Jan 28 07:01

Four inches of snow and temperatures of -15C to hit Britain this weekend

Britain is on severe storm alert with freezing 80mph gales, ice and up to four inches of snow forecast this weekend.

A bitter -15C Arctic blast will unleash damaging storm-force winds while swathes of the country brace for torrential downpours and floods.

Gust speeds could top 120mph over very high ground tomorrow with giant waves threatening coastal erosion.
Warning: Coastal areas such as Aberystwyth are preparing for another battering this weekend
The Met Office has issued a raft of severe weather warnings for the next 48 hours with flooding and travel disruption expected.

Jan 27 19:27

Flashback - Theresa May: Child abuse in the UK runs far deeper than you know

In my discussions with older victims and survivors and their representatives, I began to realise how abuse is woven, covertly, into the fabric of our society.

During one of my first meetings with survivors, one lady said to me: “Get this inquiry right and it will be like a stick of Blackpool rock. You will see abuse going through every level of society.” I fear she is right. I have said before and I shall say again, that what we have seen so far is only the tip of iceberg.

When I set up this inquiry I did so because the need for such a probe was clear. There was the systematic abuse of vulnerable girls in Derby, Oxford and towns around Britain; the growing concerns about an alleged Westminster paedophile ring and the crimes committed by Jimmy Savile and others who abused their celebrity status.

Jan 27 15:40

Nigerian traffickers seep into the EU via Britain

Nigerian groups seep into the EU via the UK. For example, they use the London Gatwick airport. To get into the EU, the perpetrators use false documents, reports RIA Novosti. In addition to trafficking, they are involved in drugs, fake passports and transportation of oil. All this became known thanks to the Spanish police caught the leader of one such groups. British authorities has not yet been commented on this data.

Jan 27 14:33

Muslims aren’t like us, ‘disrespectful’ to demand they adapt – ex-equality chief

Expecting Muslims to simply abandon their culture to suit Britain is “the deepest form of disrespect,” according to former Equality and Human Rights Commission chair Trevor Phillips, who says Muslim communities are fundamentally different from those of other religions.

Jan 27 13:20


On 27th January 2015 the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, signed an order that increased the data collected by the police’s network of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras in the capital by 300%. At the time no-one seems to have noticed. One year on the sound of silence is still deafening. Johnson achieved this massive increase of blanket surveillance in London without erecting a single new camera. Instead he allowed the police to share Transport for London’s (TfL) network of around 1400 ANPR cameras used for the London Congestion Charge, the Low Emission Zone and other traffic monitoring. This was a policy tucked away in Johnson’s 2012 mayoral crime manifesto.

Jan 27 09:19

Google whistleblower who gave 100,000 emails to HMRC 'proving' the tech giant does business in the UK slams its 'trivial' £130m tax bill

Mr Jones handed over 100,000 emails to the taxman he claims proved the tech giant does business in the UK and was 'cheating' the taxpayer out of around £200million a year in tax.

Jan 27 09:09

Hereditary peer says some poor families 'ought' to earn more to avoid child poverty

A hereditary peer who voted in favour of the Government's attempts to redefine the way child poverty is measured has said some families "ought" to try harder to earn money.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jan 27 08:35

George Galloway explaining to a Jew that they have no right in Pales tine

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This was George's rebuttal to a common claim made by supporters of Israel that the claimed events of the Holocaust somehow gave Britain the right to give Palestine to the Zionists.

This is, of course, the whole reason for the holocaust myth in the first place. At the end of WW2, the planners of Israel faced a major problem. The world had just united against Germany on the principle that one nation does not have a right to simply march into another nation and take it for their own use, which is exactly what the planners of Israel wanted to do to Palestine. Israel needed a propaganda weapon so powerful that all the world's nation that had sacrificed so much blood and treasure would be convinced that what Germany could not be allowed to do to Poland and France, Israel had to be allowed to do to Palestine. So using Jewish-controlled media, slave-labor facilities became death camps, delousing became gassing, shower rooms became gas chambers, deaths from typhus epidemics became extermination, and one of the greatest lies ever told was born.

Jan 26 18:54

UK's leading pro-Palestine campaign group blocks call to expel Israel from the UN (again)

There is ample reason for calling for Israel’s expulsion from the UN. It chimes very well with the ‘Sanctions’ element of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS). And it is a good fit with the sort of measures that, in the ‘Call to Action’ by the BDS Movement, should be maintained until Israel meets its obligation to recognize the Palestinian people’s inalienable right to self-determination and fully complies with the precepts of international law

Jan 26 18:04


Of the many, and we do mean many, popular misconceptions about the grand history-altering event known as World War II surrounds the true nature of the German-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact -- also known as the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact after the two foreign ministers who negotiated and then finalized the agreement in late August of 1939. As the stupid story goes, this was the moment when Hitler and Stalin made the deal to carve up Poland and - in a 'secret protocol' - the rest of eastern Europe..

Jan 26 14:34

UK’s Palestine Solidarity Campaign blocks call to expel Israel from UN

Stuart Littlewood asks where does the Palestine Solidarity Campaign – the UK's leading pro-Palestine campaign group – go from here, now that it has rejected a proposal to seek Israel's expulsion from the UN for persistently violating international law?

Jan 26 14:15

Hundreds gather to stop cancer patient being evicted from home

More than 300 people have gathered on a quiet street in Nottingham to help stop a cancer patient being evicted from his home.

Tom Crawford has been embroiled in a lengthy battle with Bradford & Bingley bank over his mortgage.

Jan 26 10:44

MI5 'was warned by IRA informant about Shankill Road bombing that killed nine but did nothing to stop it'

British security services were warned about a infamous IRA bombing which killed nine people in Belfast in 1993 but failed to stop it, it was claimed today.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This sort of thing is nothing new. The FBI Allowed the 1993 WTC Bombing to Happen!

Jan 26 10:38

MI5 'was warned by IRA informant about Shankill Road bombing that killed nine but did nothing to stop it'

British security services were warned about a infamous IRA bombing which killed nine people in Belfast in 1993 but failed to stop it, it was claimed today.

The Shankill Road bombing was one of the most shocking of the country's Troubles, with two children among the dead in a botched attempt to blow up a meeting of Ulster Defence Association (UDA) leaders.

