Aug 22 15:42

Cause of global warming hiatus found deep in the Atlantic Ocean (AKA CLIMATEGATE SCAM CONTINUES)

Following rapid warming in the late 20th century, this century has so far seen surprisingly little increase in the average temperature at the Earth’s surface. At first this was a blip, then a trend, then a puzzle for the climate science community.

Aug 22 15:39

Winter in August: Montana, Wyoming Brace for Snow, Cold

An unseasonably cold low pressure system is expected to bring below-average temperatures to the northern Rockies through early next week. Temperatures will be up to 35 degrees below average in some locations this weekend. Glacier National Park may not even reach 50 degrees for a high on Saturday.

Aug 22 15:20

Ibuprofen May Pose Threat to Fish

Using a new modeling approach, the researchers at the Univ. of York estimated the levels of 12 pharmaceutical compounds in rivers across the UK. They found that while most of the compounds were likely to cause only a low risk to aquatic life, ibuprofen might be having an adverse effect in nearly 50 percent of the stretches of river studied.

Aug 22 15:19

Take a scenic tour of Neptune's moon: 'Best-ever' global colour map of Triton created from restored 1989 film

In the summer of 1989 Nasa’s Voyager 2 became the first, and to date only, spacecraft to visit the planet Neptune.

During the brief flyby of the planet on 25 August, the probe returned images of its natural satellite Triton, a giant moon bigger even than the dwarf planet Pluto.

And now a map and video have been revealed stitching together the images in unprecedented detail, creating the most comprehensview of its surface ever seen.

Aug 22 15:08

The Tucker Was the 1940s Car of the Future

Visionary inventor? Preston Tucker risked everything when he saw his 1948 automobile as a vehicle for change.

“As a child, my father told me about the new Tucker,” Coppola recounts. “He had ordered one and invested in the Tucker stock. He took me to see the car when it was on exhibit and I was very excited. I remember the details very well and for months kept asking, ‘When is the Tucker coming?’ Finally he said it was never coming, and that the big companies didn’t want it to exist, and wouldn’t let Mr. Tucker buy steel or the supplies he needed.”

Aug 22 14:49

Malnourished seniors slip through healthcare system's cracks

"..A new study finds that despite having malnutrition symptoms, three-quarters of patients age 65 and older who visited emergency departments in the University of North Carolina hospital system had not been diagnosed before their visit, even though 95% had a primary-care physician and nearly all were insured and living in a private residence. The study found 16% of the patients were malnourished and 60% were either malnourished or at risk for the problem. Of the patients with poor nutritional status, 77% did not recall having conversations with their primary-care physician about the issue.

Aug 22 12:53

Mobilize – Finally A Documentary Depicting The Dangers Of Cell Phone Radiation

Arjun Walia
Activist Post

Cell phone use is only a couple of decades old, and just like anything else we use in this world, revelations regarding their use have not been properly examined and studied until now.

The use of cellular phones has become the norm today for people of all ages, using it to stay connected and keep in touch with friends and family. Almost everyone you see today has a cell phone. That’s why it’s so important to share documentaries like this one which are just starting to surface...

Aug 22 11:48

'Invisible caseload' of Ebola patients worries World Health Organization

The World Health Organization is expressing concern that "an invisible caseload" of Ebola patients is going undetected by government surveillance measures in West Africa.

Aug 22 11:01

Jon Rappoport: CDC whistleblower Thompson in grave danger now

William W Thompson, PhD…the CDC whistleblower…was escorted off the premises of the CDC campus yesterday afternoon. This is what a source has just told me.

Therefore, the CDC knows Thompson is the whistleblower.

He’s in danger.

I’ve also been told that the Autism Media Channel, which had posted the video revealing Thompson’s name and outing him, is gone. The site is suddenly gone.

Threats of various kinds, at the very least, will now be applied to Thompson. Legal action, perhaps arrest, perhaps worse.

When it comes to vaccines and protecting that empire, the games are very serious. Deadly serious. The gloves come off.

People have to understand this, if Thompson disappears or shows up dead “as a suicide.”

Aug 22 09:49

Sacramento Ebola test comes back negative

Health officials announced Thursday night that a patient in Sacramento who was thought to have been exposed to the Ebola virus after traveling to West Africa has tested negative and does not have the disease.

Dr. Ron Chapman, Director of the California Department of Public Health, said that a blood sample sent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention came back free of the deadly virus, which has been ravishing West Africa over the last two months, killing more than 1,100 people.

The patient had recently traveled to the region, officials said.

Aug 22 09:48

Ebola Virus: Dead Irishman Tests Negative

The remains of a man who died after he recently returned from Africa have proved negative for the Ebola virus, health officials said Friday.

Aug 22 09:48

Nigeria Confirms 2 New Ebola Cases

Nigeria’s health ministry confirmed Friday two new cases of Ebola in the country, the first people to come down with the disease who didn’t have direct contact with an infected traveler who brought the virus into the country from nearby Liberia.

Aug 22 09:46

Iceland's Bardabunga Volcano Update: Tourists Evacuated

As concern increases over a possible eruption of Iceland's Bardabunga volcano, authorities have evacuated tourists from area.

A recent swarm of earthquakes near the volcano has seismologists fearing an eruption could happen soon.

Iceland's Civil Protection Department says 300-500 people, mostly visitors, have been evacuated from the highlands north of the Vatnajokull glacier, which is popular with hikers.

Officials said Wednesday the measure was taken as a safety precaution, the Associated Press reports. Roads in the area have been closed that an eruption would lead to flooding.

Aug 22 09:41

19% Rise In UK Citizens Being Hospitalized For Malnutrition

Rising levels of food poverty have led to malnutrition becoming more common in the UK, experts say. The public health problem is responsible for a range of ailments surfacing across the country, including rickets.

Britain’s Faculty of Public Health has linked the growing trend to people’s inability to afford quality food. According to the latest figures, there has been a 19-percent increase in the number of UK citizens hospitalized for malnutrition over the past twelve months.

Aug 22 08:20

Common antibiotic linked to sudden heart deaths

An antibiotic taken by millions of patients has been linked to heart deaths prompting researchers to call for an 'urgent' evaluation.

A Dutch study found that people taking clarithromycin were 76 per cent more likely to die than those taking penicillin and the risk was greater in women who were more than twice as likely to die.

Aug 22 08:20

Mandatory Fingerprinting In Venezuelan Supermarkets

Today the BBC reported that Venezuela's president Nicolas Maduro plans to introduce a mandatory fingerprinting system in supermarkets across the country, as part of an effort to prevent food shortages and smuggling.

Aug 22 07:48

3D Printers Could Be Use To Print Medicine

Scientists at the Louisiana Tech University claim they have developed a way to print medicines and other biodegradable material using consumer grade 3D printers.

Aug 22 07:30

Monsanto, GMOs, and the Future of Open Source Synthetic Biology

If the controversy over genetically modified organisms (GMOs) tells us something indisputable, it is this: GMO food products from corporations like Monsanto are suspected to endanger health. On the other hand, an individual’s right to genetically modify and even synthesize entire organisms as part of his dietary or medical regimen could someday be a human right.

The suspicion that agri-giant companies do harm by designing crops is legitimate, even if evidence of harmful GMOs is scant to absent. Based on their own priorities and actions, we should have no doubt that self-interested corporations disregard the rights and wellbeing of local producers and consumers. This makes agri-giants producing GMOs harmful and untrustworthy, regardless of whether individual GMO products are actually harmful.

Aug 21 23:04

Thought Implants – Is This the Future of the Mind?

Waking Times

With incredible technology at our fingertips, scientists are now more than ever before striving to understand the mind, looking to answers questions such as: “How quickly can the brain think?” and “How does the mind work?” Are we getting any closer to having these questions answered?

Aug 21 22:44

BEX ALERT!: Islamic State terrorists could have already crossed US border - Rick Perry

Texas Gov. Rick Perry sounded the alarm on Thursday over the “very real possibility” that terrorists associated with the Islamic State and other extremist groups have already snuck into the United States via its border with Mexico.
Perry acknowledged that there is “no clear evidence” that terrorists are in the US, but continued to stress the issue.

Aug 21 22:30

Vitamin D for Depression, Dementia, and Diabetes

Waking Times

Vitamin D research has repeatedly shown that vitamin D can improve a number of brain disorders, including depression and dementia—the most devastating form of which is Alzheimer’s disease.

Aug 21 22:25

6 of the Biotech Industry’s Biggest Marketing Lies to Convince You GMOs Are Great

Waking Times

By now, you’ve likely heard of Big Agriculture and Big Pharma, the huge industries behind the food we eat and drugs we take that quite ably tend to avoid government regulation. Less well known is Big Biotech, genetic engineering companies like Monsanto, Novartis and DuPont that work closely with Big Ag to create more “efficient” foods through chemistry. A good example is recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH), a genetically engineered milk stimulator invented by Monsanto but soon embraced by Big Ag for its profit potential—getting more milk out of each cow. Living animals are called “units,” and treated as nothing more than unfeeling machines.

Aug 21 20:55

BEX ALERT: Pentagon calls Islamic State threat 'beyond anything we've seen'

US Defense Secretary said on Thursday that Islamic State militants could possibly pose an even bigger threat to the United States than Al-Qaeda, and pledged efforts to weaken the group would continue.

Responding to a question on whether or not the extremists are a threat on the scale of Al-Qaeda, which carried out the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center, Hagel noted that "ISIL is as sophisticated and well-funded as any group that we have seen."

