .... anything.

Apr 14 07:26

Colorado GOP Chairman Steve House is getting threats from Donald Trump supporters

This was predictable.

Emails obtained by ABC News sent to Colorado GOP Chairman Steve House tell him to “quit whining” about all the threatening calls and emails he’s receiving. Another email tells him to “pray” he makes it to Cleveland, and instructs him to support Trump or “you are done.” One email provided to ABC News tells House to hide his family members.

“This does not have to do with Trump. This has everything to do with “the people” having a chance to vote,” one email sent today read. “Stop being a j-----f and admit that the residents of Colorado SHOUT [to] have the chance to vote rather than a slim minority telling the residents of CO who they have to vote for. That is the real story here. Quit whining about all the calls and email you’re getting. It’s your job. If you don’t want it – RESIGN.”

Apr 14 05:50

Tens of thousands of people across America are now being illegally targeted via extra-judicial means, at the expense of U.S. taxpayers. Welcome to the electronic Holocaust

Tens of thousands of people across America are now being illegally targeted via extra-judicial means, at the expense of U.S. taxpayers. Welcome to the electronic Holocaust

Apr 13 17:40

'Let's find out the truth': Robert de Niro says autistic son changed 'overnight' after MMR jab as he says he regrets pulling anti-vaccination movie from Tribeca Film Festival

Robert De Niro says he regrets pulling a controversial film linking the MMR vaccine to autism after his son changed 'overnight' following the jab

Apr 13 15:32

This 72 Year Old Woman Survived 9 Days in Arizona Wilderness: “Lost, With No Gas and No Cell Reception”

Real life survivor managed to stay alive after being stranded... partly because she “took a survival course and studied techniques for years.”

Ann Rodgers and her dog survived by drinking creek water and eating berries and plants, according to reports by law-enforcement officials. A weeklong multiagency search ended with a helicopter crew rounding a bend in a canyon to find her waving at them from below.


Apr 13 14:33

More evidence the Snyder admininstration won’t be replacing ANY lead water lines and other #FlintWaterCrisis news

Earlier this month, I suggested that the Snyder administration has no intention of replacing a single water line in Flint where the drinking water was contaminated with the powerful neurotoxin lead through the actions of Snyder’s appointed Emergency Managers and the ineptitude of his appointee at the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Dan Wyant, a man with zero experience in managing water systems:

Apr 13 13:17


According to the man who led this study, Robin Cahart-Harris, “In many ways, the brain in the LSD state resembles the state our brains were in when we were infants: free and unconstrained. This also makes sense when we consider the hyper-emotional and imaginative nature of an infant’s mind.”

Apr 13 13:02

Under ObamaCare, Insurers Are Losing Money On A Product People Must Buy

ObamaCare requires people to buy insurance, but UnitedHealth Group is losing so much money it’s exiting two states, and eight co-ops are on the brink. This is your health care on government.

The good news just keeps on rolling in for ObamaCare.

Apr 13 09:55

Watering Your Garden with City Water Injects Pharmaceuticals Into Your Veggies

By Steven Maxwell

Do you water your vegetable garden with recycled city water? If so, you may be eating pharmaceutical contaminants that accumulate in your food.

A recent study released by Chemistry and Engineering News shows that “eating vegetables grown using reclaimed water boosts urine levels of carbamazepine, an anti-epileptic drug commonly detected in wastewater” meaning that anyone who consumes this produce is exposed to the carbamazepine drug in detectable dosages...

Apr 13 09:34

Sugar addiction 'should be treated as a form of drug abuse'

It is widely thought to affect the brain in a similar way to cocaine, and now a new study has suggested people addicted to sugar should be treated in the same way as other drug abusers.

Apr 13 09:24

The Incredibly Sexist Ads Big Pharma Has Used Peddle Pills to Women

Ads hawking hormone replacement therapy to spare women the living decay of old age and failed ovaries did not end until fairly recently. Wyeth (who made the most popular hormone drugs) ran high-budget TV ads in the early 2000s, with model Lauren Hutton telling the viewer that aging and loss of hormones was terrible—and voluntary. Menopause, said the Hutton ads, “contributes” to heart disease and other “age-related diseases,” but hormone replacement therapy would prevent diminished memory, loss of sight and even tooth-loss. According to these ads, women didn’t lose hormones because they aged; they aged because they lost hormones.

If hormone replacement therapy was mostly hype or barely worked, that would be one thing. But more then ten years ago, hormone replacement therapy was found to cause most of the age-related afflictions it was supposed to prevent.

Apr 13 08:54

Robert De Niro Regrets Pulling Anti-Vaccine Film, Claims ‘Something Is There’

Robert De Niro is speaking out again, this time on the Today Show where he said that he regrets his part in the decision to pull Andrew Wakefield’s documentary from his TriBeca Film Festival. De Niro opened up on the subject, leading us to believe that he is supportive of anti-vaccination campaigns.

De Niro stated,

“I think people should see it.”

“There is a backlash I haven’t fully explored.”

“I as a parent of a child who has autism, I want to know the truth.”

Apr 13 08:32

The toxic takeaway containers: Fast food lovers are exposed to 40% higher levels of chemicals that are known to disrupt hormones and have been linked to autism

The study showed that fast food lovers are at greater risk from phthalates - a group of chemicals used to soften and increase the flexibility of plastic and vinyl - often found in packaging.

Phthalates have been banned from children's toys and products such as teething rings and soft books because of their potential toxic effects.

The chemicals are known to disrupt hormones and have been implicated in several illnesses and condition including asthma to autism.

The new study, published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, is one of the first to look at fast-food consumption and exposure to phthalates.

Lead author Assistant Professor Ami Zota, of Milken Institute School of Public Health in the United States, said: 'People who ate the most fast food had phthalate levels that were as much as 40 per cent higher.

Apr 13 08:26

'Statins DO cause muscle pain - I've seen it first hand': Physiotherapist says the drugs affect some of her patients so much they're barely able to move

In the UK, seven million people now take the drug, which lowers 'bad' LDL cholesterol in the body, reducing the risk of heart disease, heart attacks and stroke.

And on the ground I see the direct effects - including patients suffering muscle pains so severe it stops them being able to move.

I'd estimate around 40 per cent of people I see who are taking statins have aches and pains that might be partly due to their medication.

And when they complain to their GP, their concerns are often ignored or dismissed.

Apr 13 08:13

Censorship of medical truth reaches fever pitch as corrupt medical establishment attempts to silence growing number of films and books about cancer and vaccines

The censorship of medical truth has reached a fever pitch as books, films and documentaries are now being maliciously attacked and censored in a desperate ploy to prevent the public from learning the truth about cancer, vaccines, antidepressant drugs and more.

In this podcast, I explain why censorship of medical truth has reached a level of insanity and criminality that we've never seen before in modern society. The entire medical establishment -- just like the political establishment -- is totally rigged against the People. And censorship is just one of the weapons the medical establishment uses to prevent people from getting well by making sure they stay sick, diseased and "revenue generating" for Big Pharma.