It emerged this week that a document said to have been stolen from police in 2002 claims that an IRA operative involved in the bombing was a British informant who told MI5 of the plan.

Jan 26 10:27

Frankenscience? Human organs grown in animals to be reportedly approved in UK

The UK Home Office is expected to give the green light this week to a controversial scientific technique developed in the United States. It allows human organs be grown inside animals.

Jan 26 09:35

Westminster’s (vast) fracking lobby exposed

It’s well known that the shale gas industry has spent millions on PR trying to sway public opinion in its favour. Less visible is the extraordinary political influence it potentially wields via some of the world’s most controversial lobbying firms.

Jan 26 09:29

The Craziest Conspiracy Theory of Them All

The British government’s report on the death of Alexander Litvinenko reads like a bad thriller

Jan 26 09:20

Winston Churchill: Britain’s “Greatest Briton” Left a Legacy of Global Conflict and Crimes Against Humanity

The myth of Churchill is Britain’s greatest propaganda tool because it rewrites Churchill’s true history in order to whitewash Britain’s past imperialist crimes against humanity. The Churchill myth also perpetuates Britain’s ongoing neo-colonial and neo-liberal policies, that still, to the is day, hurt the very people around the world that Churchill was alleged to have helped civilise.

Jan 26 08:16

IRA terrorist behind 1993 Belfast bombing was ‘MI5 informant’ – leaked documents

Northern Ireland’s police watchdog is investigating allegations that the IRA operative who planned the 1993 Shankhill Road bombing was an MI5 informant who gave intelligence that could have helped security forces stop the atrocity.

Nine civilians, including two children, were killed in the attack on a fish shop in Belfast’s loyalist heartland in 1993. The bombing became one of the most notorious atrocities of The Troubles, prompting a wave of sectarian revenge murders in its wake.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Another reminder that acts of terror are hoaxes used by government to manipulate you!

Jan 25 16:50

‘Deploy military to Calais to put law & order back’ – UK haulage chief

UK haulage companies are calling on the French government to send in the army to protect lorries traveling through the port of Calais.

Jan 25 16:15

Tory Treasury minister says he can’t tell the public whether Google broke any tax laws

David Gauke says ministers are not privy to details about the deal despite having described it as a 'major success'

Jan 25 15:34

‘Plebgate’ MP backs celebrities wrongly accused of sex abuse

The former international development secretary, Andrew Mitchell, has joined forces with radio presenter Paul Gambaccini and comedian Jimmy Tarbuck to press for greater protection for people under investigation over historical sex abuse allegations.

Jan 25 14:53

The Beeb gets tea and biscuits instead of a grilling

It seems that the spirit of deference that once sustained an empire remains alive within some of Holyrood’s committees. These pocket battleships of the Scottish parliament are deemed to be one of its most palpable successes; regularly eliciting clarity and exerting transparency from dozens of evasive, public sector executives on the gravy train. Yet, observing two of them at work in recent weeks revealed a marked difference in tone and attitude.

Jan 25 13:52

1 in 5 British politicians ‘attacked’ by aggressive voters, study finds

British MPs claim they have been abused or violently attacked by aggressive voters, including threats made against their children, it has emerged.

Jan 25 13:44

Brexit 'would trigger economic and financial shock' for UK

A UK vote to leave the EU would trigger a snap recession, prompt a fall in share prices and house prices and knock as much as 2% off GDP, according to analysts at the investment bank Credit Suisse.

Jan 25 11:58

Scotland Yard detective: I was told to ignore 'meat rack' VIPs during paedophile probe  

A Scotland Yard detective claims he was told to ignore VIPs during a paedophile probe now being investigated by the police watchdog.

Former Chief Inspector Howard Groves, who served in the murder squad during a distinguished 34-year career, was investigating a West End paedophile ring with alleged links to MPs and TV stars in the 1980s.

Detectives found that boys as young as 14 were being supplied to men in Piccadilly Circus in an area known by the boys as ‘the meat rack’.

Jan 25 09:21

BBC may ask over-75s to give up free TV licence

People over 75 may be asked to give up their free TV licence or make a voluntary contribution to it, under plans being considered by the BBC.

The corporation must absorb the loss of £650m worth of licences for over-75s from 2020 as part of a funding deal agreed with ministers last year.

A report on ways to appeal for voluntary contributions is due in 2016.

The BBC has refused to comment on suggestions that older celebrities might front a publicity campaign.

Jan 25 08:58


A former senior British intelligence officer wants to give evidence that the country's security services knew about the torture of inmates at the U.S. prison camp in Guantanamo Bay, a newspaper reported. The former officer is seeking permission to present evidence to a forthcoming parliamentary inquiry that British officials saw detainees being tortured in December 2002, the Sunday Times said quoting senior security sources.

Jan 25 08:57

Sainsbury's Bank web pages stuck on crappy 20th century crypto

Sainsbury's Bank website still relies on insecure cryptography protocols that more security conscious organisations have abandoned as obsolete.

The UK supermarket-owned bank’s "secure" site rates an “F” in tests using the industry standard Qualys’ SSL Labs service – chiefly because of the support for protocols security experts reckon are well past their sell-by date.

“Shocking really: RC4, SHA-1 cert and other issues,” Mal M, the Reg reader who brought the issue to our attention, commented. “Someone there should be beaten to a pulp with a keyboard.”

Jan 25 07:53

UKIP leader Farage launches cross-party Brexit platform

“We are not against Europe, we love Europe,” Farage said addressing 2,000 people who gathered in Kettering, Northamptonshire, for the event.

“What we are against is the idea of all of our laws being administered by those in Brussels,” he added as cited by The Northamptonshire Telegraph.

The main argument in favor a British exit from the EU is the EU migration policy of open doors, the UKIP leader noted.

“The key issue that I believe will win us this referendum is the fact that as a member of this union we now have an open door to nearly half a billion people, any of whom can come in to our country,” Farage said urging for UK residents “to take back control of our borders” in the face of the migrant influx.

Jan 25 07:23

Violent crime surges 16pc in new figures

Data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) covering the 12 months to the end of September last year showed 699,800 recorded incidents of violence against the person compared with 604,100 offences in the previous 12 months.