"They're beyond just a terrorist group. They marry ideology, a sophistication of strategic and tactical military prowess. They are tremendously well-funded. Oh, this is beyond anything that we've seen. So we must prepare for everything," he added.

Aug 21 16:22

9/11: A Conspiracy Theory

Everything you ever wanted to know about the 9/11 conspiracy theory in under 5 minutes.

WEBMASTER NOTE: Right now the corporate media is shoveling ISIS at us as hard as they can, in an obvious propaganda campaign reminiscent of the similar campaign about "Al Qaeda" and "Osama Bin Laden" that preceded 9-11. Given how desperate the US Government is to revive the war agenda, we should be concerned that a new false-flag attack, bigger and bloodier than the World Trade Towers, is being considered.

Aug 21 16:17

A Coalition for Major Outreach in NYC This 9/11 Anniversary aims to provide activists with 9/11 Anniversary event information as well as the tools necessary for public outreach.

Our goal is to encourage anyone that believes we need a new investigation into the events surrounding September 11th, 2001 to come to New York City for the Anniversary.

This movement was started by the victims' family members who had questions. Their loved ones were murdered and they've never been given answers. It's time to demand those answers, to unite together to demand justice. Let's make history this September 11th by coming together in New York City in hopes of the justice we've all been fighting for. Please also check out our Twitter, Facebook, and Facebook Event Page.

Aug 21 16:11

63 Trillion Gallons of Groundwater Lost in Drought, Study Finds A side-effect of drought: Land deformations

The ongoing drought in the western United States has caused so much loss of groundwater that the Earth, on average, has lifted up about 0.16 inches over the last 18 months, according to a new study.

Aug 21 12:57

"Isolation Procedures Put In Place" After Ebola Suspect Dies In Ireland; Ebola-Like Disease Claims 70 In Congo

Last week Ireland rushed to deny that a man with Ebola-like symptoms who was being tested in Dublin, did not have the disease. It may find such a refutation more difficult this time after Irish Times reported that a man was found dead last night in Donegal, after working in Sierra Leone, the epicenter of the current Ebola outbreak, and where "it is understood that a number of colleagues had contracted the virus." The deceased was taken to Letterkenny General Hospital where the HSE is carrying out tests to see whether the death resulted from Ebola.

Aug 21 12:36

Harvard Professor Warns, CCD is Only the First Alarm Bell from Bees

While chemical corporations and critics of bee activists want people to remain focused on addressing symptoms of colony collapse disorder, and fund research aimed at that goal, one Harvard PhD stands out...

Aug 21 12:22

New PSA: “Because Fluoride!”

The same government that has no problem legalizing all kinds of chemicals that wreak havoc on your entire body…really cares about your teeth. A lot. Enough to add chemical byproducts from fertilizer manufacturing to your water for you whether you like it or not. For your teeth. They don’t care enough about you to add, say, vitamins to the water while they’re in there adding that fluoride…but your teeth. Yes. Your teeth (and only your teeth) are very, very important to the government.

Brought to you by the Oh Just Shut Up and Drink It Already, Who Even Needs a Pineal Gland Coalition.

Aug 21 12:20

What Are They Thinking?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I decided to repost this video in light of the current Ebola scare. It goes into detail about National Security Study memorandum 200 and starting at 6 minutes, talks about how vaccines have become less about public health and more about making the pharmaceutical companies rich.

Regardless of whether the current Ebola outbreak is a natural event or man-made, there is no question that the big pharmaceutical companies are going to exploit the fear caused by Ebola to sell you products which may prove as totally useless as Tamiflu was for the 2009 flu non-pandemic. Given the recent spate of cases where the people getting vaccines were more likely to come down with the illness being vaccinated against than those who avoided the shots, we should be very cautious about a new Ebola vaccine that hits the market, especially with US protecting the vaccine makers from lawsuits.

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WRH Exclusive
Aug 21 11:32

WHO says 70 die from illness in Congo, denies Ebola link

At least 70 people have died in northern Democratic Republic of Congo from an outbreak of hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, the World Health Organization said on Thursday, denying that the illness was Ebola.

A WHO report dated Thursday and seen by Reuters said that 592 people had contracted the disease, of whom 70 died. Five health care workers, including one doctor, are among the dead.

"This is not Ebola," a WHO spokesman said in an email to Reuters on Thursday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This from the same WHO that lowered the threshold for a pandemic during the 2009 "When Pigs Fly" flu to help the vaccine companies make a ton of money for a product that ultimately turned out to be no more helpful that tylonol!

Aug 21 11:03

World Bank and UN carbon offset scheme 'complicit' in genocidal land grabs

The plight of Kenya's Sengwer people shows that carbon offsets generated by 'sustainable' forest management are empowering a corporate recolonisation of the South backed by the World Bank against its own guidelines, writes Nafeez Ahmed. Indigenous forest peoples are at risk of genocide while corporations let rip.

Aug 21 09:26

Liberia overwhelmed by number of Ebola dead

The crematorium in Liberia's capital Monrovia is being overwhelmed by the number of dead Ebola victims being brought in, the Red Cross has said.

Fayah Tamba, the secretary-general of the Liberian division of the charity, said on Thursday workers were having to return corpses to a hospital in the city after being told there was no capacity to cremate all the victims.

Aug 21 09:23

Why isn't Ukraine a cause for Hollywood celebrities?

In the 90s, the mere mention of Bosnia (slowly pronounced BOS-KNEE-AH for emphasis) was enough to get Bono in a tizzy about human rights and displaced persons. So much so that he wrote a rather good song about it and roped in the late Luciano Pavarotti to add gravitas. Madonna was falling over herself a few years ago about Malawi, and Clooney took Sudan so seriously that he led a ‘Save Darfur’ rally in Washington.

However, despite around three-quarters of a million Ukrainians fleeing to Russia alone this year, the celebs have placed their pulpits in storage and have absolutely nothing to say.

Aug 21 08:49

Glyphosate Market Continues to Boom Despite Health Concerns

According to a new market report published by Transparency Market Research, the global glyphosate herbicides market was valued at USD 5.46 billion in 2012 and is expected to reach USD 8.79 billion by 2019, growing at a CAGR of 7.2% over the forecast period from 2013 to 2019. In terms of volume, the global glyphosate market demand was 718.6 kilo tons in 2012...

Aug 21 08:47

Experimental drug success: US Ebola doctor to be discharged after recovery

An American doctor who contracted the Ebola virus while treating patients in Liberia has recovered and will be discharged on Thursday after being treated with the experimental drug, ZMapp.

Kent Brantley was treated in Emory University Hospital in Atlanta Georgia; a second doctor with Ebola Nancy Writebol is also being treated with ZMapp there.

Aug 21 08:45

Upcoming Eruption in Iceland’s Vatnajökull?

A level of uncertainty has been declared in Bárðarbunga volcano, located in the northwestern Vatnajökull glacier, Southeast Iceland, due to an increase in seismic activity in the volcano. The largest earthquake of the swarm, 3.8 in magnitude, occurred near Kistufell last night. It could be felt as far as Akureyri in Northeast Iceland, reports. The seismic activity continues.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Bardabunga Volcano, Iceland's second highest peak, is located underneath a massive glacier system with thirty outflows. An eruption will melt those glaciers, producing a phenomenon known as a lahar, which is a volcanic mudslide. In the event of a major eruption of Bardabunga, a lahar from the Vatna glacier system will flood the central Iceland valley and possibly mud and debris into the North Atlantic.

Aug 21 08:43

Police in Ferguson Are Firing Tear Gas Canisters Manufactured During the Cold War Era

Analysis of less-lethal weapons deployed against residents of Ferguson, Missouri reveals that police are using decades-old tear gas and riot control agents that may pose health risks to the community.

Aug 21 08:41

Comcast’s Epic Fails

Florida resident Benny Druin needed Comcast to come out for a service call. No big deal, right?

Well, the first technician couldn’t do the job. Nor could the second technician, who was supposed to arrive first thing in the morning and instead didn’t show up until 6:45 p.m.

If this were a fairytale, the third technician would have proven the charm, but he too didn’t know what to do. He left Druin’s house to call his supervisor — and never came back.

Aug 21 08:40

Alert: Area North of Bárðarbunga Volcano Evacuated

The Police Commissioners in Húsavík and Seyðisfjörður have decided to close and evacuate the area north of Vatnajökull following the seismic activity in Bárðarbunga.

This decision is a safety measure. It cannot be ruled out that the seismic activity in Bárðarbunga will lead to a volcanic eruption. There is no change in the seismic activity at the moment and no sign of an eruption but experience shows that seismic activity can be ongoing for a long time without an eruption. This is first and foremost a precautionary measure since the evacuation of the area is impossible at short notice.

Aug 21 08:37

Dr. Kent Brantly being released from Atlanta hospital after Ebola treatment

At least one of the two American aid workers who were infected with the deadly Ebola virus in Africa has recovered and was to be discharged Thursday from an Atlanta hospital, a spokeswoman for the aid group he was working for said.

Alison Geist, a spokeswoman for Samaritan's Purse, told The Associated Press she did not know the exact time Dr. Kent Brantly would be released but confirmed it would happen Thursday. Emory University Hospital planned to hold a news conference Thursday morning to discuss both patients' discharge.