Apr 13 08:11

April 13th, 2016Robert De Niro on anti-vaccine film controversy: ‘Let’s find out the truth’

The Tribeca Film Festival now is celebrating its 15th year and founders, actor Robert De Niro and producer Jane Rosenthal mark the occasion with an interview on TODAY. De Niro, who has an autistic child, comments on the decision to pull the anti-vaccination film “Vaxxed” from this year’s lineup, even though he says, “I think the movie is something that people should see,” and he questions statistics on vaccine-preventable diseases.

Apr 12 18:23

It’s Official: Ted Cruz, GOP Elites Support Tyranny – Spit on The People

On Saturday Ted Cruz, with the assistance from GOP elites and billionaire donors, took all 13 of the delegates up for grabs at the Colorado GOP Convention. The party leaders gave all of the state’s delegates to Ted Cruz in a voter-less contest.

But it was not without controversy.
There never was a vote – Party elites decided on who got the delegates.

This is what tyranny looks like.

Apr 12 10:58

Professor : ‘Climate change deniers deserve punishment’…

If the science is settled, then why do they have to constantly alter the historical temperature data and omit all data that disproves their models?

Apr 12 10:17


London, UK. LIFF, the London Independent Film Festival (, has controversially axed its screening of the film Positive Hell, scheduled for April 17, in a move described by the film’s writer and narrator, Joan Shenton, as “blatant censorship” and “the latest case of ‘no platforming'”.

This morning, Ms Shenton announced that she had been contacted by LIFF director, Erich Schultz, to say that he had “pulled” the film after four HIV/AIDS charities had threatened protests at the screening venue and at festival sponsors’ premises “if we [LIFF] don’t comply”. Schultz also said he had received “over twenty protest letters”.

The axing has some echoes of Robert De Niro’s decision to remove the anti-vaccinaton documentary Vaxxed from the Tribeca film festival in New York at the end of March (, though there is no suggestion that the two films are in any way similar.

Apr 12 09:14

For people with cataracts, a diet rich in vitamin C can stop the condition from progressing as rapidly

The new study featured more than 1,000 pairs of 60-year-old British female twins. Researchers say that they discovered those who took in large amounts of vitamin C in their diet were one-third less likely to develop cataracts over a 10-year period.

Apr 12 09:02

Why chemo is not the answer to cancer: shorter life spans, destruction of the immune system, and more

You may not know this, but there is an interesting – and disturbing – statistic regarding chemotherapy. When it all comes down to it, you might be surprised to know that 75 percent of doctors surveyed in a 2013 report said they would refuse the treatment for themselves.

That's three out of four.

And do you know why? Because they know of its devastating effects on the body and the immune system, and they are well aware that chemotherapy generally has a low overall success rate. And yet, this ineffective treatment is prescribed for just about every cancer there is.

Apr 12 08:38

Maryland Makes History By Banning Bee-Killing Pesticide

Maryland just led the way to save bees from harmful pesticides by passing a bill to eliminate the use of neonicotinoids, a first for any state in America. This class of agricultural chemicals is especially harmful to these important pollinating insects. In a major victory to protect the bees locally, the state…

Apr 12 07:00

Just Flasking Ridiculous!

By Jack Perry
April 12, 2016
Hey, did you know in Texas, it’s illegal to possess an Erlenmeyer flask without a permit from the government? What’s an Erlenmeyer flask? It’s that glass conical-bottom, narrow-necked flask you see in all the science labs. Remember high school science class? So why is a piece of science lab equipment illegal without das paperwerken from das government? Because it’s allegedly used to manufacture illegal drugs. Well, gosh, so are a lot of things! But this is a thing I have mentioned before here and now would like to expand on: Local government is often the most tyrannical because they can pass laws faster than the federal government can spend a billion dollars.
Webmaster addition: I use an Erlenmeyer flask to make nano-silver!

Apr 11 21:18

NASA Confesses to Dosing Americans with Air-borne Lithium & Other Chemicals

Waking Times
In the first bomb-shell video a NASA employee ( admits that lithium is being sprayed in the atmosphere, and says that it is “harmless to the environment.”

Apr 11 11:50

Video: The ‘Makers’ Of Modern China: New Generation Of Inventors Let Imagination Fly

Meet China’s “makers”: inventors, engineers and visionaries whose innovations have the potential to shape the future of their country and the whole world.

Apr 11 09:22


The Defense Department christened the Sea Hunter, a 132-foot robot ghost ship designed to seek out and track diesel-powered submarines across the ocean. The start of the test phase for the program on Thursday signals a new dawn for autonomous systems at sea, which, Pentagon officials say, will perform an ever-wider variety of jobs and could fundamentally change the way militaries operate on the water.

Apr 11 08:31

Punxsutawney Phil Found Dead

Phil has been under increasing scrutiny ever since his February 2, 2016 prediction of an early spring. The weather has showed no signs of an early spring, in fact most of the northern US is currently in the midst of snow flurries.

Webmaster addition: I don't see any blood on the gun or Phil's paws, so I am suspicious! :)

Apr 11 06:37

BPA Found In Food Cans, Study Finds

Could a controversial chemical be found in your own kitchen cabinet? A new study backed by six nonprofit groups tested nearly 200 food cans and found bisphenol, or BPA, in 67 percent of cans tested. It was in every Campbell's product sampled, 71 percent of Del Monte products and half of General Mills cans. Dr. David Agus joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss the findings.

Apr 11 05:52

Medical Dr. Lorraine Day, Wife of Retired GOP Congressman: Astounding Interview on AIDS, Cancer, Big Pharma, & Zionist Control of America

John Friend of The Realist Report recently interviewed Dr. Lorraine Day in an absolutely astounding, no-holds-barred must-hear interview. This gutsy woman is really something else.

Apr 10 19:57

Water systems across New Mexico reveal high levels of lead

NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Water systems across the state are turning up with hazardous levels of lead.
This guy thinks lead is okay!

David Dolldolldoll • 6 hours ago
I know someone who is actively working in the mass spec labs to analyze this lead problem, and he reassured it's not that dangerous. Must of it is lead sulphates which are not toxic. Lead ions are toxic. This has been known for years, and I think it's just a sensationalized news article on a slow news day.

Apr 10 15:46

‘Perfect storm’ of factors made 2014-15 flu shot a bust

A “perfect storm” of conditions during the 2014-15 flu season may have contributed to the lowest effectiveness of the annual influenza vaccine that Canadian researchers have observed in more than a decade of monitoring.

Generally, getting inoculated reduces the risk of contracting influenza by about 40 to 60 per cent. But last year’s vaccine was found over all to be less than 10 per cent effective in preventing cases of flu – and in some people may have actually helped increase the risk of getting sick.