The data also showed a new record level of rapes recorded by police in England and Wales.

There were 24,043 rapes in recorded crime figures for the year, a rise of 31 per cent on the previous 12 months and 81 per cent higher than a decade earlier.

Jan 24 13:40

Mistrust in mainstream media? Radical! – UK govt website claims

The British government has launched a new website aimed at battling what it calls "the spell of twisted ideologies". On the site, parents and teachers can find advice on how to identify signs of radicalization in youths.

Jan 24 13:01

‘Secret wife’ of late Saudi king to reveal monarchy’s mysteries in UK film

Janan Harb, 68, has quite a life story to tell: she says she was the former Saudi king’s secret wife.

Jan 23 16:35

Google £130m tax 'sweetheart deal' should be audited, says Labour

The Labour Party has called on the National Audit Office to investigate Google’s agreement to pay £130m in back taxes, branding the arrangement a “sweetheart deal”.

The payment, which covers money owed by the search engine giant since 2005, follows a six-year inquiry by Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs. It was hailed as a “victory” by Chancellor George Osborne, on Saturday; he called on other large companies to follow suit. “Good to see Google paying more tax on past profits,” Mr Osborne tweeted. “We want successful businesses in UK – but they should pay their taxes.”

But Labour’s shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, described the size of Google’s back payment as “derisory” and accused the Government of accepting a “relatively small amount” of tax compared to Google’s vast profits in the UK.

Jan 23 09:53

Banks rake in millions selling rip-off accounts to 2.6million OAPs that can cost them as much as £25 a month

Up to 2.6million pensioners have been sold rip-off bank accounts that can cost them as much as £25 a month.

A Money Mail investigation revealed that over-65s are routinely being signed up to accounts with features they cannot use or do not want.

In many cases people over 70 are paying for travel insurance that does not cover them. In other cases, customers who are blind and unable to drive are being sold policies with breakdown cover. The hugely expensive deals are even being pushed on the disabled.

Estimates suggest banks are making at least £300 million a year from accounts sold to the elderly. Last night experts suggested the scandal would be the next PPI.

Jan 23 09:45

Foreign aid fat cats are the best-paid in Whitehall and pocket nearly twice the salary of average workers

Bureaucrats in charge of Britain’s bloated aid budget are the best-paid in Whitehall – pocketing nearly twice the salary of average workers.

The Department for International Development, which has £12billion a year to spend, has bucked austerity and is one of only two government departments where staff costs have gone up.

Jan 23 09:45

British Doctors Accuse Israel of “Medical Torture”

Seventy-one UK doctors along with 343 academics want the Israeli Medical Association and its members expelled from the World Medical Association.

They want joint projects with Israeli universities banned. They accused Israeli doctors of “medical torture” on Palestinian patients.

Jan 23 09:19

Brexit: Goldman Sachs Lines Pro-EU Establishment's Pockets With Gold

Supporters of Britain's exit from the EU have been outraged by a revelation that two Wall Street banking giants, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan have donated six-figure sums to the coffers of Britain Stronger in Europe, a cross-party group leading the 'In' campaign.

Jan 22 16:22

UK authorities are ‘not immune from the law’

Neither the British Army nor the British government are above the law when it comes to Britain’s legacy in Iraq, law firm Leigh Day has said.

The company was criticized by Prime Minister David Cameron on Wednesday for pursuing what some are calling spurious allegations of abuse by British forces on Iraqis.

Jan 22 16:22

Fury over pro-EU leaflet posted through YOUR door riddled with 'fear' propaganda

CLAIMS in a new leaflet that if Britain leaves the European Union there will be a hike in food bills have been branded “project fear” scaremongering by Brexit campaigners.

Britain Stronger in Europe (BSE), the lead pro-Brussels organisation in the EU referendum campaign, has made the claim in a leaflet sent to 10 million homes.

Jan 22 16:19

The UK has missed out on 'TRILLIONS' of pounds in trade due to EU membership

He found that a number of small, independent countries that apparently had no "collective clout" were still successful in agreeing trade deals.

Chile, Korea, Singapore and Switzerland had all been more successful than the EU in agreeing trade deals with other countries, the report showed.

The report said: "This data gives no support to the view that small independent countries are less able to negotiate with large economic powers, or that the latter are less willing to negotiate with them, and no support either to the view that they will be slower in concluding such agreements.

"Those particular disadvantages for smaller, independent countries are clearly imaginary, and along with it surely the notion that the UK would be unable to negotiate agreements on its own."

Jan 22 16:14

George Osborne warned he faces legal action if Government tries to fix EU referendum

GEORGE Osborne has been warned that he will face legal action if the government tries to fix the European Union (EU) referendum by publishing skewed or false information about the alternatives to staying in.

Jan 22 14:45

FLASHBACK - Litvinenko Case: "Lugovoy NOT GUILTY in Litvinenko DEATH" - UK lie detector EXPERTS

Jan 22 10:37

British Lawmakers Debate Banning “Fool,” “Buffoon” Donald Trump over Anti-Muslim Views

British lawmakers held a three-hour debate Monday on the possibility of banning Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump from entering the country. More than 570,000 people signed a petition in favor of the ban.

Jan 22 09:22

Britain had more motivation to kill Aleksandr Litvinenko than Russia, brother claims

The brother of Aleksandr Litvinenko says the UK government had more motivation to kill him than Russia did, despite a British public inquiry which concluded that President Putin “probably” approved the assassination.

Maksim Litvinenko, Aleksandr's younger brother who lives in Rimini, Italy, responded to the Thursday report by saying it was “ridiculous” to blame the Kremlin for the murder of his brother, stating that he believes British security services had more of a motive to carry out the assassination.

"My father and I are sure that the Russian authorities are not involved. It's all a set-up to put pressure on the Russian government,” Litvinenko told the Mirror, adding that such reasoning is the only explanation as to why the inquiry was launched 10 years after his brother's death.

Jan 21 20:21

Yemen being pounded by US, British, Israeli jets: Army

Israel, the United States and the United Kingdom have been contributing to Saudi Arabia’s deadly war on Yemen by sending warplanes to bomb the impoverished nation, a Yemeni army official reveals.