Aug 21 08:34

Bárdarbunga volcano - intense earthquake swarm continues, Iceland

Since the onset of intense earthquake swarm at Bárðarbunga volcano, Iceland, on Saturday, August 16 at 03:00 UTC, and by late Monday, August 18, around 2 600 earthquakes have been detected with the earthquake monitoring network of the Icelandic Meteorological Office (IMO). Of these around 950 occurred since midnight, August 17/18. Several of these events were larger than magnitude 3.

Aug 21 08:29

Oklahoma Gets Hit With 20 Earthquakes In One Day

Oklahoma’s Geology Survey recorded an unprecedented 20 small earthquakes across the state on Tuesday, highlighting the dramatic increase of seismic activity that has occurred there as the controversial process of hydraulic fracturing — otherwise known as fracking — has spread across the state.

Aug 21 08:28

Veteran Cop: 'If You Don't Want To Get Shot,' Shut Up -- Even If We're Violating Your Rights

There it is folks! Submit to our will our tyranny or we will kill you all!
Submission and terror! If these mattoids win the entire planet will die!

If you don’t want to get shot, tased, pepper-sprayed, struck with a baton or thrown to the ground, just do what I tell you," he writes. "Don’t argue with me, don’t call me names, don’t tell me that I can’t stop you, don’t say I’m a racist pig, don’t threaten that you’ll sue me and take away my badge. Don’t scream at me that you pay my salary, and don’t even think of aggressively walking towards me. Most field stops are complete in minutes. How difficult is it to cooperate for that long?"

Aug 21 07:08

Do we have a “medical Edward Snowden?”

Jon Rappoport
Activist Post

Update: US Congressman stonewalled by the CDC:

As I get ready to post this article, I have a reply to a request I made to Florida Congressman Bill Posey. I asked for a statement regarding the growing charge that the CDC is covering up an autism-vaccine connection. Here is what Congressman Posey has to say on this subject...

Aug 21 07:03

Headed for lowest solar activity in four centuries – Video

We appear to be headed for conditions similar to the Maunder Minimum, says this video from Suspicious0bservers. This low in solar activity comes after what was likely the highest solar activity in the last 3,000 years.

Aug 21 07:02

Nestle/Gerber Won’t Listen: Boycott the Company Who Puts GMO Bt Toxins in Baby Food

Like many food producers supplying some of the most popular foods, some baby food companies, such as Purity Brands, are going GMO-free due to public demand. But other companies stuffed with the hot air of their own inflated CEO’s egos refuse – Nestlé International, the parent company of both Nestlé USA and Gerber baby foods – is adamant about using GMOs in their products. It looks like it’s time for another boycott.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Especially with regard to their attitude that water is not a basic right but has to be commoditized for corporate profit!

Aug 21 07:01

Droning On: The Rise of Remote Piloted Flying

In Kathleen Ann Goonan’s 1994 science fiction/ nanopunk novel “Queen City Jazz”, she introduced enormous bio-engineered bees that “fertilized” giant nanotech flowers on tops of highrise buildings with data. While we’re not at the the “bio-nan” stage where organisms are enhanced with nanotech, there are studies in progress in which bees and possibly other large insects have RFiD chips attached. These chips have wireless technology that allows collected environmental data to be transmitted to a hub. Of course, these are real bees.

Aug 21 07:01

Do we have a “medical Edward Snowden?”

“When it comes to our children, we must make sure that any intervention is as safe as possible, including vaccinations. Scientific integrity is a key component to giving that assurance. I will continue to press for a full understanding of the evidence in this situation. The CDC has refused for more than six months to hand over documents I requested concerning this issue. That is not the type of response we expect from our government.”

Aug 21 06:50

Is Miami on the Brink of A Nuclear Disaster?

New reports indicate a Fukushima-style nuclear disaster is inevitable in the Miami area, and needs to be investigated immediately.

Sayer Ji
Activist Post

Concerns over the possibility of a Fukushima-like nuclear meltdown event in the U.S. have been growing, with the most likely next disaster predicted in 2011 to be surprisingly close to Miami Florida, at the Turkey Point facility 41 miles south near Homestead.

Aug 21 06:42

End of the line: GMO production in China halted

In a surprise U-turn, China’s Ministry of Agriculture has decided not to continue with a program which developed genetically-modified rice and corn. Some environmentalists say public concerns about GM crops played a key role in the decision.

On August 17, when these permits were up for renewal, the Ministry of Agriculture decided not to extend them. In 2009, the ministry's Biosafety Committee issued approval certificates to develop the two crops, rice and corn.

Aug 20 18:31

BREAKING NEWS: Patient at Sacramento Hospital May Have Ebola

A Sacramento hospital announced Tuesday that one of its patients may have Ebola.

Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento Medical Center said in a release the patient is isolated.

Aug 20 15:45

Triclosan, chemical in toothpaste linked to cancer, bone malformation and hormone disruption, has been in toothpaste for 17 years

According to Bloomberg, key pages from the 35-page summary on triclosan's toxicity reveal that the chemical mimics thyroid hormones, a fact that was withheld when the FDA first green-lighted it for use in toothpaste. Mice and rats exposed to small doses of the chemical, similar to what humans encounter when using toothpaste containing triclosan, experienced fetal bone malformations that experts say point to endocrine disruption.

Other key points from the summary reveal that triclosan can cause cancer, something that was never revealed or addressed by the FDA on behalf of public safety. Instead, these and other risks were concealed, suggesting that Colgate had conspired with the FDA to present triclosan in the safest possible light without raising public concern.

Aug 20 15:30

Confirmed: Microbial life found half mile below Antarctic ice sheet

In an icy lake half a mile beneath the Antarctic ice sheet, scientists have discovered a diverse ecosystem of single-celled organisms that have managed to survive without ever seeing the light of the sun.

Aug 20 15:29

Main Ingredient in Monsanto’s RoundUp, Patented as an Antibiotic, Destroying GI Tract

A global threat? A slight nuisance? Whatever you decide to call it, the U.S. government gave Monsanto a patent for the main ingredient in toxic RoundUp, glyphosate, in 2010. It has been killing a wide range of pathogenic organisms (including the healthy bacteria we need to fight super bugs) even since it first came into use in 1974.

Aug 20 14:49

Look at what two years on Mars did to the Curiosity Rover

It's hard out there for an interplanetary robot

Aug 20 14:38

All 365 of Sierra Leone’s Ebola-related deaths pinned on one healer

Sierra Leone’s Ebola crisis has been traced back to a single healer in an isolated border village, who had claimed to be in possession of special powers to cure the deadly disease that started penetrating the border, it has emerged.

“She was claiming to have powers to heal Ebola. Cases from Guinea were crossing into Sierra Leone for treatment,” top medical official, Mohamed Vandi, who was based in the crisis-struck Kenema district, told AFP.

“She got infected and died. During her funeral, women around the other towns got infected,” he told the agency. The woman was based in the eastern border village of Sokoma.

Aug 20 14:18

Emergency response to Ebola outbreak lacks leadership, Canadian aid official says

Five months have passed since the Ebola virus was first confirmed in West Africa — but according to a top aid official, the emergency response is still leaderless and suffering from a kind of “Ebola psychosis” that has made the global community reluctant to join the front-line fight.

The unprecedented Ebola epidemic has now caused 2,473 reported cases and 1,350 deaths across four West African countries, but medical charity Médecins Sans Frontières is still one of the few international organizations with boots on the ground, said president Dr. Joanne Liu.

The Canadian physician, who recently returned from a 10-day tour of the worst-hit countries, said there is a “vacuum” of leadership in the outbreak response, which still lacks a co-ordinated plan at the top.

Aug 20 13:39

Soviet-era Tesla Tower restarted with spectacular lightning bolts (VIDEO)

A massive Soviet-built generator – once used for testing the resistance of aircraft to lightning, but now largely mothballed due to prohibitive costs – has staged a striking demonstration test at the behest of RT.

The 6-Megavolt device, one of the most powerful in the world, is capable of generating 200 meter-long lightning bolts, and was constructed in the 1970s at a closed facility outside Moscow, but fell into disuse after the collapse of the USSR.

Aug 20 13:06

Furious About Ferguson? Work to Free Shaneen Allen

Whatever we eventually learn about what happened in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri on August 9, Michael Brown is beyond mortal help. The same is not true of Shaneen Allen, a 27-year-old working mother of two and robbery victim who faces an eleven-year prison term for the supposed offense of carrying a legally licensed firearm.

Like the late Mr. Brown, Allen – a resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -- is an African-American. She has no criminal record, and her case is untainted by allegations that she had committed a violent crime.

Aug 20 08:59

ISIS are Sunni Impostors & Saudi-CIA Shills

John McCain in a meeting with ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi!

An effort is being made to paint ISIS as a "Sunni" movement in order to suggest that they may have a far larger following and can ignite a major conflict.

AbuBakr.jpg(America's latest Bin Laden, after meeting with handler John McCain)

But nothing could be further from the truth. ISIS are Salafis, a manifestation of a modern phenomenon in Islam which scholars have referred to as "Revivalism." The Islamic revivalists have two important things in common: they have always been British-sponsored, and are marked by a rejection of Islamic legal tradition.

Aug 20 08:53

Vaccine bombshell: CDC whistleblower reveals cover-up linking MMR vaccines to autism in African-Americans

If what we are hearing so far is true, it means the CDC has deliberately run a decade-long cover-up which condemned tens of thousands of African-American children to a life of autism caused by MMR vaccines. It would also mean the CDC has engaged in a shameless conspiracy to hide the truth about the damage caused by vaccines, confirming the agency's primary mission of protecting pharmaceutical profits even at the expense of human life.