Apr 10 15:40

SpaceX Sending Cargo Ship To Bring Next-Generation Inflatable Habitat To ISS

Commercial space transport company SpaceX launched its “Dragon” cargo craft to bring supplies to the astronauts on the International Space Station. The company subsequently made history by landing the reusable stage of the rocket on a floating vessel.

Apr 10 11:12

How To Reduce Premature Deaths Linked To Environmental Risks

Millions of deaths around the world are preventable every year without any additional spending on research for treatment. And the cause has nothing to do with gun violence or war.

Apr 10 10:19

Poisoned By Pesticides: How One Farmer Changed Trial Into Triumph With Organic Crops

By Brianna Blaschke

After being poisoned by his own pesticides, strawberry farmer Jim Cochran went against the grain, earning him the title of owning the first large-scale organic strawberry farm.

In recent years, the extent of which “conventional” agricultural methods cause serious harm has been brought to light, with countless examples of the detriment chemical usage on crops creates...

Apr 09 12:28

Scientist Releases EPA Study They Didn’t Want Published – Links Fracking to Water Contamination

By Claire Bernish

A new study has confirmed a controversial EPA draft report that was never fully completed: in one location, fracking chemicals contaminated a drinking water aquifer. Unlike previous reports which found potential contamination from methane seepage and wastewater elements, this study found the presence of chemicals employed to perform hydraulic fracturing in a potable aquifer.

“We documented impact to a water resource as a result of hydraulic fracturing for the first time,” scientist Dominic DiGiulio said in an interview according to the Casper Star Tribune...

Apr 09 11:50

Capitalism And Global Agribusiness: From Ford To Monsanto, It’s For Your Own Good

“We must… build our own local food systems that create new rural-urban links, based on truly agroecological food production… We cannot allow Agroecology to be a tool of the industrial food production model: we see it as the essential alternative to that model, and as the means of transforming how we produce and consume food into something better for humanity and our Mother Earth… Agroecology is political; it requires us to challenge and transform structures of power in society. We need to put the control of seeds, biodiversity, land and territories, waters, knowledge, culture and the commons in the hands of the peoples who feed the world.” – Extract from The Declaration of the International Forum for Agroecology, Nyeleni, Mali, 27 February 2015

Apr 09 11:45

'Compact & Durable’: Scientists Encode, Retrieve 10,000 Gigabytes Stored On DNA Molecules

Researchers at the University of Washington and Microsoft are developing one of the first complete storage systems to house digital data in DNA. The news comes as the digital universe is expected to hit 44 trillion gigabytes by 2020.

Apr 09 11:23

PROFANITY WARNING -- Watch The NSFW Video Of The SpaceX Rocket Landing That Elon Musk Tweeted, Then Deleted

This is great. And it's not like the American people have never heard these words before.


Apr 09 10:27

Why VAXXED Was Shot Down At Tribeca — Up Close And Personal

Now, moving along: Jane Rosenthal’s husband, Craig Hatkoff, sits on the board of the NYU Child Study Center in New York—and that major, major Center is deeply involved in the research, study, and treatment of child psychiatric disorders. In case you’ve forgotten, autism is officially listed as a psychiatric disorder.

The NYU Center would never, ever, in a million years imagine that vaccines could cause autism. If they did imagine it, they’d shut up and march straight ahead with their brain imaging studies and other mainstream distractions.

Apr 09 10:25

Atrocious State of Cancer Treatment in the U.S.

Being diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme, a type of brain tumor, is considered a death sentence by modern medicine.

Despite a decades-long war on cancer, and the “most advanced” treatments known to 21st century oncologists, people who develop this aggressive, fast-growing cancer are given a prognosis of about 15 months to live — if they’re lucky.

Aggressive treatment, including surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, is often started, even though oncologists know it won’t cure the disease.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But it makes the doctors and pharmaceutical companies RICH!!!!!!!

Apr 09 10:02

VAXXED Now Playing at Angelika Film Center NYC

An investigation into how the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the government agency charged with protecting the health of American citizens, destroyed data on their 2004 study that showed a link between the MMR vaccine and autism, VAXXED: FROM COVER-UP TO CATASTROPHE explores an alarming deception that may have contributed to the skyrocketing increase of autism, potentially the most catastrophic epidemic of our lifetime.

Apr 09 09:59

Big Pharma Accused of Starting Autism Pandemic with MMR Vaccine

In 1978, only one in 16,000 people were autistic. In recent years, numbers have soared to unexpected levels.

Apr 09 09:53

Exclusive: Blocking Trump could hurt Republicans in election - Reuters/Ipsos poll

Without Trump at the head of the ticket the Repubs will go the way of the Whig Party. BYE!BYE! Repubs! Don't let the door hit you in the ass when you leave America!

A third of Republican voters who support Donald Trump could turn their backs on their party in November's presidential election if he is denied the nomination in a contested convention, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll.

The results are bad news for Trump's rivals as well as party elites opposed to the real estate billionaire, suggesting that an alternative Republican nominee for the Nov. 8 presidential race would have a tougher road against the Democrats.

"If it’s a close election, this is devastating news" for the Republicans, said Donald Green, an expert on election turnout at Columbia University.

Apr 09 09:33

The Beginning Of The End For Obamacare: Largest US Health Insurer Exits Georgia, Arkanasas

In a statement, UnitedHealth said that "the company is evaluating the viability of the insurance exchange product segment and will determine during the first half of 2016 to what extent it can continue to serve the public exchange markets in 2017."

Needless to say, the implications for Obamacare - which had seen a surge in problems over the past year - were dire: As Bloomberg reported at the time, "a pull-back would deal a significant blow to President Barack Obama’s signature domestic policy achievement. While UnitedHealth has been slower than some of its rivals to sell Obamacare policies since new government-run marketplaces for the plans opened in late 2013, the announcement may indicate that other insurers are struggling."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apr 09 07:42

CIA’s Venture Capital Arm Is Funding Skin Care Products That Collect DNA

KINCENTIAL SCIENCES, a company with an innovative line of cosmetic products marketed as a way to erase blemishes and soften skin, has caught the attention of beauty bloggers on YouTube, Oprah’s lifestyle magazine, and celebrity skin care professionals. Documents obtained by The Intercept reveal that the firm has also attracted interest and funding from In-Q-Tel, the venture capital arm of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Apr 09 07:30

Rise Of The Independent Microfactory Could Decentralize Multinational Conglomerates

By Brian Berletic

General Electric (GE) in cooperation with opensource distributed automaker LocalMotors, MakerBot, and several other names in digital fabrication, opened FirstBuild, a microfactory that crowd-sourced design ideas, prototyped and manufactured them in small batches, before using GE’s mass production and marketing power to bring them to the international market.

As of 2016, over 1,000 ideas have been created there.

One potential advantage of this business model is that it allows large conglomerates struggling against growing competition worldwide to cut down on R&D and marketing.

But what comes after? ...