Jan 21 19:59

Gearoid O Colmain on “Coercive Engineered Migration: Zionism’s War on Europe” _ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

Gearoid O Colmain, commentator for Russia Today and contributor to the new book ANOTHER French False Flag?, may be politically on the left…but he is definitely not part of the co-opted foundation-funded pseudo-alternative world that passes for the “respectable left” these days. In his new article “Coercive Engineered Migration: Zionism’s War on Europe”– and even more so in this interview – Gearoid offers a frightening, plausible, politically-incorrect analysis of what’s behind the manufactured “refugee crisis.”

Gearoid’s early report for RT on the 11/13/15 false flag in Paris has already passed a million views.

Jan 21 18:56

Corbyn offers Labour’s right an olive branch over Trident

In one of the most bizarre proposals imaginable, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has suggested the UK could re-commission Trident nuclear submarines, but without nuclear weapons.

Jan 21 16:26

Another Jimmy Savile could ‘be lurking in the BBC’, says leaked report

The BBC has an “ingrained” culture of quashing dissent, serving staff have warned, as a leaked draft of an official report expressed concerns that “a predatory child abuser could be lurking undiscovered in the BBC even today”.

A draft of the Dame Janet Smith review of practices at the BBC found that the fear of whistleblowing at the organisation was “even worse” in the current era than at the time Jimmy Savile was abusing children while working for the broadcaster.

Jan 21 16:19

UK’s War Submarines Running Windows XP-Based OS Called “Windows for Submarines”

A Windows XP-based operating system called “Windows for Submarines” is said to be powering these submarines because “it was cheaper than the alternatives,” although the same article acknowledges that everyone involved in this actually admitted that there are indeed some security risks associated with using an unsupported platform.

Basically, the biggest threat is experienced when submarines are called to ports to get software updates, as unpatched vulnerabilities in the operating system could be used by cybercriminals to break into their systems.

The Ministry of Defense isn’t worried that hackers could exploit vulnerabilities found in the unpatched operating system, and in a statement, officials explain they pay particular attention to keeping submarines protected against this kind of threats.

Jan 21 13:07

The Truth About Poverty In Britain Is Much Worse Than You Think

Forty years after Margaret Thatcher came to power the true extent of neoliberal market reforms are still unravelling and inequality, as we are now hearing almost daily, has inexhorably taken a grip and harming society much more widely as a direct result with evidence of rising poverty its consequence.

Jan 21 13:04


U.S. citizens who work in the United Kingdom for an annual income of less than $50,000 may soon find themselves buying a ticket home.

Jan 21 11:00

'It beggars belief': Victims' fury as leaked Savile report concludes that NO ONE at the BBC is to blame for paedophile's reign of terror even though 107 witnesses said they knew of child abuse rumours

More than 100 witnesses including major stars told Dame Janet Smith they heard rumours that Savile was a depraved pervert but her inquiry concluded: 'Nobody in a senior position was aware'.

Lawyer Liz Duz said today the 168 Savile victims she represents would not accept the retired judge's 'incredible' decision to clear all bosses for failing to intervene.

Mrs Dux said it 'beggars belief' and is 'not credible' because the inquiry also found Savile struck in studios, dressing rooms, corridors, staircases and even on camera.

She said: 'I find it incredible that 107 people gave evidence to having heard rumours of his depravity and inappropriate sexual behaviour yet no-one in a position of authority seemed to be aware'.

Jan 21 10:44

'Jimmy Savile raped children as young as nine' while working at BBC, leaked report unveils

Jimmy Savile raped and sexually abused victims as young as nine and was caught on camera carrying out his lechery at least once while working for the BBC, according to a leaked draft of a report examining the paedophile’s misconduct at the corporation.

Jan 21 10:43

Car insurance up £100 a year because of George Osborne’s premium tax, AA says

The average cost of car insurance cover has risen by more than £100 a year thanks to a so-called "stealth tax" introduced in George Osborne's summer budget, according to the AA.


The AA said an increase in the rate of Insurance Premium Tax from 6 per cent to 9.5 per cent was behind the added cost to the driver.

Jan 21 10:26

Thousands fled TalkTalk after gigantic hack, confirm researchers

Around 250,000 broadband customers left TalkTalk following its major hack in October, according to research.

Overall seven per cent of its broadband customers left for another provider during the quarter in which the hack occurred, according to Kantar Worldpanel ComTech.

However, the operator gained 100,000 more customers during the period, resulting in a total net loss of 150,000, it said. Kantar confirmed that TalkTalk’s net loss of 150,000 broadband customers in the fourth quarter was larger than all the other broadband providers combined.

Jan 21 09:11

‘Britain taken to Yemen war without approval’ - David Cameron challenged during Prime Minister's Questions

DAVID Cameron was challenged yesterday to admit that Britain is “effectively taking part in a war in Yemen” without any parliamentary approval.

During Prime Minister’s Questions, SNP Westminster group leader Angus Robertson asked what the UK Government was doing “to support peace in Yemen”. Cameron replied to say the Government was doing everything it could to encourage all sides in the conflict to get round the negotiating table.

“We have got to make sure that both Sunni and Shi’a are properly represented in that country,” Cameron said.“That is the only way that we will meet our key national interest, which is to back a government in Yemen who will drive the terrorists, including al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula out of Yemen, because they have been, and are, a direct threat to the citizens of Britain.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Hey, that's the way the Americans wage war in the Middle East and beyond, so if it's good enough for the Yanks, it's good enough for us... and think of all that money the Saudis are spending on our weapons!!"

- Official 9 3/4 Downing Street Souse.

Jan 21 06:05

Every false flag in the making is detected ahead of time by somebody’s intelligence services

Every false flag in the making is detected ahead of time by somebody’s intelligence services—usually more than one country—because spying today is so effective and so universal. Officials in possession of this secret information often pass it on to the country that’s targeted, in the sincere belief that a heads-up will be appreciated.

But often the information isn’t welcomed—-because the fix is already in. Treasonous assets within the targeted country’s chain of command, who are prepared for the possibility of a leak, take measures to block the information from reaching those who might act on it in a meaningful way.

Jan 20 16:42

An open letter to the Labour Party

I beg of you. I fall on my knees and gaze up at you in utter desperation because, as I see yet another show of disrespect to the people of this great country of ours, I feel that most of you seem to be more concerned with being politicians rather than representing those who chose your flag.