Aug 20 08:47

Curiosity rover is having wheel problems

Mission planners didn’t anticipate that Curiosity would be driving over an area on Mars that has sharp, pyramid-shaped rocks embedded in hard ground.

Aug 20 08:30

BREAKING: Lagos records 5 new suspected Ebola cases

Five new suspected cases of Ebola Virus Disease were brought to the Yaba Mainland Hospital, Lagos, on Tuesday, the Lagos State government has said.

At a press conference, Wednesday, Jide Idris, the State Commissioner for Health, told journalists that two of those cases were from secondary contacts.

“Till date, we have recorded eight suspected cases, five of which came in yesterday, 12 confirmed,” said Dr. Idris.

Aug 20 08:12

Fluoridation outlawed in Israel

Just occasionally during the long sordid history of fluoridation an individual stands up against the bullying tactics of the arrogant promoters of fluoridation. This has just happened in Israel where the Minister of Health Yael German has ended fluoridation in Israel despite the vocal and vociferous attacks of fluoridation promoters which have been gleefully – and one-sidedly – reported in The Jerusalem Post.

Aug 20 08:12

Vietnam tests two Nigerians for Ebola

Vietnam is testing two Nigerians for the deadly Ebola virus after they arrived on a flight to Ho Chi Minh City showing symptoms of fever.

Aug 20 08:11

Two Suspected Cases Of Ebola In Austria

Two men who arrived in Austria last week from Nigeria have been hospitalised on suspicion of carrying the Ebola disease, a regional Austrian governor said Tuesday.

Aug 20 08:11

BREAKING NEWS: Patient at Sacramento hospital may have Ebola

A Sacramento hospital announced Tuesday that one of its patients may have Ebola.

Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento Medical Center said in a release the patient is isolated.

The hospital's Dr. Stephen Parodi said in the release 'We are working with the Sacramento County Division of Public Health regarding a patient admitted to the Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento Medical Center who may have been exposed to the Ebola virus. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will be testing blood samples to rule out the presence of the virus.

Aug 20 08:10

Germany Ebola scare as Nigerian woman showing symptoms of killer disease faints in jobcentre forcing 600 people into quarantine

A woman was rushed to hospital and hundreds of people were quarantined today after she showed symptoms of Ebola virus infection in a jobcentre in Germany.

As many as 600 visitors and staff at the employment office building in Berlin were also stopped from leaving for several hours as emergency services sealed off part of the street.

The mass-circulation daily Bild said the woman had fainted, that she hailed from Nigeria and that she said later that she had recently been in contact with people infected with Ebola.

Aug 20 08:10

If Ebola hits Lagos, we're in big trouble

You think there are magic bullets in some rich country's freezers that will instantly stop the relentless spread of the Ebola virus in West Africa? You think airport security guards in Los Angeles can look a traveller in the eyes and see infection, blocking that jet passenger's entry into La-la land? You believe novelist Dan Brown's utterly absurd description of a World Health Organisation that has a private C5-A military transport jet and disease SWAT team that can swoop into outbreaks, saving the world from contagion?

Wake up, fools. What's going on in West Africa now isn't Brown's silly Inferno scenario - it's Steven Soderberg's movie "Contagion", though without a modicum of its high-tech capacity.

Aug 20 08:09

County in Liberia runs out of body bags for Ebola victims

In areas of Liberia and Sierra Leone, there aren't enough body bags for victims of Ebola or protective clothing for the health workers trying to fight the virus.

Aug 20 08:08

Ebola Dead Can’t Be Buried in Liberia Amid Bag Shortage

The bodies of some Ebola victims in the region of Liberia hit hardest by the outbreak can’t be buried because there are no body bags, adding to the obstacles the West African nation faces as it tries to tame the virus.

The northern county of Lofa, which borders Guinea and Sierra Leone, has “absolutely no body bags,” Liberia’s Ministry of Health and Social Welfare said in a statement dated Aug. 17 and posted on its website yesterday. The government also has only a small fraction of the protective clothing, chlorine powder and mattresses it needs, according to the statement.

Aug 20 08:08

New Mexico woman, other patient in Calif. both being tested for Ebola virus

The 30-year-old New Mexico woman is currently in isolation as a precaution at the University of New Mexico Hospital after experiencing symptoms similar to the virus which has killed more than 1,200 people overseas as of Tuesday, according to health officials. The woman recently returned from Sierra Leone. In Sacramento, Calif., a patient 'who may have been exposed' to Ebola is under observation, officials there said.

Aug 20 07:57

How Your Morning Coffee Can Prevent Tinnitus

by Dr. Victor Marchione

One of the best and most reliable “health drinks” available is a simple, good ol’ cup of Joe. A few mugs of black coffee per day can do more than just keep you awake and stimulated. There is evidence showing that coffee can lower your risk of diabetes and liver disease and that it can promote a healthy heart. These are just some of the potential benefits of coffee, and there are likely more on the way.

In fact, when I was enjoying my morning cup of coffee the other day, I came across a new discovery suggesting coffee may be able to stave off tinnitus...

Aug 20 07:49

Alternative Medicines Help Boost Immunity to Survive Age of Superbug

A growing number of superbugs resistant to modern medicines are on the rise, and people are asking the question: Does my immune system have what it takes to help me survive a highly infectious disease?
Of course there are no guarantees in life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take control of your well-being to ensure optimum health in the event that an outbreak occurs in your area.
So what does it take to be healthy? Are there things that you can do to boost your immune system and help yourself before you come in contact with a superbug or, even worse, find yourself in the middle of an epidemic?

Aug 20 06:54

BP & The Real State of the Gulf – Pollution Report for Thursday, August 14, 2014

The following is a summary of the 8/14/14 daily beach oiling report issued by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP). I will endeavour to publish this summary each day the FDEP issues such a report. While the media and public believe that the effects of BP’s Deepwater Horizon Blowout and Oil Spill have been largely eradicated, this data suggests otherwise.

It is important to note that these reports of daily oil discoveries and further environmental damage come at a time when BP is attempting to renege on its oft-stated “Commitment to the Gulf.”

Aug 20 06:19

Whistleblower Names CDC Scientists In Covering Up Vaccine-Autism Link

GMI Reporter

A Study by Focus Autism Foundation Finds: CDC Whistleblower Reveals Widespread Manipulation of Scientific Data and Top-Down Pressure on CDC Scientists to Support the Fraudulent Application of Government Policies on Vaccine Safety.

A top research scientist working for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) played a key role in helping Dr. Brian Hooker of the Focus Autism Foundation uncover data manipulation by the CDC that obscured a higher incidence of autism in African-American boys...

Aug 20 05:29

Four indicted in Feb. recall of 8.7 million pounds of contaminated beef

Four people from the slaughterhouse at the center of a massive beef recall in February have been indicted for purposely allowing diseased cattle into its processed meat and misleading health inspectors.

Federal prosecutors on Monday this week claimed the owners of Rancho Feeding Corp., a Northern California beef processing plant, schemed with employees to butcher about 79 cows with skin cancer of the eye rather than stopping plant operations during inspector lunch breaks. The government also said that plant workers swapped the heads of diseased cattle with heads of healthy cows to hide them from inspectors.

Aug 19 19:33

The Pros And Cons Of Militarizing The Police

Same tactics used successfully in Afghanistan, Iraq
Modern law enforcement simply cannot do their job properly by relying on handguns, tasers, and tear gas alone
A real shot in arm for nation’s ailing weapons industry.......

Most police officers have proven fully capable of violently subduing protesters without any military-grade weapons......

Aug 19 18:24

Another new use found for hemp - makes a superior supercapacitor & it's cheaper than graphene

Industrial hemp and hemp seed could transform the economy of the world States in a positive and beneficial way, and therefore should be exploited to its full potential, especially relating to energy storage.

David Mitlin, Ph.D., explains that supercapacitors are energy storage devices that have huge potential to transform the way future electronics are powered. Unlike today’s rechargeable batteries, which sip up energy over several hours, supercapacitors can charge and discharge within seconds. But they normally can’t store nearly as much energy as batteries, an important property known as energy density. One approach researchers are taking to boost supercapacitors’ energy density is to design better electrodes. Mitlin’s team has figured out how to make them from certain hemp fibers — and they can hold as much energy as the current top contender: graphene.

“Our device’s electrochemical performance is on par with or better than graphene-based devices,” Mitlin says. “The key advantage is that our electrodes are made from biowaste using a simple process, and therefore, are much cheaper than graphene.”

Aug 19 18:21

Fukushima Animals Show Mutations, Genetic Damage, Population Declines

Beginning just a few months after the meltdown of Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi power plant in March 2011, scientists began studying the biological effects of the radiation on local wildlife, and the first reports are not encouraging.

Aug 19 17:56

Bárdarbunga volcano

Bárdarbunga, a large central volcano, had its last major eruption in 1477 when it produced a large ash and pumice fall-out deposit. It also produced the largest known lava flow during the past 10,000 years on earth (more than 21 cubic kilometers of volume).

Aug 19 15:15

PLANKTON found in space: Sea creatures are discovered living on the exterior of the ISS

Traces of plankton and other microorganisms have been found living on the exterior of the International Space Station (ISS), according to Russian space officials.

They claim the plankton were not carried there at launch – but are thought to have been blown there by air currents on Earth.

Incredibly, the tiny organisms were found to be able to survive in the vacuum of space despite the freezing temperatures, lack of oxygen and cosmic radiation.