Apr 09 07:08

SpaceX rocket successfully lands on ocean drone platform for first time

SpaceX landed a reusable rocket on a robotic drone on Friday, its fifth attempt and a historic achievement in a budding space race between billionaires to revolutionize spaceflight.

Apr 09 06:52

This hospital will do anything to avoid prescribing opioids

Patients more likely to receive laughing gas than OxyContin ...

Apr 09 06:45

16,000 Cincinnati residents receive warning about lead pipes, water contamination

Cincinnati city officials sent out letters to 16,000 residents this week, informing them that much of the city’s water transporting pipes are still made of lead.

Apr 08 16:51

New Jersey Homeowner May Face Jail for Flying Trump Campaign Flag

A New Jersey man who's been flying Donald Trump's campaign flag in front of his home since February could face up to a $2,000 fine or jail time when he faces a judge in the case.
Joe Hornick has been flying Trump's "Make America Great Again" flag outside his West Long Branch home on a busy corner near the Monmouth University campus for months.

Apr 08 16:42

National Security Racketeering Network analysis

This operation extra-judicially targets “Potential Domestic Threats” (innocent Americans) and engages in what is referred to as Outrageous Government Conduct using tactics from the East German Stasi and the U.K.’s GCHQ.

Apr 08 14:06

SpaceX successfully lands its rocket on a floating drone ship for the first time

Apr 08 13:09

Why Did Houston’s Mayor Prevent VAXXED From Being Screened?

By Derrick Broze

...Activist Post contacted Janice Evans at the Mayor's Office and was able to confirm that the Mayor did not directly stop the film from being shown, but did ask that it not be screened at the Houston International Film Festival. “The mayor did not halt the showing of the movie. He asked that it not be included in the lineup because the film festival has received city grant funding,” Janice Evans told AP. “It is contradictory for the city to provide financial assistance to an event that is disseminating an anti-vaccination message that is counter to the work our health department does.” I pressed the Mayor’s Office further...

Apr 08 10:25

SpaceX First Resupply Mission To The International Space Station Since June Crash To Launch Friday

Nearly a year since the failure of its Dragon spacecraft launch, SpaceX will attempt its first commercial resupply mission to the International Space Station Friday. Since June, the commercial spaceflight company has seen success with three completed missions and the ground-based landing of the Falcon 9 rocket. With a recently announced contract extension by NASA, there’s a lot more riding on a successful launch than another attempt to land a rocket on an ocean barge.

Apr 08 09:58

CDC is hiding a massive collection of damning scientific evidence proving vaccines are linked to autism

(NaturalNews) The Berlin Wall of vaccine injury denialism is about to crumble. Although every effort is being made by the vaccine establishment to crush and silence the truth about vaccine injuries -- including heavy-handed censorship of the "VAXXED" documentary -- the truth is that vaccines cause autism in some children.

Apr 08 09:26

“Good People Don’t Smoke Marijuana” — Clueless Senator Just Vilified 50% of All Americans

By Justin Gardner

As cannabis legalization sweeps the nation, a small group of U.S. senators held a desperate anti-pot circus show this week where they showcased the absurdity of cannabis prohibition. The hearing was dubbed “Is the Department of Justice Adequately Protecting the Public From the Impact of State Recreational Marijuana Legalization?”

Chuck Grassley and Dianne Feinstein, the two oldest members of the Senate, hosted the event and invited other prohibition crusaders such as Nebraska attorney general Doug Peterson, who attempted to sue Colorado for being a drug cartel. Sen. Jeff Sessions also attended and provided perhaps the most laughable statement of the hearing when he said, “good people don’t smoke marijuana.”...

Apr 08 08:24

Keep Your Eyes On Africa’s Latest Virus Outbreak

By Maggie Martin

Mosquitoes are once again in the news … and so are vaccines. Angola, Africa is the site of the latest “outbreak,” this time yellow fever. So far, at least 225 people have died, with over 1,600 reported cases. The outbreak is of particular concern as it first took hold in the nation’s capital of 6 million people, Luanda, in December of last year.

Yellow fever – similar to Zika, chikunguya and dengue – is carried by the now globally dreaded Aedes aegypti mosquito. Unlike the knowingly inflated numbers of the mass hysteria that surrounded Zika, yellow fever has long been recognized as a source of mass casualties in the 40+ countries where it has appeared, resulting in tens of thousands of deaths annually.

While the illness and deaths unfolding across Angola are horrific for those currently in yellow fever’s path, it is notable that the mainstream media is pushing the apparently much larger question: Could yellow fever return to the USA? ...

Apr 08 08:14

UFO no more: Crashed rocket found on the Moon

NASA has solved a 43-year-old mystery by finally locating Apollo 16’s rocket booster, the third stage of a Saturn V rocket that crash landed on the moon in 1972.

Apr 08 06:45

'Why cannabis SHOULD be prescribed to patients': Drug can help with conditions from chronic pain to cancer - with few side effects, leading doctor argues

There is considerable evidence for cannabis being effective to treat a variety of conditions.

Certainly quite good evidence exists showing it is effective in helping patients with spasticity.

Indeed a cannabis product – Sativex – is prescribed legally to patients with multiple sclerosis if their spasticity has become resistant to other drugs.

It has also been shown to reduce the number of times they need to empty their bladder.

However, cannabis has also shown to be useful in chronic pain, particularly non-cancer pain and neuropathic pain, which is caused by damage to the brain or nervous system.

There are a whole variety of other conditions in which evidence shows it can be useful, for example managing the nausea that comes with chemotherapy and improving sleep.

It can be used as an appetite stimulant for patients in debilitating conditions, such as those with HIV.

Apr 07 19:36

Breaking: Mayor’s Office In Houston Shut Down VAXXED

By John Rappoport


The film Vaxxed, exposing criminal fraud at the CDC and the CDC’s concealment of a link between the MMR vaccine and autism, was shut down in Houston. Locked out 2 days ago.

It was supposed to open at the Worldfest Houston International Film Festival, but Hunter Todd, the head of the Festival, admitted in writing that “high government officials” in Houston had threatened the Festival—so Vaxxed was axed...

Apr 07 15:02

Capitalism vs. Free Enterprise

Capitalism gives special government-supported benefits to capital and those with capital (wealthy individuals, families and business entities).
This is the opposite of socialism, which promotes special government-supported benefits to those without capital—the proletariat, as Karl Marx put it.
In contrast to both capitalism and socialism, free enterprise establishes good laws and government policies that treat the rich, middle and poor the same.
Some people may believe that this is the system we live under in the United States today—that the law treats all the same.
Such an assumption is incorrect.

Apr 07 12:35

Little Known Fact: Police Drug Kits Test Positive With Just About Anything

If you’ve ever found yourself on the wrong side of the law, there’s a good chance that you’ve encountered a field drug test before. It’s what the police use to test any suspicious looking substances you might have in your possession to see if they’re illegal drugs. And they are of course admissible in a court of law. What the cops won’t tell you however, is that these drug test kits are incredibly fallible, and there are plenty of innocent substances that can cause them to produce a false positive.