Jan 20 16:11

Police ignored 3 chances to arrest Lord Janner over child sex abuse claims

Police and prosecutors missed out on three opportunities to arrest Lord Janner over claims that he sexually abused a string of underage children from 1969 to 1988, an independent inquiry has revealed.

Jan 20 16:06

Rush hour stabbing: Man arrested on suspicion of murder

Commuters watched a horrifying scene unfold on Tuesday morning as a man was stabbed to death during rush hour near Morden Underground station in London. A man has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Jan 20 15:02

Ban Trump from Britain: UK govt outraged by Republican’s comments on Muslims

Some of Donald Trumph’s controversial comment about Muslims have theatened to stop him getting to the UK.

Jan 20 11:11

David Cameron is slashing nurses' pay by £900 with grant cuts, Jeremy Corbyn says

The Government is effectively slashing the pay of new nurses by £900 a year by scrapping grants for people training in the profession, Jeremy Corbyn has said.

The Labour leader attacked David Cameron Prime Minister’s Question Time for phasing out the grants, which help people meet living costs while the qualify to work in the profession.

From September 2017 student nurses will have to take out loans to cover their tuition fees and living costs – which they will have to pay back when they start work.

The mandatory repayments on the loans at a nurse’s salary would amount to about £900 a year, effectively reducing the take-home pay of the medics.

Jan 20 11:08

FTSE 100 enters bear market after £50bn wiped off value of UK’s biggest companies

The FTSE 100 has now officially entered a bear market, with prices 20.1 per cent lower than their post crisis peak

Jan 20 11:07

David Cameron accused of silently taking Britain into Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen

Britain is supplying military equipment, weapons, and advisors to Saudi Arabia

Jan 20 10:51


“These figures are deeply worrying, showing that the UK continued to dispatch huge amounts of weaponry to Saudi Arabia despite overwhelming evidence that the Saudi war machine was laying waste to Yemeni homes, schools and hospitals,” the group’s head of policy and government affairs Allan Hogarth said.

“As officials were signing off these sales, hundreds – possibly thousands – of Yemeni civilians were dying in a terrifying barrage of indiscriminate Saudi airstrikes in the country.”

Hogarth said the law is unequivocal in the context of the Saudi-led airstrikes.

“Any Saudi attack, whether deliberate or not, that fails to adequately protect civilians is a violation of international law,” he said.

“And our obligations are equally clear – as a major supplier of Saudi Arabia’s weaponry, the UK is legally obliged to suspend arms exports.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A short memo to Allan Hogarth: this will only happen when pigs fly.

When it comes to money for UK arms dealers, coupled with insuring that it is the West's "regime changes" which stick, and not something home-grown, the UK will continue to operate with all the morals of a dead tree stump (and I WILL get emails from dead tree stumps, protesting that comparison.)

Jan 20 10:45

Fake Mobile Phone Surveillance Towers Discovered across London

By Michaela Whitton

An investigation has uncovered at least 20 rogue telephone masts operating in London. The IMSI catchers — also known as Stingrays or cell-site simulators — mimic mobile phone masts and trick phones into logging on and giving access to the owners’ calls and data...

Jan 20 10:39

Schoolboy quizzed by cops after 'terrorist house' spelling mistake in English class

A young Muslim boy's spelling error has been probed by police after he wrote that he lived in a 'terrorist house'.

The primary school pupil, aged 10, intended to write that he lived in a 'terraced house'.

However his error, which was made during English class, had to be probed by police officers.

Jan 20 09:30

For fsck's SAKKE: GCHQ-built phone voice encryption has massive backdoor – researcher

The UK government's official voice encryption protocol, around which it is hoping to build an ecosystem of products, has a massive backdoor that would enable the security services to intercept and listen to all past and present calls, a researcher has discovered.

Dr Steven Murdoch of University College London has posted an extensive blog post digging into the MIKEY-SAKKE spec in which he concludes that it has been specifically designed to "allow undetectable and unauditable mass surveillance."

He notes that in the "vast majority of cases" the protocol would be "actively harmful for security."

Jan 20 08:18

5 of the worst atrocities carried out by the British Empire

Although the proponents of Empire say it brought various economic developments to parts of the world it controlled, critics point to massacres, famines and the use of concentration camps by the British Empire.

Jan 20 08:01

Britain and Saudi Arabia: Partners in High Crimes

British Prime Minister David Cameron defended the indefensible on state-owned, operated and controlled BBC - discussing his regime’s policy of selling Saudi Arabia terror weapons.

They’re used for regional naked aggression, along with brutal internal repression. More on Britain’s deplorable policy below.
An earlier article discussed Cameron’s partnership with Washington and Riyadh.

They’re waging terror war on Yemenis, indiscriminately killing civilians, slaughtering them in cold blood, both countries choosing terror-bombing targets - including residential neighborhoods, schools, hospitals, refugee camps, food storage areas, mosques and other nonmilitary sites, committing slow-motion genocide, largely ignored by major media scoundrels.

Yemen is Obama’s war. Britain has its own imperial aims, both nations indifferent to unspeakable human suffering, wanting information on their complicity with high crimes suppressed.

Jan 20 07:57

Brexit and Scotland

The prospect of a ‘Brexit’ from the EU could trigger a new Scottish independence referendum. By the end of 2016, Britain could be both out of Europe and a State no more.

Jan 20 07:48

If Lord Janner escaped prosecution due to CPS and police failings, put those responsible on trial instead

It is as if Harvey Proctor had known a report was about to be published, supporting his claim that police are trying to put investigations into child abuse by the privileged quietly to bed – in order to avoid serious questions about their own conduct.

Jan 20 07:46

Muslim boy investigated by British police after 'terrorist house' spelling error

A 10-year-old Muslim boy has been investigated by police after mistakenly writing he lived in a "terrorist house" during an English lesson in Lancashire, in England's north-west.

The boy, 10, had meant to write that he lived in a "terraced house", the BBC reported.

Jan 19 23:29

Offensive propaganda or new propaganda offensives?

Obama administration announced new online initiatives to bolster its foreign policy narratives and as a means to counter others, for example, this network, RT.