Aug 19 15:05

India: Supreme Court HPV Vaccine Controversy Continues

by Norma Erickson

New Delhi: A petition currently before the Supreme Court alleges that the Drugs Controller of India issued licenses for Gardasil and Cervarix without adequate research on safety. The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health and Family Welfare had asked for a premier investigating agency to inquire into it way back in 2010 and no action has been taken on it.

Petition number 558/2012, filed by Kalpana Mehta, Nalini Bhanot and V. Rukmini Rao, seeks to resolve this and several other issues by asking the Supreme Court of India to rescind the licenses for marketing and administration of HPV vaccines, make provisions to identify and treat any girls left with chronic health problems and/or autoimmune disorders after their participation in HPV vaccine trials, and strengthen the regulation of the Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH) and other foreign NGOs so that they do not flout the laws of the country with such impunity...

Aug 19 14:46

How Cannabis Could Solve One of America's Biggest Problems — Without Us Ever Smoking It

It can be used to store energy. At the American Chemical Society's national meeting this week, researchers from the University of Alberta unveiled a way to create extremely efficient batteries called "supercapacitors" using specially treated hemp, a non-psychoactive variation of the marijuana plant. That means hemp could be a low-cost, renewable raw material that revolutionizes energy storage.

Aug 19 14:44

Student Develops Inexpensive Solar Lens To Purify Polluted Water

Deshawn Henry, a Civil Engineering sophomore at the University of Buffalo, spent his summer developing a solar lens using inexpensive supplies from a hardware store that can clean 99.9% of pathogens in a liter of water in about an hour. The research project is practical and inexpensive, with the potential to be widely implemented and save lives.

Aug 19 12:57

Air France staff refuse to fly to Ebola-hit nations

Some Air France flight crews are refusing to board planes bound for Guinea, Sierra Leone and Nigeria over fears of the Ebola outbreak, the airline said on Tuesday (Aug 19).

Aug 19 12:54

BREAKING NEWS Ebola Patient, Dr. Adadevoh, is Dead

Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh, the consultant physician, who had contracted the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) from the Liberian, Mr. Patrick Sawyer, who imported the virus into Nigeria, is dead.

Sources close to Adadevoh, 58, said she succumbed to the disease Tuesday evening.

Adadevoh led the medical team at First Consultants Medical Centre, a Lagos-based hospital, that treated Sawyer.

She was said to have fallen into a coma on Monday and despite the valiant battle by the medical team to save her, she could not survive the scourge of the disease.

Aug 19 09:53

County investigation: Michael Brown was shot from the front, had marijuana in his system

Oh! My gosh! He was full of the devil weed. He had Reefer Madness! One more nail in the cop's BS story!
If you really want the protests to go away it's simple Governor! Arrest the police officer for murder and jail him with no bond. Arrest and or run the Poverty Pimps and the federal agent provocateurs outa Missouri.
SHOW ME! Governor!

While Case declined to comment further, citing the ongoing investigation into Brown’s death, another person familiar with the county’s investigation told The Washington Post that Brown had between six and eight gunshot wounds and was shot from the front.

In addition, Brown had marijuana in his system when he was shot and killed by a police officer on Aug. 9 in Ferguson, according to this person, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the ongoing investigation.

Aug 19 09:18

Africa goes medieval in its fight against Ebola

As the Ebola epidemic claims new victims at an ever-increasing rate, African governments in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia have instituted a "cordon sanitaire," deploying troops to forcibly isolate the inhabitants in an area containing most of the cases.

Will this work? Some commentators, such as the New Republic's Laurie Garrett, contend that it could stop the spread of the disease, citing a 1995 outbreak in Kikwit, Zaire. In that instance, the dictator Mobutu Sese Seko cordoned off the city in order to stop the disease from spreading.

Putting aside the fact that the 1995 outbreak was small and localized, whereas the current epidemic is now raging in several places, the cordon sanitaire -- also known as a "shotgun quarantine" -- has a distinctly mixed historical track record.

Aug 19 09:07

4 at slaughterhouse behind beef recall indicted

A federal grand jury has indicted four officials at a Northern California slaughterhouse, alleging they slaughtered diseased cows while inspectors were on their lunch breaks and distributed the cattle.

Aug 19 08:01

The Real Problem with Processed Foods in America

by K.J. McLaughlin

Recently, an announcement from the American Society for Nutrition (ASN), a respected authority on nutrition policy, noted that processed foods are an important part of the U.S. food supply because they are widely available and meet current nutritional guidelines.

This statement was recently published in the prestigious American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

According to Dr. Connie Weaver, the principal author, these foods can have a positive impact on health, but when consumed “inappropriately or at inordinately high proportions of a total diet, [they] are deleterious to health.”

Did I just read this correctly?

Only after I read this report did I realize that there is an established direct link between some of the authors of this report and the food processing industry in the U.S.

OK…that explains it...

Aug 19 07:14

Great moments in failed predictions

In 1885, the US Geological Survey announced that there was “little or no chance” of oil being discovered in California.

In 1891, it said the same thing about Kansas and Texas. (See Osterfeld, David. Prosperity Versus Planning : How Government Stifles Economic Growth. New York : Oxford University Press, 1992.)

In 1939 the US Department of the Interior said that American oil supplies would last only another 13 years.

1944 federal government review predicted that by now the US would have exhausted its reserves of 21 of 41 commodities it examined. Among them were tin, nickel, zinc, lead and manganese.

In 1949 the Secretary of the Interior announced that the end of US oil was in sight.

Aug 19 06:43

How neonicotinoid pesticides are poisoning Canada's agriculture

Meanwhile, neonicotinoid usage is soaring. According to Health Canada's Pest Control Sales Reports, sales went from just over 100,000 kg in 2008 to nearly 300,000 kg in 2010. Two neonicotinoids, thiamethoxam and clothianidin, vaulted into the top 10 list of insecticides -- even though only small amounts of these compounds are applied per hectare because of their high toxicity.

Pesticide-coated seeds accounted for most of the increased sales. Neonicotinoid use has grown to the extent that it is difficult for Canadian farmers to buy seeds for major crops such as corn and soybeans (and soon, wheat) that aren't treated with these nerve poisons.

This means ever-increasing levels in our food. In a study published in 2014, researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health analyzed fresh fruits and vegetables purchased from neighbourhood grocery stores in Boston. They found that "all fruit and vegetable samples (except nectarine and tomato) and 90 per cent of honey samples were detected positive for at least one neonicotinoid; 72 per cent of fruits, 45 per cent of vegetables, and 50 per cent of honey samples contained at least two different neonicotinoids."

Aug 19 06:16

What Effect Would Ebola Have On Our Economy?

The Economic Effects of Ebola

Preface: Ebola will obviously have a devastating effect on those areas of West Africa where the disease is currently raging. After all, no one wants to travel to an Ebola hot spot. But this essay focuses on the effects of Ebola on economies in the developed world.

If Ebola came to our country, what effect would it have on the economy?

Aug 18 22:52

Pathologist: Brown may have had his hands raised

FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) -- An unarmed 18-year-old whose fatal shooting by police has sparked a week of protests in suburban St. Louis suffered a bullet wound to his right arm that may indicate his hands were up or his back was turned, a pathologist hired by his family said Monday.

But the pathologist said the team that examined Michael Brown can't be sure yet exactly how the wounds were inflicted, citing the need for more information.

Aug 18 22:49

‘Outside agitators’ worsening unrest in Ferguson, Mo., residents say

Anger and frustration over the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager by a police officer has been expressed through prayer vigils and peaceful protests throughout this St. Louis suburb.

During the daytime.
When the sun goes down, violence has reigned.

No one is more frustrated than local residents and leaders.

“The people causing all the trouble, they aren’t from Ferguson,” said resident Mike Marion, 26. “They’re from all over. They’re not trying to make things better or stand up for Michael Brown. They’re just taking advantage of the situation.”

Aug 18 22:44

Man faces felony charge after struggle with deputy

Old school cops! Peace officers! This is how it's done! The cops bust heads but they don't stack up bodies. They could have killed this guy but they didn't.

GRANITE CITY, Ill. - A man faces a felony charge of aggravated battery after an incident with a Madison County deputy on Saturday.

Deputies were called to a home in the 4700 block of Warnock Avenue in Granite City for a call of a suicidal subject armed with a knife, according to a news release. Once deputies arrived, they found Dakota Childs, 23, restrained by family members. Childs struggled and even spat in the face of one of his family members.

While trying to get Childs in the squad car, Childs spat in the first deputy's face and inflicted a three inch cut to the palm of the first officer, according to the release.

Aug 18 21:37

Early Use of Antibiotics Alters Immunity Later On

Waking Times

As the gut microbiome becomes the newest hot topic in medical science, researchers are welcoming natural and nutritional approaches to optimal health and preventing disease.

Aug 18 18:29

100,000 elephants killed in Africa between 2010 and 2012, study finds

Poachers killed an estimated 100,000 elephants across Africa between 2010 and 2012, a huge spike in the continent's death rate of the world's largest mammals because of an increased demand for ivory in China and other Asian nations, a new study published Monday found.

Aug 18 17:56

Just To Let You All Know...

The total quantity of lava erupted - 14 cubic kilometers - was not that much more than Mount Pinatubo (largest eruption of the 20th century)'s 10 cubic kilometers. But the eruption kicked out a staggering 120 million tons of sulfur dioxide, compared to Pinatubo's 17 million - nearly supervolcano levels. Also unusually, Laki emitted 8 million tons of hydrogen fluoride - normally a trace volcanic gas. These gasses created the "Laki Haze" across Europe. In Iceland, the consequences were most severe - a quarter of the population starved or died of fluoride poisoning, and most of the livestock died. Denmark considered evacuating the entire island.