Several years ago the U.S. Marijuana Policy Project did a demonstration with the kits that the police use to put people in jail. The results were both enlightening and horrifying.

(read more)

Apr 07 12:10

Robert De Niro, Alt-Media Hero for Successful Launch of VAXXED Documentary

Waking Times

Vaxxed: From Cover Up To Catastrophe interviews pharmaceutical insiders, doctors, politicians, and parents of vaccine-injured children, to reveal an alarming deception that has contributed to the skyrocketing increase of autism and potentially the most catastrophic epidemic of our lifetime.

Apr 07 12:08

Why is the Media So Afraid of This Woman’s Work?

Waking Times

One of the most important books in the history of psychiatry and natural medicine has been published by HarperCollins, who unique among their mainstream publishing competitors, had the guts to release it completely uncensored.

Apr 07 11:02

Boom: Another Vaccine Whistleblower Steps Out Of The Shadows

By Jon Rappoport

MMR vaccine dangerous

Vaccine Empire wobbles on its foundations

The new film Vaxxed highlights one whistleblower, researcher William Thompson, who publicly admitted he and his CDC colleagues lied, cheated, and committed gross fraud in exonerating the MMR vaccine and pretending it had no connection to autism.

Now we have another: Dr. Peter Fletcher...

Apr 07 08:39

Leaked Report Reveals Unsanitary Conditions At UN Bases During Haitian Cholera Epidemic

The United States is actively discouraging countries from holding the UN accountable for bringing cholera to Haiti, says Brian Concannon, Executive Director of the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti.

Apr 07 07:28


SSRI Stories is a collection of over 6,000 stories that have appeared in the media (newspapers, TV, scientific journals) in which prescription drugs were mentioned and in which the drugs may be linked to a variety of adverse outcomes including violence.

This updated site includes the stories from the previous site and new ones from 2011 to date. We have used a new “category” classification system on the new stories. We are working back through previously SSRI Stories to bring them into the new classification system. In the meantime use the search box in the upper right column to search through both the old and the new stories.

SSRI Stories focuses primarily on problems caused by selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), of which Prozac (fluoxetine) was the first. For more see About SSRIs. Other medications prescribed as antidepressants that fit the “nightmares” theme of the collected stories are sometimes included.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But every time one of these medications sends someone into a murderous rage, they never mention the medication; they blame the guns.

Apr 07 06:51

VAXXED: the ABC News interview that Big Pharma didn't want you to see

This is the full UNCUT interview that ABC World News conducted with Del Bigtree of the "VAXXED" documentary now censored by Robert De Niro and the Tribeca Film Festival.

ABC News used only five seconds from this interview...

Find out what else they didn't want you to see...

Apr 07 06:40

For Your Own Good! Embedding Transnational Agribusiness And GMOs Into African Agriculture

The African Centre for Biodiversity (ACB) has just released the report For your own good!, which outlines the GMO industry’s expansion across Africa. The report focusses on non-commercial traditional crops, such as cassava, sorghum, sweet potato, pigeon pea, cowpea, banana and rice, which corporations are attempting to genetically modify and roll out under the guise of philanthropy.

Apr 07 01:31

Damning blood test results for DuPont plant neighbors

The first blood tests on two people living near the DuPont factory in Dordrecht (*Netherlands) showed that the concentration of toxic chemical C8 in their blood is much higher than the government expected, newspaper AD, who had the blood tests done, reports.

The first blood tests were done on Jan and Ineke, a couple whose been living next to the plant for 32 years. The high concentration of C8 – a toxic substance used to produce Teflon, banned after being classified as very dangerous in 2012 – means that the two and thousands of other residents in the area face significant health risks due to the factory’s emissions.

Apr 06 19:16

Ecuador’s Indigenous Willing To Die To Defend Rainforest Against Oil Drilling

By Derrick Broze

As oil drilling begins in the Ecuadorian Amazon, the Sápara people are prepared to lay their lives on the line to defend the Earth.

Indigenous, native, and First Nation communities around the world have long been fighting the forces of colonization. Thousands of unique communities with diverse cultures, languages, and beliefs are united in their desire to preserve their sacred ways of life. They are also fighting against the theft, slavery, and oppression which has characterized relations between native peoples and invaders.

Apr 06 19:08

It's On! American Institute of Architects to Hear New WTC 7 Resolution by 97 Architects


97 Architects Submit Resolution to be Voted on at
AIA National Convention

Our Most Important Campaign of the Year!

We did it again. I, along with 96 other AE911Truth petition signers who are members of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), have sponsored a bold resolution that calls upon the AIA to officially support a new WTC 7 investigation.

Yesterday the AIA released its Official Delegate Information Booklet. Our resolution, number 16-3 on page 36, is one of just three that will be voted on.

Unlike last year’s resolution, this one contains three pages of powerful evidence upon which we're basing our call for a new investigation. At least 1,000 AIA members — if not more — will lay eyes on it in the next six weeks.

AIA Resolution Campaign 2.0

Apr 06 15:14

Record Breaking: Pig Hearts Stay Alive In Baboons For More Than 2 Years

Genetically engineered pig hearts managed to stay alive inside baboons for over two years without being rejected, according to a new study by researchers at the National Institutes of Health. Previous efforts in xenografts had survived less than a year.

Apr 06 14:20

Why The Failed Pharma-Based Healthcare System Is Bankrupting America

It should not come as a surprise to many that over the past year, spending on healthcare was the second largest consumer of private funds, voraciously vacuuming up some $1.9 trillion in real dollars. More importantly, noted Zero Hedge, for U.S. economic growth, such as it was, healthcare spending was the biggest source of incremental costs by almost a factor of two.

Apr 06 13:37

The Technology That Could Make Blind People See Again

Neuroscientist Sheila Nirenberg received a MacArthur Genius Award for figuring out, for the first time ever, how our retinas take images from the outside world and turn them into a neural “code” that the brain can understand. It started as a pure research project, but now she’s building the code into a device that could bring sight to the blind.

Apr 06 12:45

Festival Threatened by “High Government Officials” Not to Show Anti-Vaccine Film

Email correspondence between Todd and Philippe Diaz, head of Cinema Libre, the distributor of the film, shockingly reveals how government censors are apparently desperate to stop the film from reaching a wider audience.

“I wanted you to know that just like De Niro and Tribeca, we must withdraw our invitation to screen VAXXED! It has been cancelled, and there was no press release about the film…that was scheduled for today, but after very threatening calls late yesterday (Monday) from high Houston Government officials (the first and only time they have ever called in 49 years) – we had no choice but to drop the film,” states Todd’s email to Diaz.

“Heavy handed censorship, to say the least…they both threatened severe action against the festival if we showed it, so it is out,” he added.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

All this just makes me want to buy the DVD when it comes out.