Maybe a better course of action would be for the US State Department to ask itself why fewer and fewer people trust and believe it?

CrossTalking with Mark Sleboda, Don DeBar and James Carden.

Also see: Uncle Sam Got a Shiny New Propaganda Bullhorn for Christmas

Jan 19 23:25

Russian Red Scare No Longer Works

The EU has no-one else to blame for its present stresses and strains but itself, owing to its craven subservience to Washington's reckless policies.

The American and British governments are launching yet another media campaign to demonize Russia, with tall claims that the Kremlin is infiltrating European political parties and news media. The dastardly Russian aim, we are told, is to destroy the European Union.

Twenty-five years after the end of the Cold War and the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Washington and its trusty sidekick in London are desperately seeking to turn back the clock to the “good old days” when they could control their public through scare stories.

Jan 19 15:42

War criminal Tony Blair refuses to attend IRA-Libya compensation inquiry

Declining to answer additional questions at an inquiry into Libyan-backed IRA terror activities, former Prime Minister Tony Blair claims he has already given all the information he can.

Jan 19 15:22

Osborne's 'lost marbles' taunt reinforces mental health stigma, says Labour

George Osborne should apologise for “flippant remarks” he made in parliament about mental health, Labour’s shadow mental health minister has said.

Speaking to MPs on Tuesday, the chancellor joked that the shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, and the former Greek finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, had both “lost their marbles” – referring to the Elgin Marbles and to Labour’s plans to hold a series of open seminars about economics.

Jan 19 15:06

Cameron should try telling the City women aren't 'second-class citizens'

A story used to be told to illustrate the benefits of the kind of liberal imperialism Britain liked to think it was spreading to what Rudyard Kipling called “lesser breeds without the law”. David Cameron’s latest intervention on making migrants learn English made me think of it.

Jan 19 14:32

Donald Trump should be banned from UK for 'inflaming hate crime', MP says

Donald Trump has been accused of stoking hate crime in Britain as MPs held a debate about excluding the Republican presidential candidate from the country.

Members of the Scottish National party (SNP) are pushing for the exclusion of Trump, who has large business interests in Scotland, while the Conservative and Labour leaderships oppose the idea.

Jan 19 14:22

VIP paedophile inquiry being killed off, claims Harvey Proctor

A former Conservative MP who is under investigation for child murder has accused the Metropolitan police of attempting to kill off the Westminster paedophile inquiry to protect the careers of senior officers.

Harvey Proctor made the claim after the Met’s Operation Midland – which is investigating claims that establishment figures murdered and raped boys – dropped claims of child abuse against the war hero Lord Bramall.

Jan 19 14:19

Labour’s stigma over ‘causing’ financial crisis led to election defeat – report

Labour’s failure to shake off the erroneous claim it was responsible for the financial crisis contributed to its defeat in the 2015 general election, a report has claimed.

Jan 19 14:18

Britain apologises for Kurdish protests – Turkish media

British authorities have reportedly apologised for the Kurdish protests which took place while the Turkish prime minister was visiting the UK in January, according to one Turkish media outlet.

Jan 19 14:06

A weapon-free Trident is useless. Jeremy Corbyn must be brave

There is a rising tide of opposition to a Trident replacement, with military experts and senior ex-cabinet members now being joined by key figures in the Labour party in arguing against renewing our nuclear weapons programme.

Jan 19 12:23

UK Government announces demolition of council housing

Prime Minister David Cameron told the BBC “Andrew Marr Show” that his government plans to demolish England’s 100 “worst” council estates. In an accompanying Sunday Times column, he portrayed this as a component part of a pledge “to wage an all-out assault on poverty and disadvantage”.

Jan 19 11:51

British Officer Killed in Yemen

A Saudi-hired British officer who worked for the Blackwater company was killed by the Yemeni army and popular forces in Southwestern Taiz province.

Jan 19 11:22

Some Bad Ass History:Saladin!

Salah al-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub was born in the small town of Tikrit to Kurdish Muslim parents in the year 1137 CE. He would become one of the most influential and admired military leaders in medieval history; loved by his people and respected by his enemies for years to come.

Now Salah al-Din was renowned throughout the world for his ability to not be a dick to people. So when he took over the vast Arab territories, the Christian knight commander Raynald of Chatillon decided it would be cool to fuck with him and try to provoke him into a fight.

Finally, Salah al-Din was like, "OK seriously, fuck this guy." and he set out to kick the ass of Raynald of Chatillon.

Salah al-Din sold all the captured knights back to their families for hefty ransoms except for Raynald, who was executed because he had been both a total bitch and a pain in the ass.

Jan 19 09:13

Shop online at Asda? Website vuln created account hijack risk

Walmart-owned store patches hole, but it was open for nearly 2 years

Jan 19 08:39

Why I’m so embarrassed today for Britain. The same parliament that hasn’t banned a single UK citizen from returning after fighting for ISIS is seriously debating banning Trump from its shores

As I write this column, members of the UK Parliament are debating whether or not to ban Donald Trump from entering Britain.

They’ve allocated three hours of time to do this.

Time that could have been spent debating terrorism, famine, nuclear weapons, the Middle East refugee crisis or the Syrian War.

But no, instead British law-makers have concluded their own time is best served seriously considering a proposal to ban a man who may end up being the next President of the United States.

Jan 18 20:23

4 British Muslims plotted to ‘murder police officers’ in ISIS-style attack

Four British Muslim men plotted to murder police officers and soldiers in an Islamic State-style terrorist attack in west London, a court has heard.

Jan 18 19:28

James May accuses BBC of double standards over celebratory Top Gear specials

May, who along with Clarkson and Richard Hammond, will present a new, big-budget car show for Amazon Prime, said that it was also unfair on Chris Evans, the new Top Gear host, to air the two-part Christmas special, showcasing how brilliant the previous version of the programme was.

He told Radio Times: "The BBC may have ruled me out, but I don’t rule out the BBC. I was surprised they showed lots of Top Gear compilations over Christmas. I thought, ‘Oh, so now they’re celebrating us,’ but I also thought it’s harsh on Chris Evans. Just as he’s trying to launch his version of the programme, the BBC is saying, ‘Look how brilliant it was before.’"