Is Laki threatening to go off? No. Then why do I mention him?

Because his big sister IS threatening to go off.

Aug 18 15:39

Michael Brown shooting: Private autopsy results revealed

The last 2 shots were fired at a downward angle. One in the top of the skull ranging downwards,no mention of exit. The second headshot ranging downwards through the right eye,through his face downward into his collar bone.
Some are now suggesting that Mike Brown lowered his head like a bull and charged head down into the 2 bullets that killed him. More likely he was on the ground with head facing his shooter who popped him once in the top of the head and once through the right eye,jaw and out into the collar bone. It took over 30 minutes to be called in. Plenty of time to clean up!

FERGUSON, Mo. - A pathologist hired by the family of an unarmed Missouri teenager fatally shot by police says a bullet wound to his arm may have happened when he put his hands up, "but we don't know."

Forensic pathologist Shawn Parcells said Monday that an preliminary results of an independent autopsy shows 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot at least six times, including twice in the head.

Aug 18 15:33

Everything About Colloidal Silver

Two thousand, three hundred years ago, Alexander The Great was surveying his battlefield and drinking water from silver urns. He knew nothing about bacteria, but he knew that silver containers have a seemingly miraculous way of keeping water fresh. Silver has been used for thousands of years in different forms for its health benefits. Throughout the middle ages, the wealthy gave their children silver spoons to suck upon to stave off illnesses. People have known about the benefits of silver for so long that it is incorporated into legends. Silver is the recommended agent for killing vampires, werewolves, and various forms of the so-called undead. According to ancient legend, a silver dagger was all that a knight needed to vanquish evil.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

With Ebola in the news, and suspected cases already showing up in Hing King and the UK, people (if not their governments) are very worried about the current strain, which kills 56% of everyone it infects. Now I want to be clear here. Nobody has done an actual study whether Colloidal Silver will protect you from the Ebola virus. However there are studies that confirm Colloidal Silver's effectiveness against some 650 other infectious diseases. Contrast that with the average anti-biotic, which usually works against maybe 15 diseases. Given that colloidal silver cannot be patented and used for profit by the big pharmaceutical corporations, they have little interest in funding such research. Indeed the big pharmaceutical companies lobbied the FDA to totally ban colloidal silver in 1998, but a huge public outcry forced the FDA to allow it to be sold again, but only in very diluted amounts.

So, with no cure for Ebola, and a vaccine still years away (even if it can be proven safe), many people may be willing to "roll the dice" and use colloidal silver if Ebola shows up in their area.

Here is how I make my own colloidal silver.

Click for larger image

Above all, cleanliness is imperative! I use vinegar to clean the beaker and the .9999 silver rods (purchased from eBay). Some websites say you can use silver coins in an emergency, but that will result in other metals being driven into the solution that you may not want in your body.

After cleaning, fill the beaker with distilled water. Do NOT use bottled mineral water as you may get unexpected chemical reactions. Heat the water in the beaker to just below boiling as the hotter the water is the finer and more effective the particles of silver will be.

Insert the silver rods and connect to a 30 volt DC power supply. 30 volts is ideal, but you can get by using three 9 volt batteries connected in series. If you are using two silver rods, polarity does not matter.

Use a TDS meter (available for free when you buy a Zero Water pitcher or you can also find these on eBay) to measure the PPM silver count. We process to 25ppm in our setup.

Because distilled water is a poor conductor of electricity, it takes a while to start getting the silver into the water. Once the silver does start entering the water, the water will conduct electricity more easily and the process will accelerate. What I do is take 100ml of colloidal silver from a previous run and add it to the water as a feedstock, which greatly accelerates the process.

This setup produces 2000ml of 25ppm colloidal silver in just a few hours.

The finished product should be very pale yellow and there should be no precipitates if your setup was properly cleaned. Filter and bottle in clean dark brown or blue glass bottles, do NOT use plastic or metal, and store in a dark place as strong light will cause the silver to lose its ionization and become less effective. If you start to see dark precipitates forming, your batch is contaminated, and the prudent thing to do is start over.

After you are done, clean the silver rods again using vinegar and store in a ziplock bag until the next time.

I spent about $100 building this setup (mostly for the power supply) but an equivalent amount of colloidal silver from the local health food store would cost the same, so as of the second run, we are saving money.

Aug 18 15:30

Ebola and Climate Change: Are Humans Responsible for the Severity of the Current Outbreak?

In a study published in 2012, researchers asked national infectious disease experts in 30 different countries whether or not they thought climate change would affect infectious disease patterns in their countries. The majority agreed.

Nevertheless, it’s unclear whether these beliefs are driven by good science, or, as Malcolm Gladwell argued way back in 1995, a guilt-driven “idea of disease as a punishment for wickedness.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oh, come ON now!!!!!

Aug 18 15:22

Is Ebola in New Mexico?

A woman who is experiencing symptoms of Ebola is in quarantine at UNM Hospital in Albuquerque.

On August 4, the woman returned from a visit to Sierra Leone, a West African country that has been hit particularly hard by the current Ebola outbreak. So far, 810 cases and 348 deaths have been reported there.

Last Friday, the 30-year-old woman began to develop flu-like symptoms including fever, sore throat, muscle aches, and a headache.

On Saturday, she checked herself into the hospital.

Aug 18 13:45

CCHR Calls on the FDA to Pull Plug on Judge Rotenberg Center Electroshocking Kids—UN Calls Use of Electroshock as Punishment Akin to Torture

The mental health watchdog, Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), calls upon the FDA to ban the electrical stimulation device being used to administer electric shocks to children at the Judge Rotenberg Center in Canton, Massachusetts.

Aug 18 13:17

Iceland raises Bardarbunga volcano alert to orange

The risk of an eruption at Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano has increased, with signs of "ongoing magma movement", Iceland's meteorological office says.

Aug 18 12:51

Ebola and the Absent “Humanitarians”

The US spent over two billion dollars during NATO’s armed assault on Libya both in ordnance used during months of aerial bombardment and in covert support for terrorists used as proxy ground forces in the overthrow of the Libyan government. The United Kingdom is estimated to have spent even more. Hundreds of millions were spent by other NATO members throughout the duration of the assault. The “protection of civilians” was repeatedly cited as the altruistic justification for such an expenditure in manpower and financial resources.

Aug 18 12:43

Early Use of Antibiotics Alters Immunity Later On

As the gut microbiome becomes the newest hot topic in medical science, researchers are welcoming natural and nutritional approaches to optimal health and preventing disease.

Aug 18 12:26

Tropical Storm KARINA

NHC tropical cyclone forecast tracks can be in error. This forecast uncertainty is conveyed by the track forecast "cone", the solid white and stippled white areas in the graphic. The solid white area depicts the track forecast uncertainty for days 1-3 of the forecast, while the stippled area depicts the uncertainty on days 4-5. Historical data indicate that the entire 5-day path of the center of the tropical cyclone will remain within the cone about 60-70% of the time. To form the cone, a set of imaginary circles are placed along the forecast track at the 12, 24, 36, 48, 72, 96, and 120 h positions, where the size of each circle is set so that it encloses 67% of the previous five years official forecast errors. The cone is then formed by smoothly connecting the area swept out by the set of circles.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks like another Hurricane is headed our way!

Aug 18 11:46


Two years ago, the report states, the family of Ophira Dorin, a 36-year-old Israeli woman with kidney disease, began looking for a way to bypass the long waiting list for an organ and soon came found three Israeli organ brokers whose reach purportedly extends to Central America.

It wasn’t an easy task, the report said, but Dorin’s mother, who works in a hospital, managed to make a contact with the three brokers, whom the Times names as Yaakov “Koby” Dayan, a businessman in his late fifties who takes an interest in real estate and marketing; Avigad Sandler, a 65-year-old insurance agent who was an IDF officer; and 30-year-old Boris Volfman, an emigrant from Ukraine and Avigad’s protégé, who runs his own transplant tourism agency.

All three are active operators in Israel’s underground kidney market, according to the Times.

Aug 18 11:08

Inside Ebola hell: Mirrorman witnesses horror of bodies being tipped into truck at Africa clinic

The 33-year-old nurse, knew from her symptoms that she had contracted the world’s most feared virus.

She knew also that she was about to die from the incurable disease.

But she had stopped short of telling Oliver.

And she deliberately didn’t hug their one-year-old son Oliver Junior as she walked alone through the quarantine tape surrounding the tin-roofed hospital unit.

Her fear that she could infect the tot through a drop of sweat or a stray tear was based on sound knowledge.

Yesterday grief-stricken Oliver wept and banged his head against the steering wheel of the family car as he watched Layson’s body chucked unceremoniously on to the back of a truck in a white plastic bag.

Aug 18 09:35

‘What else do we need to give them to arrest the killer of my child?’ - Brown’s mother on private autopsy

The 2 head shots were both fired at a downward angle indicating they were coup de grace shots. Executed for jaywalking or stealing Swisher Sweets or fighting with the cop. Take your pick. They have a million stories! Nothing this kid did was a capital offense. He was denied the most basic right of due process!

The family of Michael Brown, the unarmed 18-year-old who was shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri last Saturday, held a press conference Monday morning to discuss the preliminary autopsy and the number of bullets fired at their son.

