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"Man is certainly stark mad; he cannot make a flea, and yet he will be making gods by dozens." -- Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592).



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READER: That was a pretty good "rant" you just did. I think it would be pretty cool if you could write an article that basically takes what you said and puts it into written context. You already have it recorded with Bambuser, so all that's necessary is take that word-for-word as the first draft, then edit from there! Just a suggestion.

READER: The Boland Amendment(1979) forbade Congress to give funding the Contras in the supposed "civil war" in Nicaragua after the Samozas were overthrown by the Sandinistas. This led to the illegal Iran Contra drug network that shipped cocaine into US cities(after being dropped in Arkansas) with the money from the drugs being laundered in Arkansas, under the supervision of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Weapons were made with these funds and then shipped to the Contras in violation of US federal laws! VP George Bush and Bill Clinton(Arkansas governor) were main cogs in this setup. Did they ever do prison time? Do pigs fly?

I bring this part of history up because I wonder why the Boland Amendment wouldn't apply to just about EVERY move the USA has made recently in the Middle East at the behest of Israel, arming terrorist groups to fight for "freedom". I can see why pouring gasoline, so to speak, on the fires of conflict in other nations would be considered illegal in the Congress and just about everywhere there is a reasonable governing body. Things have changed with the war on terror where now the question is HOW MUCH GASOLINE does the USA pour on foreign conflict, not if they can do it? Or has the Boland Amendment just been scrapped?

I don't see how anyone with sound mind can condone what the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia have been doing with regards to Syria. What gives these nations the right to decide which leaders will stay an which will not? The answer is they don't have that right and all these "interventions are nothing more than crimes against humanity. And from where I sit, ANY USA "leader" who gives support to these international crimes should themselves be considered "war criminals". The world has to "mow the lawn" better when it comes to getting warmongerers like John McCain out of our midst!

WRH: You misunderstand the Boland Act. It forbids anyone as a private citizen engaging in foreign policy without the official sanction of the White House and the State Department. Iran-Contra was a violation because those actions were not official US policy, but carried out by private interests.

The smuggling of guns to terrorists is an official policy of the US Government, hence the Boland act does not apply.

READER: Rumors of Russian missiles falling in Iran

This looks like a rumor someone has started to cover for future attacks on Iran.

WRH: Very possible.

But I have noticed that in the last few days, I am being followed around by a new group of propaganda shills who attack every one of my posts pointing out the high cost and poor effectiveness of current US weapons.

The US Government is not going to get the American people to go along with war on Russia without the illusion that victory is guaranteed.

READER: US officials claim Russian missiles missed their targets and crashed into Iran. A Russian military spokesman responded ..."if the reports were true, we would have to admit that the sites of the terrorist group Islamic State in Syria, located far apart from one another, just blew up on their own." You have to love that Russian sarcasm.

READER: Hey Jerk! It's a profit deal

I loved that line in the movie THE JERK.

Russia continues to humiliate the United States. During a year of US bombing in both Syria and Iraq, ISIS remained untouched and continued to grow. Less than two weeks after the Russians arrive, ISIS in Syria is in tatters and it looks like Iraq will be next.

So, the first question that comes to mind is, if the US wasn't actually bombing ISIS in Syria and Iraq ... just what were those bombs actually aimed at?

Now, if you are my age, you will remember the phrase "suspected truck park" from the war in Vietnam. Air missions were dispatched daily to coordinates on a map, bombs were dropped, and it always turned out that all that was destroyed was empty jungle, because the real agenda was using up military supplies in order to justify more military spending to enrich the military-industrial complex. Looks like the same old trick is being replayed today!

(Comment: I have only watched one Rambo movie and what stuck out was him asking: "Are They going to let us win this time?" Much more vivid was our fleeing Vietnam and pushing the helicopters used off the carriers into the sea. Regarding the above wasted bombs after our defeat there was a huge increase in the shelling going on down at Camp Ripley, near where I lived, that most attributed to continuing the waste. During the war (police action?) I talked to a number of soldiers kicked out of the military due to their war wounds and they were in a frame of mind to complain that their unit would take a hill, but were not allowed to destroy the enemies' tunnels and they would learn later that another assault was carried out on the same hill. Some complained about the bombers blowing up harmless jungle. At that time none knew what the Agent Orange was doing to them.

It is believed to be the reason one of my nieces has an extra finger. Dad was shot with the bullet going through him and they figured he did not bleed to death, because he fell forward in the mud and the hot sun on his back stopped that bleeding. He was paralyzed from the neck down and one day inexplicably could move again. They told him if he ever woke up and was paralyzed again to not move and get medical attention. He got a full disability. We were a Republican family, so the twin sister of his wife was really upset that he was getting that check.

I like travel videos and last week watched one on the Vietnam railroad. The Agent Orange toxin continues to produce deformed babies and illness and will continue to do so.

Religious Righteous might conclude that is why God gave us Monsanto and other such and the American farmer. By the way, I heard an Iowa farmer speak at a citizen meeting against the Minnesota DNR spraying 24D and he related how he lost muscle control and luckily got near the house where his wife saw him, because she was doing dishes and looking out the window. By that time he could not crawl on hands and knees, so he was worming his way worrying he would die at the steps.

His wife rushed out and helped him to the living room couch. Not knowing what had happened she called their doctor. He could not determine anything, but would not admit him to the local hospital, because he did not know what could be done there that could not be done with him laying at home.

Fortunately, his wife did not settle for this and she called the University Hospital in Iowa City where they knew exactly what the problem was, because they were in farming country. He was still alive, but had had five heart attacks, so far.

How resilient am I? During a summer vacation while going to college I spent part of it spraying under telephone lines where we left a brown ribbon of dead vegetation for mile after mile.

They make a lot of money slowly killing.

They do not want to win wars. They do not want to cure people. They want to make money treating the situation.