Jan 18 19:24

Why hasn't the mystery of Gulf War Syndrome been solved?

"I had terrible sweats and fevers," says Sean Rusling. "I was a bit of a mess."

The former Royal Army Medical Corps sergeant blames his illness on a series of vaccinations ahead of the outbreak of fighting in the 1991 Gulf War. His health declined rapidly, including temporary paralysis of one leg and what he describes as a "total physical and mental breakdown" after he returned to the UK. Within four years, he was out of the Army. He was diagnosed with osteoporosis at the age of 37 and, hasn't worked since.

"It's an insult that the Ministry of Defence doesn't recognise the condition suffered by me and so many others," says Rusling, now 56.

Jan 18 19:17

Election polling errors blamed on 'unrepresentative' samples

The failure of pollsters to forecast the outcome of the general election was largely due to "unrepresentative" poll samples, an inquiry has found.

The polling industry came under fire for predicting a virtual dead heat when the Conservatives ultimately went on to outpoll Labour by 36.9% to 30.4%.

A panel of experts has concluded this was due to Tory voters being under-represented in phone and online polls.

Jan 18 15:45

Inquiry into foreign backers of UK extremists gets green light

David Cameron has authorised an investigation into the foreign funding and support of jihadi and extremist groups in the UK, a development that could lead to a potential standoff with the government’s key Gulf ally Saudi Arabia.

Jan 18 15:44

‘Limited’ military communication with Russia still in place – UK Defence Secretary

UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has acknowledged that “limited military-to-military engagement” with Russia is still in place – not with regards to Syria operations, but in order to ensure the safety of Britain’s own airspace.

Jan 18 15:23

Cameron Tells Muslim Women: Improve Your English or You May Have to Leave UK

In a move being pilloried as racially coded and misguided, British Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday announced a new plan to punish and possibly deport migrants who fail to improve their English speaking skills shortly after resettlement.

Jan 18 15:12

Internet child sex abusers ‘could lose homes’

People who view images of child sex abuse could lose their homes or pensions under new US-style laws being proposed by a powerful coalition of children’s charities which is demanding action from the British government.

Jan 18 14:38

MPs debate call for Donald Trump to be banned from the UK

MPs in the British parliament will soon debate a call for Donald Trump to be banned from the UK because of his call for Muslims to be excluded from the US. The debate will start at 4.30pm UK time, and it could go on for up to three hours. This sounds like a remarkable development in the relationship between two countries which have mostly been close allies for the last 240 years, but the move is not quite as hostile as it sounds.

Jan 18 14:37

Miliband adviser criticised 'confusion of strategic purposes' before election

Ed Miliband was warned in private by a key adviser that the last Labour conference before the 2015 general election had a “confusion of strategic purposes”, raising concerns about the party’s campaigning operation.

Jan 18 14:32

UK military blasts own generals for Afghan ‘mess’

British generals were “arrogant, needy and slow” to act during the “messy” 10-year occupation of Helmand province in southern Afghanistan that cost hundreds of British lives, according to an internal report.

Jan 18 14:16

UK - Drone Strike Assassinates Prime Minister Cameron's "Transparency" Mandate

David Cameron has made "transparency" a mantra. In January 2013 he said one of the main priorities of the UK's Presidency of the G8 was "transparency." In November that year at the Open Government Partnership he again delivered a speech stressing the importance of the "transparency agenda." In fact the only transparency is Cameron - you can see right through him...Holding "government and public services to account?" In your dreams. For example, the UK illegally invading the air space of other countries, murdering people in extra-judicial executions, a pretty massive government undertaking. Questions should surely be asked and have been. "Transparency" and accountability have not only been unforthcoming, they have left the planet.

Jan 18 12:29

Hypocrite David Cameron defends selling arms to outrageous Saudi regime

David Cameron has voiced support for the controversial Saudi-led air-strike campaign in Yemen and dismissed concerns that Riyadh is funneling funds to Islamic State.

Jan 18 09:57

Muslim women in the UK 'must integrate and speak English' says David Cameron

The minority of Muslim men in Britain who have "backwards" attitudes to women must be confronted, David Cameron has said, as he vowed to review the role played by Britain's religious councils, including Sharia courts.

The Prime Minister said that the lack of integration of some Muslim communities allowed "appalling practices" such as female genital mutilation and forced marriage.

Jan 18 08:26

Quaffing champagne in First Class as her department floundered: Photo shows HMRC chief dubbed Dame Disaster living it up on flight to US days after being forced to apologise for tax office's failures

Quaffing champagne in first class, this is the head of HM Revenue and Customs nicknamed ‘Dame Disaster’ jetting off to America as her department floundered.

Lin Homer, who will stand down two years early in April with a pension worth £2.2million, raised a glass of bubbly in a picture captioned: 'Cheers from the 1st class cabin'.

The civil servant, 58, flew off on a dream holiday with husband Ian, 57, days after she apologised for HMRC's failure to answer more than a quarter of all calls from taxpayers.

Jan 18 08:12

Prosecutors Drop Child Sexual Abuse Charges Against High Profile Jewish Politician

According to a recent report published by The Times of Israel, prosecutors in the United Kingdom have dropped all charges against the late Lord Greville Janner, a high profile Jewish politician who was very active in the organized Jewish community both in Britain and internationally, who has long been accused of being a pedophile.

Jan 18 08:10

British steel industry enters 'death spiral' after another 1,000 jobs are axed

Tata Steel will cut 750 jobs at the UK's largest steel works in Port Talbot, South Wales as well as 200 in support functions and 100 at four other mills.

Since August 5,000 steel workers have been made redundant - one in six jobs in the industry - as it struggles to cope with rising energy costs and a glut of cheap Chinese imports.

Jan 17 17:39

Student bans threaten free speech

Free speech is under growing threat at British universities, with serious restrictions on expression at more than half of campuses.

Student unions or universities banned speakers, pressure groups, types of behaviour, songs and even hand gestures on 55 per cent of campuses last year, up from 41 per cent in 2014, according to a new analysis.

Some curbs on free expression were in place at 90 per cent of campuses, compared with 80 per cent the previous year, with the elite Russell Group universities showing high levels of intolerance.

Jan 17 17:37

Universities 'are killing free speech', says group of leading academics

Universities are "killing free speech" by banning anything that causes offence, a group of leading academics have warned.