Aug 18 08:43

County officials refuse to pay medical bills for toddler burned by SWAT grenade

To all you people who think it's okay for the cops to brutalize Americans! To hell with the lot of you!

Officials in Georgia’s Habersham County are refusing to pay for the mounting medical expenses of a toddler seriously injured by a flash grenade after a failed SWAT team raid earlier this year.

Bounkham 'Bou Bou' Phonesavanh was just 19 months old when a Habersham SWAT team initiated a no-knock warrant at his family’s home at around 3 a.m. on May 28. Bou Bou was asleep in his crib at the time, surrounded by his family and three sisters. The toddler was severely injured when SWAT team officers broke through the house’s door and threw a flashbang grenade that ultimately landed in the Bou Bou’s crib.

Aug 18 08:12

Israelis at forefront of international organ trafficking: Report

The US daily New York Times said in a report published on Sunday that transplant brokers in Israel have pocketed enormous sums of money by arranging overseas kidney transplants for desperate patients who are paired with foreign donors.

Through the story of an Israeli woman, identified as Ophira Dorin, the report showed how easy it is to illegally purchase a kidney via transplant brokers in Israel.

Dorin told the daily that she paid USD 175,000 for a kidney transplant surgery which was arranged to take place in Costa Rica. However, a confidential Costa Rican court document shows that the donor, who was an unemployed 37-year-old man, received only USD 18,500 for his kidney.

Aug 18 07:50

Emerging solar plants scorch birds in mid-air

A new form of solar energy is having an unwanted side effect: It makes some birds ignite in midair.

California's energy commission is studying the issue of bird deaths at a new kind of solar plant that works with concentrated sun rays. The technology has proved unexpectedly deadly to birds at a new solar plant in the Mojave Desert.

Aug 18 07:46

Some coffee producers add corn, wood and dirt fillers to cut costs and increase profit

Billions of people around the globe love to have coffee throughout the day, and in the United States, especially, there is a growing market for specialty blends and brews. The fresher (and, in many cases, the more expensive), the better.

But researchers are warning coffee drinkers to beware of surprise ingredients that are neither sweet nor flavorful, and they are hiding in your coffee. Worse, as coffee becomes in shorter supply, chances will increase that these non-coffee fillers will be mixed in with your favorite blend in the future.

There is some good news, though: There is a highly accurate test in the works that will quickly identify any coffees containing unwanted fillers before the beverage hits store shelves and restaurants.

Learn more:

Aug 18 06:53

What? California Hospitals Charge US$10 to US$10,000 for a Blood Test

A recent study published in BMJ Open, the online publication of the British Medical Journal, found that California hospitals charge anywhere between US$10 to US$10,000 dollars for a simple blood test.

The shocking price range was discovered by researchers for the University of California at San Francisco when it checked the prices for the 10 most common types of blood tests at 160 to 180 California hospitals in 2011.

For a basic metabolic panel, the average charge was US$214 with different hospitals charging a very wide range of US$35 to US $7,303. The test measures sodium, potassium and glucose levels in the blood.

Aug 18 06:48

Agricultural chemicals, pharmaceuticals causing male fish to become egg-carrying mutants

A new analysis of fish living in the Delaware, Ohio and Susquehanna rivers of Pennsylvania has revealed a shocking truth about the chemicals being sprayed on our food and given to us as "medicine" (i.e. pharmaceutical drugs). According to a paper published in the journal Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, drugs and pesticides are almost universally transforming otherwise male fish into egg-carrying, "intersex" mutant fish that are both male and female.

Aug 18 00:31

5 Big Brother Technologies for Tracking and Surveilling Children

Waking Times

Without much of a mentionable public debate about the implementation of police state surveillance and tracking technologies in our society, we are quickly moving into an era where personal liberty and privacy do not exist.

Aug 18 00:29

Why Should I Care About GMOs?

Waking Times

What if you found out that your child was being slipped a dangerous drug in his school lunches, without your consent? What if you discovered that this drug never underwent the usual safety testing, as the government turned a bind eye? Would you be shocked? Outraged? Or perhaps in a state of profound denial that something so egregious could happen in this country?

Aug 17 22:36

Lifting the Veil of Secrecy on Secret Space Program 2nd ) Annual Event

The Secret Space Program held their 2nd annual conference in San Mateo, CA on June 28-29, 2014, where a host of influential speakers armed with well documented and straightforward facts and backgrounds in the military, space and financial systems presented compelling evidence of a Black Budget space program woven into the military industrial and defense complex thru a hidden finance system run by the Bilderberg group.

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Aug 17 19:14

Health Department, CDC testing New Mexico woman for Ebola

The New Mexico Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are performing tests to determine if a 30-year-old New Mexico woman has Ebola.

The woman returned earlier this month from Sierra Leone, which is one of several countries in West Africa with known cases of Ebola.

The woman has sore throat, head ache, muscle aches and fever and is in stable condition at University of New Mexico Hospital.

She had no known exposure to Ebola and health department officials said the tests are being done “out of an abundance of caution.”

Aug 17 19:07

If You Promote A Cure For Ebola, Men With Guns Could Show Up At Your Door

If I had a cure for Ebola, I could never sell it to you. I don’t have a cure for Ebola of course, but even if I did I could never promote it. And if you have a cure for Ebola and you start promoting it on the Internet, men with guns could soon show up at your door. Unfortunately, I am not kidding. Even if you have made a discovery that could potentially save millions of lives, that will not earn you an ounce of mercy from the FDA. In fact, the FDA has just issued a statement that contains a chilling warning for anyone that is claiming that they know how to prevent or cure Ebola. And without a doubt, FDA bureaucrats are scouring the Internet right now for any sign of an Ebola cure or treatment. When they find one, they are likely to crack down very hard based on their history. So if you do have a cure for Ebola, you might want to be very, very careful. You could end up having men with automatic weapons conducting a military-style raid on your home when you least expect it.

Aug 17 18:41

Oklahoma earthquakes caused by oil drilling

Since January, there have been 292 recorded earthquakes that have registered at least a magnitude of 3.0 or larger, officials said -- more than any other state in the continental United States. That is almost triple the 109 felt last year, Reuters reported, adding that, through 2008, the state averaged less than two quakes per year.

Aug 17 18:18

Ebola drug derived from GM tobacco could cause cancer, elephantiasis and other serious side effects

Known as ZMapp, an experimental Ebola drug containing derivatives of GM tobacco bears resemblances to earlier experimental drugs that used the same technology -- and that failed miserably. One experimental drug given to patients at Northwick Park Hospital in London back in 2006 resulted in one man having his head swell, and several others developing signs of cancer.

Three others, according to The Sunday Times, were told that they had an extremely high likelihood of developing incurable autoimmune diseases from the drug, known as TGN1412, which contained GM monoclonal antibodies. The side effects from the drug, made by a Germany-based firm, were so dramatic, in fact, that it was quickly dubbed the "Elephant Man drug," in reference to a participant whose head essentially blew up.

Aug 17 17:27

The Ebola Outbreak: U.S. Sponsored Bioterror?

We can now be extraordinarily confident that the U.S. government is lying, in key material respects, about the latest Ebola outbreak—and not just because it lies about nearly everything of political consequence. This article shows that there are compelling reasons to believe we are being told three big lies about Ebola. It also offers a simple, rational, yet disturbing, explanation that very tidily accounts for all three lies. The explanation supposes that the current Ebola outbreak consists in an act of U.S.-linked bioterror.

Aug 17 15:52

Report: Armed men attack Liberia Ebola clinic, freeing patients

Liberian officials fear Ebola could soon spread through the capital's largest slum after residents raided a quarantine center for suspected patients and took items including bloody sheets and mattresses.

The violence in the West Point slum occurred late Saturday and was led by residents angry that patients were brought to the holding center from other parts of Monrovia, Tolbert Nyenswah, assistant health minister, said Sunday.

Aug 17 10:31

Flotsam Found - 46,000 Pieces of Plastic in Each Square Mile of Ocean, Yet Climate Change is the Focus?

What have 29,000 Lost Toys Told Us About Our Oceans? Our oceans sure look pretty from afar, but if you take a closer look, you’ll find plenty of gross stuff lurking around. There are as many as 46,000 pieces of plastic floating in each square mile of ocean, threatening the health of our seas, especially the marine wildlife inhabiting them.

Aug 17 08:38

NASA gets rare glimpse at black hole

Scientists have caught a better-than-ever view of the way that black holes can drag space and time around with them as they spin, a finding that could lead to new understanding of Einstein's theory of relativity.

Nasa’s Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) captured the effect when a compact source of X-rays, known as the corona, moved towards the black hole and was pulled into it. That blurred and stretched the X-rays, a phenomenon that is rarely captured and has never been studied in such detail before

Aug 17 08:15

Debunking the Myths of the DTaP Vaccine

by Christina England

Families with new babies who query vaccinations in Arizona are being given a wad of paperwork assuring them that vaccinations are safe and effective. Reading through this information, I was shocked to see exactly what these vulnerable parents are being told, because, as usual, they are only being told half the story...

Aug 17 07:49

Study suggests federal law to combat use of 'club drugs' has done more harm than good

Activist Post

A federal law enacted to combat the use of "club drugs" such as Ecstasy — and today's variation known as Molly — has failed to reduce the drugs' popularity and, instead, has further endangered users by hampering the use of measures to protect them...