Apr 06 12:12

Keystone Pipeline Shut Down After it Begins Leaking in South Dakota

TransCanada shut down a lengthy portion of its Keystone pipeline on Monday after a reported 187 gallons of crude oil spilled in South Dakota. Though the leak could be considered proportionately minor — estimated by TransCanada to cover a 10- to 30-foot area on the ground — it sparked fresh debate over the relative safety of pipelines, in general, as a means for transporting crude.

Apr 06 12:12

Gov. Snyder faces racketeering suit over Flint water crisis

The lawsuit accuses Snyder and others of hatching a “wrongful scheme” to reduce Flint’s indebtedness by stopping the impoverished city from buying treated Lake Huron water from Detroit, instead of “invoking time tested, well-honed federal bankruptcy protections for restructuring the debts of municipalities.”

Snyder spokesman Ari Adler declined comment on the suit.

State officials have acknowledged erroneously advising Flint officials not to treat the river water with anti-corrosive chemicals, and that this enabled lead to leach from aging pipes and reach some homes, businesses and schools. Testing last fall showed that levels of lead in the blood of some children in the city rose after the water systems were switched.

Apr 06 11:51

Monsanto's Willing Executioners

Bt-infused crops have the Bacillus thuringiensis toxin built directly into the plant. That toxic protein kills hungry insects. But, like Roundup-doused weeds, insects are developing resistance to Bt crops. Whether it's lice in Texas, bacteria in India or superweeds choking American farms, resistance to human-made poison is literally a textbook response by Mother Nature.

Now this predictable evolutionary response is casting a pall over the agribusiness model.

The Union of Concerned Scientists pointed out that the superweed "plague" overshadows "60 million acres of U.S. cropland" and is "wreaking environmental havoc, driving up farmers' costs and prompting them to resort to more toxic weed-killers." Even worse, scientists at the International Survey of Herbicide Resistant Weeds found "467 unique cases of herbicide resistant weeds globally" and that weeds evolved resistance to "160 different herbicides" in "86 crops in 66 countries."

Apr 06 11:46

Call me Confused

This is a report (video) that talks, with facts, about the TransGender lunacy.
Well worth watching if you are interested in the subject as a resource of better understanding just how silly this is - The speaker comments that this mental illness is no different than the mental illness of anorexia, cutting oneself, etc. - things that although real in the confused mind of a few, are still mental dysfunctions and as in Transgender situations has a huge suicide rate among those that DID have the hormones, operations, and what ever treatments.

Apr 06 11:35

8 Disturbing Ways Society Is Feminizing Men Through Food And Products

A reoccurring theme in many of the food health concerns revolves around high estrogen levels. This can be harmful to men and women. It’s almost as if there is a conspiracy to reduce the population of humans on planet earth.

Apr 06 11:04

CURSE YOU GLOBAL WARMING! April cold threatens ‘significant losses’ of fruit crop in northeastern US

Ongoing waves of cold during early April are taking a toll on fruit tree blossoms in parts of the northeastern United States

Apr 06 10:04

Southern California braces for summer blackouts due to Porter Ranch gas leak

ate officials warn that Southern California could face as many as 14 days of scheduled blackouts this summer because of depleted reserves of natural gas caused by the massive leak in Aliso Canyon.

The canyon in the hills above Porter Ranch is a crucial gas storage facility, supplying 17 power plants in the Los Angeles Basin. But the four-month leak that began in October left the facility at one-fifth of its capacity and new injections of gas have been prohibited until all of its wells have passed comprehensive tests.

Officials estimate the storage facility won’t be back on line for months, leaving local power plants without a key source of natural gas.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a classic example of what happens when infrastructure maintenance is ignored over a long period of time; the ensuing problems become far harder, and far more costly to fix.

Apr 06 07:52

NASA Nearly Crashed the Vomit Comet on a Reckless Trip to Greenland

In the first instance, NASA officials pressured the crew to transport a giant wooden engine from Houston to Costa Rica as a favor to a former astronaut, according to two of the crew members. Although the mission was successful, NASA seemed to deliberately avoid publicizing the flight.

On another occasion that year, the crew was asked to deliver Navy cargo to Greenland even though members of the crew said the trip was unsafe, resulting in a “near fatal crash,” according to documents from a NASA Inspector General investigation. Despite conducting an investigation, the agency says it never reviewed a video that was taken of the incident, and never contacted one of the crew members who was deemed the "principal witness."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When I was with NASA, I got to take a ride on the KC-135 version of the Vomit Comet. I didn't get to float around as I was tethered down operating some equipment, but neither did I puke! :)

Apr 06 07:43

Ted Cruz and Pastors Smite Donald Trump in Wisconsin

Christian Evangelical support. Voter fraud,as well as Trump doing virtually No campaigning in Wisconsin,sending Palin in as his sub.
His support has been dropping since he made that groveling speech before AIPAC and talking about jailing women for abortions wasn't too smart either. I sure hope we are not being Perowwed!

MILWAUKEE — On Tuesday night, Christians saved Ted Cruz.
The Texan made winning Wisconsin look easy, waltzing to a double-digit victory in the Badger State and all but guaranteeing that the Republican Party will pick its nominee at a contested convention in Cleveland this summer.
But Tuesday’s result was not predestined—and it wasn’t just a series of unforced errors that made the Trump Train sputter. The Cruz team pulled off a singular organizing feat, corralling a sizable number of Christian pastors for last-minute endorsements that helped shore up his support among evangelical Christians.

Apr 06 07:32

The Tiny State Of Vermont Is Forcing GMO Labeling Nationwide

When Vermont passed a law in 2014 that required all genetically engineered food sold in the state to be labeled by July 1, 2016, it likely had no idea it would force disclosure beyond its own borders.

With the deadline to comply fast-approaching, several major food producers have announced plans to voluntarily label products containing genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, not only in the small New England state, but nationwide.

Apr 06 07:19

'Only Brexit can save the NHS' Ex Labour minister says EU is DESTROYING our health service

Former foreign secretary Lord Owen said the "dysfunctional European Union" is killing our health service with excessive regulation and constant meddling.

He warned that Brussels has now become "entrenched" within the NHS, adding that the upcoming referendum on June 23 is a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity" to break free.

Apr 05 17:12

5 Facts On Cancer That Conventional Medicine Is Now Aggressively Claiming Are Myths

According to the conventional wisdom of mainstream medicine, the world’s leading health practitioners in alternative, complementary and integrative medicine have it all wrong and are misinforming millions in practice...

Apr 05 17:01

How Obamacare Just Made Filing Your Taxes Worse

That is money many families just don’t have. According to December 2015 estimates from the Kaiser Family Foundation, the average household without compliant coverage faces $661 in tax penalties for 2015, rising to $969 for 2016. The penalties are even higher for those not eligible to receive premium subsidies under the law: $1,177 for 2015, rising to $1,450 this year. While some will be exempt, millions of families and individuals will be penalized for not purchasing health insurance they cannot afford.