Students are being denied the opportunity to debate opposing views due to political correctness and censorship, the group argued in a letter published in The Telegraph.

Academics led by Frank Furedi, a professor at the University of Canterbury, said universities see students as customers and do not dare to stand against them.

The letter argued universities are curtailing freedom of speech “like never before” and also concluded that “students who are offended by opposing views are perhaps not yet ready to be at university”.

Jan 17 11:49

This land is our land: American democracy, at a theater near you

Democracy has been projected on to a fictitious screen of good guy and bad guys. The people watch as impotent spectators, no longer even aware of the real story out there.

Ever since armed white ranchers took over federal property in Oregon the unfolding drama has resembled a parody of a Hollywood Western. Trouble is, no-one is quite sure who’s wearing the white hats as opposed to the black ones.

Jan 17 10:06

Tony Blair: Britain must join EU army, fend off ‘backward-looking’ Euroskeptics

Britain should be part of the proposed EU army and stay in the union despite the efforts of “backwards-looking” Euroskeptics to withdraw, controversial former PM Tony Blair claims.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This from the man who lied Britain into the Iraq war...

Jan 17 10:05

Boost for Brexit hopes as leave campaign opens up HUGE lead in EU referendum battle

HOPES of Britain leaving the EU were handed a huge boost tonight after a shock poll revealed that the out campaign has opened up an enormous lead in the run-up to the referendum.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Bloody hell!" -- Number 9 3/4

Jan 16 11:49

British military advisers do assist Saudis in Yemen aistrikes – newspaper

UK military experts are “in control rooms” of the Saudi coalition bombing Houthi rebels in Yemen, a campaign that has killed thousands of people including civilians, British media has learnt. The MoD insists that Brits are not choosing airstrike targets.
Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Jubeir has confirmed that British officers are present in operational rooms of Saudi-led coalition and are training the anti-Houthi forces to conduct air warfare in Yemen, The Telegraph reports.

“We asked a number of allied countries to come and be part of the control center,” Adel al-Jubeir told journalists. “I know they are aware of the target lists.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Cameron must love the stench of the blood of innocents on his hands.

And despite the weasel wording from the UK's MOD, it is obvious that the US and UK are complicit in the massive deaths of civilians in this horrific war against the people of Yemen.

Jan 15 12:13

Protesters claim Oxford University is institutionally racist

Oxford University Chancellor Chris Patten has dismissed calls from student campaigners to remove a statue of colonial-era politician Cecil Rhodes from of the university’s Oriel College as an attempt to rewrite history.

Jan 15 11:29

Yemen: A Very British Humanitarian Disaster

It's not just a Saudi-American effort, British fingertips are all over the famine in Yemen as well. Britain is at the heart of a humanitarian disaster of epic proportions unfolding in the Yemen. At least 10,000 people have been killed since the Saudi bombing campaign against Yemen began in March 2015, including over 630 children. There has been a massive escalation in human rights violations to a level of around 43 per day and up to ten children per day are being killed, according to UNICEF. Seventy-three percent of child casualties are the direct result of airstrikes, say the UN. Civilian targets have been hit again and again... Beyond their immediate victims, the airstrikes and accompanying blockade – a horrendous crime against a population which imports 90 percent of its basic needs – are creating a tragedy of epic proportions.

Jan 15 11:10

London receives extra police protection while other cities are ignored

Metropolitan Police officials have announced 600 more firearms officer posts for the British capital in response to November’s terror attacks on Paris, but experts warn London isn’t the only UK city at risk of terrorism.

Jan 15 10:22

UK govt accused of selling weapons to Saudis, admits helping choose targets in Yemen

The British government has admitted that its military is helping choose targets for the Saudi-led coalition’s air strikes in Yemen.

Jan 15 09:44

Poverty in Britain: Cameron Government Rejects EU help for Food and Flood Victims

The British government has turned down millions of pounds of EU funding to help those affected by flooding and lack of food.

Hundreds of thousands across the UK are so poor that they are having to rely on charitable food banks to stave off hunger.

But now that they are in government, it appears that the Conservatives prefer not to apply for EU help at all, even though such support is clearly needed by people suffering right now.

Is it because the current government, whose MPs and many of its Cabinet appear to be predominantly Euro-sceptic, is too proud to ask for EU help?

If so, such pride is needlessly hurting many ordinary, every-day people in Britain who tonight are homeless because of severe flooding, and/or don’t have enough money to properly feed themselves or their families.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We need some free-lance videographers in the UK to start taking some honest, clear images of this devastation, document the stories of people whose lives have been ruined, and plaster them all over the net.

And if there are any threats of a "D Notice", for publishing this information, make sure that gets documented as well.

And the headline which should go with the images and stories should be something like "Cameron: have you neither mercy,nor shame?!?"

As someone with British roots, it appalls me to see the British people who are so clearly in crisis and trouble, being treated so cavalierly by their government.

Jan 15 09:26

UK Labor Party Departing from Austerity to Strengthen Economy

Economists for Rational Economic Policy: John Weeks, Ozlem Onaran and Jeremy Smith say Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and Chancellor John McDonnell can break with previous neo-liberal economic policies and pursue an agenda that is focused on productive employment

Jan 15 08:38

Snooper's charter: cafes and libraries face having to store Wi-Fi users' data

Theresa May gives first hint costs may far exceed £240m estimate as it emerges even small-scale providers could be targeted

Jan 15 08:23

BT takeover of EE may 'lead to price rises of 25% or more', warns TalkTalk

Phone operators have warned that BT's £12.5 billion takeover of mobile operator EE could lead to price rises of as much as 25 per cent for customers.

The Competition and Markets Authority has given its approval for the merger between BT, the UK's largest fixed-phone company, and EE, the UK's largest mobile operator, after a six month investigation.

Jan 15 07:58

RBS and Natwest online banking goes titsup

Customers of RBS and Natwest have complained they are unable to access their online banking accounts.

Issues appeared to begin this morning, with the bank yet to release an official statement about the problem.

However, it told one customer in response to a tweet that its "tech team are investigating the issue as a matter of urgency."

It follows an online banking outage at HSBC last week that locked millions of customers out their accounts.