Aug 16 22:51

Experts: Record cold summer leads to changing leaves in August

PITTSBURGH (KDKA)- Pittsburgh is dealing with one of the coldest summers in history, and it’s having an effect on the trees.

Aug 16 22:45

Old TV Commercial Jokes about Ebola, “Don’t Worry, It’s Not an Airborne Strain”

But but...we thought there was no airborne strain...?

There is no shortage of Ebola jokes (for some demented reason, ala Sick, Sad World). We remember this series of commercials being pretty annoying but this is just plain horrible.

Aug 16 17:06

Another Reason Why Wheat and GMOs Can Destroy Your Health

Fundamentally, this study indicates that wheat is not something that we want to eat. It forces our body to become inhabitants of strains of bacteria that we have never before needed to occupy our bodies, and which are capable of doing great harm. While some of the strains that degrade gluten are non-pathogenic (e.g. 39% were from the mostly beneficial Lactobacillus family), taken as a whole, the discovery that a variety of Clostridium strains (as well as related potentially pathogenic strains from genuses such as Klebsiella and Staphylococcus) thrive in a wheat-based diet, and adding in the fact that GMO foods further contribute to their overgrowth, it seems that the pathway towards optimal health requires the elimination of both.

Aug 16 16:59

Plane sprays high school band students with toxic pesticides

More than 350 members of a Texas high school’s marching band were sent home and told to thoroughly shower and sanitize their instruments after a plane flying overhead doused them with pesticides.

Aug 16 10:29

Ebola spreading faster, out of control for next 6 months – Doctors without Borders

The spread of Ebola is outrunning efforts to stop it, according to international aid group Doctors Without Borders, which estimates it might take six months to get the situation under control.

Aug 16 09:28

Michael Brown, Ferguson and the indifference towards the lives of young black men

Many Americans share president Barack Obama’s sentiment regarding the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. This is clearly indicated in the deeply felt hurt experienced by so many and the massive swell of moral support people of all backgrounds offered to the young man’s parents in recent days.

But to suggest that all, or even most, Americans feel the same would be severely misleading. Some citizens, drawing on media-fed imagery and timeworn stereotypes of young black men, have gone so far as to suggest that the unarmed teenager’s tragic death at the hands of a Ferguson police officer was self-inflicted, of his own doing, deserved and the result of his defiance of state authority.

A young man with a promising future notwithstanding, too many in the United States view the disputed events that led to Brown’s death as the reasonable, albeit unfortunate, consequence of his errant behaviour.

Aug 16 09:08

Parental Incarceration Can Be Worse for a Child Than Divorce or Death of a Parent

Activist Post

With more than 2 million people behind bars, the U.S. has the highest incarceration rate in the world. This mass incarceration has serious implications for not only the inmates, but their children, finds a new University of California-Irvine study.

The study found significant health problems, including behavioral issues, in children of incarcerated parents and also that, for some types of health outcomes, parental incarceration can be more detrimental to a child's well-being than divorce or the death of a parent...

Aug 16 09:03

Mother of policeman that shot dead Michael Brown was 'a serial con artist who defrauded thousands of dollars from neighbors in stolen credit card scheme'

Neighbors claim the policeman accused of shooting dead an unarmed teenager in St Louis had a serial con woman for a mother, MailOnline can reveal.

Darren Wilson’s mum Tonya Durso won the trust of her neighbors then cheated them out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by stealing their identities and taking out vast loans and credit card debt.

At the time she committed the offenses she was on parole for similar crimes elsewhere the state and afterwards died at the age of 35 under mysterious circumstances.

Neighbors today revealed how they were stunned that Wilson became a police officer after his mother behaved so deviously towards them.

Aug 16 07:58

Impact Redacted: UK report on fracking fallout censored…63 elements left out

Britain's published key research on which it's basing its future fracking industry on. But you'd be hard-pushed to get to the bottom of the environmental impact, because the government's edited or completely blacked out over 60 elements of it.

Aug 16 07:55

Fracking – another commodity bubble of our times

Meanwhile, The New York Times has previously leaked emails which included this ominous warning from a respected analyst: “The word in the world of independents is that the shale plays are just giant Ponzi schemes and the economics just do not work.”

All this investment is creating copious wells, at twice the price of ordinary ones, and because they are, first production is taking place at about the same time, the initial figures look great. This fuels further blind equity but then, as mentioned earlier, the output drops extremely fast.

Just like the housing bubble of the early years of this century, the fashion for fracking is also heading towards a cliff. Once the attractive spots have been milked, production will slump and many wells will not even take off at all, following the example of Poland where drilling dozens of wells has led to nothing.

It’s obvious that a few years from now, fracking will be seen as this period’s equivalent of the tulip and dot-com convulsions.

Aug 15 23:56

Japanese Scientist Makes Poop Burger (VIDEO)

The scientist is hoping that the new type of meat will one day replace real meat, which is more expensive to produce. He claims that the new poop burger is actually healthier than real meat (poop meat has less fat and hence less calories) and is more environment-friendly (cows supposedly contribute around 18 percent of our greenhouse gas emissions).

I thought this was a joke at first, but it is not.

Aug 15 18:29

Molten salt nuclear reactor that eats radioactive waste gets funded

Reactors like the one proposed by Transatomic use salt mixed with the nuclear fuel to slow the reaction. When the temperature goes up, the salt expands and reduces the rate of fission. Since salt’s melting point is higher than the core temperature, even if power is lost and no one is around to fix things, the reaction will eventually stop on its own. This technology has been proposed before, but Transatomic says it can do it better with improved internal reactor geometry (PDF). This is what could allow it to fuel a reactor with nuclear waste or mined uranium at enrichment levels as low as 1.8 percent.

Aug 15 17:34

Lawyer: Store didn't call cops on Michael Brown

The cops story is falling apart! And where is the video of the cash register and cashier!

FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) - The attorney for a convenience store where a Missouri teenager allegedly stole cigars before he was shot by police says a customer, not store workers, called police.

Ferguson police released surveillance video Friday that they say shows 18-year-old Michael Brown grabbing the shirt of a smaller man who'd walked out from behind the counter. Police say Brown was suspected of stealing a box of $49 cigars.

The store's attorney, Jay Kanzler, insisted Friday that store workers didn't call police.

Aug 15 17:05

The True Cost of Healthcare - It's Far Less Than You're Being Charged!

-Most generic medications cost less than most insurance copays
-Hospitals routinely bill ten or more times what they expect to be paid
-Most outpatient tests and procedures are very inexpensive to perform
-Health insurance companies deliberately manipulate these costs to maintain their profits

Aug 15 15:56

Teenager invents water purifier that creates electricity with no external power source

Last week, True Activist published a story about a 15-year-old who invented a shoe insole that creates electricity while you walk.

Aug 15 13:59

Government Will Withhold One-Third of the Records from Database of Physician Payments

Next month, when the federal government releases data about payments to physicians from pharmaceutical and medical device makers, one-third of the records will be withheld because of data inconsistencies, an official told ProPublica.

The issue is the latest hurdle for the federal government as it seeks to launch the already-delayed Open Payments databasemandated under the Physician Payment Sunshine Act, a provision of the 2010 Affordable Care Act. Making this information public is a crucial step in promoting greater transparency about conflicts of interest in medicine.

Aug 15 13:51

My Daughter's New Agenda 21 Bedroom

I thought I should get my daughter prepared for her downsized future...

Aug 15 13:39

Ebola Outbreak 'Vastly Underestimated': Health Experts

The Ebola outbreak has been "vastly underestimated" and requires containment efforts far greater than those currently being taken, health experts warn.

The outbreak of the virus in West Africa—described as the worst ever—has already killed over 1,000 people in Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone and has infected nearly 2,000.

In a statement issued Thursday, the World Health Organization (WHO) said, "Staff at the outbreak sites see evidence that the numbers of reported cases and deaths vastly underestimate the magnitude of the outbreak."

Aug 15 13:29

There's 4 sides to every story! No video on cash far!

I've watched the video released by the police in Ferguson Missouri.
One question! Where is the view of the cashier and cash register? All I see is 3 sides of the store. Front door where you see the kid and his friend come in and then go out with some kind of a shoving contest between the big guy and the little guy. The other view is of a long wall with racks and soda dispenser all the way to the back wall. No angle on the cash register or cashier.
Why did they leave out that angle. Does it show the 2 individuals making their purchase or not. Do the police have that third angle. What does it show!

UPDATE:We know now the store didn't call the police. Supposedly a customer did.
We also know courtesy of the police chief that his officer didn't know about any strongarmed robbery at the convenience store at the time of the shooting.
The story keeps changing always a sign that something is amiss!

Aug 15 13:22

Ebola outbreak vastly underestimated, WHO says

The magnitude of the Ebola outbreak in west Africa, which has killed more than 1,000 people, has been vastly underestimated and will require “extraordinary measures, on a massive scale” if it is to be contained, the World Health Organisation has warned.

The admission came as Médecins sans Frontières (MSF), the medical charity, said the disease was spreading “faster than we can respond to”, and accused the WHO of being too slow to react.

The outbreak, which is the worst to date, has killed 1,069 people, with 1,975 cases recorded in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. However, the WHO fears the figures are unreliable.

Aug 15 12:56

New GMO Poised for Approval Despite Public Outcry

Despite its own admission that it will cause an up to sevenfold increase in chemical pesticide use, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is poised to approve a new type of genetically engineered seed built to resist one of the most toxic weedkillers on the market.

Now, total approval hinges on the Environmental Protection Agency.