Apr 05 16:56

More Global Warming : Record Cold Temps Sweep Northeast; Another Arctic Blast on Way…

Record cold temperatures for early April have swept into some Northeast and Great Lakes cities to begin this week. Subzero readings were even observed near the Canadian border in northern Michigan, northern New York and northern Maine Tuesday morning.

Apr 05 14:35

More Than 7 Million Americans Are At Risk Of Experiencing Frackquakes

You need to know this. As if climate change, water contamination and gas leaks weren’t enough to worry about, now, more than 7 million Americans are at risk of experiencing dangerous earthquakes because of natural gas drilling in their states.

Apr 05 13:50

Chemical Added To Hot Dogs, Sausage And Bacon Now Being Developed By USDA As Deadly Bait That Poisons Wild Hogs To Death… And You’re EATING It For Breakfast!

A preservative chemical that’s routinely added to hot dogs, beef jerky, bacon and breakfast sausage is now being deployed by government researchers as a fatal bait to poison wild hogs to death. Development of the deadly hog poison is being pursued by none other than the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the same agency that legalizes the same toxic chemical to be used in processed meat products approved for human consumption.

Apr 05 09:24

Would you swallow a data-tracking Big Pharma “smart” pill?

Big Pharma is spending like never before to make sure patients take their drugs. Investors recently committed $172 million for “smart pills” being developed jointly by Proteus Digital Health and Otsuka Pharmaceuticals. After a pill is swallowed, a microscopic device within the pill

Apr 05 09:19

Giving your child antibiotics before the age of 2 'increases their risk of being obese'

Giving children antibiotics before they are two years old, increases the risk they will become obese, experts have warned.

Three of four courses of the drugs in their early years is linked to childhood obesity, a new study conducted by a team at the universities of Colorado and Pennsylvania concluded.

Study author Dr Frank Irving Scott said: ‘Antibiotics have been used to promote weight gain in livestock for several decades, and our research confirms that antibiotics have the same effects on humans.

Apr 05 09:17

Chemical added to hot dogs, sausage and bacon now being developed by USDA as deadly bait that poisons wild hogs to death... and you're EATING it for breakfast!

The chemical, known as sodium nitrite, is a cancer-causing "color fixer" and meat preservative added to processed meat products to give them a pink hue that consumers mistake for being "fresh." When sodium nitrite combines with the hydrochloric acid (HCl) found in stomach acid, it forms cancer-causing nitrosamines. These nitrosamines go on to directly promote pancreatic cancer, colorectal cancer, leukemia, brain tumors and other cancers throughout the body -- facts that I have been warning readers about for over a decade. Sodium nitrite is the reason why processed meats drastically raise the risks of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Apr 05 08:54

Indigenous Women in Argentina Resist Fracking

By Derrick Broze

Six Mapuche women are resisting fracking operations in the Argentine Patagonia by chaining themselves to drilling rigs.

Indigenous women in the Campo Maripe community in the Argentine Patagonia are actively participating in the resistance to “extractivism” by using their bodies to protest fracking.

TeleSur reports that extractivism is “a type of economic model that is dependent on the large-scale removal (or ‘extraction’) and exportation of natural resources”. Whatever you call it, the process of stealing resources and land from native and indigenous populations has been ongoing for at least the last 500 years...

Apr 05 08:35

Daily dose of vitamin D 'can improve function in damaged hearts'

A daily dose of vitamin D can improve the blood-pumping performance of damaged hearts, a study has found.

Researchers studied 160 patients being treated for heart failure using a variety of proven drug treatments and pacemakers.

Participants who took a vitamin D3 supplement daily for one year experienced an improvement in heart function not seen in those given a dummy pill.

Lead scientist Dr Klaus Witte, from the School of Medicine at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, said: "This is a significant breakthrough for patients.

"It is the first evidence that vitamin D3 can improve heart function of people with heart muscle weakness, known as heart failure. These findings could make a significant difference to the care of heart failure patients."

Apr 05 08:12

New voyage of New Horizons is MU69

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft has successfully performed the last in a series of four targeting maneuvers that set it on course for a January 2019 encounter with 2014 MU69. This ancient body in the Kuiper Belt is more than a billion miles beyond Pluto; New Horizons will explore it if NASA approves an extended mission.

Apr 05 05:33

Study finds risks for teens whose moms took certain antidepressants

Adolescents whose mothers took certain antidepressants while pregnant with them are more than four times as likely to become depressed by age 15, compared with children whose mothers had psychiatric disorders but didn’t take the medication during pregnancy, according to a large new study.. It is the first study to link SSRI exposure in utero to a later risk of depression.

Apr 04 14:19

For Your Own Good! Embedding Transnational Agribusiness And GMOs Into African Agriculture

The African Centre for Biodiversity (ACB) has just released the report For your own good!, which outlines the GMO industry’s expansion across Africa. The report focusses on non-commercial traditional crops, such as cassava, sorghum, sweet potato, pigeon pea, cowpea, banana and rice, which corporations are attempting to genetically modify and roll out under the guise of philanthropy.

Apr 04 13:33

This Forgotten Remedy Can Detox The Heart And Nervous System

There is compelling indication that the best plant remedy for heart disease was already discovered over 150 years ago. Unfortunately, today even alternative medicine has forgotten about ouabain. A brief summary of this forgotten remedy story...

Apr 04 07:50

Does the Massachusetts Pollinator Protection Plan Solve Anything?

By Charlotte Trim

So what does the Massachusetts Pollinator Protection Plan change for the better? Well nothing really. It’s 14 pages of carefully crafted waffle to avoid mentioning the crux of the problem: “neonicitinoid” insecticides. There are so many independent scientific studies showing this class of pesticide as highly toxic to honey bees and pollinators in general, it is hard to keep count. France just banned neonicitinoids altogether, we can’t even mention their name...

Apr 04 07:32

The Pertussis Vaccine Lists Autism and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome as Serious Adverse Events on the Package Insert

I previously ran an article discrediting that argument. The pertussis vaccine by definition is not bactericidal — it does not kill bacteria. Therefore, vaccinated individuals can carry and transmit pertussis bacteria just the same as the unvaccinated. Public health officials either don’t know this or are being dishonest when they blame minor pertussis outbreaks on the unvaccinated. They could be carrying the germ themselves and personally transmitting it to the reporter when they plant these pseudo-scientific stories.

What else are they not telling you? I took a close look at the Sanofi Pasteur DTaP vaccine (Diphtheria and Tetanus Toxoids and Acellular Pertussis Vaccine Adsorbed) which is licensed by the FDA as the primary series in infants and children.

Apr 04 07:23

The Next Big Trend: Farming In Your Supermarket

By Brianna Blaschke

Tiny vertical farms are making a huge impact on the future of sustainable agriculture.

INFARM is revolutionizing the world of fresh grocery shopping with the introduction of minuscule vertical farms in supermarkets. Not only do these farms display the produce, but they actually grow crops in-house...

Apr 04 07:01

Nasa's Opportunity rover captures a whirling dust devil on MARS: Plumes of dirt are seen spiralling in the Meridiani plain

Dust devils on Mars can grow to the size of terrestrial tornadoes, with a funnel more than 330ft (100 metres) wide stretching up to 12 miles (19km) above the surface.

Scientists have known about the spiralling structures on the red planet for years, but now Nasa has captured its 'best one yet.'

Apr 04 06:58

Healthcare CEO Told Nurses to Fatally Overdose Patients to Increase Profit

Josh Mur

Frisco, TX — After an ongoing FBI investigation revealed incriminating information, Brad Harris, CEO of Novus Health Care Services, is being accused of ordering nurses to hasten the deaths of patients.

Novus Health Care Service is a company based in Frisco, Texas that provides in-house care for terminally ill and elderly patients. The company’s website indicates clearly that Novus prides itself on the quality of care and “improved patient outcomes” as a result of the services its employees provide. However, an affidavit released by the FBI suggests Brad Harris has failed to comply with the principles of his own company...

Apr 03 18:02

Sally Pacholok: Vitamin B12 Drama Now Available Online

By Heather Callaghan

A new movie about an emergency nurse’s plight to heal patients with vitamin B12 made it to select theaters and is now available online. In fact, the movie events are selling out.

Awareness met entertainment when director Elissa Leonard first picked up a copy of Could It Be B12? An Epidemic of Misdiagnoses. She was suddenly aflame to bring the triumph of vitamin B12 and its crusader to life on the big screens...

Apr 03 16:42

‘Wake-Up Call’: Study Finds Fracking Can Pollute Underground Drinking Water

A Stanford University study shows that fracking can pollute underground drinking water. Using publicly available data and reports, researchers found organic compounds used in hydraulic fracturing were migrating into groundwater from unlined pits.

Apr 03 16:08

Fashionable Algae Water Bottle Maintains Shape Until Empty, Then It Breaks Down

By Amanda Froelich

This innovative solution to plastic pollution will reduce the amount of waste piling up in landfills and swirling around in the oceans.

To say that plastic is a burden to the environment is an understatement. Every year, enough plastic is thrown “away” to circle the globe four times; however, the material takes approximately 1,000 years to break down. This means that while one might throw it in the trash, it’s either piling up in landfills, being swallowed by unsuspecting wildlife, or swirling in one of the huge garbage patches in the oceans...

Apr 03 14:46

I Review a Mind-Control Review of VAXXED

By Jon Rappoport

Vaxxed opened this weekend at the Angelika Film Center in New York, after being censored at the Tribeca Film Festival.

My analysis of how a conformist film critic operates, starting with the basics, which of course involve mind control.

Where did the word “official” come from?...

Apr 03 14:12

The World Wide Choice for Immunity Against Communicable Diseases: Homeoprophylaxis

By Catherine J Frompovich

Every day children and their families experience—plus suffer from, often for a lifetime—the adverse effects produced by vaccines, especially from multiple dose vaccinations received at two, four, and six months of age. That is neither an inflammatory nor a pejorative remark; it’s a bold face fact as confirmed by the CDC’s VAERS reporting system and over three BILLION U.S. dollars paid to complainants who filed vaccine damage claims that were adjudicated in favor of damaged vaccinees, or the families of decedents, by the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.

Now, contrast the above with the effectiveness of Homeoprophylaxis...

Apr 03 12:49

The Globalisation Of Bad Food And Poor Health: Sustainable Development Or Sustainable Profits?

The proportion of deaths due to cancer around the world increased from 12 percent in 1990 to 15 percent in 2013. Globally, cancer is already the second-leading cause of death after cardiovascular diseases.

In India, government data indicates that cancer showed a 5 percent increase in prevalence between 2012 and 2014 with the number of new cases doubling between 1990 and 2013.

Apr 03 10:28

Drug War is Crumbling: Town Converts Prison into Cannabis Grow Facility

By Justin Gardner

In our fight to end the drug war, there may be no greater symbolism than a prison being turned into a cannabis grow facility. That is likely to happen in Coalinga, where the city council voted 4-1 in favor of an ordinance to allow commercial cannabis cultivation at the empty Claremont Custody Center.

They also voted for ballot initiatives to let the citizens decide if the town should host cannabis dispensaries, and if all these operations should be taxed. Coalinga stands to join its fellow California town, Adelanto, in restoring freedom and medical advancement, as well as generating revenue...

Apr 03 10:00

Drink This Nighttime Elixir to Bounce Out of Bed in the Morning

By Heather Callaghan

Do you slip back into groggy unconsciousness as soon as you hit the snooze button in the morning? Are your legs and arms more like the Tin Man’s – stiffly heading for the coffee pot?

It is with great hope that this drink and its ingredients will drastically change that for you and induce better sleep and a refreshing feeling upon waking. The benefits go beyond that, however, and it might help beat inflammation, pain and fatigue giving a profound sense of well-being...

Apr 03 08:59

Are Vaccines Such “Holy Cows” That They Can’t Be Condemned?

By Catherine J. Frompovich

Vaccines cause the very diseases they are supposed to ‘immunize’ against. How’s that efficacious? It certainly is efficacious for vaccine makers’ financial interests, but certainly not for those who contract vaccine-induced polio or experience the adverse events associated with many vaccines, particularly the HPV ‘anti-cervical cancer’ vaccines, which are now given to young boys, who don’t have cervixes.

Before you cry “foul ball,” I know why they’re mandated for young boys. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

Apr 03 08:18


The investigation began in 2014, when Novus was facing allegations of offering services to patients who did not apply for them. Novus was also accused of collecting funds for “unnecessary” services and procedures. During the investigation, Harris’ underlying scheme was discovered. Text messages the CEO sent to employees revealed he regularly instructed nurses to overdose patients with medication, often morphine, to hasten people’s deaths.

“You need to make this patient go bye-bye,” read one text from the executive. “Find patients who would die within 24 hours,” Harris reportedly told other healthcare executives, according to the FBI’s affidavit.

The FBI alleges Harris “instructed a nurse to administer overdoses to three patients and directed another employee to increase a patient’s medication to four-times the maximum allowed.” Both the nurse and the other employee refused to carry out the orders.

Apr 03 08:01

M6.9 - 81km NNW of Port-Olry, Vanuatu

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No tsunami warning for Hawaii.

Apr 02 18:09

Beware the tooth whitening kits that promise a Hollywood smile - it's like brushing your teeth with BLEACH

Trying for that Hollywood smile? Then beware – some teeth whitening kits contain dangerous levels of bleach.

The high prices charged by dentists mean many people are turning to kits supplied over the internet or are using untrained staff in beauty salons.

But trading standards officers warn the bleach levels are up to 300 per cent higher than the maximum legal limit for kits sold to the public.